1. Bikemabcock

    Offshore Bay Area tackle shop

    Looking for a local tackle shop in the Bay Area or out in Sac that would do well with BFT set ups. I primarily do multi day trips out of SD and looking for a shop to help with a couple tuna set ups (serving leader to hollow core etc). Hoping to find something up here otherwise I’ll just get...
  2. Downsizing gear

    Southern California Downsizing gear

    Downsizing my tackle hoard so I can buy more tackle. The disease I suppose. I have been slowly listing items from time to time some of which have fallen through. I realize this may turn into a shit show but am willing to try it out. I am going to post pics of items that may or may not be for...
  3. Dawia Tackle Box

    Southern California Dawia Tackle Box

    No rips or tears on it and comes with the two boxes shown.
  4. Flying Gaff - AFTCO and Regular Gaff - $150

    Southern California Flying Gaff - AFTCO and Regular Gaff - $150

    I have a nice fully rigged Aftco 7’ x 6” Flying Gaff for sale It has been on several boat rides but has not been used for its intended purpose of being stuck in a really big fish. I also have a sea striker 6’ gaff for sale. Flying gaff - $150 firm Sea Striker Gaff $30 firm. Pick up in Solana...
  5. Mint Jigs - ColtSniper-like by @hookrco *fishing 80g / 2.82oz

    Southern California Mint Jigs - ColtSniper-like by @hookrco *fishing 80g / 2.82oz

    Brand new custom 80g mint jigs 4 options: 1. Full mint - white eyes 2. Full mint - red eyes 3. Half mint + sardine bottom - white eyes 4. Half mint + sardine bottom - red eyes Just had these made and they’re selling like hot cakes. Went shallow rock fishing yesterday, and they out performed...
  6. Tuna jigs SK, Durans cnc jig, California slow pitch jig

    Northern California Tuna jigs SK, Durans cnc jig, California slow pitch jig

    Durans CNC machined knife jig glow dot (very popular) with hooks $50 retails 69.99 sold out and California slow pitch jig ready cotton candy rigged up ready to go 250lbs mono Bkk deep 9/0 hooks 195 lbs rated, Ball bearing swivels 900lbs $45 shipping is included in price. I can do $80 for both...
  7. Cannon MAG20 Deep Downriggers

    Southern California Cannon MAG20 Deep Downriggers

    Cannon MAG20TS deep sea fishing down-riggers. Stainless cable, weights, little used, like new. $500 each, $800 for both. You ship
  8. Deep Sea Rods and Reels

    Southern California Deep Sea Rods and Reels

    Penn International 80W Reels on 46” bent butt roller guide rods (2). Shimano 80W Reel on 36” roller guide rod. All in good shape. $600 each or 1500 for all three. OBO, you ship.
  9. Trout Fishing Tackle

    Southern California Trout Fishing Tackle

    Trout Magnet Neon Kit (missing one hook and grub body), 3 Trout Magnet E-Z Trout Floats, and a 24 yard spool of 2 lb Blue Label Seaguar fluorocarbon. Local pickup in Santa Monica.
  10. cknsc

    Southern California My Tackle bag was stolen out of my truck - Need more tackle - Update

    My son and I came back from a fishing trip 3 weeks ago and I had 6 rods and a reel bag and a backpack to bring in so I left the tackle bag in the bed of the truck and forgot about it. My wife drives the truck when she goes shopping so I am sure that it was stolen in a Walmart parking lot or...
  11. Offshore Tackle

    Southern California Offshore Tackle

    Selling some random offshore tackle I have collected over the last few years. All is new, just stuff I do not use or got in a gift or subscription box. May be willing to split stuff if needed. Some trolling lures, squid lures, terminal tackle, and jerk baits.
  12. Fresh Water Tackle and Box

    Southern California Fresh Water Tackle and Box

    Inherited a fresh water tackle box. Looks to me full of maybe Trout stuff and some smaller bass stuff. I do not need it and clearing out space for other fishing things. Has a lot of small hooks, weights, beads and smaller swivels. Selling for $50 OBO.

    Southern California BUTCH GREEN YELLOEFIN

    I have three Butch Green yellowfin tackle boxes i would like to sell. two are in great shape and on is a beater and need some love. I would like to get $100 for either of the two in the pics and $30 for the beater not pictured. can send more pix on request Thanks Guys
  14. Fishing gear rods / reels - Fresh and Saltwater - AVET Shimano Phenix

    Southern California Fishing gear rods / reels - Fresh and Saltwater - AVET Shimano Phenix

    Selling a bunch of awesome condition fishing rods and fishing reel . All gear has been taken care of and maintained since being the original owner!!! AVET JX 6.0:1 Single Speed GOLD. New $329.99 , selling $250 w/braid AVET SX 5.3:1 - MC. Silver/Black. New $299.99 , selling $220 w/mono SHIMANO...
  15. Jordan Lynn

    Top Tun & Bass rigs for Summer

    Hey BD! I kept seeing everyone catching Bluefin and talking about the bite heating up in SoCal right now but I didn't really own any gear to go get them. Honestly didn't even really know what I needed so I made this video for other's who may be as ignorant as I was :). Hope someone finds some...
  16. Nhrafan

    Southern California Big Fishing Swap Meet 6/19/2021

    Just to let everyone know this Saturday at the LONG BEACH RON AND GUN CLUB , Fishing Swap Meet 8AM - 1PM Come Check it Out Should be 40 or so Vendors so Lots of Great Gear !
  17. Reel_Brew

    Southern California Super Seeker 6463XXH 60-100

    I have this Seeker that I just don't use. I've used it 2 times in a trolling rotation. $450 OBO I'm in Santa Clarita text @ 661 803-3432 or PM
  18. Assorted hooks, lures and line-ONE PRICE FOR ALL-SD

    Assorted hooks, lures and line-ONE PRICE FOR ALL-SD

    (20) 4/0 Eagle Claw Trokar Offset Circle hooks (13) 5/0 Eagle Claw Trokar Offset Circle hooks (14) 5/0 Mustad Demon Perfect Circle hooks (8) 7/0 Eagle Claw Trokar Offset Circle hooks (15) 7/0 SS no brand black nickel hooks (25) 8/0 SS no brand black nickel hooks (25) size 2 dbl sleeves...
  19. Cafacrafta

    Gear check

    I have this old calstar 6455 xxh inherited from a family member , my question is would I have enough Strength on this rod to catch these bluefin they’ve been catching between 100-200 pounds ?
  20. C

    Deep Sea Rods/Reels and Tackle For Sale

    Sold the boat and now selling all of the gear....Big lot of barely used rods, reels and tackle....ALL IN EXCELLENT USED CONDITION 2x AVET Pro EXW 30/2 reels 2x 850 SSM Penn Reel 1x Shimano Tekota 600LC 4 bearing reels Allrenkirch sabiki rod with TONS of tackle 2x Shimano Tallus Rods 2x Big Bite...
  21. FV-shotgun

    DIY tackle center

    I had a 1x2' starboard table sitting in the stern on my 17' outrage. The boat itself has a spot for 2 medium sized planos, which wasn't enough. i would end up working out of those two boxes, a few waterproof guide series boxes and a little canvas bag left on the deck of my boat. I had a old...
  22. GrabBass1

    Calcutta tackle bag, trays and tackle (irons and more)

    Selling a never used Calcutta 5 tray bag - trays and tackle shown in pics included. Assorted irons, hooks, and swim baits. Tackle was also never used. Some irons still have the price tag on them. Can ship on your dime but prefer local pickup in Menifee. No trades. $235.00 Easiest way to reach...
  23. Cafacrafta

    yellowfin and skipjack hooks

    What hooks have been working best lately for the smaller tuna , heading out on the San Diego in a couple weeks on the 19th if you already saw this its cause i posted in the wrong thread lol
  24. Cafacrafta

    Yellowfin/skipjack hooks

    What hooks have been working best lately for the smaller tuna , heading out on the San Diego in a couple weeks on the 19th
  25. S

    Need Help Rigging New Rods

    This is my first time posting here FYI. Friend of mine gave up fishing and gave me some old rods he had. I want to rig these new rods up with the appropriate tackle (I would like to fish any species of bass, trout, salmon) for northern CA fishing. Can anyone provide any insight as to what these...
  26. Tvdan

    Fishing Tackle Swap Meet-11/10-Cerritos, CA

    Join us Sunday, November 10th in Cerritos,CA for our fishing tackle swap meet fundraiser. Each year, the Daniel Hernandez Youth Foundation holds free kids fishing events at city lakes and saltwater fishing trips throughout California. The Daniel Hernandez Youth Foundation uses fishing to...
  27. themonkey40

    NEW Leather Sheath Design

    I have been messing around with a few different designs for a leather sheath for my pliers and dykes. This is the latest version and I am mostly happy with it. Any suggestions to improve? I am going to be making a few for friends joining me on the Islander for a 3.5 day trip in August.
  28. Photoxic

    Halco, Shimano, Yo Zuri Poppers and Lures

  29. J

    Misc gear package

    Sold my boat and now the gear needs to go. Tons of stuff - lures of all kinds, terminal, lead, flare kit, gaff, fighting belt etc etc. Only things not included in pics are Newell reel and 3 drawer tackle box. A good portion is still brand new in packaging. Don’t want to seperate but will...
  30. M

    Need help identifying rig

    Can anyone tell me what this specific rig is called and where I can find it? I am on a search for my father. He purchased a bunch about 20 years ago and can not find them anywhere. I appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
  31. J

    Tons of tackle

    Tons of fishing tackle...big salt water game lures, super stretch, divers, trollers, tons of line, fluorocarbon, steel liters, hooks, tons of terminal tackle, complete flare gun kit and hand flares, first aid kit, emergency epoxy stick, chum bags, nice gaff, tackle box, sinkers, fighting belt...
  32. A


    Hello, I have my first trip to Mexico next month and wanted to see if anyone had an tackle for sale that they would recommend for me. Thank you. I just bought 13 fishing A3 reel and need some braid and irons.
  33. RiggingSoCal

    Shimano Tallus Spinning

    Hey guys looking to buy a Shimano Tallus Spinning Rod Model TLS- 80MHBBL 8’0” 30-65 # Ideally want one in good shape Or any other similar spec 8 ft, 30-60 # Spinning Rod Text me if you have one (818)590-8355
  34. bmanyo

    New Spiderwire Tackle Bag with 4 Large Utility Boxes

    New Spiderwire Tackle Bag with 4 Large Utility Boxes Measures 10.6 x 7.8 x 7 inches; backed by lifetime manufacturer’s warranty $30 Firm Pick up (Norwalk) or Shipped (on your dime) PM if interested
  35. gilochild

    COLLECTIOn For Sale - Rods, Reels & Tackle

    I sold off a good chunk of my rods and reels and am looking to sell the remainder. I'd like to sell it all as a group. Here is what i have left: REELS: Penn Battle 5000 Roddy hunter 186 Heavy Reel 4 older miscellaneous spinning reels RODS: Shimano Tallus 7'0'' Rod - 10-20lb Penn Roddy Hunter...
  36. G

    Bait rigging station - console - seat

  37. J

    Pyramid sinkers needed

    Does anyone make these near Orange County? Wanted a few three sided 8, 6, 4, and 2 ounce sinkers. Let me know, thanks! Respectfully, John B, USMC
  38. LazyDog

    San Diego Party Boat Recommendations

    I'll be in the San Diego area in April and I'm looking to do a few days fishing on a party boat. Was hoping to do some yellowtailing but not sure what species are available that time of year and really would be willing to fish for anything.Mostly want to do day trips ,not looking to do...
  39. Tvdan

    Fishing Tackle Swap Meet in Long Beach, CA

    Fishing Tackle Swap Meet Saturday, November 4th in Long Beach. New and used fishing tackle as well as lots of other marine and outdoor related items will be for sale. Proceeds benefit the Daniel Hernandez Youth Foundation. A 501 (c) 3 Non Profit Organization established in 2001, to bring the...
  40. BigLouFishing

    San Diego Anglers Fishing Tackle Swap Meet - 11/01/2017

    San Diego Anglers FISHING TACKLE SWAP MEET Wednesday, November 1, 2017 5:30pm to 8:30pm Portuguese Hall - Point Loma 2818 Avenida de Portugal, San Diego, CA 92106 Seller Tables $25 per table Please email me to reserve a table [email protected]
  41. Captain Gregg

    II Sharp JIGS

    II Sharp Jigs $18 A piece Copy Cat Jigs Made by Tady $12 a piece 544 Jigs $10 3 -44WL 2-44R 1-44L 4-38L 5-25L copy cats- 4-45 size 6- tady-c size and 5-544 jigs 1-25H 1-44WH and one 44-L that has no letters and is one of the first prototype 2 sharps DM me if you have questions
  42. G

    Best rig and tackle for 3/4 day this weekend?

    Hi everyone - Thinking about heading out on a 3/4 day this weekend in San Diego - do a lot of 1/2 days but this will be a first. What is a good rig for party boat yellows? I have a baja special, a jigmaster 500, and a newell 220 The baja has 60 lb spectra, the jigmaster has 20 lb test, and i...
  43. WickedGood

    Walker Trip Z Divers and Deep Divers

    Health Issues Force Sale. Walt [email protected] Plus Postage to wherever you are? Walker Trip Z Diver #20 Qty 3 Just $25. for all 3 of them Walker Trip Z Diver #30 Qty 3 Just $30. for all 3 of them Walker Trip Z Diver #40 Qty 4 Just $35. for all 4 of them Walker Trip Z...
  44. BD STAFF

    Amazing Tackle Prices This Weekend

  45. G

    Shimano Baltica tackle bag

    Large Shimano Baltica Tackle Bag It's new but been sitting in the garage collecting dust. Come with 6 new Shimano boxes. $60 Pick up in Diamond Bar
  46. Melton Tackle

    Melton Tackle Customer Appreciation Event

    SAVE THE DATE! Saturday, April 2 8 am – 2 pm Melton International Tackle 1375 S. State College Blvd Anaheim, CA 92806 · Store wide savings* too good to miss · Raffle Prizes · Seminars · Manufacturer Representatives and Pro Staff will be there to answer all of your questions and showcase...