Offshore 11/2 Burning the Midnight Oil for BFT



Jun 12, 2015
Jumped on The San Diego after seeing the winds lay down for a chance at what seemed to be a mix YFT and Skipjack. We boarded by 5:30am and was on our way west.

Previous day they drove 38 miles to the zone for 17 bft and 16 yft. Went back and forth on the night before what tackle to bring and stuck with a 20lb outfit for finesse fishing and 30lb outfit for bft.

4 hours later, we are in the zone. First 2 schools wanted nothing to do with the boat. Dove from 80' to 180' in seconds. Next stop starts producing BFT. 2-3 hanging on the stop. They get them into the boat and the energy on the boat is starting to build. I didn't get bit, all good its fishing. The spot is no longer producing so we reel up and go on the hunt.

Second stop hung with us for a long plunker bite. Here is where angler experience really showed. The experienced anglers on the boat were getting bit good but the rent roders were having a hard time. I could feel their pain as I was in their situation before but good thing the crew on The San Diego are top notch and assisted whenever they could. The fish moved on and Captain Matt made the call to make 1 last move before we had back in, he made this call at 1:40pm.

He takes us 10 miles further from where he was the day before. This was the right call. We get a school of 30-60lb bluefin stuck with us for the next 2 hours. We had 3-4 hanging at a time. 30lb fluro with #2 Owner Hybrid Circle Hook with a hot 4" sardine finally gets me bit and I deck a 50lber. Captain gets on the horn and starts telling people we need to land these fish ASAP. We were 48 miles out. The deck hands start hand lining them in so we can make the trek home. All the fish gets boated and were on the way home at 4pm. We ended up with 20 bft up to 60lbs, 1 30lb yft and 2 skipjack.

It's November and they are still biting. BFT is better than turkey.


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Jul 26, 2007
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You mean we could have been just hand-lining 'em in the whole time? :confused: F these fancy shmancy rod and reel setups.

Sounds like perfect day. Nice carcasses and report.

Good fishin'!
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