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Jan 28, 2016
Casa Vieja Lodge, Guatemala
Kristen Salazar
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We had some insane 50+ bite days, and then we had the exact opposite 1 bite day, heck it's fishing and they love to play with our emotions but it sure beats a day in the office! The Borrachos de Pescado know about that very well as they just wrapped up there Invitational which they took international this year. Fishing 8 boats out of both Casa Vieja and Sailfish Oasis, some of their anglers began fishing in Guatemala 18 years ago! It was a great time had by all and we hope they permanently move their tournament to Guatemala!

This upcoming Memorial Day Weekend the lodge is sold-out and will be quite memorable with family and friends on route to tropical Guatemala! Luckily the large and delicious mahi mahi have been a constant fresh catch, with juicy mahi burgers aboard the boat, and the sailfish and daily blue marlin action have kept anglers busy, with a handful of days with 2-4 Blue RELEASES!

Check out the impressive numbers below, you can see that there has been no shortage of fresh mahi-mahi sandwiches aboard our boats for lunch!:

  • April 9th-20th, the Spindrift (38’ Stolper) with Capt. Efrain Rizzo, had 156 raises, 137 bites, and 95 sailfish releases plus 3 marlin raises, 3 marlin bites, 2 marlin releases, and 13 mahi-mahi.
  • May 3rd-21st, the Release (37' Merritt) with Capt. Chico Alvarenga, had 214 raises, 184 bites, and 121 sailfish releases plus 7 marlin raises, 5 marlin bites, 4 marlin releases, and 11 mahi-mahi!
  • May 7th-19th, the Pez Raton (35' Contender) with Capt. Franz Hoffman, had 130 raises, 94 bites, and 25 sailfish releases plus 4 mahi-mahi, 1 grouper, and 9 roosterfish!
  • May 7th-20th, the Makaira (37’ Rybovich) with Capt. Jason Brice, had 141 raises, 133 bites, and 81 sailfish releases plus 2 marlin raises, 2 marlin bites, 1 marlin release, 1 tuna, and 14 mahi-mahi.
  • May 8th-21st, the Rum Line (40' Gamefisherman) with Capt. Chris Sheeder, had 140 raises, 112 bites, and 64 sailfish releases plus 9 marlin raises, 6 marlin bites, 4 marlin releases, and 6 mahi-mahi.
  • May 9th-21st, the Poco Loco (44′ Kincheloe Nickerson) with Capt. David Salazar/Capt. Terry Brennan, had 136 raises, 122 bites, and 76 sailfish releases plus 6 marlin raises, 3 marlin bites, 2 marlin releases, and 10 mahi-mahi.
  • May 14th & 16th, the El Cadejo (35' Contender) with Capt. Benji Bairez, had 37 raises, 29 bites, and 18 sailfish releases plus 1 marlin raise, and 4 mahi-mahi.
  • May 14th-21st, the Afinity (39' Billy Knowles) with Capt. Nico Melendrez, had 95 raises, 85 bites, and 56 sailfish releases plus 3 marlin raises, 3 marlin bites, 2 marlin releases, and 14 mahi-mahi.
  • May 16th-21st, the Finest Kind (40’ Whiticar) with Capt. Nicho Alvarenga, had 63 raises, 53 bites, and 36 sailfish releases plus 4 marlin raises, 3 marlin bites, 3 marlin releases, and 8 mahi-mahi!
The numbers above are a combination of conventional and fly fishing.
You can find our DAILY fishing reports on our website HERE. Enjoy!
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