surface iron

  1. R

    Surface Iron Video

    Over the summer the Baracuda and Calico bite was crazy! Crazy for the Jig. This video is an aerial perspective shot on the DJI MavicAir 2 of Baracuda slamming the jig. We put a lot of time into editing this video. Let us know what you think of the video in the comments section. Were hoping...
  2. muymacho74

    Lucky DW-1 Gone But never forgotten

    I recently lost my favorite (and Lucky) DW-1 on a 1.5 day trip on the Navegante Sportfishing out of Redondo on 10-15-2020. I acquired this particular jig on 6-26-2020 when I delivered the first shipment of DW-1s to H&M landing and Jerry (owner of JRI) gave me a half a dozen to take with me on a...
  3. STELO415


    Hey guys come and check out this video! This has to be the most epic yellow tail trips I have ever been on in my life!!!! click on the link below to watch this video on my youtube channel Please Subscribe , comment and Like the video thanks again Bd outdoors. Also follow me on Instagram under...
  4. rojo loco

    San Quintin 8/24/20 - K&M Sportfishing w/ George Catian

    Headed down to San Quintin Sunday 8/23 to fish with George Catian from K&M fishing yet again..... Crossed the border in Tecate and drove straight to to the Old Mill with no issues at all. Monday 8/24: Conditions were calling for wind so we tried to hit it on the early side and left the dock by...
  5. A

    SOLD JRI Stingers and 7s

    Selling a lot of 11X JRI Surface Irons: 7X JRI Stingers 4X JRI 7s Selling all together (no singles) $100 Pick up only in Rancho Penasquitos area or Seaforth on a sunday.
  6. S

    For Sale Phenix Titan 68ML slow pitch

    Located in North County SD Will not ship rods, sorry! Looking for a UC Raptor 76 or UC Wahoo 800/900 if you have one to trade From left to right: Factory wrapped Cal star 700H 30-80lb **SOLD** Factory wrapped GG690j 20-50lb **SOLD** Factory wrapped 900M 20-40lb **SOLD** Phenix Titan slow...
  7. Hoeyfashoey

    SOLD Misc irons lot 60$

    Hello. Mixed is a lot of used tady 45s, tady 4/0s, 6x, 6x jr and one colt sniper. Worth we’ll over 60$ and most of them have never been used. 60$ Cash OBO, meet up around the Pasadena area
  8. muymacho74


    Out on the Vagabond this week fishing at the Cortez Bank. Landed 4 Yellowtail including this beast that weighed in at 37.5 lbs. on the very same DW-1 in Solid Mint that I have been killing it on for my last 3 trips. Unfreakin believable what this jig has been doing for me from 140 miles south...
  9. Jonathan A

    WTB Calstar 90j or 6480

    I am looking to buy a fiberglass 90j or a 6480. Thanks!
  10. Sammy108

    For Sale SB creamsicle Ulua, Penn Torque 25 Gold

    The rod is freshly wrapped with fuji k guides in an acid wrap. Reel is in good shape and perfectly functional has 80lb spectra on it currently. Combo- $650 Rod- $450 Reel- $300 Text me at 808-639-4191 for pictures

    Wintertime Bonito Action

    Headed out last week on a typical deep structure winter bass trip. When we got a nice surprise from a huge bird school in the distance. Have to say it was a nice change throwing the surface iron in 56 degree water in January! So much volume and a great grade of fish, we had them boiling around...
  12. Jigslinger

    SOLD Trinidad A’s

    I have a couple of Trini’s up for grabs. Trini 16NA. Hardly ever used. Excellent condition! Filled with 65lb PP. Asking $380 Trino 16A. Barely seen sunlight. Excellent condition! Filled with 65lb JB. Asking $380 Both reels are great for iron or bait! Please PM or text (714) 916-2462 if...
  13. Moor_fish

    SOLD Sold please delete

    Californian Tri Helix 9ft H 30-60 Lb jig stick (phenix blank) Hasn't been used in a while. No issues with guides. Ready to slay some tuna, yellowtail and calicos. Perfect for surface iron, coltsnippers, stick baits and poppers.
  14. daveski

    For Sale Tady, Salas, Ironman, JRI, Coltsniper, Rapala, Halco, Flatfall, Zukers

    SOLD 3 Asst’d Shimano Flat Fall Rig’d $40 SOLD 2 Shimano 130g, 200g Rig’d $25 SOLD 3 Asst’d Knockoff Flat Fall Rig’d $20 3 Asst’d Mag 30, SpeedPro, Colt Jerk $25 SOLD 5 Asst’d Coltsniper Jigs $30 SOLD 3 Halco Popper w/ Leader $25 4 Yozuri Trolling Lures $20 SOLD JRI Surface Iron $30 SOLD 6...
  15. Darin Dohi

    For Sale Calstar GG6490H-J

    Near new condition. It was taken on one trip to Guadalupe in 2018 but never fished. It had a reel mounted on it for that trip but not fished. This is a unique rod that is relatively hard to find these days. It is a corktape rod. It could be used for throwing large surface iron as well as...
  16. Baja Belk

    Easy Limits and Bonus Butts - 7.16.19

    Had an opportunity to jump on my buddy's battlewagon mid-week and join 200 of my closest friends at the worst-kept secret in Southern California. Summertime, and the fishin's easy. It took all of 5 minutes to hookup on the Nomad and make sure the fish were still there (spoiler alert: they...
  17. NathanNichols14

    Del Mar fishing tips?

    i notice the better water clarity in Del Mar/Torrey pines area. Last week in LJ we barely scraped up a few calicos and nothing else. Any reports of decent bass fishing off of Del Mar area?
  18. Baja Belk

    Father's Day Weekend Fun

    Second time this year I put a date on the calendar to go tuna fishing, and the tuna go lockjaw the day or two before, only to resume biting a couple days later. Like clockwork, every time. C'est la vie, let's go to the islands and have some fun. Got to South Island, dropped Rapalas back, and got...
  19. Bite1

    Calstar Rods still a thing? / Crushed reel seat

    My reel seat on my 900 m has failed and the graphite is crushed in (deckhand style). Does calstar still make/ replace rods with warranty? I tried calling the number but there is no voicemail setup. Any advice on what to do with the jig stick? It is still functional but that part of the graphite...
  20. RiggingSoCal

    SOLD Like New Okuma Shadow Stalker 8ft Heavy $90

    Excellent condition Went out on one boat ride Retail for $119 + tax Excellent for for throwing irons Pair with a tranx or Lexa for an awesome casting combo SOLD Text 818-590-8355
  21. MadHatches

    Caivo Surface Iron Comparisons

    Curious if someone has a comparison on how the different models swim. Learned about these in here but looking for more details on swimming characteristics of the different models: 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x, the 2.2 and the 3.3. Which one has the wider and which has the tighter kick? They look good and I...
  22. MadHatches

    Tesoro for surface iron

    Neophyte surface iron guy and did not find a perfect thread for my question(s). Looking to pick up a Tesoro for local to baja surface iron. Question one: Feeling the 10 is better than the 12 for this purpose. Are people using the 12 rather than the 10? Question two: Thinking to go with...
  23. YouFARMEDItBro

    Casting with Talica 16 TACII

    Does anyone use their Talica 12 or 16 two speed for throwing surface irons? I feel like the whole "lever drags dont cast well" is another one of those outdated sport boat statements based on technology that isnt use anymore. I've been throwing a flat fall with mine lately, but using a shorter...
  24. YouFARMEDItBro

    Tranx 500 Casting Problems

    Owned my Tranx 500 since 2014. Im noticing that I'm just not getting the casting distance that I likely should be on this reel. For example, My Daiwa Lexa 400, which is the same age and has caught probably 2x the fish can throw a surface iron probably 1.5x as far than my Tranx on the same rod...
  25. West Coast Tuna

    10ft jigstick Conlon

    A friend of mine has a few Conlon blanks he wants to give to me. I am thinking about wrapping them and making jigsticks out of them... I can't find any info on them. If anybody has knowledge on the blanks I would love to hear it :)?
  26. B

    WTB 9' + Jig Stick

    Interested in buying my first 9ft+ jig stick. Not looking to spend a ton of money. Maybe calstar or seeker? Thanks!
  27. S

    For Sale Shimano, Phenix, Seeker, Surface Iron lot

    Looking to get rid of extra gear in my arsenal that has either never been used or hardly gets any usage. The items crossed off with red marking have already been sold. I was too lazy to take new pictures lol. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or would like more pictures. Located in...
  28. L

    Good all around yellowtail rod?

    I just ordered a Shimano torium 20 and I am looking for a good all around rod. I am 15 so I don’t have a lot of money to spend. Any suggestions would be helpful thanks!
  29. H

    SURFACE IRON ROD THROW DOWN!!! Truline versus Roddy

    I've got two Roddy jig sticks- both from unwrapped blanks that had never seen the light of day until a three years ago: fishing 40# & 50#. But I think I favor the Trulines more because of versatility. I have Truline jig sticks to fish 25#, 30#, 40#, 50# and 60# surface iron. Don't think Roddy...
  30. cpontiveros

    Salas christy2 advice

    Just came up on six Salas christy2 irons. Any suggestions on how to fish them, they seem like a weird in betweener. Very slow action, and 4oz. I’m thinking maybe a good calico jig. Thoughts
  31. RiggingSoCal

    Does A Longer Rod Always Mean A Longer Cast?

    Hey guys I know the casting distance depends on a lot of variables so let me clear some of those up. I'll be using a Daiwa BG 5000 (I like this size because it holds 310yards of 65lb and weights 22.6 oucnes) using 65 lb original power pro braid with a short leader "not" having the know go...
  32. NathanNichols14

    La Jolla reports?

    HAs anyone had any luck in LJ lately? Thinking about cruising over there tomorrow morning for any kind of yellow or calico bite.
  33. Shade42087

    Age old jigs.

    My wife's grandfather was a fisherman, and my good friend. He told me on his deathbed that he wanted myself and my brother in law to split his gear. My brother in law isn't so much into the fishing like i am, so after 8 years, my wife's grandmother was finally ready to let some of these things...
  34. Javon

    WTB Fathom 25N star, Daiwa Lexa 400 HD

    Hey BDers, Looking to buy a Penn fathom 25N star drag reel or something similar for surface iron. Let me know what you have or are willing to sell. You can text me at any time (323)541-6212. Thanks.
  35. G

    Building first surface and yo-yo iron arsenal - what to buy?

    New Years resolution to fish more this year! Interested in folks perspective. Will be doing more 1/2 day, 3/4 day and hopefully an overnight or 1.5 day trip or two this year - specifically to target yellowtail and tuna species. Need to limit the budget to ~ $150 or so and am wondering what...
  36. muymacho74

    Insane Wahoo on JRI Surface Iron

    We did some Major damage on the Wahoo during a pick bite using the JRI Surface Irons fishing down at the ridge recently on the Shogun. Myself, Bill Hindorff (aka Baller), and Al Yee were fishing the long Rod for two days in the zone with my favorite JRI 4’s in Mint/gold/white, Mint/white, and...
  37. dansly56

    Anacapa island 9/17/17 yellowtails and rockfish

    went out to Anacapa yesterday for some yellowtail and rockfish, also wanted to check my new transducer location mount and see if it was working better than previous mount. Well my buddy and I scored 5 yellows on the iron and some rockfish. Also my ducer was working way better than my previous...
  38. C

    WTB: yoyo and surface iron rod/reel combos

    I'm looking to buy or put together the following combos, primarily for yellowtail and small tuna fishing. #1 - yoyo jig setup reel with high retrieve rate, narrow a plus, 2-speed a plus but not required rod around 7 ft would probably run something around 65 braid / 50 mono #2 - surface iron...
  39. Arthur Seropyan

    Fishing irons

    got 21 irons all for 100$
  40. West Coast Tuna

    BEAUTIFUL SEA RAY 13,000 OBO - Yellowtail and Tuna Machine

    SOLD SOLD SOLD! Many people know this boat as it belonged to one of the head mechanics at Harrys Marine in Orange. It is the fastest ocean sports fishing boat I have ever been on - 1982 Sea Ray fisherman walk 24ft 8inches. It cruises at 30 knots with ease.This boat is in great condition. It has...
  41. HavasuSun

    Quantum Cabo 100 for surface irons and poppers?

    Does anyone have experience casting surface irons or poppers with a Cabo 100 (Quantum Cabo CSP100PTsE)? I am looking to buy a spinning reel that I can cast surface irons with for yellowtail, yellowfin, dorado, etc. it would be nice if it would also work to cast large poppers if the blue fin...
  42. K

    Surface irons for sale

    I have 6 surface irons for sale 40 bucks for all of them. They swim fine too. Cannot upload photos but will be willing to send you pictures through text. There are three salas 7xs, one Tady 45, one Tady C treble hook, and one Tady C barracuda jig.
  43. Tino

    Looking to match reel with new rod

    I just bought a Phenix black diamond Psw-909xhj (deckhand style) looking to match it with a new reel.... Main use will be for surface iron.... Was considering trini 20A... But looking for any input thanks ahead of time!!
  44. fishing29

    Avet MC Cast LX 4.6 For sale $200

    Extremely versitle reel. Ive casted surface irons for yellowtail with this reel, yo-yoed my arm off, dropper looped, and fly lined. Used for 1 season, Minor boat rash throughtout the red except the lower left side from my surface iron tremble hooks rubbing (we all know the mechanics on the...
  45. muymacho74

    Surface Iron Rod Shoot-out..!! UC vs. Calstar

    Me and my Bro Bill put them to the test at Castaic Lake, California. The purpose of this test was to see how the two makers of surface Iron Jigsticks compare when it comes down to distance and ease of casting. Everybody knows of the old faithfull Calstar sticks and more recently the increasing...

    WTB Phenix or United Composite jig stick

    Hey guys, Looking for a nice surface iron stick to throw candybars, tady 45s & salas 7x light 9' minimum, maybe a 10' 20-60lb, 20-50, 25-60 Phenix Abyss psx909,psx1009 Anyone have cord wrapped handles? Not too familiar with UC but man they're light and would be nice to throw all day...
  47. sulla

    Tady 45 and Jpot new paint jobs

    Painted a few of my jigs just to keep busy. I think I have an airbrush somewhere in the garage but for these I used a brush. if you notice I also opened up some of the holes to hopefully get them to swim better. Do you guys have any tricks to get your jigs to swim better?
  48. Kent tran

    SORRYSOLD Shimano trinidad tn30

    Shimano trinidad tn30 $350 8.5/10 cosmetic minor boat rash on top 10/10 mechanism Comes with clamp. Already has line on it. No trades. No shipping. Pick up local westminster ca 92683 PLEASE CALL OR TEXT ONLY 7143433975 I will not reply to post