Offshore 10/29 425, 371, lower 9



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  • Apr 14, 2006
    From Orange County, drove to San Diego and tried it. Looking to get out of the wind. Left San Diego bay about 8:30 am. Headed out to the 425 with 65 degree water. It finally began climbing and reached 68 on the 425. Kept going (looking for 69), and found it about 3 miles south of the 425. No birds, no paddies, but felt this is what I was looking for. Trolled around looking for that "blind jig strike" I keep hearing about. Radio chatter sounded like better conditions west of the 371, headed that way. After picking up 5 balloons, a wooden seat, and bubble wrap finally found my first paddy. On a long soak, picked up a dorado. One dorado on sardine, no followers, nothing else after a couple passes (32 15,248 x 117 31.007 69.7 degree water). Cattle call to a "wide open dorado bite". Beautiful paddy that soon had 6 boats on it (32 14.949 x 117 34.966 70.2 degree water). Saw no one catch anything, left after about 15 minutes. Started heading back to Point Loma searching for paddies and conditions. Couple empty paddies. Found a "wind break" with dolphin and birds, and a mixed bag of stringers and small kelps, get a blind jig strike on a Mexican flag feather with a stout 8 pound skipjack. Continue up the break until I see a paddy with several birds sitting on it (32 25.292 x 117 26.292 68.6 degree water). It was wide open with small yellowtail. Had about 20 baits left, caught 20 fish. Released all except the four that were bleeding or messed up. Tried to call in a passing boat, not interested. Nice 30 mph run in. Fun way to finish the day. Tight lines!



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