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Oct 19, 2009
San Diego, CA
24' Skipjack Flybridge
Friday was nothing like it had been earlier in the week. Lots of boats wandering around the 226 and out to 10 miles west of the 226. Meter marks were scarce and fish almost nonexistent. One boat got 3 yft on cedar plugs about 3 miles west of the 226. A few others got some random skippies on the troll. Every paddy was infested with 3-5# yellowtail which helped break up the day. Heading home we found a large school of dolphin playing a few miles west of the 9. They didn't look like were holding fish but we trolled with them for a while and saw some marks down deep. Gave up after 15 minutes and decided to troll to the 9 but as soon as we got to the edge of the pod, the halco got bit and the fish reacted strongly to chum. Tons of 5-10# yellowfin going airborne, but we landed 5 20# bft and one 30# bft. First time I've caught bluefin on dolphin. Called in some other boats but the bite shut down.

Grande limited yesterday and was sitting right on the 226 where everyone was complaining about not catching anything. We drove by and checked them on the gyros and it didn't look like they had much going on. Maybe it was a time of day thing?
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Apr 7, 2003
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Hey. They went nuts about 3 miles west of the 226 today. Easy limits for some.

Looking to do one last hurrah Monday. Want to fish my sled or yours?
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