1. bassjedi

    50 Tarpon Landed in 2.5 Days Fishing!

    Just got back from a ridiculous fishing trip to Trinidad. Fishing solo, I managed to land 50 Tarpon in just 2.5 days of fishing. Some of them were small, but the average size was around 60-70lbs and there were several triple digit fish. To try something different, I made a video report of the...
  2. SaltedFlats

    August & September Florida Panhandle Fly Fishing Tarpon

    As school approaches the Panhandle flats are still teaming with tarpon. The transient guides have left and the weather is right. Come enjoy Apalachicolas night life and the quiet flats of north Florida. Dates available in August & September. www.saltedflatsflyfishing.com Captain Doug Henderson
  3. SaltedFlats

    2019 Florida Panhandle Tarpon Season

    April is almost here and with it comes the warm temps bringing the creatures from the deep to shallows. We spend our winters thinking about these fish and where we may find them one day. A Tarpon angler probably spends at least 5 minutes of his or her day pondering in some way or another about...
  4. Central America Fishing

    Costa Rica Fishing Report - April 2018

    Costa Rica's peak billfish season (Dec-Apr) continued to be feast or famine last month. The sailfish bite has been as easy to read as an angry wife/girlfriend giving you the silent treatment, some days boats are seeing double digit sailfish and then the next week it'll be just one or two per...
  5. Andy409

    Trade Free Fishing Trip in the Keys for Local Knowledge: May 11th-15th

    My fishing partner and I are set on towing our Cape Horn 19 from Houston to the Keys from May 11th through 15th. As we are bunch of newbies from Texas only filled with hope and dreams when it comes to fishing Florida waters, we would like to offer any local "expert" or experienced fishermen that...
  6. Central America Fishing

    Costa Rica Fishing Report - September 2017

    September traditionally isn't the most sought after month to come fishing in Costa Rica as stories of "rainy season" run rampant. However just because hordes of anglers aren't out on the water doesn't mean the fish aren't here. In the right part of the country you still get sunny days and calm...
  7. MackMan

    BADASS Tarpon Video

    We shot this last wendesday in Tampa Bay. There was a pod of tarpon feeding off away from the main pack, so we couldn't pass up the opportunity to have them to ourselves. Incredible jumping and fighting footage.


    Hey guys! I'm heading to Panama City from the Seattle area later this month (week of 5/23) for a work trip, but I'm looking to get myself into some fish while I'm down there for a day. This time of year what are my options and who should I go out with? I'm looking for a 1 day trip to catch the...

    Florida Recommendations?

    After all that Halibut fishing in Westport you think I'd be good for a while but No! Anybody have any recommendations for charter/guided trips in Florida this time of year? I'm open to anything: Deep sea, inshore, redfish, tarpon, etc. etc. I have a work trip the week of 5/23 to Panama City...