united composites

  1. UC rod for sale: elite mega800

    Southern California UC rod for sale: elite mega800

    uc rod for sale elite mega800 25-40lb in good condition with alps factory upgrade located in Burbank 220 firm
  2. Pro Gear 255 and 545 Models

    Southern California Pro Gear 255 and 545 Models

    Power Pro Maxcuatro Braid was put on end of last year for the 255 and 545 clicker model and went on one boat ride. Any questions you can reach me at my number below, respond to this post or private message me here. 1. Silver Pro Gear 255 - 8/10 condition 50lb PowerPro Braid / 15lb Seaguar...
  3. C

    Tern 500 pair for uc rod?

    Hey guys just wondering what United composite rod would pair best with a tern 500. It’s a 50lb braid setup mainly for flylining baits. I was think maybe a gusa mega?
  4. Winston.

    Southern California WTB UC GP 76 Predator blank

    looking for a UC GP 76 Predator blank in San Diego, let me know if you've got one. Thanks, Winston
  5. F

    Southern California Tuna Combo

    I have a Mak50II SeA with a UC Invictus rail rod, both brand new. The rod still has the tags on it. Reel has never been used, I had Ken at Ken's Custom out of Oceanside spool the reel to the brim with white JB hollow 130#. Opened up a can of worms with my boat and just trying to move some money...
  6. Graftech 8-foot 20-30lb Rod

    Southern California Graftech 8-foot 20-30lb Rod

    Graftech 8' Foot Rod, Rated 20-30#. Very nice, well built rod. Very good condition. $120 I can meet in Diamond Bar or Brea area. I'm also in Newport Beach 3-4 times a week. Text me 949-350-2202
  7. B

    Southern California WTB Seeker OSP 2X4, UC Viper or VISX 16

    Trying to put together a 100# stick for 2.5 dayer in July. Starting to get closer so need to put something together. Looking for any one of these items in new or like new condition: - Seeker OSP 2x4 - UC Viper - Penn 16VISX I’m in San Diego but willing to drive further if price is right...
  8. Giant BFT Killer 25% Off:  CalStar 770XXXH (80#-Unlimited)

    Southern California Giant BFT Killer 25% Off: CalStar 770XXXH (80#-Unlimited)

    Chark bait Custom Series. My youtube video of this rod: Retail = $570.99 + CA Sales Tax = $625 New. 25% off = $470.
  9. UC 9ft Monster for sale

    Southern California UC 9ft Monster for sale

    Hi all, I have a United Composites RCE900 Monster-CT. It’s about a year old and in great shape. Factory wrap. Only trade I’m interested in is a fathom 40 or similar size 2 speed. Willing to make up the difference in cash if appropriate. Text 507-820-2504 Located in San Diego area Thank you!
  10. mulleteyerods

    US 76H for Nick

    50lb spin stick built on a United Composites US 76H for “Ninja” Nick. He is off across the top of Australia with 2 mates for 3 months, fishing his way from west to east. Fuji SiC K guides, HD reel seat and rubber gimbal. Alps EVA shaped on the lathe. Black on black with a bit of silver flash...
  11. UC Rods

    Southern California UC Rods

    I have two UC rods for sale. These have never been fished. Bought new last year. They’ve had a reel put on and sat in the garage collecting dust. Both are the factory upgraded models with Alps real seat and guides. RCE 700M-C (20-40) $275 RCE 700XH-C (40-60) $280 $525 for both text...
  12. Very New United Composites RCX70 Raptor (7'0"  50-80lb) Rail Rod

    Southern California Very New United Composites RCX70 Raptor (7'0" 50-80lb) Rail Rod

    Selling my LIKE NEW United Composites RCX70 Raptor (7'0") Rail Rod which is rated for 50 - 80lb. I brought this on only one trip. This rod has only seen the water for about 30 minutes and that's it. NEVER had a fish on it, unfortunately. I'm selling this because I want to buy a whole new...
  13. Wildman

    Southern California U.C.

    Like >>>will My Photos
  14. RUS 85 SIC United Composites 4sale

    Southern California RUS 85 SIC United Composites 4sale

    New never fished RUS 85 SIC United Composites rod for sale. Has shrink wrap where I planned to put the reel. Have 2 so I’m letting go of this one. Retails for 300 plus tax. Asking 280. Let me know!
  15. UC Rail Rods / Custom Phenix Black Diamond / Black Hole Cape Cod

    UC Rail Rods / Custom Phenix Black Diamond / Black Hole Cape Cod

    Factory United Composites Rail Rods All are used and have some slight scuffs and guide corrosion but not beaten up. RCX 70 Viper - 7' - 80-130lb - $340 RCX 70 Invictus - 7' - 100-150lb - $340 RCX 70 Gladiator - 7' - 150lb-Unlimited - $300 Custom Phenix Black Diamond Simple black on...
  16. Vg323

    Southern California WTB United Composites RAPTOR 7’6

    Looking for a Uc raptor 7’6 to pair my talica 16ii. If you have one or know someone that wants to sell one send me a msg. thank you 👍🏻
  17. Beautiful Custom Seeker Pinhead 36 For Sale or Trade

    Beautiful Custom Seeker Pinhead 36 For Sale or Trade

    Wrapped by BB Customs. 15-30# rating. Green glass blank
  18. United Composites RCE1000 Del Mar Glow

    United Composites RCE1000 Del Mar Glow

    $280-SOLD 10' RCE Del Mar Glow paint jigstick Located in Chula Vista. Factory wrap but got a reel seat installed Selling because it'll just collect dust in the garage
  19. Daiwa saltiga 35 2 speed

    Daiwa saltiga 35 2 speed

    In like new condition very minor scratches 9.5/10 cosmetically 10/10 mechanically Filled with 65 spectra, 40lb mono top shot Pick up and cash preferred
  20. United composites RCE Mega 800 c

    United composites RCE Mega 800 c

    Brand new Alps real seat and guides Cash and pick up preferred. 👍🏻
  21. borngamer1993


    AVET MXJ mc 2 speed used on one trip (this is a replacement reel from avet after they accidently lost mine) comes with box. 40lb power pro spectra $300 UNITED COMPOSITES SIC (SURFACE IRON.COM) ROD 8'6 RATED 40-60 LB DECKHAND CORK IS WRAPPED IN CORD. $260 UNITED COMPOSITES RUS7'6 TILEFISH JR...
  22. >PRICE DROP<  For Sale or Trade:  Beautiful Custom Seeker Pinhead

    >PRICE DROP< For Sale or Trade: Beautiful Custom Seeker Pinhead

    8' 15-30# Green Glass SD 36 Blank Trade for SPJ set-ups; Accurate Valiant 300 or 400 I'm having trouble uploading all of the photos, but I'm able to add the video of the rod here:
  23. Vg323

    New United composites RGP “The 9e” (Reaper)

    Brand new rod never seen water Deckhand factory wrapped SOLD!!!!
  24. Vg323

    Brand new RCE 800 MEGA-C 25-40

    Brand new rod never seen water Alps reel seat. Pick up and cash only Located in Huntington park $300 Thanx
  25. Matt2468

    United Composites Del Mar

    Great condition. $250 obo 9’ 30-60lb rated
  26. fishnuke


    Hello BD, I'm selling my entire collection. Not because I want to, it's because I have to. I need to raise money because my dog has cancer and needs surgery. If any are familiar with vet bills, it's a few thousand dollars for surgery. Anyways, I love my dog more than my hobby. Please understand...
  27. W


    Looking to sell my brand new UC RCE900 MONSTER. Still in the plastic never been used cork deckhand style rod. Don’t have a use for it and I’m trying to sell. looking to sell for $320 obo. Pickup only I’m located in Rancho Cucamonga. Call or text me (909)670-9672
  28. Vg323

    Daiwa Saltiga LD 35 2 speed $380

    In like new condition 9.5/10 cosmetically 10/10 mechanically $380 pick up and cash only Filled with 65 yellow spectra , 40lb mono top shot
  29. Vg323

    New Daiwa Lexa 400 hd HP 6:3. $270

    Brand new Pick up and cash only. Thanx $270
  30. Vg323

    New Shimano Blackmoon tackle backpack $145

    Brand new model Pick up and cash only Firm on price $145
  31. Vg323

    New Shimano blackmoon backpack $145

    Brand new model Pick up and cash only firm on price $145
  32. Gouryella

    UC RX76 Invictus, Seeker CJBF 70XH, Phenix Hybrid 809xh, + more.

    - NEW* United Composites RCX76 INVICTUS Rail Rod (factory) $OLDDDDDDD - NEW* Seeker CJBF70XH Blank (blue) $285 - Seeker BS 6470xh Rail rod (custom) $285 - Phenix Hybrid 809xh (custom) $335 - Phenix Abyss 809 (factory) $150 NEW* Seeker CJBF70XH Blank (blue) Phenix Hybrid 809xh (custom) NEW*...
  33. akachalupa

    RUS 85 PHANTOM $235 / OKUMA CAVALLA 5II $195

    Thinning out the quiver, selling my hybrid (UC MEGA TIP/UC MONSTER BUTT) RUS PHANTOM. It is 8.5 feet long and carries a 20-50 line rating. This rod is custom wrapped from the factory in green and orange... and for that I reduce the price to $235 (MSRP $377). Also selling my Okuma Cavalla 5ii 2...
  34. Vg323

    New United Composites RGP 80 MEGA 20-50 $380

    Brand new mega rgp SOLD Still Available : also selling brand new factory wrapped United composites Reaper for $400 Daiwa proteus wn 80mh $190
  35. Vg323

    United composites REAPER & Daiwa Proteus wn 80 MHF

    Both rods are brand new. $400 for the Reaper $190 for the daiwa proteus FIRM ON THE PRICE pick up and cash only.
  36. S

    Custom Moon - United Composites US70XXH (40-60)

    Custom UC US70XXH (40-60lbs) 7 feet Moon wrapped Great condition Titanium guides ALPS green aluminum reel seat Yellow, blue, green and black/grey Has my name, but am told easy to remove Purchased rod in 2016 for $450+ Blank was over $200 at the time of purchase Priced to sell $200
  37. D

    UC REAPER Factory wrapped

    Brand new factory wrapped REAPER. deck hand. $425 FIRM FIRM FIRM
  38. Vg323

    Calstar Graphiter 900M 20-40 jig stick or trade for saltiga 15 plus cash on my end

    Custom wrapped by Lindsay. fuji real sea. 900m 20-40 Very well taken care of. All guides are good no rust. Just very minor scuffs $250 FIRM won’t go any lower. cash and pick up only.
  39. Vg323

    Daiwa Saltist 20H BG

    Excellent condition reel. Minor scratches works really well. With 50lb braid. $150 firm pick up only
  40. akachalupa

    OKUMA PCH 801XH Conventional Rod Like New - 150

    Selling my 8 foot Okuma PCH Custom Rod. It is rated for 30 to 60 lb test and it is a beast of a rod. I fished it primarily for live bait and 40lb test line but I think you could fish it at 50lb. Let me know if you are interested. Rod is in like new condition. I bought it new from Turners for...
  41. Localangler

    ASCEND12t KAYAK FOR SALE! (Trolling mod as well)

    Selling my ascend 12T kayak, comes with a seat mod, tote with rod holders, paddle, anchor, trolling motor mod, battery, and a battery box (waterproof). Any other questions feel free to ask! Asking 850 OBO, also interested in trades for shimano talicas 12ii or 16ii that are in really good...
  42. Localangler

    Avet mxj raptor and United Composites Mag

    Hey how’s it going just wanted some advice what to pair my MXJ Raptor with, was thinking of running a United composites Mega or Mag. I already have a MXL raptor on my current mega so wasn’t sure if I wanted to go with the mag for the MXJ. Thanks 🤙🏻
  43. MrMartilyo

    Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid Inshore Series PHD 886L

    It’s time to part ways with one of my old reliables. I have caught everything on this rod from spotted bay bass, tons of calicos, yellows galore, tons of yft and most recently a 40# bft. Never went into battle second guessing this rod. 8’8 10-25 rating, fished 15# all the way to 25# with no...
  44. Leke


    United Composite Platinum Composite Series RCP80HP-CT Fast Action 50-80lb Rating Condition 9/10 some fading on the knot Only been on 2 boat Rides w/ no fish Reel&Clamp not included. 380.00 OBO San Diego Pick up 🤙🏾
  45. MrMartilyo

    United Composites RCE800MEGA-C

    Factory wrapped UC 800 mega for sale, scales included. Great condition, some marks on the alps reels seat. Great rod but it barely sees any action, just gathers dust. Rod is located in the IE and can take to the office with me in LB. $240
  46. DJsLoPpY

    REDUCED Torque 40 NLD2

  47. Alex Cohen

    Cow Trip November 19-23 on Marla's No Tuna No Chinga - Puerto Vallarta

    Hello guys, A friend has two spots for his charter and a couple of guys canceled so I would like to open the trip here. Great group and knowledgeable anglers! The fare is $2175. It is ALL inclusive. Food, beer, tackle and everything else is. Captain Danny Osuna is THE legend down in PV and can...
  48. Alex Cohen

    PV Cow Trip with Marla Sportfishing - March 2021 - 3 Spots Open!

    Hey guys, I have a couple open trips for 2021 on Danny Osuna's new rig; No Tuna No Chinga. We will be targeting cow-sized yellowfin tuna. The boat is a brand new 50' Delta with a stellar Chef onboard. The trip is a 3.5 day to the Tres Marias Island aka cowtown. I am only taking 6 people onboard...
  49. S

    United Composites - RCX76 VIPER & RCX76 CENTAUR

    Looking for both rods, new or used. Not currently looking for any other rods. Thanks!
  50. Sandieangler

    Trade my UC Viper RCX70 for your UC Viper RCX76

    Looking to trade my 7' Viper for a 7'6" Viper. Or will sell for $380
  51. J27LA

    UC Swimbait Finatic 711L

    RUC 711L. This rod is basically new. Used maybe twice. 12-20# Fast action. PM if interested. No trades. Cash only. $240 OBO
  52. O

    UC jigstick delmar monster

    Looking for a UC Del Mar deckhand style rod. San diego area.
  53. br0ckmahoney

    UC RCE 800 Wahoo Rod

    Used rod but clean condition. Butt section is a cracked but nothing major. More pics upon request. $250. Meet in Chula Vista.
  54. Alex Cohen

    Marlas Sportfishing Special Summer Rates!

    The Marla fleet is ready to accommodate you and your group for fishing the offshore islands. With the recently-installed skipjack tubes (tuna tubes) on the No Tuna No Chinga, the Tres Marias trips look very promising for trophy anglers! If you book between June 1 and September 30, you can take...
  55. Fatfishslayer

    SOLD. Custom UC Invictus CX70

    Like new custom United composites CX70 invictus 130-200# $500 thanks for looking
  56. A

    No longer needed

    No longer needed
  57. Alex Cohen

    Puerto Vallarta Fishing Report - Marla Sport Fishing/No Tuna No Chinga *****

    I've been meaning to post about a trip I took to PV to fish with the Marla fleet. We had a lo of success on this trip with the yellowfin in range. We fished mostly live bait. This was on the brand new No Tuna No Chinga boat. Check out the pictures below. The biggest fish on the trip was 274lb...
  58. aaron ahumada


    10’. Looking to trade, obo. Local pick or meet up only 😷 LA/OC
  59. MrMartilyo

    3x Factory Phenix Rods - Black Diamond ISA - PSW 906L, PSW 907ML, PSW 908MH

    I have a set of factory wrapped Phenix rods. All rods are 9 footers. I am the original owner of all these rods. They have served me very well and I am looking for a good home for these puppies. PSW 906L - Black Diamond Inshore Assassin Series 9’ 8-25lb Fast Alps guides and Fuji reel seat 8.5/10...
  60. bryanebai

    United Composites US 80 Monster (used once)

    Factory wrapped US 80 Monster - $265. Went on one 2.5 day trip and killed a couple tuna. Located in Central LA or can try to coordinate a meet up at the Fred Hall Show.

    What Rod for a Lexa HD 400 HS-P?

    Finally got a Lexa HD 400 HS-P 7:1 and want to get a rod for it. There are so many choices out there! What rod are you using? What rod would you get?????
  62. akachalupa

    RUC711H united composites swimbait fanatic - 200

    Selling my swimbait fanatic. I have 2 of these and thinning out my quiver. Excellent condition. Rated 20-40. Excellent rod. MSRP 287. Asking 200.
  63. F.I.S.H.Y


    BD'ers Being relatively new to the hobby at 13 yrs old, I've had times when reading threads for information that I couldn't understand some of the terms used. So I decided what if I started an encyclopedia sort of thread so that everyone can refer to when their not understanding what someone is...
  64. Jigslinger

    Jigsticks! Bait sticks! Fish sticks!

  65. J

    UC rod selection advice

    Looking to have my first custom rod built and I am interested in United composites. I am looking for a blank for bottom fishing and some jigging with weights from 16 to 32 ounces. I prefer at least a 7’6 and think that I want to go 8’ with how light the UC rods are. I prefer a moderate fast tip...
  66. Moor_fish

    Sold please delete

    Californian Tri Helix 9ft H 30-60 Lb jig stick (phenix blank) Hasn't been used in a while. No issues with guides. Ready to slay some tuna, yellowtail and calicos. Perfect for surface iron, coltsnippers, stick baits and poppers.
  67. Pelon0187

    United Composites GP80's, there has been a sighting..

    I was at UC the other day and quess what?? Factory wrapped GP's, where are they going?? We will have to wait and see!! #unitedcomposites
  68. Mr. DRE

    Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid 869XH new in wrapper

    Price drop to $360 retails for $450. Brand new Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid 869XH with tags. Solid 25-60 set up. Decided to go a different so it will cost me. cash only no shipping due to length. Text with questions or more pics 818 620-8018
  69. bradda_brandon

    UC 7’6 GLOW VIPER $380

    Only got to fish this beast a hand full of times and was never fortunate to land or even hook anything on it! No major paint chips, weird sounding rattles or damage to the guides. $380! Located in Carlsbad **LOCAL MEETUPS ONLY** DM FOR MORE PICTURES OR SHOOT BRANDON A TEXT @...
  70. tmcribbs

    Avet RAPTOR MXL6/4 MC 2-Speed Lever Drag Reel MC Cast - PATRIOT Flag Right Hand

    No longer for sale
  71. Bold

    United Composite RCP70HF-C

    Looking for a United Composite RCP70HF-C
  72. G

    United Composites 7" Raptor Rail Rod

    Basically a brand new 7 foot raptor rail rod made by United composites, was taken on to one fishing trip and was not used. Excellent condition in poly bag. 400 firm cash.
  73. G

    United Composites Invictus 7" rail road Almost New Used 1 time

    Rod was only taken on one trip and extremely lightly used basically brand spanking new, 400 firm
  74. shooter21

    United Composites trout rod

    Looking to purchase the pioneer white factory wrapped trout rods.
  75. Genensd


  76. silent slayer

    United Composites for throwing swim baits at calicos?

    Can anyone tell me the difference between the UC mega-bass and swim bait fanatics rods? I’m considering purchasing one model or the other. However, I do not know the difference between the two as the ones I am considering are both rated 15-30#. Also, which would be a better match with such a...
  77. S

    Shimano Teramar 80H for 76XH

    I have an immaculate Teramar West Coast Inshore rod TMC80HB (30-60), and looking to trade for a TMC76XHB (40‐80), or a similar 60 lbs rod. Please let me know what you got. Thanks!
  78. RideMX4life21

    Bent Butt Rod for Yummy Flyer

    Looking for a bent butt rod in the 100#-150# class. Message me if you have one for sale.
  79. LB.

    UC DelMar 8’ - Custom UC delmar Jig Stick

    I have a couple questions for y’all out there in the Jig Chucking world. I know I’ve come to the right place. Just picked up a couple blanks at the FHS. First question, has anyone fished the new 8’ Delmar? Has anyone thought about maybe turning it into a 7’6” stick for more power?? Second...
  80. shooter21

    (3) United Composites

    1. RCE900 Delmar 30-60 10/10 only a couple of cast no fish Sold 2. SIC edition Rus85 Wahoo 40-60 10/10 only a couple of casts no fish Sold 3. CP700xh 50-100 10/10 no fish $325 All rods are in like new condition Paypal [email protected] Can meet at Bob Sands
  81. Darin Dohi

    2019 Fred Hall Shows - Custom Tackle Depot

    The Custom Tackle Depot will be featured at each of the stops on the Fred Hall Show Calendar. Please make sure you come by, say hello, and visit with some of the industry leaders in custom fishing rods and other items. Bill Batson will have an amazing display of the ALPS line of product along...
  82. Matt2468

    RCE 900 monster CT

    Looking for a RCE 900 monster 30-50lb jig stick.shoot me a reply and we can work something out -Matthew
  83. fishnuke

    Can Anyone Shed Some Light On This Rod

    I recently came into possession of this rod. The rod states United Rods Tm. However, I'm unable to find any info on Google or BD about this company. Can anyone shed some information about the rod??? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  84. I

    Blanks for island fishing

    I usually go out of LA and Ventura and go on 1/2 day to 2-day trips so whats a good blank (Preferably united composites) that is good for the islands like calicos, yellowtail, rockfishing, lingcod. I am willing to go to two rods.
  85. SoCalEddy

    United Composites RCE Spinning

    Anybody got that RCE 8 footer spinning rod? 12-25lbs How is it? How does it handle? It is mostly a calico rod can get some yellows? May also be interested in the 7 foot (12-25) If you are looking to part with one message me your price. Thanks
  86. Jonathan nunez

    UC Del Mar 900

    Brand new only used once..no marks..asking $360 brand new is over 400
  87. kongrotc

    rod wrapper - hand or power

    Thank you Rocky It is great deal!!!
  88. themonkey40

    UC Rod Recommendation for Avet HXW 5/3 Raptor

    I am one lucky man. My wife and kids got me an Avet HXW 5/3 Raptor for Father's Day and Birthday this last June. I have been researching a rod to pair it with. Will be fishing 80-100# line chasing bluefin with it. I have all UC rods, so want to continue in that direction. I have been looking at...
  89. themonkey40

    UC Rod Advice for Avet HXW 5/3 Raptor

    I am one lucky man. My wife and kids got me an Avet HXW 5/3 Raptor for Father's Day and Birthday this last June. I have been researching a rod to pair it with. Will be fishing 80-100# line chasing bluefin with it. I have all UC rods, so want to continue in that direction. I have been looking at...
  90. Jeremiah Lubas

    United Composites blank for 25-30lb

    Going to have some rods built and I need a recommendation for what UC blank to use for a #25-#30 setup. Will be paired with a Trinidad 14A or possibly 16A and used exclusively to flyline bait. Looking at 3 rods: Tilefish Jr. (25-40 / xtra fast) RUS 80 Mega (25-40 / mod-fast) RUS 80 H-L (20-30 /...
  91. Adrian H

    TRADE TRINIDAD 16A for 20A

    Hi, I have a like new Trinidad 16A, only took on one trip and in great condition. Looking to trade for a Trinidad 20A. Message me at 562-351-7292 for any questions or offers thanks!
  92. Adrian H

    TRADE NEW Trinidad 20A for NEW Trinidad 16A

    I have a Trinidad 20a brand new but I am looking for a 16A. Only looking to trade for a new Trinidad 16A. Text me at 562-351-7292
  93. Bendo Babe

    Offshore Great time on the Tomahawk!!

    Wow what a Fun time on our 2.5 day trip aboard the Tomahawk Sportfishing with a great group of anglers, this trip was sponsored by United Composites & UC Pro Staff Gary Grant who was so kind to gift us all with UC T-shirt’s and FishDog Custom Lures! And gave away two rods Rob was one of the...
  94. Bendo Babe

    Offshore Awesome time on the Tomahawk Sportfishing!

    Wow what a Fun time on our 2.5 day trip aboard the Tomahawk Sportfishing with a great group of anglers, this trip was sponsored by United Composites & UC Pro Staff Gary Grant who was so kind to gift us all with UC T-shirt’s and FishDog Custom Lures! And gave away two rods Rob was one of the...
  95. Bendo Babe

    Tomahawk 2.5 day was Awesome!

    Hey Wow what a Fun time on our 2.5 day trip aboard the Tomahawk Sportfishing with a great group of anglers, this trip was sponsored by United Composites & UC Pro Staff Gary Grant who was so kind to gift us all with UC T-shirt’s and FishDog Custom Lures! And gave away two rods Rob was one of...
  96. borngamer1993

    avet, united composites, accurate, calstar

    FS: Avet raptor HXJ silver mint condition; used one time (took on a trip down to cabo and caught some schoolie tuna on the jig) Comes with box and avet reel bag + 80lb spectra with 50lb top shot $420 FS: Accurate Fury 600n; used a few times on trips down to baja, as well caught a...
  97. SD32J

    UC Swimbait Fantic Advise

    was looking at the 7’11 UC swimbait fanatic rods . I’m between the MH and H. Thinking with a Komodo 400 size . What do you use your rods for . Can the MH toss a surface iron? Can the MH handle most yellowtail and small 20-30# tuna or do I need to go to the H? Would y’all say the MH is more...
  98. shooter21

    Accurate Bv2-800 vs Penn visx 16 on a UC cx76 centaur

    Is the new valiant bv2-800 a good fit for my UC 76 Centaur for a solid 80# bait stick or would it be a better fit on the 76 raptor and get the Penn 16 for the centaur?
  99. J

    UC popping rod recommendation

    Hi Looking for a popping / surface iron spinning rod rec. I have a Saltiga 5000H. I just got the Predator 80 for my 40 - 50# setup with JX Raptor and I love it. Which UC blank would best for a spinning rod with great castability. I usually go on 8 day trips on the Excel down to Alijos, Ridge...
  100. shooter21

    Uc raptor/ jx raptor

    United Composites 8' raptor deckhand rod tuna cord with alps guides and Avet jx raptor combo for sale. Rod is 9-10 cosmetic, reel is 9-10 also. Looking for $550 shipped
  101. Kipp

    Both sold United Composites Shimano Terez Waxwing

    Selling a couple of Rods so I can get some vintage rods rewrapped. Willing to meet up in LA area mainly between Southbay and San Fernando Valley. No shipping. Shimano Terez Waxwing 8’0 MH 30-65# $140 United Composites RCE 700M-C 20-40# $180 Kipp 310-387-6584
  102. Jeremiah Lubas

    Quick & Easy Trinidad / Cork Puppy Mod

    Hi all. I’ve been benefiting from the vast knowledge shared on this great site and thought I would share something I’ve been working on. A while back I was searching on BD for Cork Puppy install tips for a Shimano TrinidadA on a deckhand style jig stick. I saw a lot of people recommending to buy...
  103. R

    Wanted: 80-100 rod San Diego

    Hey Guys, Looking for a used 80-100 bait rail rod. - Up to $300 - Ring Guides - 61/2 - 7 ft - San Diego Cash and carry. Send PM.
  104. themonkey40

    United Composite Rod for Jigging Recommendation

    I am considering a new rod to pair with an Avet JX Raptor for Jigging. I have mostly United Composite rods now (Elite Composite series in 7') and was wondering if anyone had a good suggestion for UC model for jigging that has worked well for them. I usually have 40# and 50# topshots on the Avet...
  105. InTheArena

    WTS - Phenix Black Diamond 808MH - 33% Off Retail

    Up for sale is a perfect condition Phenix Black Diamond 808MH rod equipped with the Fuji TCS Trigger reel seat. Phenix is known in the industry for their outstanding guarantee on their products. The manufacturer model specifications are as follows: Black Diamond – Casting A new generation of...
  106. Skahn


    UC US90 Monster , black blue wrap, x wrap grip and, black alps aluminum reel seat. SOLD Phenix PSW 809H, blue wrap, EVA grips, black alps trigger seat. SOLD Pickup in culver city area only.
  107. Big Nasty

    "Redneck Rodeo" 7-Day Aboard the Royal Star

    "Redneck Rodeo" Charter | 7-Day Royal Star Guadalupe Island - September 2016
  108. Wildman

    *Reduced* - Phenix Black Diamond 869H-XF

    Factory-wrap, Trigger grip, cork (not cork tape) cork grips, matte black not shiny, 20-50# rating, 8 1/2' New/unused, but not 2015 or 2016 series $240 REDUCED TO $230 (Photos below) Details /terms to follow
  109. SantaCruzLunkerz

    Tackle Suggestions

    Going on my first overnight trip out of san diego next month and wanted some advise on set ups to bring. For reels I have an abu Garcia revo toro s 60, penn fathom 15, penn fathom 25nld 2 speed. For rods I have a UC RUC711H and a Rainshadow RCLB 80M. I usually always fish the revo toro s on the...
  110. muymacho74

    Surface Iron Rod Shoot-out..!! UC vs. Calstar

    Me and my Bro Bill put them to the test at Castaic Lake, California. The purpose of this test was to see how the two makers of surface Iron Jigsticks compare when it comes down to distance and ease of casting. Everybody knows of the old faithfull Calstar sticks and more recently the increasing...