1. Nuno Morao

    Sea Bass on Lures - Top 5 fishing memories of 2019

    My top 5 fishing memories concerning European Sea Bass (Dicentrarchus labrax ). The year 2019 was one of my best in Sea bass fishing.
  2. OldDrum_72

    For Sale Various BNIB Offshore Trolling Lures. Williamson, Braid etc

    Selling a bunch of brand new trolling lures I don't use. I don't get to fish offshore that much anymore and need the space. I have SOLD, 4X,B BLITZ 1.5OZ BLACK/PURPLE SOLD,6X ,W Rigged Dorado Catcher Trolling Lure, 4.5 inch"/11cm Bleeding Dorado SOLD 3X, Williamson Lures Dorado Jig Rigged...
  3. Nuno Morao

    Weakfish Double Hook-up ( Squeteague ) - Fishing with lures

    Weakfish Double Hook-up ( Squeteague ) - Fishing with lures - Outback The adrenaline of fishing simultaneously 2 big Weakfish (a double hook-up ) and being towed against the tide by the fishes. Trolling with lures at sunrise in the shallow waters of a estuary. I hope you enjoy the video...
  4. Nuno Morao

    Trolling with lures for Weakfish (Squeteague)

    Trolling with lures for Weakfish (also known by the name Squeteague) an invasive species in Europe. The Weakfish (cynoscion regalis) is native to the Atlantic coast of North America. it does not reach more than 1 meter and 9 kilos compared to the Meagre (also known as Corvina , Croaker...
  5. M

    TRADE My Tiagra 80w or International 80stw 2 speeds for a Makaira 80w

    Hey guys, I’m looking to trade my Tiagra 80w or my International 80stw for a Gold Makaira 80w. Both were just professionally serviced last season and have just been sitting in the closet. They’re both 2 speeds, in great condition and mechanically work perfectly. If you have a pair of Makaira...
  6. O

    For Sale Custom Wrapped Calstar Grafighter GFTR-765M 40-100lbs 7 AFTCO HD Roller Guides

    Selling Custom Wrapped Calstar Grafighter Trolling Rod $400 OBO BLANK: Calstar GF-765M LENGTH: 6' 6" LINE RATING: 40-100lbs GUIDES: 7 AFTCO HD Roller Guides 3x31's 3x41's 1x51 TIP TOP: AFTCO #10 Black REEL SEAT: Perfection Marine-grade Aluminum
  7. Brandonkop

    Ucluelet Salmon Fishing - Double Header

    Chinook Salmon Fishing Ucluelet British Columbia with Anchovies along the Lighthouse and Little Beach Shoreline. It was our last morning out fishing and we only had a few hours before check out. So we got out earlier than the previous days and stayed nice and close to the harbor. Only ten...
  8. Mike Darby

    8.15 - 9 Mile and 302

    Sorry for a bit of a late report. Got out to the 9 Mile around 9:30 and started trolling with an X-Rap 20 and two blue feathers off the back. Made a big loop around the west side of the bank and got a double hookup on decent size bonito on the north end of the 9. X-Rap goes off and feather right...
  9. Youngboat34

    24’ Mosquito flybridge Hawai’i- complete custom boat rebuild

    Going to be taking on a full rebuild, stripping the boat down to bare hull, doing transom, stringers, bulkheads, flybridge, fishboxes/ storage, Hawaiian style sponson and custom twin outboard bracket. The plan is to mould as much of the boat as I can using melamine board in order to minimize...
  10. Nuno Morao

    Little Tunny - Kayak fishing at the limit - Trolling with lures

    A Little Tunny ( Euthynnus alletteratus) the catch of the day a strong fighter with fast runs when hooked. Fishing with lures with strong wind and rough water, the Hobie Adventure Island sailing near the limit ( 20 knots wind with wind gusts over 25knots) The adrenaline... the need for...
  11. Tower Todd

    Pair Seeker TS60B 40-60 Trolling Rods, Aftco

    (2) Seeker TS60B trolling rods featuring Aftco roller guides, Pac Bay aluminum reel seat, hypalon fore grips. These are rated 40-60 lbs by Seeker. 6' blank, 75" long tip to tail. Located in Snohomish, WA. $200 for the pair. TT
  12. Franklin Warner

    For Sale Tons of PENN Reels and Rods for Sale

    LEVELWINDS - PERFECT FOR ROCKFISHING UPDATED SOLD ITEMS - REDUCED!!! Make me an offer. Also willing to trade for a kill bag 24x60 or 30x60 or even other fishing gear Located in Imperial Beach - No shipping - No Holds - Selling to Upgrade My Gear If you need additional pictures I can send them...
  13. Nuno Morao

    An Epic Day of Fishing for European Sea Bass

    Hi, A foggy morning that turned into a magnificent day of fishing, Sea Bass, double catches of Sea Bass, Atlantic Bonito, Horse Mackerels and Mackerels. Kayak Fishing is a real adventure, trolling with sinking lures is a very effective option. (Turn on English subtitles )
  14. Nuno Morao

    Fishing in the Fog - Kayak Fishing

    Trolling with lures in the fog, an unexpected sea fog rolling in a beautiful sunny winter morning, and a nice catch a Bonito (Sarda Sarda) If I had known about the fog I wouldn´t have launched the kayak The sea can be a dangerous place and you can always launch another day. Sea fog forms when...
  15. Nuno Morao

    Trolling with lures for Sea Bass and Bonito - Kayak Fishing

    Hi! Trolling with deep diving lures for Sea Bass (Dicentrarchus labrax ) and Bonito ( Sarda sarda) trolling lipped plugs can be a very effective option for fish near bottom structures, reefs and rocks. In the video you can watch a double attack on the trolled plugs with both reels screaming at...
  16. Franklin Warner

    Moving to back to the BEST Coast - OFFSHORE FISHING HELP

    Being a military family we are never in one place for too long and it makes it hard to master the fishing grounds. We are originally from Cali but haven't been into offshore fishing until now. I've been fishing the East Coast (actually the Chesapeake Bay with one pending offshore trip out of...
  17. J

    SOLD Rupp outriggers F/S

    I’ve got a set of Rupp Marine Top gun 15’ telescoping outriggers with tubes - NO BASES. Bases can be purchased from Rupp’s online store. Increase your spread and significantly increase your chances for multiple hookups! Poles and tubes are in pristine condition, literally been in a salt...
  18. TanstaaflSD

    For Sale Trolling and Hardbody Lures - variety of Sizes & Styles

    I am thinning my gear -- Here are better than Fred Hall deals on quality trolling and hardbody lures Three 'Bonita style' trolling lures All 3 for $25, or small to larger $10, $11, & $12 if separate good to near-new condition Hardbody trolling or casting Lures Sebile silver $10 Three...
  19. Nuno Morao

    Biggest Sea Bass (European) Caught in 2018

    A great day fishing in the company of many friends.I caught of my largest Sea Bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) of 2018, in terms of weight. Trolling with lures. .
  20. scbassmaster

    DPH 2 mile "tuna"!?

    Made plans to fish local kelp and deeper for bass and halibut this weekend but have been seeing some crazy things from the Dana Wharf counts, 32lb bluefin caught while trolling for Bonito last weekend and scores of Skipjack for the local 1/2 and 3/4 day boats mid week. I'm thinking about looking...
  21. Nuno Morao

    Trigger Fish - Fighting Power Ripping Out Lure’s Through-wires

    The Grey Triggerfish ( Balistes capriscus ) fighting with tremendous power on light tackle, often taking my light gear right to the brink of explosion. The biggest one completely destroyed a soft timber (balsa ) lure and ripping out the lures’ through-wires. The small mouth of the Triggerfish...
  22. coastalsharker

    SOLD Accurate ATD50T Excellent!

  23. RiggingSoCal

    Port Renfrew Kings and Coho

    Started off the day fishing out of Port Renfrew Vancouver Island with our charter captain Chris with Jessie’s charters. The landing was full of boats all trolling dressed baits on the downriggers 30+ feet down. My friends and I were amazed at how well everyone trolling worked together kindly. No...
  24. Mike Darby

    9 Mile and Point Loma 8.25

    Got out to the South 9 just above the border at 9:00am. Started a fast troll with a feather and XRAP-20. Crossed the bank and zig-zagged across the east side til about the 178. Plenty of birds but none of them working anything. Plenty of boats too but no one seemed to be catching. No paddies at...
  25. Valkyrie

    Marlin early outside the Northern California Channel Islands

    Great day on the water. Prefished the 5 day Channel Islands Bill Fish Tournament that starts Sept. 8th 2018. I had a raw crew, only one had fished Marlin on a private boat before. I mostly went out to show them how to setup the boat for trolling and to do a little exploring. We were behind...
  26. F. Issac

    SOLD Please Remove. SOLD. Shimano Tekota 700 level-wind reel

    Hello fellow BDers, I'm selling a very good condition (right-handed) Shimano Tekota 700 conventional reel (cosmetically 8.5/10; mechanically 10/10). Last serviced by Shimano June 2018. Used for Rockfishing and rinsed after every use. Has a few minor nicks/scratches as shown in the pictures...
  27. Brqndqn

    For Sale BNIB Shimano Talica 50ii

    Brand new Shimano Talica 50ii New inbox with all accessories included $950 shipped for each Message me for more info
  28. JustFishn

    Late Report 9/173/43

    Well as you all know there’s plenty of fish moving around out there with some large models and potential monsters. I went charging out there in my 14’ Livingston twice so far and for nada. First trip was a day or two after going out on Old Glory which the only person who hooked a fish was...
  29. Nuno Morao

    Trolling around Cape Carvoeiro

    Another day of trolling near the Cape Carvoeiro, 3 species were captured Atlantic horse mackerel (Trachurus trachurus), Atlantic mackerel (Scomber scombrus) and Sea Bass (Dicentrarchus labrax). The results were below expectations because unlike the usual in this place I caught only...
  30. F

    Line setup and lure recommendation trolling Catalina-long besch

    Hi all, I am sailing to Catalina out of Long Beach this weekend and leaving in the evening, sailing back in the afternoon. I'd like to troll off the boat for some fish both ways. Any recommendations for line and lure setup? I have read that tuna, mackarel, and Dorado are in the waters on that...
  31. Nuno Morao

    Wining a Fishing Contest with 8 European Sea Bass

    The video recorded durind the fishing contest X Jornadas Náuticast organized by the Clube Naval of Peniche, 1º Ranked for the 2nd consecutive year. A memorable day at all levels, 8 European Sea Bass (Dicentrarchus labrax), reviewed friends, shared information and tips. I was impressed...
  32. Nuno Morao

    Test driving a Compass Kayak - Seaworthiness - Trolling for Sea Bass

    A real test driving of a Compass Kayak to evaluate its seaworthiness. Trolling offshore for Sea Bass in the same spot I have been several times with the Adventure Island Kayak. The outcome was positive the Compass is seaworthy, but the kayak navigability should improve with an upgrade of the...
  33. Endurance

    For Sale Newell Trolling Skirts

    Never used thick like spaghetti foot long Newell trolling skirts. Meant for repairing wahoo skirts. About a foot long 2 blacks 2 purples, 1 red 2 pink. No longer sold in stores. $10. Thanks for looking.
  34. sereneskies

    Trolling Catalina Island

    Hi everyone, Im new to owning my own boat and fishing Catalina island. Ive been on plenty of trips to San Clemente and Coronados and 1.5 day trips out of fisherman's landing. Ive been interested in starting trolling, however, I have never done it before. I was trying to figure out the...
  35. timb

    For Sale Seeker Mexico Series, and Calstar rods

    For Sale: super clean and cared for, lightly used bait rods... SOLD Seeker Mexico Series M870-7' 15 (25) 40 LB. (wrapped 11-03) SOLD Seeker Mexico Series M270-7' 12 (20) 30 LB. (wrapped 05-04) SOLD Seeker Mexico Series M270-8' CT 12 (20) 30 LB. (wrapped 04-04) CALSTAR WCDH 270-8C 12-30...
  36. Mle

    For Sale BRAND NEW Never Used MotorGuide Xi5 105 lb thrust 60" Shaft Saltwater GPS motor - $1600 MotorGuide Xi5 105 lb thrust 60" Shaft Saltwater with Pinpoint GPS motor guide trolling motor Brand new unused never touched water, selling for $1600. Comes with all parts. Got this as gift and is too large for my...
  37. K

    Titus T30II Tips

    I was fortunate enough to have a reel gifted to me. Yes, it's old school compared to aluminum frames, but still packing 48# of drag at max. Other than that I don't know much about this reel. I need some advice from the Okuma guys. I'd like to use it, just not sure what to target with it. Should...
  38. Josa1

    For Sale Wahoo Casting/Trolling Lures

    3/29/18...Price drop to $125.00 Have a pretty good assortment of used wahoo casting bombs for sale. Lures are used but are still in pretty good shape. There are three trolling lures and three extra jet head trolling heads included. Price is $140.00 picked up in San Pedro.
  39. Nuno Morao

    Best Lures for Trolling #2

    The second vídeo from a serie reviewing my favorite lures. This second vídeo reviews the Rapala's Trolls-To-Minnow in saltwater, a purpos-designed trolling minnow lure. Very efective at slow trolling speeds, flat sides create a fast-working action and the minnow profile attracts fish in...
  40. Josa1


    3/15/2018 Price Drop to 345.00. Have for sale a near new Penn International 50 SW two speed reel. Reel is in perfect, just serviced, condition. During service the spool and side plate bearings were cleaned and repacked. The Cal’s grease lubricated carbontex drag operates very smoothly, the...
  41. sayjuh808

    GlassPly boats?

    Hi, couldn’t find a thread about these boats. Looking to buy my first boat, does anyone have experience with GlassPlys? A friend has one and he said the deep V keeps it dryer than most small boats and it rides good in the chop. I’m looking at a 17’, mostly for trolling, and just wondering if any...
  42. ricmlopez

    SOLD Rare Shimano Torsa 30 With LRS Cam

    Whittier, CA. $545. $555 Shipped. Text Ric 562-980-6301. TODAY ONLY One of Shimano Best Reel with Long Range Special Cam, lots of drag power. Reel has 60lb top shot and 80lb Braid ($80 spent on line). $Save with Buy Now! The reels has some boat rash. The Shimano Torsa Conventional Reels are...
  43. C

    Looking for some trolling gear

    Looking for some trolling gear for the season...have about a $600-$800 budget. If you have gear that you're looking to get rid of, or if you have any suggestions -- open to both. Cheers,
  44. lowprofile

    Alps UB6 bent butt, black. $100

    never used Alps UB6 aluminum bent butt. Had plans for it but decided to make a custom butt. $100. Located on Pendleton so oceanside and Temecula are good meeting point since I travel through Temecula on saturdays but if you want it delivered in SD or OC add $20. Small chip in ferrule from...
  45. Nuno Morao

    Trolling for Bonito

    Trolling for Atlantic Bonito (Sarda sarda) a fishing adventure, feel the adrenaline, an opened up snap, a broken leader, camera falling overboard.
  46. Dylan Tortarolo

    Penn 50S w Calstar 655xh COMBO **$450**

    **PRICE DROP** I have a New Penn International II 50s that has been on the boat twice but never used. Currently sits on a Calstar 655xh West Coast Series rod equipped with all rollers. This rod has been used but still in great condition. REEL DOES NOT COME WITH LINE!!! Selling the combo for...
  47. RiggingSoCal

    WTB Rail Rod with roller tip

    Looking for a rod for tuna fishing that won’t break the bank. Not expecting any Calstars or seekers but any decent rail type rod you guys wanna sell. Price cap around $80 looking for 60-100# rod. Something around 6 -7 ft. Thanks Or if you guys know of any Tackle shops that have 60-100 lb rods...
  48. Nuno Morao

    Sea Bass at Offshore Reefs 2 - Trolling with Lures

    Offshore trolling for the european Sea Bass (Dicentrarchus Labrax) a highly addictive fish. As usual for Sea Bass I went to my favorite offshore spot between Cape Carvoeiro and Berlengas Islands - Peniche. Regards
  49. hookenthemlips

    Trolling secrets

    Hello all Im a noob here, and just purchased my first boat. Im trying to get everything I need to go out and catch yt, bft, makos or whatever I can get a hook into. I recently purchased a couple Penn fathom downriggers. Just curious what lures should I be using (I've read purple cedar plugs for...
  50. Nuno Morao

    Big Sea Bass at Offshore Reefs - Trolling with lures

    The bass with 3,680 kg (8,11 lbs) is a landmark for me. It is the biggest I have ever fished offshore. My record 4,2 kg (9,3 lbs) was caught in a estuary (2011). The total numbers and average size of bass are rapidly reducing in PT and European waters and they are hard to find. The european Sea...
  51. HavasuSun

    Penn Fathom 60LD 2 Speed for a Kite Reel?

    Does anyone have any experience using a Penn Fathom 60LD 2 speed for trolling/kite fishing? The specs look good for the purpose but was curious if it would hold up to a long run by a 200lb blue fin. The specs show it holds 700+ yards of 100lb braid and has 40lbs of drag. Pretty impressive for...
  52. Brandonkop

    Ucluelet Salmon Fishing - Video

    I know that summer is coming and guys have been thinking of where to go on the coast this summer. I found an edited un-posted video today from an amazing day out at Ucluelet Last August. I uploaded to youtube and posted the link above. This is out on the Banks about 4 to 6 miles off shore...
  53. HavasuSun

    Salty Trolling Rigging Ideas....

    what are some rigging techniques you have found to be successful when setting up your trolling spread? I just got back from Bimini and one of the things we did there was using in-line trolling weights and to get the lures deeper in the water column. On a 15" 16oz, MagBay skirted lure we ran...
  54. HavasuSun

    Your Top 5 GOTO Trolling Lures for SoCal

    I have seen some great lists on the site, so I thought it would be fun and educational to get everyone's take on their top 5 trolling lures. I know every year has been different here in San Diego so for context lets say, what are going to be your top 5 this summer. If you have a private boat...
  55. Promar


    Alright guys here's a sneak peek at the new Ahi USA Live Deception Cedar Plugs. These are the next generation of cedar plugs. We not only incorporated the Live Deception Real Fish Image on the body of the jigs, but balanced and tuned the jig as well. These will be available in Single and Daisy...
  56. HavasuSun

    Looking for Rainshadow Trolling Build Advice

    Hi guys. I am looking at building a couple trolling rods for use in South Florida and San Diego. These will be paired with some old Penn International 30TW's and Senator 114H's. The target species will be Yellowfin, Dorado, Sailfish, and Wahoo in Florida and Yellowfin, Dorado, and Albecores...
  57. tugasangler

    Long range trolling

    I went on a long range trip in California about three years ago and the aside from my rod the entire stern was trolling with their rods hanging off the rail being held by a wrap/cord ... I'm asking where to get that cord and any information from those familiar with the technique
  58. HavasuSun

    What is the best old Penn International 30 Model

    I am thinking of adding some older Penn International 30 size reels to my boat for general trolling. eBay seems to have them for sale regularly for decent prices. I have a couple of questions that I was hoping to get help with.... Is there certain models/years that are better then others...
  59. Cast N' Reel

    Loreto Fishing Report December 16th 2016

    We only went fishing one day this week due to weather. We went out Friday leaving the marina at 6am and returning at 3pm. We went to the 50 and around the backside of Isla Carmen in the morning and trolled rapalas for some Grouper. The water temp was 73 degrees and there was no wind. There were...
  60. Brandonkop

    Ucluelet BC Chinook Salmon Fishing

    Ucluelet Chinook Salmon fishing just off the light house end of August. This is a video that goes along with above pictures I posted earlier. Weather was awesome but had a bit of engine trouble. Still had fun catching a bunch of fish. Sometimes the bite turns on during tide changes and during...
  61. Bajangler

    Custom Boat/trolling Rod For Sale Almost New, Almost Free

    This rod was made in Florida, used 3 times. It is a Sceptre, heavy duty rod, was $175 new, asking $45 or best offer. Moving to Las Vegas, must sell. Rod is 6 1/2 feet, 50-80 lb. Pick up in La Jolla, PM with phone number if interested.
  62. Melton Tackle

    Halco Max 190- Now Available at Melton Tackle

    Introducing Max 130’s big brother, the Max 190. All NEW and IN-STOCK at Melton Tackle. Max 190 is extremely versatile, can be used either jigging, casting or trolling. Its highly streamlined design gives outstanding casting ability, while...
  63. TunaTonight

    Anybody trolling big game with spinning reels??

    Just curious, I've been thinking about trolling 80lb braided with short topshot 80lb for Marlin, tuna in SD-Mex have a Saragosa 20000 and I was able to put 500 yards of 80lb of power pro maxcuatro, paired with a 6' Seeker Hercules XH 50-100lb When I ask around, people say things like, I have a...