1. B

    Southern California WTB Seeker OSP 2X4, UC Viper or VISX 16

    Trying to put together a 100# stick for 2.5 dayer in July. Starting to get closer so need to put something together. Looking for any one of these items in new or like new condition: - Seeker OSP 2x4 - UC Viper - Penn 16VISX I’m in San Diego but willing to drive further if price is right...
  2. UC Rail Rods / Custom Phenix Black Diamond / Black Hole Cape Cod

    UC Rail Rods / Custom Phenix Black Diamond / Black Hole Cape Cod

    Factory United Composites Rail Rods All are used and have some slight scuffs and guide corrosion but not beaten up. RCX 70 Viper - 7' - 80-130lb - $340 RCX 70 Invictus - 7' - 100-150lb - $340 RCX 70 Gladiator - 7' - 150lb-Unlimited - $300 Custom Phenix Black Diamond Simple black on...
  3. S

    United Composites - RCX76 VIPER & RCX76 CENTAUR

    Looking for both rods, new or used. Not currently looking for any other rods. Thanks!
  4. Sandieangler

    Trade my UC Viper RCX70 for your UC Viper RCX76

    Looking to trade my 7' Viper for a 7'6" Viper. Or will sell for $380
  5. F

    Price Drop!! Tranx 500hg, Makaira 20IIgold, UC Rods 10’ Monster and Viper Rod. SKB 7100 and 7200 box

    10’. United Composite HCE 1000Momster-CT with Tranx 500HG. $575.00 UC Viper RCX76 80-130 lbs rated with Makaira 20II $775.00 Text Frank 619 307-0444 for pics and more details SKB Box 7100 medium and Large 7200 box for sale.