042217 - Beautiful Day


Jun 11, 2015
Dana Point
arima - the SLIDER
My back has been a mess for three weeks and better the last two. I finally had to get out there again and Saturdays forecast looked promising. I was correct. Toasty hot, lumpy and glassy. Water was blended from red to lime green, murky green to clear green. Water temperature from 59 - 63 degrees.

I call April "Kite Flying Season", Being a Native Californian, as a kid we could count on winds this month for the other activities that involved wind; Bat Kite fights armed with razor blades, skateboarding with a parachute. Still the same now, blown out ocean with the upwelling of microorganisms and minerals. This usually marks the transition of the seasons.

I was headed out to get a few pieces of bait to fish SB at Salt Creek. Up in front of the point buoy I see Pelicans crashing the water. As I get closer It's apparent what they're after. The hugest school of Sardines I have ever seen. 20 yards wide and 100 yards long. I sounds like rain! Immediately I start throwing a jig in the frenzy. With nothing showing on the sonar and no hits I proceed to make bait.. Then from the north comes a large pod of Dolphin tracking right at the Dines. Without even slowing down they continue on their mission southward snacking along the way. The ocean must be packed with bait.

Continuing on, I proceed to make a set at Salt Creek. Slight current for an hour then kelp starts to float. No hits and I'm starting to bake in the sun, time to move. It is pretty crowded in the areas around the harbor so I move south to the SC area. Current was good, water was green, managed to catch about 10 checkerboards and kept three for some tacos.

All and all another beautiful day on the water. Next day my back felt fine and that makes me happy. Next month the Yellowtail Tuna should arrive, if you know what I mean. If you don't, good.
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May 26, 2006
Orange County
Tiara 2000 Cuddy
The old Yellowtail Tuna.

Great conditions report, thanks.

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