1. Shimano Custom Tiagra 12 Baker Topless Frame 80#

    Southern California Shimano Custom Tiagra 12 Baker Topless Frame 80#

    This is a very "custom enhanced" Shimano Tiagra 12 Baker Topless w/ COFE upgrades Fishing Reel. Tiagra 12 with upgrades include: Tiburon Engineering Power Handle Baker Topless frame Blackmarket spool sleeve, higher tolerance bearings, heavy duty drag plate spring installed by COFE - will...
  2. Talica / Torium

    Southern California Talica / Torium

    Selling these reels as I’ve been transferred to Georgia and can’t fish them. Some boat rash. Talica ships for $20; Torium for $10: (Saltigas have been sold - thanks!) Torium 20: Decent condition but hasn’t been serviced recently - so so freespool. Sold Jigger LD 4000II (Japanese Talica 12ii)...
  3. Ruger RPR w/ 3-15x vxhd5 leupold scope for trade for fishing gear

    Southern California Ruger RPR w/ 3-15x vxhd5 leupold scope for trade for fishing gear

    Hey guys, I have a well maintained Ruger Precision rifle chambered in 308, approx 200rd thru it. Comes with magpul bipod and leupold scope https://www.ruger.com/products/precisionRifle/specSheets/18028.html https://www.leupold.com/vx-5hd-3-15x44-cds-zl2-side-focus-htmr-riflescope...
  4. Okuma Metaloid 12II 2 speed

    Southern California Okuma Metaloid 12II 2 speed

    For sale Okuma Metaloid 12II - 2 speed - 65 Braid with 40 Mono - 34 lbs of drag (Most people can't pull on 34 lbs of drag much less 20) Used it for Yellowtails and Tuna (Bluefin & Yellowfin) or trade for a Proteus WN76XHF Link below to find all the specs...
  5. Phenix Black Diamond 8-Foot 30-50lb

    Southern California Phenix Black Diamond 8-Foot 30-50lb

    Awesome Rod, used but Good Condition. Great price to get a taste of that Black Diamond goodness! Phenix Black Diamond 8-Foot, Rated for 30-50lb line $225
  6. Rods (Pending) & Reels (Sold)

    Pacific Northwest Rods (Pending) & Reels (Sold)

    SOLD - 8 shimano talica II 8 reels with neoprene cover $150/ea SOLD - 4 Talica II 12 reels with neoprene cover $180/ea Pending - 3 Shimano Trevala TVC-58XXH $50/ea Pending - 2 Shimano Trevala TVC-66H $50/ea Pending - 7 Shimano Trevala TFC-63MH $50/ea used these for Tuna almost...
  7. Yong Yong

    Southern California WTT Terez for Proteus or Graftech

    Looking to trade a Shimano Terez TZC80HBLK 50-100 in black or red. Looking for the following: Daiwa Proteus PRTWN76XHF 30-60 or Graftech Rail Rod - GRR78XH 80-100
  8. Shimano Tyrnos 30II 2 Speed - Big boy

    Southern California Shimano Tyrnos 30II 2 Speed - Big boy

    Rarely used Shimano Tyrnos 30 II 2 speed - 120 lb braid (prolly at least 400 yards) - 100 lb mono - Great shape as shown in the pictures - Located in Lake Elsinore - Looking to sell Here's the info from Tackle Direct $275
  9. Nderuyck

    Southern California WTB Fathom 40 or similar size 2-speed

    Looking for Fathom 40 or similar sized 2-speeds. Torque, talica, etc Let me know if anyone has anything for sale. Thank you!
  10. Accurate Tern 600 Narrow   6:1

    Southern California Accurate Tern 600 Narrow 6:1

    Accurate Tern 600 N - Great overall reel - Yoyo, fly line, surface iron, sinker rig Has 65 Powerpro and new 50 Mono top. Comes with clamp and box. Shipping on your dime. $315
  11. Sold Talica 10ii $420

    Southern California Sold Talica 10ii $420

    Original owner and still in immaculate condition. Used only a few times on full day trips. Otherwise been stored indoors in its original box. Very clean reel and in near-new condition. I always take care of my reels by cleaning/oiling them after each use. A reel this good deserves to be fished...
  12. msand9898

    Northern California Want to buy Talica 12 - 2 speed

    Want to buy Talica 12 - 2 speed
  13. R

    Shimano Talica 50ii Kite Fishing

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone had a rod/ line suggestions for kite fishing with a Talica 50ii. I’m fishing dead bait (flying fish) and going for BFT off San Clemente (or any other locations you’d suggest for super cows). I’ve seen people fish kites with rail rods but I was wondering if...
  14. gettingbentwithbo

    Southern California Fishing Reels For Sale

    I will add pictures whenever I get around to it. Or if you are interested in something specifically I will send you pics. Reels for sale with boxes - Avet SX MC - $175 - $SOLD - Shimano Torium 20 - $SOLD - Shimano Talica 10ii - $SOLD
  15. Speedmaster 16ii (SPM 16 ii)

    Speedmaster 16ii (SPM 16 ii)

    Shimano SpeedMaster 16ii, $235 excellent condition, brought out on one trip last season. Recently filled with 500yds 80# J-braid x8. DM for pictures or questions
  16. msand9898

    Northern California Done

  17. Penn Fathom 60LD2 100lb braid

    Penn Fathom 60LD2 100lb braid

    Nice budget Tuna reel spooled with 100lb solid braid about 480 yards with roo. For a short top shot. I can ither ship to you or I can meet up in SD Friday 4/30 as I will be getting on the Pacifica. $290 shipped $280 meet up in SAN Diego on Friday (4pm-6pm)
  18. R

    Talica 25II Rod Pairing

    Hi there! Looking for a rail rod to pair with my new Talica 25II with 100lb. braid. *Relatively* heavy casting combo for BFT. I've considered the 1x3 and 2x4 OSP by Seeker, but they seem a little short. Any thoughts/ criticisms appreciated. Thanks!
  19. Talica 50 New in  with line - Never used

    Talica 50 New in with line - Never used

    I purchased this as a back-up and have decided to change in our direction a bit, so I don't need it. Talica 50 Purchased from tackle direct in December. Spooled by the experts at Angler's Choice with 500 Yards of 130# hollow on the bottom, 400 yards of 100# in the middle, and 33 yards of 130#...
  20. For Sale:  Talica 10ii

    For Sale: Talica 10ii

    USED Great condition. Come's w/65# Powerpro braid, box, annd clamp.
  21. Old School Seeker Patches

    Old School Seeker Patches

    Hey guys, My grandpa has some left over old school seeker fishing rods patches. 3.5” x 2.25” He’s looking to get $25 per patch. Free shipping. Let me know if interested. Text me 949 295 7303
  22. Talica 10ii used (for sale or trade)

    Talica 10ii used (for sale or trade)

    I prefer my star drag trinis too much. Used great condition. Comes with box, tool, braid, and clamp. 65# powerpro room for topshot. $425 negotiable. Can trade for trini 14a or 16a Can also ship on ur dime. Venmo or PayPal ok PM or DM for info or offers. Thanks for looking
  23. Miguel310

    Talica 20II $470

    Talica 20 2speed for sale. Few scuffs but nothing major. Looks better in-person than pictures because of the flash. Loaded with 80lb mono. Comes with original clamp. NO Box!!!! Local pick up in Torrance $470 CASH ONLY. NO TRADES, NO VENMO for quick response txt me at 310Seven49239nine
  24. Tyler Doan

    BNIB Talica 12 2 speed

    Hello bders, I have a brand new talica 12 2 speed that I won in a raffle a while ago. Only took out of the box to take pictures and that’s about it. SOLD Located in Anaheim
  25. tailhunter42

    Shimano reels BNIB

  26. akachalupa

    AVET SXJ Single Speed - 145 SOLD

    Selling this SXJ I bought for no reason. Already have an SX 6/4. Have not needed to use this reel and trying to put some money together. Reel has been used 2 times and is spooled with 40lb braid. Comes with box. Pretty much brand new. Let me know if interested. Not looking for trades right now...
  27. pv7740

    Tranx 500HG with Tiburon clamp and box

    Very clean Tranx 500HG with 65lb braid and 60lb mono top shot w/ Tiburon clamp and box. $450 or looking for Talica 12II in similar condition as trade.
  28. Justpicaz

    Talica SOLD

    Brand new TAC16ii in original box. All original contents included . $45 500yrd spool of power pro 80lb test $55 with 500yrd spool of power pro 100lb test Local pickup in Costa Mesa or I can ship
  29. David Speer

    talica 12ii like new for sale

    450$ like new condition used once. dont need this talica anymore will ship if u pay
  30. David Speer

    Talica 12ii trade for

    trade my like new talica 12ii for a talica 10ii or similar sized accurate valiant i want it about the same condition pm for pics and offers
  31. chicho64

    Komodo ss 463

    Selling brand new never use komodo ss KDS-463 selling for $220
  32. chicho64

    2 Supper seeker rods sold delete please thanks

    Selling 2 brand new supper seeker rod jig and bait rod never used model ss 6470H-7' 40-60 lb asking $450 paid $519.00 next is a SS 6465xH 6'6" 50-80 $420 i paid $503 my lost repeat this are brand new rods Tag
  33. SccfoChef

    Sold saltiga

    sold saltiga
  34. David Speer

    Talica 12ii trade

    i have a talica 12ii looking to trade for a talica 16ii has a small scratch used once want something in similar condition dm me if interested
  35. tailhunter42

    Shimano Talica 50ii...

    BNIB shimano Talica 50ii Get it before the big bluefin arrive again this year. $900 714 907-3341 Nick
  36. M

    Shimano Talica 16ii and 16 single speed reels

    Two Speed is sold! The single speed Talica 16 spooled with 50lb metered braid is still available. Reel isin great condition mechanically, but does have some rash as shown. Price is $310 with PP/shipping on the buyer.
  37. RideMX4life21

    New Avet 2-speed EX 50/2

    Brand new, never used Avet EX 50 in original box 2-speed Right Handed - Silver This reel is NOT a blem model. Bought brand new over the summer for a spare Bluefin/frozen flyer reel but never ended up using it. Has sat in the box all summer and I no longer need. Go catch a cow Bluefin or a deep...
  38. Taylor Kooiman

    Talica 50

    Looking to buy a clean used Talica 50. (TAC50II). I appreciate the help in advance. Thx
  39. akachalupa

    AVET LX 6/3 G1 PRICE DROP - 165

    Selling my 2 speed LX. Never use it. I have accumulated lot of AVETs and Makairas and I never use this reel. Someone should. It has 300 yards of 65 lb spectra and topped with 40 lb mono. It has been on lots of trips with me and killed a lot of fish. Cosmetic is 7/10 and 10/10 mechanical...
  40. akachalupa

    Okuma Makaira 15II SEA - PRICE DROP - 295

    Selling my 15MAK Sea. Been on a few boat rides, 8/10 cosmetic but 10/10 mechanical. Perfect mechanical specimen. MSRP is 499.99. Spooled with 375 yards 60lb spectra and topped with 60 yrds of new 50lbs izorline smoke. I used this for 50 / 60 lb bait set up and the drag is very smooth. Comes...
  41. luv2phish

    Shimano Talica 2 speeds - 8ii,10ii,12ii,16ii

    I have 1 of each: My loss is your gain Talica 8Ii and Talica 10ii SOLD Talica 12ii and Talica 16ii I paid $589.00 each with tax. Cheapest Online is $496 with tax an shipping. Selling for $ 490/ each Spent over $2200 for all 4 reels Save some cash and buy 2 remaining reels for $980.00...
  42. bradda_brandon

    Shimano talica 20II

    Hi everyone, I have a rather new talica 20 loaded with 520yds of 100# maxcuatro with enough room for a 25-30yds topshot of 80-100lbs. I replaced the handle with the talica 50 handle but still have the stock one.I lost the box but I still have the clamp and screws. Asking $460 or a trade for a...
  43. jkvshooter

    WTT Talica 16ii (bribers) for Talica 25

    Just throwing it out here: I have a brand new Talica 16ii and I really wanted the bigger one, Talica 25. Willing to put up cash with trade. Aloha, Justin
  44. akachalupa

    Avet HXW Raptor - Silver - 400 no braid / 500 w braid

    Avet HXW Raptor - Silver Brought on 1 boat ride and never pulled on a fish. No boat rash. Perfect condition. Loaded with 640 yards of 100lb 8x J Braid and an 80lb top shot of izorline smoke. Comes with clamp, tools and box. Asking 500. If you don't want the braid and would like to spool it...
  45. SccfoChef


    Sold Thank you BD
  46. S

    Shimano Talica 16

    Talica 16 two speed basically brand new. Took on 2 trips and got skunked those 2 trips. 65 braid to 40lb fluoro top shot. Zero boat rash brand new condition. 5623942366
  47. Bent on Kelp

    Like new Talica 25 $500

    Selling Shimano Talica 25 for $500 700yds 80lb izorline braid Took on two boat rides and only lightly used once. Price is FIRM. Located in Mission Bay If you reply to this post or PM me I probably wont reply. Best to Text/ Call 619-818-1708
  48. MatFish

    Okuma Makaira 50 silver and Calstar GF760XH Kite setup

    Have a basically brand new set up for flying the kites and fighting those cow bluefin right now. Rod is brand new never used or seen water Reel has been taken out one time but never seen action. Spooled with 130 Izor hollow to the top asking $580 for reel and $400 for the rod I’ll do a special...
  49. Josh_11

    Built Newell reel trade for lever drag

    I have a P series (best one) 338f Newell that I would like to trade for a lever drag preferably a 40lb reel. Has upgraded tiburon frame, carbontex drags, aluminum spool. This reel is great for someone learning to throw surface irons. Works perfect with great free spool. I have cash on my side...
  50. ckcadavona

    Speedmaster 2 LD

    Shimano Speedmaster II 16 LD, 500 yards Berkeley Pro Spec Solid 80#, some minor rash, very good condition, ready to fish, includes everything pictured $250 **sold** Trades 7-8ft rods 610H, 670H, 6470H, 6480H, or similar action complete fishable rods...no blanks
  51. MatFish

    Cousins 95j mag ( Limited edition Blacked Out Series )

    I know I’m new to the site and my new status can be over looked however I wanna sell my limited edition 95j mag. 1000 cash obo ( negotiable) Trades welcome for things like ( Trinidad’s 10a/14a/16a/20a ) (Talica 8ii/12ii) ( Penn Torques Preferably silver ) ( Mak 15t Silver ) Rod is in...
  52. G

    Two awesome bass rigs (Lew's, Revo, Dobyns)

    Up for sale are two almost brand new bass rigs. Pops passed away back in February and he bought these new in January. Used once MAYBE twice. Lew's Tournament Pro TPG1H (retails $199.99) Dobyns SA 733C (retails $179.99) Selling both for $225 firm and Abu Garcia Revo Premier Gen 3 (RVO3...
  53. chicho64

    Daiwa lexa 300cc

    Selling bait caster daiwa lexa 300 cc it comes with a clicker asking $140 reel works 100% and apeareance is 10-10 Gear ratio 6.3.1 Reel weaight = 10.58oz Line capacity Mono(lb-yds) 12-240, 14-190, 20 - 120 Braid(ll lll) 40-240, 55-180 80-180 up to 25lb max drg Clicker for slow trolling or...
  54. Drew Stephens

    Shimano Talica Reel Cover?

    Hey guys, so I lied its not for a Talica. I just got two of the new Shimano Speedmasters in 16 and 12 sizes. They look like the same size as the Talicas but I cant even find reel covers for them. Any that you would recommend that would fit my shiny new reels? Thanks guys!
  55. tailhunter42

    Shimano Talica 50

    BNIB Talica 50 loaded with 950 yards of hollowace 130#. Everything included. Box manual and clamp. $1000 Lowered now to $950 7149073341 for faster reply and pictures if wanted.
  56. DANG Nguyen

    Shimano Speed Master 12II Review

    Hi BDer this is my 1st time to post in this forum but I want to share my though about the Speedmaster 12II. I decided to go to The Longfin to pick it up yesterday. Here are some pictures of it compare to the Talica. The speed master almost the same size of the Talica however, the spool are...
  57. J

    Penn Formula 15 KG 2 Speed $50

    This reel hasn’t been used in awhile but as far as I can tell it seems to be in great shape. Filled with 100lb braid last year and never used. Great low cost 2 speed. $50. Must be able to pick up in Rancho Bernardo.
  58. kbray001

    Talica 16 or 20

    I’m helping a friend look for a like new talica 16 or 20. Looking for something either mint or nib. Spooled with braid would be a plus. Send me a pm and let me know what you have available. He is motivated and has cash. Thanks!
  59. JDFishSD

    Talica 20II with Tiburon T-Bar handle

    Talica 20II with Tiburon T-Bar handleand loaded with 100lb white Powerpro Max-Cuattro. The handle has one mark on it and the reel itself has a few marks on it. You can see this all in the pics. The line has only hit saltwater once. This is the perfect reel for the big bluefin out there right...
  60. Bent on Kelp


    Shimano Talica 25 Loaded with 700yards of 80lb braid and a sexy connection knot to 20’ of 80lb fluoro. Ready to kill 10/10 mech and has one scuff mark on side plate $600 Tranx is sold. Call+leave voicemail or text 619-818-1708 Located in BayPark
  61. tmcribbs

    Avet RAPTOR MXL6/4 MC 2-Speed Lever Drag Reel MC Cast - PATRIOT Flag Right Hand

    No longer for sale
  62. tailhunter42

    Shimano Talica's

    I have a few Shimano Talica's for sale. Selling abunch of my gear to do some upgrades on my home. priced to sell so prices are firm. I will upload pictures later. all reels have been properly maintained and all serviced before my 10 day last October. Txt Nick 714 907 3341 for faster response or...
  63. R

    Talica 10ii in Orange County

    Looking for a Talica 10 around Orange County
  64. R

    Considering trade TAC 16/2+ cash my end for TAC 20/2

    GONE! Thank You
  65. Javon

    Talica 8ii clamp

    anyone know if there’s a Tiburon clamp or other aftermarket clamp for this reel? Thanks!
  66. Javon

    Clamp for Talica 8ii

    anyone know if there’s a Tiburon clamp or other aftermarket clamp for this reel? Thanks!
  67. Woodeneye

    (2) Shimano TLD30 2 Speed

    For sale Shimano TLD30 2 speed reel. Reel is in great shape, I have two for sale $175 each or both for $300. Upgrading my trolling reels and don’t need these anymore. Lightly used. One spooled with 60lb Izor Blue end of last season and not a fish on it, the other has old line and hasn’t been...
  68. Javon

    Talica 8ii or 12ii

    looking for these two reels in good condition , I don’t mind a little rash. Let me know what you got! Looking to buy toward the end of the month , thanks!
  69. Woodeneye

    Shimano Tiagra 50WA NIB

    For sale Brand New in Box Shimano Tiagra 50WA. Never spooled or used. $550 OBO. Put the wood to some big Bluefin this year! **** Price Change $450 firm ****
  70. S

    Shimano Talica 25ii - in box

    Only taken out to pose for picture. Asking SOLD Prefer local transaction but will ship at buyer's expense.
  71. S

    Shimano Talica 20ii - like new

    Hardly used, like new. Comes with clamp but no box or papers. Just what you see in the picture. Asking $475. Prefer local transaction but will ship at buyer's expense.
  72. chicho64

    Calstar GFGR 770.4-xh delete please

    Selling brand new calstar grafigther model gfgr 770.4-XH unlimited rod length is 7' feet factory wrap with life warrenty never seen water or mount a reel on it is rail rod asking price is $400 i paid about 595.99 including taxes repeat rod is brand new Factory wrap it has life time warranty Rod...
  73. hbmike11

    Talica 8ii - 2 speed - used 2 times

    I have a Talica 8ii - 2 speed, used 2 times. Practically brand new. Comes with 50 braid. Located in Irvine, work in Newport Beach. Mike
  74. T

    Talica 12ii, Trinidad 14a, Seeker Black Steel 6470

    Like New Talica 12ii with upgraded 20ii handle comes with screws, clamps, and box - 460$ Like New Trinidad 14a comes with screws, clamps no box - 400$ New Seeker Black Steel 6470 perfect 40# yoyo rod -250$ Text or call 626-592-7504
  75. clubhunter

    PRICE Drop Talica 16ii and Lexa Reel for sale

    Shimano Talica 16ii filled with #80 spectra. Comes with box and only used one 6 day trip. PRICE DROP $415 shipped Daiwa Lexa-HD 400xs-p. This reel is brand new and has a cork puppy added. It can be easily taken off if not needed. Comes with box and paperwork. No line and never used. PRICE...
  76. NVLTY

    Shimano Tiagra 20 Two Speed Conventional Reel

    MINT MINT MINT CONDITION !! Shimano Tiagra 20 (two speed) with Diawa Sealine X 40-100# roller rod! Spooled Ready to fish!!! Line Retrieve Per Crank (high/low)41/18 in. Line Capacity (lb/yds)20/690 PowerPro Line Capacity (lb/yds)50/1225 65/720 80/525 Max Drag at Full With Freespool...
  77. loveR

    Shimano Branded Reel Display Case with Monitor Video / Audio

  78. B_CA

    Calcutta 400d ( used once )

    Like the title says.. Calcutta 400d in 10/10 shape. Both mechanically and cosmetically. The reel was only used one time. Comes with box/manuals. $250 ( Price includes shipping and PayPal fees )
  79. NVLTY

    Shimano Talica 16ii MINT!

    $429 16ii- SOLD Still have Talica 12ii for sale Mint condition!! Ready to fish!! Thinning out the heard!! Hahha Also have couple Shimano wax wings, Phenix, Seeker , & couple Calstar Rods for sale!! Let me know if any questions. Thanks! (714) 722-8886
  80. Battle Skiff

    Penn international 16

    Brand new in box PENN International VIS Gold Two-Speed Lever Drag Reel. Reel will cost you $600+ is a store. Comes with reel clamp, and penn reel tool everything brand new. $525. O.B.O
  81. Tonymad03

    F/s Talica 12ii

    Used shimano talica 12ii. Has boat rash but works flawless. Loaded with 65lb spectra and top 30lb fluorocarbon. No clamp. $350. Located in Pomona, Ca.
  82. Numoto93

    New Talica 25ii with 100lb power pro

    I’m selling a new talica 25ii with 630 yards of 100lb power pro. The reel has never been used just took out the box to put line on and see how it felt on the rod. Price is 600 and I’m open to trade only for a Okuma Mak20sea. LOCATED in San Jose Ca
  83. Brqndqn

    BNIB Shimano Talica 50ii

    Brand new Shimano Talica 50ii New inbox with all accessories included $950 shipped for each Message me for more info
  84. Brqndqn

    Brand New Shimano Talica 50ii

    selling Brand Talica 50ii $950 shipped each Everything included
  85. Ed K.

    Avet MXL 5.8 Lever Drag Single Speed.

    Avet MXL 5.8 Lever Drag Single Speed $180.00 Good Condition, Last One! Text 626-664-2983
  86. Ed K.

    Avet MXL 5.8 Lever Drag Single Speed

    Avet MXL 5.8 Lever Drag Single Speed $180.00 Good Condition, Last One! Text 626-664-2983
  87. Ed K.

    Avet HXJ 5/2 MC Raptor Two Speed

    Avet HXJ 5/2 MC Raptor Two-Speed professionally loaded with apx. 600 yards of Izorline 65# solid spectra. $410.00 Like New in box! Used 1x
  88. D

    BNIB Tac20ii

    bnib talica 20. I have all the stuff it came with. Never fished, never had a rod heavy enough and I need the money right now. I did open the hardware bag to use the wrench. I had some braid on it but I took it off. Have box manual all hardware never been fished. Asking 500 local pick up Long...
  89. DAA

    LAST DAY NIB TALICA 10ii Bay Area

    Tuesday 7/17/18 will be last day for sale. Will add it to my collection permanently if not sold. $400 Firm Cash (no gift cards, etc.) Venmo or PayPal. Never used. No line. Prefer face to face in Walnut Creek area. If shipping is required add $13.65 to price. Two day shipping and tracking...
  90. aalbergo1587

    Brand New Talica 25II

    Brand new in box Shimano Talica 25II $500, price is firm. Call or text 310-733-0275. Perfect reel for the bluefin and $650 brand new at tackledirect.com so this is a GREAT deal to say the least.
  91. W

    Shimano Talica 8 Single or 2 Speed

    Interested in getting a Talica 8 in good condition. Let me know if you are looking to move on from one... Thanks PM or [email protected]
  92. T

    Shimano Talica TAC20II 2 Speed Lever Drag Reel

    Shimano Talica 20II White spectra #80 with new izorline xxx #80 topshot. Box and paperwork included. $520 *t-bar handle not included*
  93. bradda_brandon


    I have a Black torque 30 loaded with 80lbs powerpro. It is in amazing condition mechanically and physically. I am asking $350. I also have a Talica 12II laoded with 80lbs white powerpro. In amazing condition mechanically and physically. I am asking $450. LOCAL PICKUP ONLY NO SHIPPING! Call or...
  94. Jason Luy

    Shimano Talica 20ii PM PLZ

    Getting ready for a Tuna run! PM me with details and pictures if you have them! Thanks!
  95. Javon

    Talica 12ii, 8ii, Trini 16a, Torium 14 hga, Avet Jx raptor

    Hi BDers! Looking for these reels listed above. Looking to purchase over time so if you have anything feel free to share here or text me (323) 541-6212. Thanks!
  96. K

    Shimano Upgrading Tuna Reel

    Thinking of upgrading my Avet LX 6.0 single speed (20# max drag). It's on a 6'6" Seeker Black Steel 40-60# rod. Would a Talica 16ii (40# max drag, 2 speed) be overkill for this rod? I like the idea of a high quality 2 speed for this rod. This will be my go-to setup for the bigger grade fish...
  97. shooter21

    Makaira's/ Talica's

    Prices lowered 1. Bnib Mak 30sea gunmetal SOLD 2. Mak 16sea sea gunmetal 100# j braid I trip no fish SOLD 3. Bnib Talica 20ii filled w/100# j braid SOLD 4. Talica 12ii filled w/80# pp $60 handle included $425 All reels have boxes, tools, clamps, paperwork Maks have reel covers. Includes...
  98. SD32J

    Clean Tallica 16ii

    Super clean , like new Tallica 16ii full of 80lb yellow hollow ace, 30 yards spliced in 100# hollow ace. 619-261-7163 .435$ Located in San Diego
  99. SD32J

    Tallica/Terez Combo Delete

    Very clean Tallica 16ii loaded up with 80# hollow ace (high vis), and 30 yards spliced in of 100# hollow ace (Blue) . Terez XXH 6'6" (80-200 braided line). Light , powerful. Has gimbal . Original White Terez comes with lifetime warrantee. Combo 655$ Text 619-261-7163. Located in San Diego
  100. tailhunter42

    Talicas for sale

    I have a few Talica ii for sale. Each reel has a few cosmetic scrapes but nothing major. All have been serviced by Shimano in Irvine. Each reel is full of Jerry brown spectra with room for 50-75 yard of top shot. ($375) Talica 10ii 50 pound spectra ($375) Talica 10ii 50 pound spectra ($400)...
  101. ryder vega

    WTS NEW Talica 16ii

    Brand new mint condition talica 16 ii. NEVER USED. asking 450 obo Shoot me a text for faster reply 562-507-8068
  102. br0ckmahoney

    F/S ($500): Shimano Talica 20 II (New Condition)

    I have a new shimano talica 20 II loaded with 80# izorline spectra. I never brought it to any trips or fished with it. Bought it a few months ago but never ended up using it. Paid $670 at Squidco Asking $525 Firm
  103. barracuda76

    Shimano Fishing reels

    I've got several unused Shimano fishing reels. All are brand new and have not been fished yet. They all have line on them (spectra or mono) and are ready to be used. All have original box and items except the curado 300 the tranx of does have a scuff from the idiot that put line on it. NO...
  104. lefty22

    WTT - Talica 12 - 2 speed

    Want to trade a brand new Talica 12 - 2 speed. Filled with 80 lbs yellow Max Cuatro. Looking for a penn torque 40n.
  105. SccfoChef


  106. C

    Inshore gear - tac 10 / seeker / chronarch

    talica 10ii - 380 - loaded w/ 65# braid Chronarch 150 ci4+ - 140 Seeker blue lightning 807-8t - 90 Prices - firm. Can ship reels. Pick up only for the rod.
  107. luv2phish

    Shimano trinidad golds, talica Reels and Calstar rod for sale

    Condition are used.... 2x- Tn14 8/10 cosmetic 9/10 mechanic $200 (missing knob cap) Tn16 reel. $320 w/ Shimano gold clamp Tn20 9/10 cosmetic 9.5/10 mechanic $270 2x- Tn30 7/10 cosmetic 9/10 mechanic $280 ***SOLD****Talica 25 2speed 9/10 USED Rod Calstar 7465H $150 pre-owned by other...
  108. Wildman

    I am Looking for an Okuma Makaira 20 or 16 II Sea

    To buy - OR - for a trade, I have: REELS: NIB Mak 10ii Sea, pristine John Bakers, collectors' Newells, collectors' Penns including 180MS in box w/papers and TRQ 100 N.I.B., Penn Baja Special and TRQ 200, Newells, ProGears, Others RODS: Phenix B.D. Hybrid 760XXH Factory, Super Seekers - Custom...
  109. dukedaddy

    22nd Landing Freedom 1.5 day voucher $275

    I have a 1.5 day voucher for the Freedom fishing boat out of 22nd Sport Fishing Landing. Voucher is worth $295 good up to 1 year, my loss is your gain. Unable to go due to work injuries. Price is firm for $275, please text/call 714-478-7074. Thomas 714-478-7074
  110. dukedaddy

    22nd Landing Freedom 1.5 day voucher $280

    I have a 1.5 day voucher for the Freedom fishing boat out of 22nd Sport Fishing Landing. Voucher is worth $295 good up to 1 year, my loss is your gain. Unable to go due to work injuries. Price is firm for $275, please text/call 714-478-7074. Thomas 714-478-7074
  111. barracuda76

    Shimano Reels TN20a Tac10ii Cal400D

    Selling some extra reels that I won't be using. Used but not abused shimano Trinidad 20a with 30# and 65lb power pro. Reel casts a mile. No box, clamp or original handle. It does have upgraded handle. Has some minor rubs. $375 OBO. Reels serviced in June. Shimano talica 10ii with some marks...
  112. SccfoChef

    Shimano trevalla F 6'3

    Good condition trevalla F 30-80 $160
  113. SccfoChef

    WTS shimano tekota 600lc $110

    selling my tekota 600lc, good condition. with 65lbs power pro. ask $110
  114. SccfoChef

    WTB SHIMANO TALICA 12 II or 16 or 20.

    2 speed only.
  115. Nick Cervantes

    WTB Okuma Makaira 16IIsea or Talica 20II

    Looking for a Okuma Makaira 16II sea. Black or silver. or Talica 20II,. Excellent condition or BNIB. Let me know what you have. Nick 714 488 5474
  116. cuda56


  117. dockboybraden

    Torque 25n up for trade

    Up for trade is my torque 25n black and gold like new condition full of 65lb pro spec white. Looking to trade for a tn16 or tn20 in decent condition. Or willing to trade will some $$$ for talica 12 two speed. Direct message please
  118. Kent tran


    Shimnao talica 25ii new Comes with box and accessories. Text or call 7143433975 If interested. Pick up local westminster ca 92683 only. Please dont reply to this post only contact by text or call. Thanks for looking.
  119. J

    WTS BNIB Talica 10II - $420 (Whittier)

    As Title - WTS BNIB Talica 10II - $420 Text - 3105261205 Pcik up in Whittier
  120. skymango


  121. SccfoChef

    WTS Shimano Terez 9ft $160, WTB Talica 12ii and Penn fathom 25n 2s

    Selling Shimano Terez 9ft 30-60 Good condtion $160 looking to buy talica 12ii and a penn fathom 25n 2 speed.
  122. SccfoChef

    FS: shimano terez 9ft rod

    I have a shimano Terez 9ft casting rod. 30-60MH. I only used it 2 times, so its almost a brand new rod. asking for $175 priced to quick sell.
  123. SccfoChef


    Hi, I am looking to buy shimano talica 12, maybe a 16. If anyone have them for sell please let me know thank you all.