1. Shimano SpeedMaster 16 - $240

    Southern California Shimano SpeedMaster 16 - $240

    9/10 cosmetically 10/10 functionally Half filled w 80 lb power pro Service by Shimano on 2/22 w no tuna caught on it W box and papers Great reel!


    SHIMANO SPEEDMASTER 16ii - $250 - 450 yards of 100lb Max Quatro braid (over a $100 dollars worth of braid on this reel) Inches per crank H: 42" L: 23" Landed a 150lb Bluefin Tuna on this reel paired with an Okuma PCH rod.
  3. Shimano Speedmaster 20II

    Southern California Shimano Speedmaster 20II

    $220 Local $230 Shipped Located in Chula Vista Comes with reel cover, box & original accessories Includes talica parts needed to change stock handle to a tiburon handle. You will need to purchase the Talica Tiburon Handle New but has small scratch on left side plate circled in red.
  4. Shimano Speedmaster 20

    Southern California Shimano Speedmaster 20

    $250 local $262 shipped Located in Chula Vista Comes with reel cover, box & original accessories New but has small scratch on left side plate circled in red Ended up getting a Saltiga 55
  5. P

    Southern California Shimano Speedmaster 12ii, 16ii, 20ii

    Trying to help some out of state buds upgrade from their old jigmasters, 4/0s, and 6/0s, without breaking their banks… if you have any of these reels in good condition you’d be will willing to part with at a reasonable price, please drop me a DM. Face to face deals in San Diego please. Thanks...
  6. Esoxhntr2007

    Shimano speedmasterr 16 hard to reel

    I just received my new in box Shimano speedmaster 16 yesterday. In low gear it seems to work just fine, free spool is smooth but I can hear a little almost grinding noise as it slows down and then the trouble starts when I switch into high gear. It gets annoyingly hard to reel and I can actually...
  7. K

    Shimano Speedmaster 25

    Anyone have experience with it as a 80-100lb setup? I’m really on the fence between it and a Makaira 16
  8. Shimano SpeedMaster 25ii

    Southern California Shimano SpeedMaster 25ii

    Selling a brand new Shimano SpeedMaster 25II. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  9. SpeedMaster 20ii + Graftech GRR78XH 80-100lb -- Cow BFT Setup

    Southern California SpeedMaster 20ii + Graftech GRR78XH 80-100lb -- Cow BFT Setup

    I'm selling my Big BFT combo. I bought it a couple months ago at Turner's and used it on one trip only to learn I'm not a fan of dropping heavy jigs. TBH, I realize I'm just a lazy fisherman and find that waking up at 2am to drop jigs through the night is too much work for me. Lol. This rig...
  10. Cody B

    Shimano Speed Master & Calstar Rod

    Always wanted a Calstar rod. Finally got a Grafighter 7400XH paired with a SpeedMaster 16 with 80lb depth hunter braid for my 60lb outfit. Super stoked to use it on the Ocean Odyssey in a couple weeks! what are you thoughts of the paring? Reviews of the rod and reel of you hVe used them...
  11. Okuma Metaloid 12II 2 speed

    Southern California Okuma Metaloid 12II 2 speed

    For sale Okuma Metaloid 12II - 2 speed - 65 Braid with 40 Mono - 34 lbs of drag (Most people can't pull on 34 lbs of drag much less 20) Used it for Yellowtails and Tuna (Bluefin & Yellowfin) or trade for a Proteus WN76XHF Link below to find all the specs...
  12. H

    TN30 Gold For Sale located in SD

    Located in San Diego. For faster response times, please text Herb at 626-674-3692. Shimano Trinidad TN30, missing clamp. 8/10 cosmetic. Selling for $225 $200. Thanks for looking!
  13. ckcadavona

    Speedmaster 2 LD

    Shimano Speedmaster II 16 LD, 500 yards Berkeley Pro Spec Solid 80#, some minor rash, very good condition, ready to fish, includes everything pictured $250 **sold** Trades 7-8ft rods 610H, 670H, 6470H, 6480H, or similar action complete fishable rods...no blanks
  14. Drew Stephens

    Shimano Talica Reel Cover?

    Hey guys, so I lied its not for a Talica. I just got two of the new Shimano Speedmasters in 16 and 12 sizes. They look like the same size as the Talicas but I cant even find reel covers for them. Any that you would recommend that would fit my shiny new reels? Thanks guys!
  15. HeadGaff

    Shimano-Triton-Speedmaster-III Conventional Fishing Reel

    Shimano-Triton-Speedmaster-III Great 25-30lb. Reel In good shape, works fine. $75 PM Please - No Trades