Offshore 10/2 full day on the "Grande"


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Jun 7, 2009
south pasadena
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Hey guys,

My girl and I jumped on the "Grande" out of H&M yesterday morning. We shoved off with a touch over 30 passengers and loaded up some nice 5-6" dines.

We cleared the point and headed west. No surprises in the game plan. We would be searching for kelps and jig stops for pelagics. We all know the fish have been small so lighter setups would be the rule. Deckies were suggesting 20-30 lb line for bait and 40lb for Irons and artificial. I brought 2 set ups. For bait: Penn Fathom 12 with 40lb braid to 25lb flouro (size 1 hook) paired with a Calstar GF900XL. For iron: Diawa Lexa 400 with 50lb braid to 40lb flouro (Shimano Coltsniper 100g) paired with a Phenix Black Diamond.
Conditions were foggy in the morning but improved as we got past the islands. Minimum swell and a light breeze.

3 hour drive west to get to the area and put out the jigs. (2 feathers and cedar plug down the middle). A skiff called us in to a small paddy where they hooked a small dorado. We did a drive by and kept moving.

Around 10am we hit our 1st paddy with fish marked. I went up to the bow and tossed the Coltsniper. Got short bit in the first cast and on the second cast got bit on the sink. Result was a nice small dorado at about 7lbs (guess). We pulled a couple more dodos and a handful of small yellows before moving on. The rest of the day was typical searching for kelps. Most were on the small side and several were empty. We had another stop for a few more fish and then headed north away from the few boats we had seen. This was our long pause in the day and we went for at least a couple of hours without seeing anything.

We finally see a small kelp and as we drive by the captain reports that he doesn't see any fish. We get about 30yds from the kelp and ... "HOOOK UUUUP !" All the jigs are bit and so are the baits in the water. All small yellows. The back of the boat is a madhouse as you can imagine so I stayed on the bow and bounced a couple of yellows from there. The next few hours consisted of more driving and a few open water jigstops for yellows,dorado, and a single skipjack.
Working our way home around sunset, we approached the biggest paddy we had seen all day. Solid looking , ten feet across, and birds taking off from it. (Not pictured) It delivered another solid stop with yellows, a couple of dorado and a single Yellowfin Tuna ! Captain said that he was marking tuba 200 feet down but nobody could get a bit from them. With that we pulled in the jigs and pushed for home with an eta of 8:00pm.

So all in all it was a typical full day offshore for this time of year. Pretty good considering the wind and temp drop last week. I ended up with a couple of dorado and 2 yellows on the coltsniper along with 2 more yellows on bait. My girl also got 2 yellows on the coltsniper. Several short bites and 1 jig spit at the boat to go with the boated fish. Fish were all 3lb-9lb max. Mabye the largest dorado went 10 at a stretch. (Guessing). 25lb got bit fine if you can flyline a bait and all fish were bounceable. A bunch of guys were fishing 15lb so you can imagine what it was like in the stern 😉. I was more than happy to spend most of my time on the bow tossing the iron and sliding it back on jigstops.
Anyway, it was a fun trip with nice weather and the fishing was what was expected with a few bonus jig stops.

See Ya !
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