10-13 First 805 YFT

Aug 12, 2014
Santa Paula,CA
2410 Ranger Bahia"Lil Mijo"
Launched at 6 with my Pops, went to get bait and there was nada. Plan was to head to Santa Cruz start at Yellow Banks and troll for Marlin just past Bowen point and look for bait on the way as we zig zagged over the drop off since we got a late start. Found small bait balls spread out deep around blue banks, we got maybe 20 green backs varied 4-10". As we get just passed Bowen Point I can Barely see a handful of Birds Working so I grab the Binos and see Dolphin jumping, we decide to change our plan and check out the dolphins as did 2 other boats. We set up a purple and black cedar, Mexican flag feather and a plain cedar.
One boat is closer we see them get hooked up. We set up on the outside edge of the Dolphins and go across the leading edge at an angle instant hook up on the black and purple. Get it to the boat a little football YFT, but still my first 805 YFT. We see the third boat in get hooked up, we are stoked now. As us three boats just get started setting up on the outside edge of the dolphins again to all take turns over taking the pod so we don't break them up, here come 4 more boats who all decide to troll in the middle, across them and head on with the pod. This now broke the pod into four groups and time to pick one and stick with it. We picked the wrong one and fished them for a couple hours before deciding to go back to Marlin. We troll the rest of the day for nothing, We see one Marlin jump around blue banks around 1:30 a 1/2 mile from us but by the time we get in the area he is nowhere to be found. Headed home around 3 and checked about 5 of the 40 paddies in the Channel for anything, saw lots of bait and baby YT under the paddies but nothing of size. A couple of paddies held great kid model size YT. Water temps were 73-75 behind Santa Cruz and 73-74 in the Channel. Fish were caught 4-5 miles off Bowen Point in the deep stuff.

Note: Saw the squid boat around the gull Island Area, Also gonna start saving all our old bait for chunk instead of Lobster bait to try to keep the school with us the next time we get lucky.


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Aug 18, 2008
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Excellent job Brian, thank you for a very thorough and detailed report. We all appreciate it!

Time to break out the soy sauce and wasabi!

bobby jimmy

May 12, 2015
bobby jimmy
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A lot of people seem to be catching their first YFT of the season right now. Let's hope they stick around for a while. It's strange that the water temps have been well into their range for months now, but they're only now showing up in numbers. It's also weird that the marlin showed up before the tuna. I'm sure somebody knows the reason why.