1. * $40 Off - Or Trade * NEW Penn Fathom 10XNLD

    Southern California * $40 Off - Or Trade * NEW Penn Fathom 10XNLD

    Reel and Box, as shown Retail $209.95 + $20.50 Tax LESS 15% = $195 LESS $40 = $190 >or Trade for 8', 8 1/2', or 9' 15-40# or 20-30# rod< For size reference, Penn (for sale) is shown with Valiant 300 and ProGear V30 (I can ship, obviously additional cost)
  2. sjtufan

    (Video) First time using Shimano Game Type Slow J and Ocea Jigger F Custom

    Here's the video for my SPJ trip in SoCal two days ago. Had a great trip, caught more than my fair share of the rockfish. Really enjoyed using the Shimano Game Type Slow J and Ocea Jigger F Custom reel. It was shallow water light jigging, but the rod performed very well. And the reel was super...
  3. G

    Slow Pitched on the Old Glory for BFT to be ridiculed and ignored.

    Just came off the most miserable 2 Day trip of my life on the Old Glory out of H&M and felt compelled to share my experience with this particular boat. I bought new, the Accurate 500N BV2 SPJ & spooled with 500 yards of 40lb power pro maxcuatro and mated it with my new Goofish 250-350 max...
  4. Accurate Boss Dauntless 600 Extra Narow With Upgraded SPJ Knob

    Southern California Accurate Boss Dauntless 600 Extra Narow With Upgraded SPJ Knob

    - Boss Dauntless 600 extra narrow with upgraded SPJ knob - Come with box and clamps - Spooled with 80lb japanese braided line - Very well maintenance
  5. Proteus

    Lingcod party

    I got an invite to get on the water from a good friend that is a deckhand on a local charter boat and jumped on it. After I accepted I looked at the tides and found it was going to be really tough conditions, full moon & 1.5ft minus tides, the current was going to be ripping. The absolute worse...
  6. Levelartist

    Post your SPJ set up and tell us a bit about it.

    This is my heavier set up Penn Fathom 15XNLD w/ Battalion BATSPJII450C68MH. I mostly use it for super deep dropping also is used for pelagic fishing. When I need to get the big boys out of structure this set up works like a charm. If fishing for tunas and yellows that are metering at specific...
  7. Accurate Extreme 600NN

    Accurate Extreme 600NN

    9/10 of cosmetic 10/10 Mechanical Accurate Extreme 600NN 2 SPD jigging reel with extended jigging arm ($50) and upgraded handle ($50). Loaded with PE 8 Unitika PE 8 braid ($100 value). Last serviced by Accurate 1/2020, not fished since. Low offers will be denied. This is a great value...
  8. S

    Anybody try out the slow pitch jigs from Striker?

    Hi ya'll, I've been taking a look at SPJ over the last few weeks and came across striker tackle's advertisements in the forums. Has anybody purchased and tried the slow pitch jigs from striker? If so, let me know how they were. I was looking at the 200g models to fish in Oxnard/SB. $8-10 a pop...
  9. BiggetyBones

    Temple Reef Levitate Rods for sale locally

    SPJ for sale posts makes sense to post over here, but rules say to post over in the classifieds. Was hoping to sell them locally here to someone on BD before I posted outside and offer to ship. https://www.bdoutdoors.com/forums/threads/temple-reef-levitate-slow-pitch-jigging-rods-set.756578/
  10. BiggetyBones

    *** SOLD *** Temple Reef - Levitate - Slow Pitch Jigging Rods (Set)

    Temple Reef (SPJ) Rod - 2017 Limited Edition - Bamboo Models: *** SF 68-2. SOLD ** Temple Reef Levitate (SF 68-2, 6’8”, Lure: 150g-400g) *** SOLD *** Temple Reef Levitate (SF 68-3, 6’8”, Lure: 200g-500g) = $325 Rod comes with original Temple Reef Rod sleeve. Rod has been very lightly fished...