1/12 Report -Izors and 105

Jul 29, 2019
Newport beach
Matt Bush
Boston Whaler 170 Montauk
Left Huntington harbor around 10 and headed to Nachos and picked up 1 pass of squid. First time trying live squid. I now understand the appeal.

We started at Izors and couldnt find fish. 45 minutes and not a bite later we headed to the 105 area. In about 100 ft of water.

Couldnt keep fish our our lines for the next 3 hours. Every drop got a fish or we quickly lost the squid. Tons of Sand Bass up to 4 lbs. Some big sheepshead. A bunch of sculpin. And tons of whitefish. Kept a few sculpin for tacos, minded the regulations and threw the rest back. Never keep the bass. But boy, was that fun.

Second weekend in a row with a good bite. Great weather and smooth water.