1/31/2021 Sculpin Dana Point


  • Nov 8, 2019
    Wellcraft 18 Fisherman
    We launched from Dana Point 1/31/2021 at approximately 0800. Weather was calm, approximately 60 degrees, water temp was 58 degrees, swells were 1-2 feet at roughly 14 seconds, no appreciable wind. Headed out to San Mateo at about 160 feet depth to try a new spot. On the way, we saw a whale, possibly a humpback, heading south which was really cool for my son and me. Once we arrived at the spot, used same set up as last time - 6/0 circle hooks, swim baits in red, green, and glow in the dark on a 10 inch dropper loop and 8 ounce weight with squid strip. The scouted area had a lot of bites but no hook ups. Moved approximately 1/2 a mile to the area where we had success last time at about 140 feet depth and was able to target sculpin. Kept 7, 11 inch fish with not as many short ones this round.

    We headed south to off San Onofre to a depth of 240 feet - we have a gofish camera and last time, saw a californian halibut hit the bait at this depth. This time, nothing. We pulled up a rockfish, descended it - using an old Daiwa level wind reel/12mm socket/old dewalt drill made the descending much much easier. We moved toward more shallow water off of San Clemente at 60 feet. Lots of meter marks but nothing to show for it.

    Hopefully everyone is staying sane and healthy. We had 4 people that came back positive at my business. Working through the staff, keeping people healthy, managing people's stress and anxiety from working was pretty taxing so this fishing trip was really cathartic for me. Hopefully people in Orange County California are able to source your vaccines. The Othena app and website is pretty terrible for people trying to get their first vaccine. For the second vaccine it was great. It didn't give me a choice but gave me a date.

    Most of my staff were able to sign up for vaccines through either Othena or Kaiser. Kaiser will take non Kaiser vaccine patients. Just get on their hotline, navigate the menu to the COVID vaccine option, and they say they will call you back in 2-5 days. They actually did call my staff members back in 2-5 days. They are booking out to February 22. If you have someone above 65 years old in your life that lives in Orange County California or you're in the 1A vaccine tier, this was how I was able to get it done.

    Good luck to all.
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    Goin' out...
    Dec 12, 2003
    So Cal
    According to an email I received from Kaiser CEO Greg A. Adams, Kaiser has 9.3 million paying customers in CA. To date, The State has rationed 300,000 doses to Kaiser.
    I'm not holding my breath, waiting for my chance to get shot by Kaiser.
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