1. Alex Cohen

    Marlas Sportfishing Open Spots - March 2021 Discounted Fare

    Hello guys, A couple spots opened up on my 3.5 day trips with the Osunas. This is a trip of a lifetime. Food, beverages and all tackle/fish processing is included at a discounted flat rate of $2175 which also includes an airport pick-up. The reports speak for themselves. Please contact me...
  2. You Wish

    For Sale FOR SALE: Turn-Key 2013 Parker 23SE center console, Yamaha 200HP, 9.9HP Kicker $39,500

    FOR SALE: -Owned and maintained by experienced boater and fisherman. -2013 Parker 23SE Center Console - rare and highly sought after model! Great ride and very stable. -2013 Yamaha F200 with 715 hours - motor has been meticulously maintained by Yamaha dealer. Runs perfect with no issues...
  3. F

    For Sale Yamaga blanks blue sniper blacky 81/10

    Yamaga blanks blue sniper blacky 81/10 8’ popping rod Brand new. Never fished. $600 shipped
  4. E

    TRADE Avet HX (barely used) Trades Ok

    Avet HX barely used (less than 5 times) Reel was serviced recently and fresh 65lb braid spooled (350yds I believe) Trade or 275
  5. L

    For Sale 2 speed Avet HXW Raptor 5/2

    LOCATION: NORTH OC $450 This is a like new, one boat ride ...2 Speed Avet HXW Raptor 5/2 with Power Handle, the reel is completely full (600 Yards) of 100# Seaguar Threadlock Hollow braid, it has 50 yards of shock leader (mono) as well 80#. I have an abundance of rods and reels so this one...
  6. G

    WTB Left hand 30 or 40 conventional reel

    Looking to get into midsize bluefin up to about 100lbs, So I’m looking for a 30-40 size conventional, only looking for lefties. My budget is about $200, but it’s somewhat stretchable. Single or 2- speed doesn’t matter. Thanks!
  7. K

    Best boat for a 3 day trip 2021

    Hey everyone, I have been doing some research on booking my first 3-day trip next year and was looking for some suggestions. I have fished quite a few 1-2 day boats in the fleet, but never anything longer. I think next year is my time to venture into the some longer range trips. The two boats...
  8. Madocarmo

    Advice for San Clemente?

    Hey everyone, I have plans to try San Clemente this coming Monday since conditions are looking pretty good. I’m going to be heading to Catalina Sunday night to sleep there then head to Clemente Monday morning. I’ve heard ALOT about the tuna at Clemente and was wondering if anyone knows where I...
  9. K

    Avet HX 4.2 Single Speed or Shimano Torium 20/30 PGA?

    Hi everyone, I am trying to decide between the above-mentioned reels for live bait / occasional jigging. This would fit into my 50-60 pound lineup for tuna in SoCal/Mexico. I own both star and lever drags so this is not part of the equation, I love both equally. I love my little Avet sx, so I am...
  10. Swampchicken

    Yellowfin Collars Recipe - So Good!

    Still one of my favorite recipes. And with the fish moving further north, might be something you want to try. So yummy! http://daveysworld.com/grilled-yellowfin-tuna-collar-recipe/
  11. L

    SOLD Shimano terez 70mh

    sold-lock it up
  12. Cafacrafta

    Liberty Monday 8/10

    Scheduled for liberty Monday ... counts gone down lookin slow wondering if I should cancel and reschedule, what do y’all think ?
  13. MadMedia

    How To Break Down a Tuna with Chef Davin Waite

    Learn how to break down a whole Bluefin Tuna from Chef Davin Waite and how to maximize your yield and reduce food waste. Most people throw away many of the best-tasting parts of the fish from the eyes, to the cheeks, and even the bones for making soup. Most of the tuna can be utilized. Chef...
  14. Cafacrafta

    Book sea watch ! Wednesday 7-29 full day offshore

    Sea watch got plenty of spots open only me and one other person are scheduled so fill it up y’all full day offshore !
  15. gotwakesvl

    For Sale Penn International 50VISW!!

    New International 50VISW for sale. Got it in a trade from a buddy I helped with divorce paperwork. Unfortunately, it's a little too big for anything I am going to be fishing for this year, so it needs to go to a good home. Reel hasn't been used and is in pristine condition. Not sure what the...
  16. A

    SOLD Accurate Boss Dauntless N

    This reel was used once. It comes in the factory box. Check the pics for tech specs or reply on BD. $450 obo.
  17. Sardine_matt

    New To Tuna Fishing

    I wanna get on a sport boat down in sd to but i've never been so I need some advice. I currently own 2 penn 25Ns have them on a phenix axis 909H and a shimano teramar tmc-j90HB. I plan on using the phenix as a 45-50lb setup and the teramar for 25-30lb both with 65lb braid. What are some decent...
  18. msangler

    July 27-29 Apollo Tuna Charter

    Plans change! This is my trip that is usually half fly anglers and half conventional. But with Covid, everything changes. This will not a be a fly angler trip and I have openings on this limited load 2 day (16 anglers) on the great ship Apollo. The boat will depart Monday, July 27th, from...
  19. 99Phishing

    New Lo-An (7/3) Overnight Trip Video

    Hey guys, Just finished editing the GoPro footage obtained from my trip aboard the New Lo-An. Top-tier crew and super fishy boat, can't wait to get out with them again. I caught the skunk, but one of my friends who I helped get into fishing about a year ago landed his first Bluefin...
  20. Cdistro89

    For Sale Seeker Classic BSC 660h-6’ like new

    Seeker Classic BSC 660 h-6‘ 30(40)-80 Great little rod. 6’ heavy but not ultra heavy. Used once. Caught the 140 pounder in my avatar with it. Perfect for flat falls, yoyo, or trolling. Like new condition. Properly rinced, wiped down, and stored. Im just looking for something a little bit...
  21. Cameron Walsh

    TRADE Shimano Twin Power 14000

    Purchased new and taken out on the boat twice. Realized I may not get to use it as much as I expected. Has 325yds of JB 60 hollowcore. looking for an HXW raptor + cash or sell for $650. (Reel is 662 after tax, $100 in line)
  22. Alex Cohen

    Marlas Sportfishing Special Summer Rates!

    The Marla fleet is ready to accommodate you and your group for fishing the offshore islands. With the recently-installed skipjack tubes (tuna tubes) on the No Tuna No Chinga, the Tres Marias trips look very promising for trophy anglers! If you book between June 1 and September 30, you can take...
  23. Track Pants and Pepperoni

    For Sale Brand new shimano torium 30 hg

    I have a brand new torium 30hg for sale. Includes reel clamp with hardware, factory tool, and instructional guide. Will come with tranx 400 box because the original box was damaged by my kid. Picked up in Northridge asking $200 firm Willing to ship at buyers expense. Willing to trade for penn...
  24. M

    Catalina Island Bluefin rod and reel for $200?

    Can I buy a good bluefin tuna rod and reel for $200? What rod and what reel do you recommend? And, should I use Reaction Tackle 100 pound braid?
  25. Alex Cohen

    SOLD No Longer Interested.

    Not available.
  26. EliBros

    SOLD Nice Fiberglass Bait Tank for sale

    Selling a bait tank, $350 If you want it in “like new” condition , I can have it gel coated white (price would be $850) 20”x35” by 30” tall (33.5 overall) Has minor chips (see pictures) Needs a little tlc. give me a call if interested, located in San Diego 619-307-4875 Have a great weekend and...
  27. Cameron Walsh

    TRADE New 10K shimano saragosa

    Brand new reel purchased from tackledirect in March. Hasn’t been used or spooled. Willing to trade for a 30w or an hxw.
  28. Cameron Walsh

    TRADE Brand new Twin Power 14000

    Brand new shimano twin power 14000. Purchased two weeks ago but I realized the $ is better spent on trolling stuff for my applications. Spooled with 80lb line. Never used and hasn’t left the house. $700ish after tax and line. Box, warranty card, etc $600 shipped
  29. Cameron Walsh

    Shimano Twin Power 14000 NEW

    Purchased this reel about a week ago. Spooled with 80lb spyderwire. Never used or taken out of the house. Realized I needed a new trolling reel more than this one. $700 after tax and line. Selling for $600 Box & warranty etc
  30. Cameron Walsh

    For Sale Brand new 10K Shimano Saragosa

    Have two- just purchased a twin power for the faster gear ratio so I figured id get rid of one. Brand new purchased maybe 2 weeks ago. Comes w box and everything. $280 shipped. Retails for $309 + tax
  31. Sandieangler

    SOLD Avet Pro EX 50 2 speed SIL

    750 yards of #130 hollow #200 Fluoro wind on Good for kite fishing for big bluefin Prefer local pickup but willing to ship on your dime $450 OBO no box
  32. P


    With all the enforced downtime we’re experiencing, the gears have been turning.... With the spectacular success of green stick gear for tuna worldwide, why aren’t the private boat guys targeting bft with them? It’s used in Japan, Hawaii, Louisiana, and up and down the East Coast targeting lock...
  33. Alex Cohen

    Puerto Vallarta Fishing Report - Marla Sport Fishing/No Tuna No Chinga *****

    I've been meaning to post about a trip I took to PV to fish with the Marla fleet. We had a lo of success on this trip with the yellowfin in range. We fished mostly live bait. This was on the brand new No Tuna No Chinga boat. Check out the pictures below. The biggest fish on the trip was 274lb...
  34. Swampchicken

    Cabin Fever? How about self servicing your reels

    Here is a quick video I put together on self servicing my Komodo SS reels. We all know (hope) that this deal will end in a couple of months. Now that we are all quarantined at home and getting antsy, we can all only clean the garage so many times. After walking out there several times and...
  35. Youngboat34

    For Sale Avet Jx 6.0 Magic Cast G2 Lever drag

    Have a used Avet Jx 6.0 Magic Cast G2 Lever drag (Gold color) Right hand crank -Single speed- 46 inches per crank! -Magic cast magnet so no birds nest even when casting -spooled with over 300 yards 80 pound multi color braid -Ratcheted lever drag so you know where you're at Very capable reel...
  36. Tvdan

    First Tuna For 2020 Landed Abaord the Tomahawk

    The Pacific Queen Lands first tuna for the year
  37. OldDrum_72

    For Sale Various BNIB Offshore Trolling Lures. Williamson, Braid etc

    Selling a bunch of brand new trolling lures I don't use. I don't get to fish offshore that much anymore and need the space. I have SOLD, 4X,B BLITZ 1.5OZ BLACK/PURPLE SOLD,6X ,W Rigged Dorado Catcher Trolling Lure, 4.5 inch"/11cm Bleeding Dorado SOLD 3X, Williamson Lures Dorado Jig Rigged...
  38. SaltwatrSammons

    general tuna set up questions (60-80lb gear)

    I have a custom 60-80lb seeker e-glass rod, paired with an okuma makaira 16SEA2. my goal for this set up is to slay a cow tuna in 2020. a colleague recommended hollowcore braid for splicing and higher quality connections. I dont know to much frankly and would love some Line recommendations as...
  39. toadstoadsonly

    For Sale COUSINS 95MAG Sold

    Selling My Cousin GG 95 JMag it's in excellent condition. Local pickup Huntington Beach only first come first serve. For those of you that know how well these Jig Stick fish know it's the modern-day Truline D8. $Sold
  40. Alex Cohen

    For Sale Makaira SEA 15T Gun Metal - Brand New

    Bought more than I needed. Brand new still in the box. $520 shipped! Local pick up in Socal.
  41. marx88

    Do these fish look like yellowtail?

    Hi I need an expert opinion trying to see what fish this is:
  42. SkiffnHB

    Avet SXJ Raptor

    Whats everybody's thoughts on this reel? Love Avet, thinking this can be my inshore reel. Yellows/Seabass etc..
  43. SkiffnHB

    Best braid and why?

    What's your go to brand of braid and why?
  44. waterwolf2230

    Need you to analyze my gear for Tuna...

    Hey there, I fish mainly the west coast of Canada for salmon, cod and halibut and have been building on my inventory of gear. I’ve planned to go on a 3 day tuna fishing trip next September with Shogun fishing for Yellowfin, Bluefin and Yellowtail. From what I’ve read the average size of fish...
  45. MarkColeman


    Without further adieu... Team ARSC, in partnership with Defiance Boats, Raymarine, and SeaKeeper, would like to announce we are building/finishing a custom 42’x11’ pilothouse boat. This new, and exciting project, is headed by Defiance Boats and scheduled to hit the water in the spring of 2020...
  46. Hoeyfashoey

    SOLD Calcutta 7ft gaff

    Hi bd. For sale is a Calcutta bamboo gaff cut to size and wrapped with tuna cord by myself. Cut to 7 1/2 ft, Calcutta bamboo purchased from savontackle in Santa Fe springs. Never used, i don’t have a boat or know anyone that has a boat. I kind of made it out of boredom because I’ve been getting...
  47. S

    For Sale Phoenix axis rod 7'2 rated 40-100

    Basically brand new only took on 2 trips. Phoenix axis 7'2 40-100 5623942366 $185 obo
  48. S

    For Sale Shimano Talica 16

    Talica 16 two speed basically brand new. Took on 2 trips and got skunked those 2 trips. 65 braid to 40lb fluoro top shot. Zero boat rash brand new condition. 5623942366
  49. Jigslinger

    SOLD Please delete

    Please PM or text (714) 916-2462 if interested. Thanks!
  50. MatFish

    For Sale Okuma Makaira 50 silver and Calstar GF760XH Kite setup

    Have a basically brand new set up for flying the kites and fighting those cow bluefin right now. Rod is brand new never used or seen water Reel has been taken out one time but never seen action. Spooled with 130 Izor hollow to the top asking $580 for reel and $400 for the rod I’ll do a special...
  51. onelastcast14

    Railrod vs harness

    Hey everyone, today I was watching so videos on people using a railrod for tuna and was wondering what do you all think is easier to land a big YF tuna? I have only used a black magic harness and never railroded. I am in a 36ft center consoles usually chunking or live baiting.
  52. Nick Boone

    SOLD Assorted Poppers

    I have a box of assorted poppers for sale. Some are very lightly used but most are brand new with upgraded hooks and split rings. Halco and YoZuri poppers. Plano box included. $125
  53. Moor_fish

    SOLD Sold please delete

    Californian Tri Helix 9ft H 30-60 Lb jig stick (phenix blank) Hasn't been used in a while. No issues with guides. Ready to slay some tuna, yellowtail and calicos. Perfect for surface iron, coltsnippers, stick baits and poppers.
  54. Local Knowledge Fishing Show

    How to Rig Flying Fish for BIG BLUEFIN

    Captain Ali Hussainy of Local Knowledge explains, in depth, how to rig a flying fish for kite fishing big bluefin tuna. This method can be utilized for targeting Pacific Bluefin tuna. Using the right fishing gear, line, hooks , and bait is crucial to getting those big bluefin tuna to bite. This...
  55. Roosta

    Aztec 2-Day Private Charter - Spots Available

    I chartered the Aztec for a 2-day trip leaving Oct. 22 at 10pm returning Oct. 24 around 8pm targeting bluefin tuna. It's limited to 20 anglers and as of right now there are 9 spots available. Price is $660 which includes meals and permits. Fishing the Aztec with only 19 other anglers will be a...
  56. MatFish

    SOLD Cousins 95j mag ( Limited edition Blacked Out Series )

    I know I’m new to the site and my new status can be over looked however I wanna sell my limited edition 95j mag. 1000 cash obo ( negotiable) Trades welcome for things like ( Trinidad’s 10a/14a/16a/20a ) (Talica 8ii/12ii) ( Penn Torques Preferably silver ) ( Mak 15t Silver ) Rod is in...
  57. S

    For Sale Trinidad TN30

    Used Shimano Trinidad TN30 Gold. Just serviced and works perfectly
  58. Cafacrafta

    yellowfin and skipjack hooks

    What hooks have been working best lately for the smaller tuna , heading out on the San Diego in a couple weeks on the 19th if you already saw this its cause i posted in the wrong thread lol
  59. Cafacrafta

    Yellowfin/skipjack hooks

    What hooks have been working best lately for the smaller tuna , heading out on the San Diego in a couple weeks on the 19th
  60. Ian D

    Tuna Seiners

    Spent the weekend off San Clemente (non-closed areas) and the 43. Fishing report wise- tonnage of micro bait, marlin all over, mixed size bluefin, however... The fish seem spooked, scattered and battered. Maybe something to do with the 3-4 tuna seiners in the area. Which leads me to this post...
  61. jimmie the head

    Looking to Share Punta Mita offshore day trip Nov 13-19 2019

    I am looking to share a trip offshore trip in Punta Mita between Nov 13-19.
  62. JakeFromStateFarm

    Race To Costa Rica: A Fisherman's Trip of a Lifetime!

    Free entry, all-expense-paid trip, world premier fishing destination, and big prizes...What are you waiting for!? Enter in The Race to Costa Rica and experience the trip of a lifetime! Stay and the luxurious Crocodile Bay Resort in Costa Rica and win prizes from AFTCO, GRUNDENS, OKUMA FISHING...
  63. Swampchicken

    Tuna Mayhem aboard Tribute Sportfishing

    Had a pretty incredible trip aboard Tribute Sportfishing a week ago. I put together a little recap video of the incredible bite we had going on the fun sized yellowfin and bluefin tuna.
  64. LinemanLU47

    Brining, Tips, Tricks and Recipe

    Hello All, I have been brining fish and poultry for nearly 15 years. Most of the meat I brine finds it’s way into my commercial SmokinTex smoker. I have experimented with dozens of brine recipes and ingredients. For the last few years, I have been using only one fish and poultry brine recipe...
  65. JustFishn

    #TBT Thunderbird (COW BLUEFIN)

    So the Thunderbird is on the meat out there and running some Cow Tuna Trips. Here’s a news segment on KCAL 9
  66. Pescatore

    For Sale Reliable kill bag 30x72

    Reliable fish kill bag size 30x90. Perfect for cow bluefin or ? Basically new 1 boat trip never fish in it. First $300 takes it. Pickup in riverside this week or san Diego launch ramp Saturday evening.
  67. emarquez4

    For Sale Phenix Megalodon, Hybrid 929, Shimano Trinidad, Kencore

    Prices reduced 1. Phenix Megalodon paired with a Saragosa 10,000-- Sold 2. Phenix Hybrid 929-- SOLD 3. Shimano Trinidad 20 Gold-- $275 New 65lb braid and 30lb topshot 4. Abu Garcia Revo Toro NaCl--SOLD- Thanks Bill 5. Kencore Panga Special--SOLD Text me for prompt response- 562-822-7237.
  68. F

    Advice on 30-40lb 8ft bait rod for tuna

    Hello, I recently bought a Penn fathom 25nld2 and I'm trying to decide on what rod to pair it with mainly for bluefin 50-80lb with the ability to catch a 100lber if i happen to hook one (i don't plan on it). I plan on fishing 30-40lb topshot/leader on it primarily for flylining sardines. I want...
  69. F

    Full Moon

    Hey Dudes I'm somewhat new to fishing. My son got hooked a couple of years ago, so now I go all the time to hang out with him -- and turns out I enjoy time on the water too. We're going out this weekend and I read its a full moon on Friday. I've read that the lunar cycle impacts fish...
  70. JustFishn

    Old Glory Sponsored Trip 9/5

    So once again I went out on OG. My buddy Rob had put together a private sponsored limited load Trip. We had a good group of people with positive attitudes and had some decent weather. As always Kley Junior and crew were great and we got on some good schools of fish for a great day of fishing...
  71. Jbananas556

    SOLD Okuma Makaira 10000L

    Selling a brand new Okuma Makaira Super Spinner in 10k size. Alan Hawks current highest rated reel. Had this on pre-order for a long time and it finally came in. Reel is a beast, smooth yet forged SS gears, forged and machined body, fully sealed, etc. This is in left hand retrieve. Hate to sell...
  72. O

    For Sale Custom Wrapped Calstar Grafighter GFTR-765M 40-100lbs 7 AFTCO HD Roller Guides

    Selling Custom Wrapped Calstar Grafighter Trolling Rod $400 OBO BLANK: Calstar GF-765M LENGTH: 6' 6" LINE RATING: 40-100lbs GUIDES: 7 AFTCO HD Roller Guides 3x31's 3x41's 1x51 TIP TOP: AFTCO #10 Black REEL SEAT: Perfection Marine-grade Aluminum

    Pacific Voyager - 2 day - Video

    This is more of a trip re-cap than a report. This trip was 3 weeks ago August 11 & 12. As always, I had high hopes of going to look for some Large BFT but ended up chasing schoolie YFT & Yellowtail. We started the trip heading towards SCI and halfway thru the channel the wind kicks up and Capt...
  74. Asael

    Shimano waxwings needed

    i need to buy some waxwings of all sizes let me know which ones you guys have
  75. JayhawkNavy02

    Yellow Tail Rod & Schoolie Tuna Rod/Reel Reccommendation

    Long time reader first time poster. Looking to adjust my gear to more west coast focused now that I’m getting stationed here for the foreseeable (near) future. I’ve been back and forth (west and east coast) for the Navy for years, but hopefully static here in SOCAL for a while. Gave away...
  76. Alex Cohen

    Puerto Vallarta Cow Tuna Trip - 1 Open Spot!

    Hey guys, I have one open spot on my PV trip. One of the guys needs to sell his spot due to medical reasons... It's the first week of February, 2020 for 3.5 days. We will be targeting cow-sized yellowfin tuna on the new "NO-TUNA-NO-CHINGA" boat with Captain Danny Osuna and Roberto Osuna. The...
  77. Moor_fish

    SOLD Please delete

    Roddy gator tail model BH65HC 6'6" 20 - 50 lb Used it as a yo yo rod. Caught plenty of yellows on it. $55 obo Roddy Penn Daiwa Diawa Shimano Cousins Phenix Tuna Yellowfin Bluefin Yellowtail Seeker Offshore charter Okuma Avet Accurate
  78. G

    SOLD Avet MXJ G2 MC

    Got it as a gift from somebody who didnt know I fish lefties. 1 party boat trip, cleaned properly after, spooled with 50lb Power Pro Depth hunter, unknown yardage. Pretty much brand new, no box or clamp, though. 99% condition. $200 shipped anywhere Super down to trade for a lefty fathom...
  79. M

    For Sale Penn Fathom 40

    Penn Fathom 40 star drag. Great condition, minor scuffs on the side. 65# braid with 100 yards 40# topshot $160 Located in Sacramento Text Matt 91688zero0five81
  80. downtime

    Limits 8/17/19 Madrugador - Video

    We fished today. We had a great day, with every yellowfin caught on bait. We also caught yellowtail! Some on kelps and others were open water jig strikes! Great day out on the water with the boys. I am glad I am able to share some of our times on the water with you all! Our goal for the day...
  81. themonkey40

    Poor experience with Fisherman’s Processing, anyone else?

    I just got back from a 3.5 day on Thursday 8/15 and had Fisherman’s Processing process my catch, 233.5# of Blue and Yellow Fin Tuna. I live in San Francisco and flew down for my trip, so I need them to ship my catch. At the docks, the woman that took my order told me it would be shipped out...
  82. G

    SOLD Avet MXJ G2 MC

    Got it as a gift from somebody who didnt know I fish lefties. 1 party boat trip, cleaned properly after, spooled with 50lb Power Pro Depth hunter, unknown yardage. Pretty much brand new, no box though. 99% condition. $200 shipped anywhere Super down to trade for a lefty fathom 25-30, torium...
  83. Poppa_D

    Race for the Blue 2019

    Hey Guys, Check this event out. Looks like a fun time! Race for the Blue
  84. Poppa_D

    Race for the Blue 2019

    Hey Guys, Check this event out. Looks like a fun time! Race for the Blue
  85. Poppa_D

    Race for the Blue 2019

    Hey Guys, Check this event out. Looks like a fun time! Race for the Blue
  86. Poppa_D

    Race for the Blue 2019

    Hey Guys, Check this event out. Looks like a fun time! Race for the Blue
  87. Glad Wrap

    WTC RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A lot of things went great, some things went well and there is always room for improvement. The majority of teams caught and weighed fish. It was a tough year as most of you know that the average size this year isn't great. The average size of all the fish that were weighed was 16.78 lbs...
  88. C

    For Sale Temple Reef Ronin Expedition 83-6

    i have a brand new ronin expedition travel Popping rod for sale. $300 local pick up Los Angeles area only. 83-6 8'3" PE5-7 Lure~140g Max Drag (45d) - 9kg Pack Length - 94cm Weight - 364g I just put a picture off the site because I haven’t even received it in the mail yet. I’ll have it in a...
  89. Jbananas556

    SOLD BNIB Saltiga Dogfight 8000H

    Selling a brand new Daiwa Saltiga Dogfight 8000H. Purchased last month, tuna trips didnt happen and I picked up a new 19' Stella. Reel has only been out of the box for initial inspection and then these photos. Asking $800 shipped via paypal. Please see pics as well
  90. downtime

    Watching big tuna..Video..Reel Hard

    We decided we would go offshore and look for tuna even though there are many spots to catch yellowtail right now. Well all we did was look at em flying out of the water! Easier for me to make a video of our trip....enjoy! Make sure to subscribe to my channel as I put up trip reports on YouTube...
  91. S

    Desperately Seeking Fishermen for Tuesday, 7-16

    Here’s the deal… I’ve booked two of six spots on The Long Run Sportfishing boat for Tuesday, July 16. It is a 12-hour charter leaving at 6 am and returning at 6 pm from Sunroad Resort Marina in San Diego. The cost is $300 per person. There’s a maximum of six people on this beautiful 40’...
  92. Moor_fish

    SOLD Please delete

    Okuma Metaloid 5N 2 speed paired with a Phenix Abyss rod. Reel is new only been on one boat ride 10/10 with 80lb seaguar threadlock braid and clamp. Rod is 8/10 tip recently repaired at squidco. Looking for $300 obo.
  93. Tower Todd

    Pair Seeker TS60B 40-60 Trolling Rods, Aftco

    (2) Seeker TS60B trolling rods featuring Aftco roller guides, Pac Bay aluminum reel seat, hypalon fore grips. These are rated 40-60 lbs by Seeker. 6' blank, 75" long tip to tail. Located in Snohomish, WA. $200 for the pair. TT
  94. E

    Summer Trips - Tuna or bust!

    Just throwing this out for discussion. I may be a fishing snob, but if I shell out the money for a 7 day trip and return to the docks with only Yellowtail I consider that trip a bust on the fishing "scale". Do not get me wrong, the worst 7 day trip is still a vacation with fun times and great...
  95. Cafacrafta

    Flat fall rod

    I have an old rod that is 5 1/2 and rated for 80-130 pound line with rollers, could I use this for flat fall fishing for big bluefin with 80 pound test , or should I get a longer rod if I want to use the rail?
  96. JakeFromStateFarm

    Chivalry Isn't Dead- A Yellowtail Shootout Moment of Class

    First off, I just wanted to say thanks to all the teams that participated in the 2019 BD Outdoors Yellowtail Shootout. We had an excellent turnout and there were some big yellows caught this year with the biggest one of the tourney coming in at 37.1lbs. But the moment that captured everyone's...
  97. marx88

    4 species on the way to ensenada with video

    I am ready for another trip yall I got my boots on this time... alot of crazy business going on out there. Please share this video if you like I am hoping to make a movie soon.... Also, can someone help identify that fish I caught on the deep drop?
  98. Moor_fish

    SOLD Lexa 400 combo

    Lexa 400 7:1 used twice. Filled with 60lb white Seaguar threadlock braid paired with a 9 ft Californian Calico rod XH 15-40 rod. 200 for the combo firm. 150 for the Lexa and 80 for the Californian seperately. Awesome calico setup but can handle any pelagic up to 60 lbs. Throws the iron a mile...

    Fathers Day Weekend - Bluefin & Yellowtail - Video - 2 Days on the Excalibur

    Booked this trip back in February with the hope of getting some of my friends to come out with there kids for some fishing over fathers day weekend. Well that was a success, 17 friends and family ended up going in our group. And 27 people total on the boat. Our odds of getting a fishing or two...
  100. jackpotjoe

    For Sale PENN 10KG 2SPD. PENN TUNA ROD $300

    Bluefin special nice rod and reel combo ready to land a big one. Loaded with 600yds new powerpro 65lb.yellow.$300 firm on price. Call joe in San Diego, Carmel valley. 8587356644
  101. Z

    For Sale Okuma PCH Custom Railrod 741XXH

  102. Cafacrafta

    5/25 Pegasus Bluefin

    Headed out on the Pegasus out of fisherman’s landing on 5/24 for a 1.5 day trip looking for bluefin. The crew said that the recent storm had pushed the fish away but the spotter plane had found some somewhere south, we headed there. We found a small school around 6 but didn’t bite , we look...
  103. Z

    For Sale Okuma PCH Custom Railrod

    For sale is a Okuma PCH Custom 741XXH heavy duty conventional fishing rod. This is a Railrod made for large fish, specifically Bluefin Tuna. Line rating is 60-100 pounds and is made for fishing the rail. The top grip is 18 inches long giving you optimal room for fishing the rail which is the...
  104. JakeFromStateFarm

    Bloodydecks Sponsored Extended 1.5 Day Trip

    Hey BD'ers we're running a sponsored trip on @Tomahawk Sportfishing June 5th-7th! We will be fishing offshore targeting tuna and yellowtail. The price of the ticket includes all your meals, bunks and Mexican fishing permits. No passport required. $395 If you haven't been on a trip with...
  105. J

    For Sale Accurate Atd 50w reel

    You are looking at a Accurate ATD 50W Platinum Twin Drag Silver Right Hand Reel. In good overall condition. I would like to try and get $645 shipped for the reel (OBO). It's in 100% working condition. It's spooled with about 500 yards of braid and the lines in decent shape. Would consider...
  106. Donny B

    For Sale Fighting Chair For Cheap

    Release Marine fighting Chair for sale. Excellent condition. Like New. All hardware included. Easy installation. Message me for details.
  107. Donny B

    For Sale Fighting Chair Release Marine

    Selling a beautiful and in PERFECT condition Release Marine Fighting Chair. All hardware included. Message me for more details.


    Hey everyone this is a 2 day charter that I've been putting together for the last 16 years and I have some open spots for sale. Please PM me if you are interested or have questions. HERE ARE THE DETAILS : BOAT: "OUTERLIMITS" - out of Seaforth Landing in San Diego (across fwy from Sea World)...
  109. Mike Rooney


    Pro-Rigged yummies. Total of 60 available. These are proven yummies used successfully by commercial fishermen in Oceanside. I will sell them in bundles of 10 for $130.00 / bundle. No calls, text only!! Text Mike 760-889-7060, located in Oceanside. First come, first served.
  110. J_Merrill

    SoCal Rod and Reel combo for Jigging

    I know this is the age old question and is a common topic but just want some help in choosing a reel for my 90j. I'm looking to fish straight spectra #50 to a #40 floro leader and want something versatile for jigging and chucking iron particularly for yellowtail and Tuna. I keep reading the...
  111. Alex Cohen

    Puerto Vallarta Cow Fishing Trip

    Hey guys, Planning a trip for the first week of February, 2020. We will be targeting cow-sized yellowfin tuna on the new "NO-TUNA-NO-CHINGA" boat with Captain Danny and Roberto Osuna. The boat is a beautiful brand new 50' Delta with a 5 star Chef onboard. The trip is a 3.5 day to the Tres...
  112. Franklin Warner

    Moving to back to the BEST Coast - OFFSHORE FISHING HELP

    Being a military family we are never in one place for too long and it makes it hard to master the fishing grounds. We are originally from Cali but haven't been into offshore fishing until now. I've been fishing the East Coast (actually the Chesapeake Bay with one pending offshore trip out of...
  113. J

    WTB WTB Winthrop rod (50-100)

    Must have winthrop guides and Winthrop termantor butt!
  114. J

    For Sale Splash bars and chains

    3x splash bars one is green/black, one is pink tiger, and one is blue/white. All rigged wtih 9in floating squid, 5in birds, and 10in machine stinger. 75 each • 2 misc Daisy chains, one is pink tiger with 10in stinger, one if green/black with 7in purple tiger machine stinger. $25 each Will take...
  115. Jonathan nunez

    SOLD Avet lx 2 spd..proteus

    I have a new avet lx raptorv2 speed with 100lb spectra and daiwa proteus rod..asking $550 for both in great condition no boat rash
  116. SMYLEE

    For Sale Torium 30hg BN

    brand new Torium 30hg went on one boat ride never even rigged up. Has clamp local pick up in SD it's BRAND NEW. All reasonable offers considered
  117. Jbananas556

    SOLD Like New Daiwa Dogfight 8000DF

    Selling a like new Daiwa Saltiga 8000DF(standard 4.3:1 ratio). Purchased from J&H last August for a few trips that never happened. Ended up just using it in the canal a total of 4 times. (Date of purchase is shown in one of the following pictures). This thing feels amazing, probably the...
  118. L

    Small Bone Jigs and Stragglers

    Can someone help me understand these items. I am by no means a jig expert and I’ve seen Stragglers before but not this shape. Also, Bone jigs this small? They only say Japan so that’s before WW2 ... correct?
  119. S

    For Sale 1998 Albemarle 305 Express Diesel

    1998 Albemarle 305 Express Fisherman $120,000 Completely offshore rigged 1998 Albemarle 305 Express. This boat has been great to me. She runs great and rides incredible. We have made numerous runs to the Canyons from Sandy Hook and Manasquan. Fuel Economy is just under 1NM/Gal Plus Genny. The...
  120. Level3tjg

    SOLD New Daiwa Saltiga Dogfight 8000

    I've got a new Saltiga Dogfight 8000 in open box. It's never been mounted on a rod or had line on the spool. This reel is missing the handle. It was either misplaced or stolen. Either way... it's missing. You will need to purchase a replacement handle to use this reel. Aftermarket you can find...
  121. Tunaslayer

    SOLD Original OTI Tuna Sniper 3102-865S 8’6” 40-60lb.

    Sold Selling an original OTI Tuna Sniper Popping Rod. 9/10 Cosmetic. Some dents in the hypalon (see pictures) and scratches on the bottom of gimbal from being in the rod holder 10/10 Functional. All wraps and guides are perfect. OTI3102-865S 8’6” 40-60lb. $200 OBO shipped Continental U.S...
  122. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Late Report: CLUBFISH Pacific Voyager charter Nov '18

    Edit: Some of these photos were taken by Robert and Rachel, so I do not have ownership of all photographs included. After a little bit of a long-term weather forecast scare, the trip was set to depart as scheduled on Thursday, November 15th, at 10 am. This trip last year was, well, epic...
  123. Ubaldo Rodriguez

    For Sale Avet JX Raptor combo

    Avet JX Raptor 2 speed mc cast Serviced by avet and put away since New drags and bearings No box no clamp 3/4 spool of 80lb izorline braid 50 lb xxx top shot Reel:350$ Rod:160$ calstar custom 765xl 30-50 , killer back bone . Or take the combo for 500$ Location : Sylmar Ca 91342 Cell...
  124. wburdge

    CalStar Lineup Help

    Hey folks, Need a little help with choosing a CalStar quiver for 2019. They seem to have several model lineups: the West Coast series, black West coast series, grafighter, and gg composite. I can't find a product description differentiating each lineup. What's the difference between them...
  125. coastalsharker

    For Sale LEXA-HD 400XSL-P

  126. coastalsharker


    ALMOST NEW, USED ONCE AND IT IS A BITCHIN ROD!!! BLACK DIAMOND HYBRID PHD929H , TINY MARKS IF ANY ABOVE TURKS HEAD, ROD IS BEAUTIFUL! Possibly local or meet pick up, shipping is questionable, but I do have a FedEx connect. ... located in Santa Cruz, CA $250.00 TEXT 831-588-4545 ANGEL
  127. coastalsharker

    For Sale Accurate ATD12T Platinum Topless

  128. STELO415

    Mahi Mayhem Mag Bay

    Hey guys check out this video I just uploaded from my recent trip with Mag Bay Lodge
  129. HBar

    Fishing SJDel Cabo Oct 26-28

  130. Swampchicken

    What to do with this collars?

    Over the past couple of years I’ve noticed sport boats are giving you the collars more and more after cleaning your fish. This is awesome! I get asked what to do with the collar pretty awesome. Here is a quick grilling recipe I put together for some of my Yellowfin tuna from a recent trip...
  131. Moor_fish

    SOLD Daiwa Saltist 35 Calstar combo

    Daiwa Saltist 35 with box and 60 lb Seagar Threadlock Hollowbread backing. I took the 50 ft mono top shot off. Cosmetic 9/10 (some boat rash) mechanical 10/10. (Used 3 times) Calstar is the WCDH-69OJ. 9ft rod 20-40 rating. Ready to go for all different types of saltwater fishing. Can use it to...
  132. Ricky@Outpost Charters

    Pre and Post Sergio

    Leading up to the storm Sergio we were on dorado pretty well, along with billfish. Billfish we had four hookups and saw a total of seven in two days. Unfortunately those hookups didn't last long having a stretch of just bad luck and were unable to keep those fish on. Theres tons pf activity on...

    1.5 DAY LIMITED TO 25. ONLY $225!

    1.5 DAY LONG BEACH SPORTFISHING. On the AHRA AHN . We will be targeting BIG BLUEFIN TUNA AND PADDY HOP FOR DORADO AND YELLOWTAIL ! .. It will be a 1.5 day trip leaving THIS FRIDAY 8 pm.. return SUNDAY early around 3-4 am.. Price is OLNY $225 a person LIMITED TO 25 ANGLERS on a 70 ft boat ...

    Islander - 3 Day - Froggy goes Fishing - Video

    I was invited on this 3 day trip aboard the Islander with a group....Froggy goes Fishing..... 24 anglers that were pumped up to go Kill some fish!!! This was my 1st time on the Islander. Some of you may know the Islander for there mother-ship Kayak trips and for Shark diving trips. This is an...
  135. onelastcast14

    Rail Rod Fishing

    Hi I have been tuna fish the past couple years all using the harness but I recently started looking into rail rod fishing. I was wondering what is the difference between a rail rod and a normal rod. Do you have any suggestions on a rod blank I will be pairing it with a accurate BV2-1000 spooled...
  136. jimmie the head

    Looking to share an offshore trip in Puerto Vallarta November 7-12.

    I will be in Nuevo November 7-12 and would like to share a day charter out of Punta Mita. Is anyone interested?
  137. BACo

    Viva Mexico!

    Mexico is about to celebrate our independence, and the festivities will definitely have a bunch of fresh fish to feast on. We had an amazing week which was just the warm-up for the festivities that will take place over the weekend, and we’re definitely ready to have some epic fiesta with...
  138. JakeFromStateFarm

    Win a PENN International 12 VI Reel!

    @PENN is giving away an International VI Reel! A BIG opportunity for a lucky angler. Don't miss out on this opportunity! Enter Here
  139. BACo

    September Delivers!

    As the Summer heat begins to recede, September has so far delivered the fishing trips of a lifetime for many of our recent visitors, who have ventured out to our most prolific spots and landed some decent fish. Some of them went straight to the grill, others got vacuum packed, frozen and shipped...
  140. BACo

    BACo. Good Bye August, Hello September!!

    Another great month has come to an end, showing some promising days ahead in September. With some pretty stable weather, we’re getting closer to the end of hurricane season, so this can only mean good weather windows to plan blitz fishing trips and spearfishing strike missions. We also just had...
  141. G

    1.5 Day on Pacific Queen, what to bring?

    Going on the Pacific Queen at the end of the month for a 1.5 day. Looking for a new reel and can't decide between a kick ass 60 lb reel or go for a 100 lb setup. Which would be best in your guys opinions? Also just wondering what other stuff I should plan on bringing. Any info is much...
  142. B

    Overnight El Dorado 8/24

    This trip was supposed to be an extended 1.5 trip originally but it got switched to a regular 1.5 trip a last week. Then we had some complications with the generator while out there fishing so they changed it to a regular overnight trip and we got back like a regular overnight trip. They...
  143. L

    SOLD Axis rods BNNU

  144. C

    '93 Grady Gulfstream twin 2015 150's

    Appreciate the feedback. Apologies for not reading the rules. Edit post since I cannot find a way to remove it.
  145. Hebby

    King Harbor Marlin Tournament

    37th Annual King Harbor Marlin Tournament Sept. 7-8. Lines in at 6 am Friday, lines out at 4 pm Sat. Awards banquet in Avalon Sat. night. Tons of fun and a good group of fishermen. Also a good early season tournament to practice with your crew for the Pesky's, master's, etc. Tuna/Dorado Sidepot...

    Pacific Voyager - 2 Day - Aug. 11 - 13 - Video

    Another stellar 2 day trip aboard the PV. This is a great boat with an amazing crew. Captain Rick, Julio, Koz, Cody and Chef Jeff always put on a GREAT trip!!! It was a private charter with 18 Anglers from Las Vegas!!! Most of you know the drill......Hit the Bait Receiver, while a trip plan...
  147. marx88

    Bloodiest deck ever! What species tuna is this?

    I got a chance to go 120 miles offshore what a mess! Really bad weather but I managed to do some practice fishing... 25 pound of it's a blackfin it's my personal best. My guess is blackfin but I was hoping maybe for a bigeye the meat looked different than blackfin
  148. Poppa_D

    RACE FOR THE BLUE TOFINO BC 25k First Prize!

    Tofino Resort + Marina is excited to host the first annual, Race for The Blue Tuna Shoot-Out, September 7-15th, 2018 and we want you to join us. Come experience the excitement of the blue water and Pacific albacore tuna fishing while supporting a sustainable fishery in B.C.’s rarely-visited...
  149. Jay Bjorn

    Second run and same tuna numbers

    This is my second run and we did about the same as first. This time it went we over the 125 line and more south. We had to wait until 10:30 am to push off (avoid 7 knot current over the bar ) The bite was on at 3 o’clock. We’re doing the best on Cedar plugs again. Almost everything on the...
  150. G

    SOLD Avet HXJ Raptor 5/2 - West LA

    Avet HXJ Raptor 5/2 - Like New. Taken on 3 trips last year with one small YT on it. Loaded with 400 yds of 80 lb white Xtreme Braid. Serviced by Avet this February and hasn't seen the water this year. Not desperate to sell so don't come at me with low ball offers. I will not respond. $375 for...
  151. Endurance

    SOLD Tiburon 7530 SST Automatic shift two speed

    I hate to do it but I’ve got too many reels and I don’t go fishing as much as I like. This beautiful reel got a 70 lb. bluefin on bait. It has 65 lb Kast King braid and the original rod clamps. Very clean, I take care or my stuff. Thanks for looking. $350
  152. Brqndqn

    For Sale BNIB Shimano Talica 50ii

    Brand new Shimano Talica 50ii New inbox with all accessories included $950 shipped for each Message me for more info
  153. Brqndqn

    For Sale Brand New Shimano Talica 50ii

    selling Brand Talica 50ii $950 shipped each Everything included
  154. SDBAY

    Sailing and fishing offshore San Diego Tuesday or Wednesday

    Anyone down for fishing and sailing offshore on Tuesday and/or Wednesday July 24/25? I’m renting a 35 foot Catalina sailboat and would like to split the cost. Ideally someone that has been out in the open ocean and is ok with the swell and movement of a small boat in open waters. 4 people...
  155. JustFishn

    Late Report 9/173/43

    Well as you all know there’s plenty of fish moving around out there with some large models and potential monsters. I went charging out there in my 14’ Livingston twice so far and for nada. First trip was a day or two after going out on Old Glory which the only person who hooked a fish was...
  156. emarquez4

    For Sale Misc. Rods and Reels for sale

    This is all I have left— some prices dropped for quick sale— 5. Avet HXW Raptor— Brand New filled with 80lb braid——-$500.00 perfect for these big tuna— 6. Diawa Lexa 300LC new used 2x’s — 10/10- $130 Rods- Shimano Terez TZS- 80MH blk—$160
  157. D

    2 Day trip H&M Relentless

    Private charter. Ultra limited load. Leaving Sunday July 22, coming back Tuesday night. $600 includes your meal package. We have 13 so far and are limited to 16-17. Interested? Give me a call or text. 909.910.8144 Rudy
  158. BACo

    Off The Hook! Summer fishing season is on Fire!

    First Half of July - 2018 Hello there ! It’s a true pleasure to write about what we love the most about the summer, which is fishing season of course. Although this year has been a wild ride, we’re finally seeing what we have been waiting for, so let’s talk about the past couple of weeks...
  159. F

    Line setup and lure recommendation trolling Catalina-long besch

    Hi all, I am sailing to Catalina out of Long Beach this weekend and leaving in the evening, sailing back in the afternoon. I'd like to troll off the boat for some fish both ways. Any recommendations for line and lure setup? I have read that tuna, mackarel, and Dorado are in the waters on that...
  160. Central America Fishing

    Costa Rica Fishing Report - June 2018

    When people talk about the peak fishing season in Costa Rica everyone rushes to say that it's December through April, just like the dry season. While that is indeed our peak billfish season, for some reason a lot of anglers think that just because we experience our green season, or rainy...
  161. BACo

    Baja Adventure Co. June Fishing Report

    With the summer solstice now past us, we could say that the best fishing season is now in full swing. Despite the upwellings, the tuna never left, very good size Dorado are being hooked daily on live bait near the shore, this is a big improvement from the years before. Wahoo are also starting to...

    1.5 Condor Sport fishing 6-16-18

    We took our boys out Father's day Weekend with my buddy Aaron from Lake Tahoe. There were 6 of us in our party, with 4 boys 16 to 20 years old. We left the docks at 7:00 pm. Stopped by the bait receiver for some health Sardines and we were on our way. My first time on this boat. It is...

    Condor 1.5 Day - 6.16.18

    We took our boys out Father's day Weekend with my buddy Aaron from Lake Tahoe. There were 6 of us in our party, with 4 boys 16 to 20 years old. We left the docks at 7:00 pm. Stopped by the bait receiver for some health Sardines and we were on our way. My first time on this boat. It is...
  164. primosurf


    Hi, I am selling my Hobie Outback Kayak that I purchased as new from OEX in February 2014. I only used it handful of times and it was stored in my garage. This kayak is in an excellent condition! The color is Ivory Dune and I am including the following: · Hobie Bait Tank / Battery ·...
  165. J

    For Sale Open spots for charter

    I have open spots for a private charter on "Outer Limits" out of Seaforth Landing in San Diego. Going with a light load (16 anglers, boat holds 23). 2.5 day, $720 Meals included ~9pm Sunday July 22 to ~6am Wednesday July 25 2018 For more info contact Jay at (619) 948-8008 or [email protected]

    1.5 Day on the Prowler leaving 7/10 only 320 per angler

    We have a few spots left on our first charter of the 2018 offshore season out of San Diego. The trip will leave the evening of the 10th and return the morning of the 12th. We are fishing on 7/11/18. This 1.5 day trip is on the World famous, Prowler! This trip is only 320.00. Please personal...
  167. Tuggernuts

    Advice for fishing Oahu

    I’m going to be in Oahu for about 2 weeks and I’m looking to do as much fishing as I can. I’m looking for advice on what my best bet is to catch some quality fish while I’m there. Charters, kayak fishing, land based, spear fishing, whatever I should be doing. I’ll be able to bring 3-4...
  168. marx88

    Surfing on a 800 pound SHARK!

    I WENT FISHING FOR TUNA AND ENDED UP CATCHING A SHARK. I never want to catch a shark again!
  169. L

    SOLD Axis 780x2h

    hi trying to sell my extra rod, it’s a Phenix Axis 780x2h beand new never use. Was about to get another set up but not be able to. Selling it as 270$ Retail price is at $319
  170. Endurance

    For Sale Newell Trolling Skirts

    Never used thick like spaghetti foot long Newell trolling skirts. Meant for repairing wahoo skirts. About a foot long 2 blacks 2 purples, 1 red 2 pink. No longer sold in stores. $10. Thanks for looking.
  171. Endurance

    SOLD Penn Slammer III 6500

    Penn Slammer III 6500 with 40 lb Kast King braid. $220 10/10 with box. Looks new but used in surf in Mexico. Comes with two handles. No scratches or rash. Thanks for looking.
  172. Tuggernuts

    SOLD Okuma Cruz popping rod

    i ordered an Okuma Cruz popping rod and received it today. It is perfect, never been used, but I ordered the MH and I’m thinking I want the H model instead. I paid about 155 for it. I plan on just returning it and getting the H model. If someone wants to make me an reasonable offer around...
  173. BACo

    Baja Adventure Co. Fishing Reports

    Hello guys, we are new to Bloody Decks and are really excited to be here and share our experiences with you. Here is a short introduction of our company, we'll be posting fishing and trip reports. Like most great ideas, it all started 8 years ago over a few beers while discussing how we could...
  174. J

    Anyone bridle mackerel from a kite for bluefin in Southern CA?

    Went out last week for a trip down to the tuna grounds to try for the first bluefin of the year. As is typical with our beloved beasts, we found them and chummed them to the surface, only to strike out on getting any to bite. We even backed down to 15lb flouro leader to no avail. At any rate...
  175. D

    WTB 100 lb BFT Rod

    I want to pair up my Avet HX raptor with a 40-100lb rod in good condition. Something along those ratings.Thinking of Phenix, Cal star, cousins, etc. Orange County / Los Angeles area. I am not looking for anything with rollers. Huge bonus if it looks good with a blue reel. Thanks! Text me at 949...
  176. winnawinna17

    WTB Stella or Twin power

    Hi BD I am fairly new to this forum. I am looking for a Larger spinning reel to go tuna fishing and tuna popping. Going out next weekend on a 1.5 day in SD and I need a backup or primary setup to catch them tuna. I prefer spinning reels so I am looking for stella 14k or twin power 14k. I...

    New Lo An - Blown Out - Late Report 4-28-18

    Booked this 1.5 day trip in back in March with the hopes of a chance at some early season Bluefin. 2 weeks (New Moon) prior they had limits of Bluefin on the New lo An. With the trip being 1 day before the Full Moon we had hi hopes. Only 5 Days before we had heard from the Landing that there...
  178. 3AmigosSportfishing

    For Sale Custom Flying Fish Lures

    1. Single Flyer Unrigged $10 2. Single Flyer Rigged $15 3. Flyer with Machine Stinger $35 4. Cuatro Flyer Chain $60 ***Stingers are detachable so you can swap out if you choose*** Flyers are available in Blue, Chartreuse and Red in 8”. We also offer a 6” model in an Chameleon Purple/Blue...
  179. wburdge

    For Sale Grady White 22'

    Hello all, Up for sale is my 1988 Grady-White Seafarer 22. This boat is loaded with features! She has an Armstrong bracket and 2004 Suzuki 250hp 4 stroke motor with less than 400 hours on it. The bracket gives extra cockpit room and increases running efficiency. She has two fuel tanks, a main...
  180. Andy409

    For Sale Custom Hand Crafted Stainless Steel Gaff

    Had some time in the shop today and decided to make a sweet hand gaff for the boat. I also made a few extras if anybody wants one. 17" overall length, with a 2" hook made of solid piece stainless steel construction so no need to worry about it breaking apart while lifting a fish (ask me how I...
  181. 909MARIO

    For Sale 14x40 Fraser Gyro Binoculars

    Fraser Volpe M25 Gyro Stabilized Binoculars . These are the Military/ Law Enforcement version. Same as Mariners 14x40 but have a reticle and the gyro is activated by squeezing the housing. Check out the link below to learn more about them. Used them for a few seasons. Work great. includes...
  182. Swampchicken

    Savage Gear Squish Jigs

    Guys, Here is a full report on the Savage Gear Squish Jigs from a trip at the end of last year. A little late, I know. This pulled from my blog post that can be found here: http://daveysworld.com/squish-jigs-drive-tuna-crazy/
  183. 909MARIO

    For Sale Airmar PM275-LHW

    https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/bpo/d/airmar-pm275lh-transducer/6553468129.html Selling Airmar Transducer. Brand New. The PM275LH-W gives you two Transducers in one. PRICE IS $1100. Essential for less than one B175HW you get TWO TRANSDUCERS. Or you can spend over $2300 and buy a B175HW &...
  184. K

    Upgrading Tuna Reel

    Thinking of upgrading my Avet LX 6.0 single speed (20# max drag). It's on a 6'6" Seeker Black Steel 40-60# rod. Would a Talica 16ii (40# max drag, 2 speed) be overkill for this rod? I like the idea of a high quality 2 speed for this rod. This will be my go-to setup for the bigger grade fish...
  185. marx88

    fishing in the gulf of mexico for TUNA MARLIN Sharks....

    I made this video fishing by the oil rigs, like to go out by san clemente island and fish for bluefin one of these days....
  186. Yella1

    PCH for Surface Irons? Opinions wanted!

    Just received my new Torium 30. I need to pair it with a longer rod for throwing iron at larger Yellowtail and Medium/Large Tuna. I'm a big fan of the PCH line and I'm wondering of anyone has used the 9' model for throwing iron. Seems like it would be awesome. Please let me know if you have...
  187. Brqndqn

    For Sale Gamakatsu value pack livebait hooks

    Gamakatsu livebait value pack 25 quantity Amazing livebait hooks Size 1 Size 1/0 Size 2/0 Perfect for tuna and livelining $15 each Retails $25 and up
  188. J

    many tuna at corbetena rock

    yesterday saturday,tuna jumping,various sizes.we caught them on cabbies,squtd and lures.sizes 10 to 40 pounds.
  189. K

    Maxing Out Avet LX 6.0

    Hello Bloody Deckers. I'm curious, what's the heaviest mono that an Avet LX 6.0 can properly fish? Also, in your experience, what's the biggest fish this thing can haul over the rail, assuming average angler skill set. I'm researching some gear to build up my arsenal. Thank you!!
  190. Art Grant

    Grady White Islander 268

    PRICE REDUCTION March 20, 2018 Friends, Selling my Grady White Islander 268. Year 2000, rigged for SoCal fishing. IMMACULATE. Trailer included. Yamaha 250 four stroke, just over 600 hours, 2007. Meticulously maintained at West Coast Marine and Dana Point Marine Solutions. New lower unit 2016...
  191. D

    Bluefin tuna rods

    Bluefin tuna
  192. coastalsharker


  193. acestriker

    WTS BNIB Shimano Talica 16II $500

    Hi am selling my brand new in the box Shimano Talica 16II Fishing Reel. It has only been taken out of the box when I filled it with 80# izorline braid. MSRP cost $550 plus tax, plus the cost for the filled 80# braid, but I am willing to sell it for $500. I would love to keep it for tuna...
  194. coastalsharker


  195. Nuno Morao

    Trolling offshore for small tunas

    Trolling offshore for small tunas on a summer day. Speed trolling around 4-5 knots with the kayak - Adventure Island. My first skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis), my first oceanic ballon fish or puffer fish (L. lagocephalus) a true fishing adventure. Several false albacore or little tunas...
  196. Reel_Time

    Fishing Cedros Island with Cedros Sportfishing Recap Video + Photos

    I wanted to get this up sooner, but was down in Cabo for 3 weeks with limited computer time. Here it is anyways! I have known Rosie Flowers for many years, so when she took on the role as the GM for Cedros Sportfishing I had to get more information. After meeting the other owners, Big Al...
  197. RiggingSoCal

    WTB Rail Rod with roller tip

    Looking for a rod for tuna fishing that won’t break the bank. Not expecting any Calstars or seekers but any decent rail type rod you guys wanna sell. Price cap around $80 looking for 60-100# rod. Something around 6 -7 ft. Thanks Or if you guys know of any Tackle shops that have 60-100 lb rods...
  198. coastalsharker


  199. coastalsharker


  200. Central America Fishing

    Costa Rica Fishing Report - September 2017

    September traditionally isn't the most sought after month to come fishing in Costa Rica as stories of "rainy season" run rampant. However just because hordes of anglers aren't out on the water doesn't mean the fish aren't here. In the right part of the country you still get sunny days and calm...
  201. Charles_Sterlin

    Tuna live bait pinning reel that doesn't twist line?

    While i like my Penn Battles but find after about 10 Tuna the line is unusable due to it being twisted from fish pulling out drag and having it looped over the spool to lay it back down. Looking at the design of spinning reels it seems like this would happen to all of them....Is that really...
  202. coastalsharker


    ATTENTION COLLECTORS!! Hard to find Jack Poling Tuna Pick Jigs in vintage condition, a lot of 7 total, MT. Fuji made in Japan. $75.00 obo Will ship at buyers cost (Cheap) Text 831-588-4545
  203. coastalsharker


    Largest is 6 1/4", Medium sized are 5" and the smallest is 4". The 6" and 4" are marked Japan, the two 5" are not marked, but the darkest one is a pre WW2 jig due to a rivet/ Pin is used to secure the hook, the other 5" with abalone inlay possibly Hetzel..?? It is missing the brass screw that...
  204. Chris Pereira

    Albi fishing tips?

    I launch from Berkley every year chasing salmon but now I want to chase Albacore. Looking for some tips on how to search for them and fish for them since they seem to be close to HMB. I have a 27ft Robalo 2640 with outriggers.
  205. coastalsharker


  206. JustFishn

    Just putting this out there / videographer/ let's capture the moment

    If you have seen any of my little videos and you like them and you're the type of guy crew that gets on the action most days, and would like to relive that action over and over, I'm available to fish with you guys. My current videos are literally just thrown together so I can assure you that if...
  207. Matt E Johnson

    Albacore Ft Bragg Sunday?

    Looks like there might be a small window Sunday. What do you guys think?
  208. Zancudo Lodge

    Fantastic Fishing Wide Open Tuna bite/Zancudo Lodge

    The fishing has simply been nothing short of AMAZING. It’s been a month of EPIC fishing where we’re able to locate big TUNA schools daily AND they have been biting. The always fun crew from Mustad (Jay Harris, Sam Root and Magnus Gunnarsson) was here for a visit and they quoted that they had...
  209. coastalsharker

    F/S NEWELL S235-5 REEL

    Newell S235-5, clicker and drag are strong, Very good good condition! ROD NOT INCLUDED. Will ship. $175.00 OBO TEXT 831-588-4545 ANGEL
  210. D

    FS or FT 2017 HORUS JIGS (new colors) MADE IN EGYYPT

    I just ordered the new Horus latest 2017 colors and have a couple of extra ones. These jigs are great and not easy to get (made in Egypt). 4 colors left 200G 17$ each Or 62$ for all 4 accepting trades for stickbait and popper suitable for hots gipgang 78 mh (120g max) all prices are plus shipping.
  211. hookenthemlips

    Trolling secrets

    Hello all Im a noob here, and just purchased my first boat. Im trying to get everything I need to go out and catch yt, bft, makos or whatever I can get a hook into. I recently purchased a couple Penn fathom downriggers. Just curious what lures should I be using (I've read purple cedar plugs for...
  212. Jay Bjorn

    West Port Tuna 8-15 and 8-16

    I'm heading our for Albacore tomorrow @ West Port. Anyone have any luck lately. Went out two weeks ago and it was slow. We fished 40-60 miles out (we trolled and used live bait) Rumor had it that the tuna caught were feeding deep. Only a few boats were reporting fish in their boxes. If...
  213. rickstah

    WTC results..

    So.. What's the damn scoop..
  214. coastalsharker


  215. coastalsharker


  216. coastalsharker


  217. hunter5x5

    Westport tuna 7/29 11 pigs

    Got out Saturday for tuna on my first trip as captain and it was a trip to remember for sure. Beautiful weather, almost losing a rod, engine issues on the way in, and 11 pigs averaging 25-30# We had our first fish at the 30/10 on a purple xrap and quickly had two more on bait. Unfortunately...
  218. coastalsharker

    F/S PHENIX ABYSS PSX908 15-40 AND PSX906 10-25 9'ers NEW UNUSED

  219. coastalsharker

    Truline Dynamo 6X Green/Chocolate Glass 8'2" heavy wall 30-60LB New SIC Guides F/S

  220. Kings_of_Aces

    131lbs Bluefin Tuna July 15th 43bank

    Obviously a late Report but I'm still excited on my personal best catch a 131.3 Pound Bluefin Tuna that I caught just North and inside of the 43 Bank back on Saturday July 15th when the Bluefin where as close to the coast all season! The day started off very slow trolling around from the 182...
  221. HavasuSun

    Penn Fathom 60LD 2 Speed for a Kite Reel?

    Does anyone have any experience using a Penn Fathom 60LD 2 speed for trolling/kite fishing? The specs look good for the purpose but was curious if it would hold up to a long run by a 200lb blue fin. The specs show it holds 700+ yards of 100lb braid and has 40lbs of drag. Pretty impressive for...
  222. S

    July-Week 2 BoatUS Favorite Fish Report Winner Announced!

    BoatUS Week 2 Favorite Fish Report Fishing really picked up this last week around Wednesday in SoCal and we started to see some awesome reports coming in! This Bloodydeckers report stood out though. His report was full of detail from the bait, weather conditions, down to what set ups he used...
  223. L

    3-4 Spots Available aboard "Success" 3.5 day trip -- true limited-load private charter (7/13-17)

    My brothers and I booked The Success for a private charter, wanting to take a few friends and have the whole boat to ourselves. A couple people had last-minute issues and can't make the trip. We've booked the whole boat, and 3-4 spots are available. Price is $1k plus $35 for permit and we...
  224. marx88

    Tuna, red snapper, cobia, blacktips in Grand Isle Louisiana

    I went down to Southern Louisiana to try to catch some Yellowfin I didn't do too hot but I almost caught a white Marlin he was tail walking behind the boat before he spit the hook out about 45 seconds into the fight it was awesome I made a video of the whole trip I wanted to post it on here...
  225. Promar

    Ahi USA Cedar Plug Giveaway

    Hey Everyone, In honor of launching our New Ahi USA Live Deception Cedar Plugs we put together this giveaway to give one lucky winner a chance to be one of the first to have these for this tuna season. Click on the link below to enter. Enter Here!!! http://woobox.com/pkzqwn Winner will receive...
  226. michelle

    Local Knowledge Episode 6 "Yachtsmen" FULL EPISODE

    Ali hopes to knock a few species off Rush’ s bucket list with a trip to his “second home”, Puerto Vallarta Mexico. It’s a crash course in west coast yacht style fishing and cow yellowfin tuna are the target. Life in the waters of Baja Mexico are abundant, and even when you’re targeting a...
  227. Speernfish

    FS-Poppers and Stickbaits

    I have a stack of mostly new and a few used poppers and stickbaits. Sold without hooks, I have kudako, sergeant, BKK, owner st76 and others for a few dollars more, if you want them. Price does not include shipping. Payment through pay pal only- Ships From Oregon. UPS or US mail Roosta 195...
  228. Central America Fishing

    Panama Tuna Season Delivers Yet Again

    Last month we had a group of four SoCal anglers in Panama looking to chase big tuna at the Hannibal Bank. They spent five nights at one of our most unique and luxurious lodges, a 2-bedroom villa located on a private island 9-miles off the coast. Complete with AC, flat screen TV, and even wifi...
  229. Mcgyver

    Seeking a Cow on the Kite

    Always looking for new ways to catch fish so obviously kite fishing had to be tried after tirelessly chasing the bluefin. Lost a big fish at the 371 on Wednesday night had to get back out there, damn the weather. Found a willing cohort and after making mackies at the mouth of MB headed for...
  230. Speernfish

    FS- Bluefin Popping Setup-Diawa Saltiga 7000H-Dog Fight, Black Hole CapeCod 8'6 Nano

    Diawa Saltiga 7000H DF 9/10 condition. Perfect operation and well cared for. Some very minor rotor rash. Rinsed and oiled often, stored drag off. Used one trip to CXI, selling to fund new bow. 2010 Japan model. Can be serviced somewhat(lube/minor maint) stateside. Certain Repairs (not likely)...
  231. The Dominator

    Dominator headed out on OVERNIGHT TRIP 6/9 & 6/10

    The Dominator is headed out on TWO Overnight Trips this weekend. Friday 6/9 and Saturday 6/10. There are still seats available. We'll be fishing offshore for Tuna and Yellowtail. Both Overnight trips are 28 passanger loads. Over night trips run $210 per person. Mexican permits are included...
  232. Van Wormer Resorts

    East Cape was rocking over the weekend!!

    What a great day of fishing in the East Cape!! Suzy T. lands a 180# tuna, Finatic lands a 50# dorado and Rude Baby lands a 40# dorado. Lots of tuna for everyone!! East Cape is rocking!!!!
  233. Central America Fishing

    Meat Season in Costa Rica

    The peak billfish season in Costa Rica (Dec-Apr) has passed and now with the afternoon rain showers we move into one of the best times of year to fish Costa Rica - meat season! The months of May-Nov typically feature the highest catch rates of dorado, wahoo, and yellow-fin tuna offshore so it's...
  234. Van Wormer Resorts

    East Cape fishing is off and running!!

    It's been a great week down here on the East Cape! The fishing has finally busted wide open with a variety of species being landed each day. The primary specie the last few days has been yellowfin tuna. The school started out about 42 miles off hotel Palmas De Cortez, but has now moved to...
  235. Axel at Hotel Buena Vista

    East Cape-Hotel Buenavista fish report

    May 10 -16 Report Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort It was something of an “odd” week with unnecessary wind ranging from 6- to 16-mph that lasted though last weekend. Fishing was nevertheless pretty darn good … and in some cases, perfect. Hard to figure! In the “hard to...
  236. M

    Phenix PSW909H Deck Hand Black Diamond

    Selling Phenix PSW909H Deck Hand Black Diamond Casting Offshore Rod. (9', 25-60 LB rating) Excellent jig stick for the yellows and perfect for the schoolie tuna. --> http://www.phenixrods.com/products/saltwater/black-diamond/ Got some new gear so I'm thinning the herd. Asking $220 OBO. (Keep...
  237. The Bushman

    Wanted... Black Makaira's SEA

    Looking to add some Black Okuma Makaira SEa's to the long range arsenal. Since they don't make them anymore in black, I thought I'd check here. Looking for 16, 20, 30 or 50/50w. Can pay top $ or I can trade and build you a custom rod. Just send me a pm. thanks Ken
  238. Speernfish

    Diawa Saltiga Dogfight 7KH, Blackhole 86nano

    Both are nearly brand new. Diawa has a few trips and fish on it. Cape cod nano has one trip and 4-5 fish on it. Tiny lure rash on bottom eye epoxy, very minor boat rash on reel. Both in perfect condition and perfect function. Reel is JDM model and has 350yrds or new 100lb power pro. $800 for...
  239. HavasuSun

    Salty Trolling Rigging Ideas....

    what are some rigging techniques you have found to be successful when setting up your trolling spread? I just got back from Bimini and one of the things we did there was using in-line trolling weights and to get the lures deeper in the water column. On a 15" 16oz, MagBay skirted lure we ran...
  240. HavasuSun

    Your Top 5 GOTO Trolling Lures for SoCal

    I have seen some great lists on the site, so I thought it would be fun and educational to get everyone's take on their top 5 trolling lures. I know every year has been different here in San Diego so for context lets say, what are going to be your top 5 this summer. If you have a private boat...
  241. Van Wormer Resorts

    East Cape off to a great start!!!

    And it's only April!!! The variety of species that we are seeing on the East Cape this month is a very welcome site. The nice dorado have not been around for a few years now, so we hope this is a sign of things to come! The last couple of weeks we have seen yellowfin tuna just a few miles from...
  242. Promar

    Tuna in the EastCape

    Hey Everyone, We just got back from a great trip down to Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort in the East Cape of Los Cabos, Mexico. Unfortunately, we only were able to fish 1 day but none the less Capt. Chicho aboard the Marlintini was able to get us on the fish. After what felt like a 5 minute ride...
  243. revvv2000

    Ocean Ready 20' Skipjack Open, Custom Aluminum Pilothouse

    Here we have for sale 1977 20' Skipjack on a trailer (in fabulous condition) with hydraulic brakes. She has a custom-made aluminum Pilot House, depth finder, radar, GPS, autopilot and VHS. Custom-made rocket launchers and pole holders, swim step. Cuddy cabin sleeps 2 /three if you like to get...
  244. Bent on Kelp

    Stickbait spinning rod recommendations?

    Hey guys, Im looking to buy a saltwater stickbait rod in the next few days but I'm struggling to find some that aren't $600-1000. Im looking for a rod ranging from 7' - 9' long with a line rating of #30 - #60 single or two piece. My budget for a rod is $200 - $500 and the reel I plan on...
  245. Promar


    Alright guys here's a sneak peek at the new Ahi USA Live Deception Cedar Plugs. These are the next generation of cedar plugs. We not only incorporated the Live Deception Real Fish Image on the body of the jigs, but balanced and tuned the jig as well. These will be available in Single and Daisy...
  246. Pitman

    Cowbells and Wire

    Two part question: Has anyone been having much luck on the Cowbells and what are your thoughts on Mono vs wire leaders? The reason I ask is been slaying Dogtooth, Ono, Barracuda with a good mix of Mahi, Ahi and Marlin. But losing a lot of lures to the toothy guys. It's felt that wire leaders...
  247. Zancudo Lodge

    Fishing Report (3-11 March 2017)

    As we begin the month of March we are running at full capacity at the lodge and although the bite has been a bit tough going at times our crews are keeping the rods bent and our guests happy. March is considered ‘prime time’ for sailfish in Costa Rica and the fish are definitely here. We’re...
  248. West Coast Tuna

    BEAUTIFUL SEA RAY 13,000 OBO - Yellowtail and Tuna Machine

    SOLD SOLD SOLD! Many people know this boat as it belonged to one of the head mechanics at Harrys Marine in Orange. It is the fastest ocean sports fishing boat I have ever been on - 1982 Sea Ray fisherman walk 24ft 8inches. It cruises at 30 knots with ease.This boat is in great condition. It has...
  249. HavasuSun

    Bimini: Your top 5 trolling lures....

    I am heading to Bimini at the end of march. It will be my first trip to Bimini/Berry Islands. We plan to troll for Wahoo, Yellow Fin, Dorado, etc. I want to make sure I have some local favorite lures in my tackle box. What do you guys recommend?
  250. HavasuSun

    Looking for Rainshadow Trolling Build Advice

    Hi guys. I am looking at building a couple trolling rods for use in South Florida and San Diego. These will be paired with some old Penn International 30TW's and Senator 114H's. The target species will be Yellowfin, Dorado, Sailfish, and Wahoo in Florida and Yellowfin, Dorado, and Albecores...
  251. Zancudo Lodge

    Sailfish Bite is On! Fishing Report (19-26 Jan 2017)

    For decades, Costa Rica has been well known for the epic billfish bite that usually occurs every year from around January thru May and this year is no different. We are very happy to report that the annual 'Pez Vela' run has begun at Zancudo Lodge. We have been experiencing great Sailfish action...
  252. Zancudo Lodge

    2017 White Water Marine Costa Rican Shootout - The Fisherman

    The Fisherman Magazine covers the 2017 White Water Marine Costa Rican Shootout at the amazing Zancudo Lodge in Golfito Costa Rica. By Michael Caruso
  253. Cornfed

    Washington Tuna Classic | THE BEGINNING

    I was thinking about our prime time Tuna Tournament that is a blessing from all angles: for the vets, for those in need, and for the anglers. I thought about each tournament, the brotherhood, the results, everything. It brought me back to the beginning.....Todd mentored me starting in 2006...
  254. michelle

    BD Fishing Show "Local Knowledge" Season 1 ON CBS Sports

    CBS Sports Channel picked up Local Knowledge Season 1 If you didn't have a chance to watch BD Outdoors new fishing show "Local Knowledge" last year, we are re-running it on CBS Sports Channel! It airs every Saturday at 6:00am ET, so set your DVR if that's too early for you sleepy heads. Thank...
  255. Zancudo Lodge

    Marlin Madness- Zancudo Lodge, Costa Rica (18-28 December 2016)

    Our 2017 Season is off to a great start and we are having very little trouble keeping our guests busy with great fishing opportunities both offshore and inshore. The Marlin bite has been spectacular this month and it seems like everyday schools of Yellowfin Tuna are showing up out on the edge...
  256. Zancudo Lodge

    Zancudo Lodge, Costa Rica (11-17 December 2016)

    Our season is off to a great start and with the Christmas holidays right around the corner we are pleased to report that the fishing has has been nothing short of spectacular. Sailfish are showing up in good numbers offshore and the Yellowfin Tuna bite has been crazy! Our captains are busy...
  257. Zancudo Lodge

    2016 Triple Crown Tournament - Zancudo Lodge, Costa Rica

    We recently concluded the 2016 Triple Crown Tournament, hosted at Zancudo Lodge, Costa Rica. The fishing was red hot with eight teams (20 anglers) competing for top spots in the billfish, roosterfish and gamefish divisions. TOURNAMENT TEAMS Ascent - Dave Hawrys/Trent Lemke Dos Gringos Guapos -...
  258. michelle

    Coupon Code For Epic Trip To Guatemala-Casa Vieja

  259. H

    Bluefin Tuna Video

    Let me know what you think.
  260. Fisheye Channel

    Video Bluefin Tuna - San Clemente Island on the Searcher

    From a previous Trip on the Searcher, finally edited the clip. My boy Jason and I took turns filming each other.
  261. NailedIT

    Big Salt Live Well

    i have a Big Salt Live Well for sale includes lid cup holder add on, light. Inlet outlet and light are all underneath. I'm pretty firm at $700. Retails over $1k. I'll try to post photos. The tank is grey.
  262. willsurf02

    Cow Yellowfin Tuna!

    BIG Cow Yellowfin are really showing up in good numbers! Our friends on the Reel Kisin out of Puerto Vallarta spent a few days fishing the islands for 10 yellowfin up to 200lbs. Here was the biggest for the trip...
  263. HavasuSun

    Popping Rod Setup: What length butt grip do you prefer?

    Hi Guys. My next build (rod #2 for me) is going to be a Rainshadow Tuna Popper (RTP80MH). It is a 8' rod rated at 30-60 line weight, MF action, MH power, and 3-6 lure weight. My first question is around the grips. The build sheet that Rainshadow provides for the blank recommends a 12" butt...
  264. HavasuSun

    Need Advise: Rainshadow Tuna Popper Setup

    Hi Guys. My next build (rod #2 for me) is going to be a Rainshadow Tuna Popper (RTP80MH). It is a 8' rod rated at 30-60 line weight, MF action, MH power, and 3-6 lure weight. My first question is around the grips. The build sheet that Rainshadow provides for the blank recommends a 12" butt...
  265. Van Wormer Resorts

    East Cape Fishing Report

    Fishing Report 10/25/16 Hola Amigos, It’s been a great last few weeks down on the East Cape. Water temperatures have been in the mid to upper 80’s and air temps. in the low 90’s and cooling down to mid 70’s overnight. The big news this past week was the arrival of some big tuna. This past...
  266. Van Wormer Resorts

    East Cape Fishing Report

    Hola Amigos, The fishing today was very good on the East Cape out of Hotel Palmas De Cortez. All the boats got into the tuna which were in the 15-40lbs. range. On Saturday, the Finatic got into a couple of nice tuna, one was 110lbs. and the other was 129lbs., so there are some big boys out...
  267. Genie Aye

    Tuna and elk....Friday and saturday...

    So I get the crew together for friday to do tuna, but one of my crew waffles a little cause saturday is the elk opener for him...but really wants tuna...so he says yes and is in.. Head out west to the 13 line and start putting them tuna in...we get both holds and kill bag filled and call it and...
  268. RenoG

    Open Invite Free Mission Bay, Kelp, and Local Banks fishing for strangers

    Given the number of people charging $300 to go fishing on their overpriced houseboats, and an effort of good will to the community, I have decided to offer NO CHARGE fishing trips on my boat, the Sea Sea Rider in Mission Bay, CA on weekends. I've never had strangers on my boat, but I am...
  269. Britt

    offshore inshore fishing seat needed will pay expenses

    I currently only have a bay boat and wish to get offshore for tuna or inshore salmon bottom halibut fishing. Willing to travel ca or or. thanks
  270. Andrew Rowland

    Ensenada and San Quintin Trips

    ENSENADA: August is always a good month in Ensenada and this one was no different. We had a small group from Las Vegas who has been visiting for several years show up again for some fun and excitement on the water. (We all know fun and excitement is all over Vegas but very little water). Of...
  271. acestriker

    Fujinon Techno Stabi TS1440 - 14x40 Image Stabilization Binocular

    Comes with Manual, lens covers, and Custom Pelican Case. No scratches, dents, dings, or any of the sort whatsoever. I just had the gyro replaced too. Asking $950. No lowballers please as I am not desperate to sell. Brand new this would cost $1,300 + tax. Product Description These image...
  272. Surg

    Epic Tuna fishing on the big bertram.

    It's been as good while since I post a report. This weekend was the best local trip we have been on as far as I can remember. I got to know these guys after installing three NSS12 Evo 2's with all the bells and whistles on their Bertram and it's been great fishing with them over the past...
  273. chaser5539

    Nice Yellowfin @ the 43!!!

    We got a scoop early from Dana (3:45am) & set sail out on a line thru the 209, 181, to the 43 Fathom. Bumpy ride made paddy spotting very difficult. After stopping on a mysterious Navy metal tube bobbing in the water, quickly tossed it back in, & pushed on to the 43. Approx 30-50+ boats in the...
  274. PaliStallion

    Yellowfin Boil this past weekend! ...and Yellowtail vs. Sea Lion.

    Hi Everyone! Check out my videos below. The yellowfin boil is from this past weekend (August 11-12th) on a 1-day limited load trip out of H&M Landing on the First String. We caught 63 yellowfin tuna in under an hour. It was the only biting fish we really had. The captain and crew were...
  275. chef gabe

    Bluefin Everywhere!!! Wide Open

    Well today was finally the day. Our day started by spotting a marlin about 6 miles out of dana point. We had no bait so rigged a troller with marlin lure....he bailed on us. We've been hunting for weeks and have caught one BFT before on spotty run and gun conditions. Today was different...
  276. D

    Westport Tuna Reports?

    Heading out tomorrow for tuna...and possibly salmon. Weather forecast looks good...any recent reports? Always looking for a wingman...heading out at daybreak...Channel 68, call sign "Double Down" Tight lines!
  277. Kyle farmer

    Penn Fathom 25n

    Reel is in GOOD condition $160 Call/text to 714-872-0546 Located in Cypress, CA near Knott's Berry Farm
  278. GunghoSD

    Insane foamer action

    we found ourselves drifting into a huge foamer, and then the school engulfed us, the chove ran for cover under our boat and the tuna followed, NO we did not run the boil over, 80-200lbrs hitting the boat and almost jumping in....pretty cool day.
  279. M

    7/9 North 9

    Left late yesterday for the 9. Long story short, water was 74 but real green. Lots of paddys with nothing on them. More bait, birds diving and dolphins than we've ever seen. Our best guess is the hurricane is pushing up warm water and destroying the viz. Hopefully it will settle down in a...
  280. Van Wormer Resorts

    213lbs. yellowfin in East Cape!

    Hotel Palmas De Cortez, Los Barriles, B.C.S., Mexico. Todays catch of the day was on the Deluxe Cruiser El Tio! While fishing in the Roy Clark Billfish Tournament, Kathy and Hal Hunter from North Carolina landed this giant 213lbs. yellowfin tuna! Way to go guys!
  281. scbassmaster

    Fished Grand Turk with Screaming reels charters 4-21-16

    Went on a cruise for my honeymoon, booked a charter for our stop in grand turk. Screaming Reels was the best I could find during my research online so pulled the trigger on the $600 half-day with them. Damian was great, Picked us up at the port and drove us to his parents house that backs up to...
  282. Van Wormer Resorts

    East Cape Fishing From Palmas De Cortez

    4/27/16 Fishing is definitely showing signs of improvement early in the season. Only a few boats have been going out each day and they have had some success these last few days. The main specie has been striped marlin and sailfish, but the last two days we started to see some yellowfin tuna...
  283. EliBros

    Mako 256 Center Console

    I'm selling my 1979 Mako 256. I restored her completely. * New aluminum gas tank from American Tanks, * New wiring throughout * New Lowrance HDS-9 Gen 2 (touch screen) with Through hull Transducer and Structure Scan transducer * New upholstery * New Hard Top * New LED's * Trim Tabs * New Custom...
  284. Lam2958

    Pacific Voyager *** 3 Day Limited Load Weekend Trip*** May 19-22

    We have a few opens spots left on the PACIFIC VOYAGER. Pacific Voyager is one of the best "short-range" fishing boat with Captain Mark O. at the helm. The crew is top notch and Chef Jeff is one of the best in the galley. 3 days provides a lot of time and fishing opportunities. Captain Mark...
  285. MackMan


    Fishing out of Saint Pete Florida, we launched from O'neills Marina and went out in search of fast and toothy. The kingfish bite was tough but managed a small snake king. Then a huge blowup on our live threadfin herring resulted in a FAT blackfin tuna
  286. Constantine

    17.5' center console, Dana Point, Catalina, La Jolla, San Diego, Coronado. Later this month

    I'm a northern California salmon fisherman heading down to pick up my 17.5' center console from Dana point in about a week. I would really like to catch some fish that I don't normally have the oppurtunity for such as yellow tail, WSB, and possibly tuna if I'm lucky. I have heard of fish being...
  287. R

    What reel?

    Im looking to get a new all around reel for calico bass up to yellowtail and maybe tuna, i was looking at either the Daiwa Lexa 400 or the Abu Revo Beast. Anybody use one or both and have some recommendations or comments to say about them?
  288. The Dominator

    Dominator Trip Wednesday, 6th Sponsored by Jimy Jigs

    BFT We'll See You Soon!!! We've Upgraded our Fish Hold System with an additional larger compressor and chiller barrel! Our goal is to have the Highest quality Fish in the fleet come off our Boat! Also have some great things coming together in our galley along with an upgraded menu. We're...
  289. theBajabum

    50lb Blue Fin Tuna Ensenada

    Monday 3/28/2016 The Sergios El Casador was returning from a local trip at Todo Santos and spotted a boil. They threw a jug on the boil and pulled in a 50lb Bluefin Tuna. Thai made for one great catch and the first Tuna of 2016.
  290. The One. The Only.

    March Billfishing Madness!

    The first two weeks of March have been non-stop action. Raises have reached up into the 90’s on multiple occasions! Sailfish, Marlin, Wahoo, and Tuna have all been in the spread. The fish are out, the bugs are gone, and the weather is warm... what are you waiting for? Come visit Casa Vieja...
  291. deepsouthcharte

    Venice Winter Report YFT

    In this age of social media, it makes it too easy for us to share our pictures and reports daily from our phones. So I know its been a while since a report or picture from me but we will try to see you a little more in the future. With rain and wind outside my door tonight, I would say no...
  292. Super Strike

    Tuna Fishing...Venice, La.--Super Strike Charters

    The offshore fishing has been pretty good most days when we can get out there. The weather has actually been about as nice as can be as far as sunshine and clear skies go, but the wind has not been cooperating at all. The forecasters right now are not accurate more than a day or two out with...
  293. The One. The Only.

    The first week of February still proving hot in Guatemala

    February is showing off on the water and we are not complaining! The first half of February has been awesome. The sailfish are here to stay this season! Marlin have been making regular appearances as well as the delicious Mahi-Mahi! Don’t miss out on your chance to fish this extraordinary...
  294. Bruno Mazaheri

    Jigging Master Rods for trips

    Hey guys, Being temporarily re-housed in the west coast while we work on a project with some partners. Definitely want to go out on some long-range boats and was wondering if any of y'all had used jigging master rods on these long range trips, and how the compare to any traditional styles that...
  295. Oceantur_Azores

    Rabão sportfishing vessel - Azores

    A very well know brand ( Pacemaker ) on top shape ... We manage along the years to mantain & upgrade our " jewel " , it keep standing as solid performer on all kinds of weather or fisherye . last year we made a strong maintenace with new generation of electronics , big improvements on the deck...
  296. Oceantur_Azores

    Azores fishing 2015 season

    In a kind of introduction to the forum let me do a report of the 2015 season on Ponta Delgada - Açores . All the fleet ( not to mutch large ) complain about the small numbers of captures ( some of them released ) , the 2015 year was strange by all means here in Azores , even the commercial fleet...
  297. Baja Bytes

    Snook snap tops list

    Baja Bytes Weekly Overview Friday, February 5, 2016 Gary Graham Que Pasa I know cast nets are illegal in Southern California . . . perhaps all of California . . . but can a U.S. citizen use them in Baja? I've always done it the way the locals do in BOLA (Sabiki Style) but just thought it...
  298. hotrod1127

    WTB.. Belly Hoop for my Parker 2120

    Does anyone have a simple belly hoop for a hard top????
  299. S

    2010 Parker 2320 with Yamaha 250

    Hello all, Selling my Parker. She just had the 300 hr service and is in excellent condition. Approx. 330hrs. Located in Seattle WA. 2015 Rocket alum. tandem axle trailer with disc brakes. Noco genius battery tender, cabin storage heater, stainless crab pots, Ace pot puller, USCG gear. Coolers...
  300. wwen


    Bump. Will trade for Daiwa Isla/Catalina 5000 (HG/LG) or (equivalent amount of Halco Max 130, Topwater Swimbaits/Poppers (70-90g), Japanese jigs). Need stuff to actually fish with too much jigging gear. Hope some one else can out this fine equipment to good use! This setup would make a sweet...