11' Inflatable Boat Setup with 9.8hp 4 stroke Tohatsu and 20'Trailer


Oct 13, 2020
Pasadena, Ca
You are looking at a great entry level boat for fishing or simply cruising local marinas/bays/lakes. Can also be used as a tender for your yacht. I’ve had tons of fun with it but looking to get something bigger. I’m the second owner and both boat and trailer are registered and ready to transfer.

Boat - 2020 EmaxUSA- Seaengles - 10.8ft
Aluminum Floors and bench seats
Registered through 2021
Holds air with no leaks
Less than 10 hours on water as of January 2021
New vinyl letters (included but not installed - you may want to use it on the boat cover)
Always hosed down after use whether on fresh or saltwater
Have taken out into the Long Beach and Santa Monica Bay and able to handle small chop and wakes. Planes very easily.
Comes with Oars that clip in nicely to the side of the boat when not in use
This boat can be deflated and transported in the trunk of your car but I keep it inflated on the trailer and covered.
The transom is in good shape. I use a transom saver at all times.

Outboard - 2005 Tohatsu 4 stroke 9.8 HP
In great condition and fires up with one pull. Perfect complement for this boat. Have gotten it up 13mph on the open water with 2 kids and 2 adults
Gas sipper - refill needed every 4 trips
Always flushed whether ran in fresh or saltwater
Last serviced December 2020
I’m new to outboards and have had no issues with this outboard - It occasionally floods (after I’m trailering or storing the engine with the trim tilted up) but I can get it unflooded within a few minutes (opening up the throttle, choke down, and expelling the the fuel) This happens to other people from what I hear.

Garges 20’ trailer with new LED lights and trailer winch
Longer tongue makes it much more stable and easy to back up
Added additional support bunk and trailer guides specific to this boat
Added Transom saver to keep the outboard weight off the transom and secure during transport
Comes with spare wheel/tire that are mounted to the trailer
Always rinsed with freshwater after use

Additional Accessories that I'm including
Hummingbird PiranhaMax4 DI fish finder and Depth finder - Transducer is mounted and works well when trolling
Battery + charger
Two life jackets (never been used but took the tags off)
Anchor and rope
Air foot pump - works great
Hose and Ear muffs for flushing engine
Patch kit
Stern light
Bow light (Red and green) which clamps onto the boat if using at night
Manual Bilge Pump
Flare- still in original packaging
Fire extinguisher- still brand new
Boat Cover
Extra rope and various bungee cords, tie down strap

Spent tons of money and a lot of elbow grease getting this boat dialed in. Also spent additional $$ getting everything registered so title is all clean. Even though everything is “used” - all the items are in great condition and work perfectly - I have two young kids so I don’t take chances.

I mainly launch out of Los Alamitos Bay to just cruise and do some fishing and have ran it outside the marina as well - The trailer launches easily and transport with no issues - I am pulling with a Toyota 4Runner V6.

If you were to source and put this entire setup together brand new (I’m not saying it is brand new) but hypothetically you would be spending approximately $5500 plus tax and I'm asking $3500 for the Full package everything listed above (will also try to switch the remainder of my seatow membership to your name - should be valid through January 1)

This boat has been my gateway to boating and I’m looking to upgrade now. This isn’t a screaming deal but it’s very reasonable and will be tons of fun when the weather warms up.

I'm based in the Pasadena area. You are welcome to take a look at the boat at my house and then I can give you a seatrial down in Los Alamitos Bay once we have a deal. BD has served me well over the past few months so feel free to ask me any questions or make an offer.

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