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  1. Taco Marine 3 Rod Trident Cluster

    Southern California Taco Marine 3 Rod Trident Cluster

    Taco Marine 3 Rod Trident Cluster Model F31-0770-BSA1. 15 Degree bent butt version. Use to expand your existing overhead rod storage or use it for kite fishing. This one went on a few boat rides with me and that's it. Great condition. This is the bent butt version so rods sit about...
  2. M

    Southern California FREE OUTRIGGERS

    Just removed from 50' Hatteras. Both need new base swivel....both broke when we removed them. Not sure if the brand is RUPP or LEE or something else. Probably 36'. Have new lines, no roller trollers. Come pick them up at Marina Cortez, B Dock, Slip B-15.
  3. big1doggy


    Selling a used pair of precision brand outriggers. I have had them for a while, and never really used them. I have gotten more into spearfishing, and these need to go. Selling them for $250 firm. Only interested in trading for a shimano tranx or Trinidad. May be willing to put cash on top if...