1. phanatic!

    Danny's Parker 2520 XLD Build Thread (PIC HEAVY)

    Hey guys, I wanted to make this build thread for those who just bought/want to upgrade their Parker and would like ideas on some of the upgrades I've made. I purchased my 2021 2520xld new from Kevin from West Coast Parker and had a wonderful experience. Through the months of using it after...
  2. biggbass

    Reel deal gone bad

    Top pic : view of sidewalk and street. Approx. 100ft. From businesses entrance. Next pic : view of front entrance. Next pic : standing on sidewalk view. Next pic : view of road again. Heavy foot traffic. Heavy vehicle traffic daily. Here's my tale of woe. Not blaming other guy. This is o5n me...
  3. collector21

    WTB 07 or newer Mercury outboard 150HP-anyone upgrading?

    Looking for a 2007 or newer Mercury 150 outboard. Open to Optimax or Four Stroke preferred. If you are thinking of upgrading from your 150 to something larger and want to sell your 150 let me know. Must be a 25" shaft and in excellent condition. Contact me at email [email protected]. I am in...