Offshore 08/13/22 Report


  • Sep 24, 2021
    Long Beach, CA
    Boat Name
    191 Monark CC
    Headed out of Davies at 10 a.m. (admittedly late start). Ran into heavy fog bank just as we get the boat into the water, burned off within an hour. Set a route to the 14 mile but never made it (had a friend on board who needed to be back by 2 p.m.). Made it about 6-7 miles southeast of the rigs and turned back. Trolled along the ridge, through the 150, and down past the shoe on the way back home with no biters. Saw a large pod of dolphins near the rigs, and 2 young mola mola cruising together about a mile east from that. Calm water, 74.7 degrees on the surface. Saw a bunch of individual salps in the water too.

    Stopped on 2 empty paddies that looked a little too small to hold any life any way.

    No pictures unfortunately as I was running and gunning for paddies/foamers.

    Ultimately, nice day on the water - no complaints - still trying for those fish. Ran about 63nm using about 28 gal. of gas - not bad for an old Mercury XR4.
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