10/30 San Jose de Cabo


Nov 2, 2011
Long time lurker, first post.

First time in Cabo, last minute I booked an afternoon on a panga out of San Jose de Cabo. Starting trolling right outside the harbor for dorado. Blasted up towards Cabo San Lucas. Fished various areas mostly drifting or slow trolling sardines. Lots of bites, had to pick through the needlefish and some good sized skipjack the captain immediately dumped overboard. Ended with one dorado, many skipjack and lost a decent sized YFT at the boat. All the boats were in the same area doing same thing. Most other boats did better but if we had a deckhand (we only had a captain) or more competent second angler than my fiance could had got some numbers. Another panga landed 6 YFT and some dorado.

Overall, impressed how close the fishing was and the calm ocean. Fishing is still fishing. It required grinding to get good numbers. Happy to get enough for dinner, future wife was happy and not that bummed we don't have a cooler to deal with at the airport. Still got some BFT from SD in the freezer ;). Gonna bring the boys down (or loreto) here next time and SLAY.
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