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  1. Local Knowledge Fishing Show

    Season 4 Episode 11 "One Way Or Another" FULL

    Ali and Rush join up with their Australian friend and owner of Nomad Tackle, Damon Olsen to target bluefin tuna in San Diego. The bluefin tuna have been around but have been playing hard to get so the guys will need to use every trick they have in their book to get the Nomad lure designer his...
  2. Local Knowledge Fishing Show

    Season 4 Episode 10 "Midnight Sun" Part 2

    Amazing Alaska Fishing for Halibut, salmon and various rock fish. The two part series continues as Rush and Ali continue to enjoy long days and great fishing as they immerse themselves in the Alaskan lifestyle and get to know more than just the fishery. Local Knowledge airs every Sunday at 7AM...
  3. Local Knowledge Fishing Show

    Seaon 4 Episode 3 "SeaVee Shakedown" FULL

    After taking delivery of the new Local Knowledge SeaVee 340Z, the guys decide to bring it down to The Florida Keys for a proper shakedown before it makes it way to the other side of the country. Tough weather puts the Seakeeper to the test while Rush and Ali “dial” in the rest of the boat...
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    PREVIEW Local Knowledge Episode 11 "The Off Season"

    With year round fishing opportunities, fishermen in the keys rarely take the summer “off season” off. Ali and Rush re-power the Andros and head offshore to experience Key West fishing in the off season. FOLLOW US ON YouTube CLICK Local Knowledge airs every Saturday on Destination America...
  6. michelle

    Local Knowledge Episode 10 "The Three B's" FULL EPISODE

    It’s prime-time fishing season in SoCal and the guys are looking to score an inshore grab bag, but first Ali and his BD crew must prep for the 11th Annual Yellowtail Shootout Tournament. Ali and Rush set out to spend a day chasing the 3 B’s of SoCal fishing; bonito, barracuda and bass, as in...
  7. michelle

    Local Knowledge Preview "Skip Skip Boom" Airs Saturday July 22

    The waters of Southern California are foaming with life, but if your dead set on a big Bluefin Tuna, it can be an all or nothing kind of day. Skipping the yummy under a kite, Ali hopes to cross off another first from Rush’s list. Local Knowledge airs on Destination America channel at 7am EST...
  8. michelle

    BD Fishing Show "Local Knowledge" Season 1 ON CBS Sports

    CBS Sports Channel picked up Local Knowledge Season 1 If you didn't have a chance to watch BD Outdoors new fishing show "Local Knowledge" last year, we are re-running it on CBS Sports Channel! It airs every Saturday at 6:00am ET, so set your DVR if that's too early for you sleepy heads. Thank...
  9. Tifoso

    Ocean Fishing shows (let's start a list)

    Obviously we can start with Sportsfishing with Dan Hernandez. Absolutely "must see TV" at my house.:cool: What ever happended to Poveromo's show, BTW?:confused: Anyway, please post up any fishing shows that you enjoy. Salt preferable ;) :D
  10. BD STAFF

    Local Knowledge Episode 8 "Building Life"

    When it comes to fishing in the Florida Keys, the success of your day is usually determined by the quality of your bait. Captain Rush shows Ali what it takes to build life on the fishing grounds when $20 scoops of bait are not an option.
  11. BD STAFF

    Local Knowledge Episode 6 "The Struggle is Real"

    Rush is in Ali’s backyard San Diego fishing San Clemente Island trying to cash in on rain check for a promised species. Any day sport fishing on the water is better then a day in the office, and if the year round Calico bass and large winter time Yellowtail cooperate, we may have a chance at a...
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