10/9 LB chaffee


El Chiva

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May 23, 2010
Hb, ca
Parker 2120 Nomad
Left hh around 5pm...wanted to test a few things on the boat before putting out the hoops.

Got to Chaffee with time to spare, metered around and found a few good looking spots.

Put out the hoops with mackerel and salmon in the others.

Pulled first set for around 7 shorts combined (5 of them were a hair short..oh well...tossed all back.)

Set up again for more shorts.

Hooped till just past high tide for more shorts.

Did get 1 bait cage destroyed by a seal.

Prob 4-6 boats out there working the same general area.

Three in the towel around 10/1030.

Gonna make the run to cat on sat for an overnight....hopefully we can pick up some decent legals.

Btw...weather really layed down around 7pm...

Good luck!
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