12/18 Indy return and stolen truck

Kevin A

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  • Sep 10, 2006
    redondo beach
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    I feel his pain Brother! I had 4 trucks stolen, my last Tundra had every piece of Anti-thief technology available known to man then! Nothing worse, than walking to you thought your truck was parked, and coming to the realization that it has been stolen! The last one! It took me about 3 seconds, and I was thinking, well another one was stolen! I might as well put a sign on the window, saying the keys are on the driver's seat! There is probably not many things more frustrating than realizing someone has stolen your prized vehicle! The first one stolen had a bunch of rods and reels and tackle in it! And I was only gone for about 5 minutes! I'm about about ready to have a seizure thinking about it! Good thing for the offenders I didn't catch them! I'd probably be in prison for life!
    I think it's time for you to hang up your keys and take a different mode of transportation. 4 trucks stolen :shake:. I feel for what you went through.
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    Steve K

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    Jan 2, 2005
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    So fortunate to have a friend in Tierrasanta, San Diego suburb. I get to spend the night before the trip and he drops me off for my trip, picks me up when we get back. If we’re on the same trip, his wife does that for both of us. He’s a fisherman so when it comes to getting there early, he gets it. Thanks Joe and Susan!
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