Offshore 1 for 3 and pirates?

Mr Main22

Shoot em & cook em
Apr 18, 2014
Open Ocean
Parker 21
Took the long you know where. first evening we get a bite right after dusk we fought the fish for 2 hours and once we saw color it made one more run and all of a sudden zzzzzz shark got the tail..I think the fish was a solid 150? We got the fish so we are still happy. Anyways we pin two macks and head to bed with clicker on. You guess it after an hour of sleep we hear the sound..we scrambled out of bed and fight for 10 minutes before POP. FAWK. Okay let’s do it again. Head back to bed and another hour ZZZ goes the reel. We are brutally tired and fight the fish again before POP..well damn man. Bad luck.

Edit: military training for pirates*

Had a great time, there was a tonnage of fish out there and couldn’t ask for a better time
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