Offshore 10-21-20 YFT-Skippies-Doritos-YT Report - @ 371 Area



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Jun 20, 2008
San Diego
SeaPro 206 WAC F150
Three of us left SD bait barge with a fair/ok scoop of dines at 5:45, waters were super calm and flat until the C Islands, then got a little mixed swell with a whitecap residual here and there. No paddies located until we got deep into the 371 area, very few, and most of them all very small and empty. Once the FF marked fish on a paddy, we landed a Dorito, but that school got lock jaw on us. Finally came up to a tiny paddy that lit up the FF bottom and side scan...should have taken a pic...we threw bait and boils erupted, Skippies 1st followed quickly by YFT 8-11 lbs. Chummed...landed...chummed...landed...repeated...until we filled the fish-hold with 11...then C&R'ed some very lucky circle hooked YFT and Skippies...until we were down to a handful of baits for the ride home. Hit a bigger paddy on the way, FF lit up again, got one small YT on the best bait we had, one other stole the 2nd best bait...then nothing interested on our few remaining nearly dead dines, so we called it a great early day.

The YFT ticket, the SD usual: Lively dine, 25 lbs floro leader, smallish 2-4 sized hook. And constant chum going to keep them around.

Good luck out there.
10-21-20 YFT and Skippies at 371 FF down and sides.jpg
10-21-20 YFT and Skippies at 371 FF.jpg
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Sep 9, 2012
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Thanks for the report! Headed out there tomorrow a.m. and hoping for similar results! Congrats on the catch!
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