southern california

  1. ronman


    Looking for a pair of Fraser M25Es or S250s. Selling my Fujis. Thanks!
  2. HOD Fishing CO

    What does Hands on Deck Mean to You?

    Hands on Deck! I'm sure you've heard it before; whether it was your last time aboard a boat, during your last half-time pep talk, or your last business meeting. But what does All Hands on Deck really mean, or more importantly, what does it mean to you? This phrase embodies the spirit of...
  3. 1987 Chris craft scorpion

    Southern California 1987 Chris craft scorpion

    This is my 1987 25ft chris craft scorpion walkaround this boat has some history as a local charter boat here in San Diego by the previous owner captain Alan Clowers. Boat equipment: -tuna tower up top with second driving station -garmin 7610xvs fish finder -ray marine autopilot -airmar b175hw...
  4. E

    10’ Jig Stick building measurements?

    Hello so im planning on wrapping my first jig stick after practicing for a bit. Its an SS- Ulua 10’3 uncut, i plan on putting a simple butt cap, shrink wrap then tuna cord on top, then fuji guides but however i don’t know the measurements for the guides, or how long to put the shrink wrap or the...
  5. M

    Salt Water striped Bass all over southern California?

    Hi everyone I saw this video a couple minutes ago and need some answers. Are there really salt water striped bass all over this guy was fly lining sardines for them it was crazy. If anyone has some answers let me know because I want to catch some.
  6. S


    New to BD Long time San Diego fisherman Was fortunate enough to catch BFT in April Have another trip planned for June Have seen postings of people not sure what they can do with excess fish Was wondering what I would do if I am fortunate enough to to land more than I could use Reached out to...
  7. Friends On Fish

    Southern California 24 Skipjack Open

    LOOKING FOR A 24 SKIPJACK OPEN!!!! Trying to find a 24 skippy open in good condition. With a trailer. Doesn’t need all the bells and whistles.
  8. SD Kook

    Shameless Plug For My Fishing YouTube Channel - The San Diego Kook

    Hello Bloody Decks! I've been a silent participant to the forums for quite a while now, but wanted to write my first post and shamelessly promote my YouTube channel SD Kook. I started the channel about a year and a half ago and it's been a lot of fun. The channel includes saltwater fishing...
  9. 23' Parker 2320 SL 2011

    Southern California 23' Parker 2320 SL 2011

    2011 23' Parker 2320 SL Upgraded Simrad Electronic Package Dual Simrad GO XSE Screens 1kw Airmar Transducer Simrad AP44 Auto Pilot Custom 60 gallon Pacific Edge Bait Tank with Lights Lewmar Pro-Fish Windlass Custom Sea Deck Flooring Yamaha 4 Stroke 300hp outboard (600 hours) Many Custom...
  10. chris0adams

    Grady White Islander

    Anyone in Southern CA have a Grady White Islander? I am interested in this boat for my family, but have never been on one. Would love to check one out in person. Happy to get some gas, beer, etc... for the time and effort.
  11. fifteen_whistling_pigs

    Help finding a cheap project boat

    Can anyone help me find a cheap project boat? 17’-19’ cc, bow rider, runabout, aluminum, or similar. I’m ok with cosmetic, fiberglass, and engine work needed. Looking in the 700-1000$ range on Craigslist and have seen some, but any others to look at would be appreciated. I made a similar post...
  12. fifteen_whistling_pigs

    Old Cheap i/o boat for fishing SoCal

    I’m in the Ventura area, 17, and on a very tight budget but hoping to do some inshore and islands fishing this summer. Obviously a boat like this: Wellcraft boat isn’t set up for fishing like a center console and is on the smaller side, but is there a reason that I couldn’t use it to do islands...
  13. F

    Any one got any tips for catching striper from the surf?

    I saw a couple surf anglers catching them on fish brain down here in southern california. Seems like ever since that striper video appeared these fish are popping up like crazy. Just wondering if anyone's got any tips or tricks for them would love to get one.
  14. F

    Striped Bass in long beach??

    I went on YouTube this morning and watched some rock fish videos as we are all doing right now. Then I saw a video that changed my mind this kid was targeting saltwater striper in southern california at a spot in long beach. He was catching big ones to I'm very impressed and would like to know...

    Check out our new 2021 Parker 2320 "GrayLight" and Build Plans

    After a few years of fishing through a boat club, we have purchased a new Parker 2320 from Kevin Kelly at West Coast Marine. We took it out for engine break-in on Sunday out of Huntington Harbor for a few hours and will head out to Catalina on Friday to finish the break-in. Really looking...
  16. aeverett152

    Lake Hemet good these days?

    Havent been there in almost 20 years. Gonna take my boy up there this week? How is the fishing? I know there is decent catfishing there. Any knowledge on bass or trout?
  17. Cashdaddy777

    Kayak Fishing South of Santa Barbara

    Hi y’all, I’m taking my kayak out this weekend. Ive been looking on Fishbrain maps and google maps to find some kelp beds along there and I’ve narrowed it down to 2 spots. A reef in Summerland and Carpenteria reef. Has anyone had any luck at either? If so any tips on shat setups to use would be...
  18. Levi Santana

    Southern California Surf Fishing

    Hello everyone! I just recently got into fishing the surf in SoCal (VC, SB county and northern LA county). I’m trying to master the Carolina rig in the surf. Anyone have any tips, trailer ideas, or other recommendations? Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  19. hosmo

    Saltwater Yellow tail off queen Charlotte

    Not a Washington report but figured the tuna guys would find it interesting. Yellow tail caught while trolling 176 miles due west of southern end of queen Charlotte island, got a double we lost one, traveling at 10.5 knots water was beautiful purple blue and 60-61 degrees.
  20. Rfishinggirl

    San Diego and Coronado Islands Monday

    Monday was a beautiful day on the water. I went down to San Diego to fish with my friend Rob. We left San Diego harbor about 530am with a scoop of dinos. Then we headed about 9 to 10 miles outside of Coronado islands and came across two paddies. Found one small Yellowtail and threw it back...
  21. Promar

    Lobster Season Closes March 22nd

    Hey Everyone, Lobster season closes Wed March 22nd So you have 6 days to get out there and get some bugs before the season is over.