“Icing on the cake” at the island



Aug 31, 2020
barry skaggs
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Webster’s tells us that “icing” is defined as;

1: a sweet flavored usually creamy mixture used to coat baked goods (such as cupcakes)
— called also frosting

I don’t know about you, but I outgrew icing a long time ago. Give me a piece of cake, and the icing will remain orphaned on the plate, a cupcake, and I hope my grandkids are around so I can just scrape it off on to their plates. It is usually pasty, and overly sweet for my taste. But I guess I must be in the minority on that, cause last time I checked, there doesn’t seem to be a big selection of cakes without it.

However, Webster’s goes on to give us a second definition that puts icing in a favorable light;

2: something that adds to the interest, value, or appeal of an item or event —often used in the phrase “icing on the cake”.

Applicable to many areas of life, but especially relevant to fisherman, we wax poetically about how it was just “good to be out on the water”, and catching something is just the “icing on the cake”. Okay, I have said it too many times to count, and it was said with sincerity each time, but is it wrong to yearn for a little more icing? Maybe because I am getting older, and know that there are far more fishing trips behind me than lie ahead, but I now yearn for that type of special icing like a 7 year old does for birthday cake.

One thing that age does allow me to do is to savor those times when you do get the “icing on the cake”. Which brings me to the trip we took last night (2/18) to Catalina. A strong NE wind that morning left the water quite murky next to the island, which I think was good as it diminished the effects of a bright half moon. We were able to get limits of bonito prior to sundown and used that for our bait. We fished in water 25-50’, with a lot of current, and had 2 limits by 9:15. Yeah, that was some sweet icing that I will enjoy for a while.

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    Awesome! It's always great to have a tank full of bugs playing king o' the hill :D

    I'm hoping to head over soon after the rockfish opener for a combo trip.

    What did you use to catch bonito?

    Rapala x-rap 10 in bright green mackerel is deadly - at least for me!
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