socal fishing

  1. J

    2.5 day private charter spots needed - nov 8th pacific voyager

    we have a 2.5 private charter on pacific voyager leaving nov 8th. ultra limited load (13 guys max) meals included. Total cost $1,100 per person. Please reach out to me directly if interested. Theres 4 spots available. thanks! -Jake 714-369-9328
  2. R

    Avet JX 6/3 raptor

    I recently purchased an Avet JX 6/3 Raptor. I have paired it with an AXIS 30-80 Phenix Rod. Thoughts on set up? I am newer to Saltwater fishing.
  3. C

    The ElDorado out of Long Beach Sportfishing is streaming their trip live on TWITCH

    AWatermansLife is on the ElDorado on a 2.5-day trip right now and streaming the entire trip LIVE
  4. C

    Southern California Penn fathom 40

    Looking for a fathom 40 preferably filled up with spectra 805-585-0081
  5. 46”X90” Reliable fishing cooler bag

    Southern California 46”X90” Reliable fishing cooler bag

    XL Reliable fishing bag for sale. Lined with 5200 for waterproofing per directions from the maker
  6. California flyer

    Southern California California flyer

    California flyer for sale. Needs wings. I have 2 sets of wings to sell her with.
  7. Seeker Rods - Black Steel 270h-8 and MGC (Stealth Series) 8020

    Southern California Seeker Rods - Black Steel 270h-8 and MGC (Stealth Series) 8020

    Two Seeker rods for sale. Price drop. Black Steel G 270h-8. Good condition. Factory wrapped. No chips in guides. Reel seat is clean. Some scuffing in glass finish but purely cosmetic. $200. MGC 8020. Decent condition. Factory wrapped. No chips in guides, but some nicks in the grip (see pics)...
  8. D

    Gonzaga Bay report + fishing buddies

    hi how’s it going guys this is my first post on BD so please don’t go too hard on me. I am a southern California native who has moved part-time to San Felipe to further my angler goals of catching more fish. I have a house and air bnb in Pete’s camp in town and as well as a beach house down in...
  9. 1911nate

    Lineup Advice

    This past year has been my first full year of sportsfishing for rockfish, wsb, yellowtail, and bft here in SoCal. I was lucky enough to catch a variety of different species using different methods and built up a lineup of reels and rods i use for specific purposes. Although I would like some...
  10. 2019 Parker 2520XLD

    Southern California 2019 Parker 2520XLD

    A true turn key fishing machine. Ready to fish today. 2019 Parker 2520XLD 2019 dual axle pacific trailer Twin Yamaha 200 F200XCA/ LF200XCA (800 hours) warranty through 2025 Stainless steel props Avg fuel eco 1.6nmpg -2.2nmpg depending on sea state. 4000-4500rpm cursing 22-26knots Top end...
  11. Fishing Syndicate Rods For Sale

    Southern California Fishing Syndicate Rods For Sale

    I have a couple of 9 foot Fishing Syndicate all-purpose composite series rods (2x 900L 15-30) (2x 900M 20-50) for sale. Each are $150. All roads are used but cared for like a baby. The 9 foot rods work great for those who really want a great crossover between a bait and surface iron rod. The...
  12. C

    Best rod for accurate tern 500

    Hey guys so I’m looking for a good rod for my tern 500. I want to mainly use this set up for fly/free lining baits. And time to time throw a colt sniper, probably using 50-60lb braid. I was thinking a 8’ 2” Phenix abyss HD 20-50lb Or maybe fishing syndicate 800M. Fishing for small tuna...
  13. Trailer for 21 ft boat

    Southern California Trailer for 21 ft boat

    Pink slip in hand. Needs a little TLC but has brand new tires. If you have patience, a wire wheel, and some paint, you can make this a pretty sweet trailer. Price negotiable
  14. Hard to miss opportunity! Blackman Sportfisher $189k

    Southern California Hard to miss opportunity! Blackman Sportfisher $189k

    AWESOME LISTING ALERT!!! 'SKYKUN' was the LAST 29 footer to be built by the one and only Don Blackman himself! This rare opportunity and she is ready for Big Bluefin, and fully outfitted with Hawaiian shotgun rod holders and dual bait tanks. This boat radiates pride of ownership. A big wide...
  15. Madocarmo

    Advice for San Clemente?

    Hey everyone, I have plans to try San Clemente this coming Monday since conditions are looking pretty good. I’m going to be heading to Catalina Sunday night to sleep there then head to Clemente Monday morning. I’ve heard ALOT about the tuna at Clemente and was wondering if anyone knows where I...
  16. kodysun

    Offshore How and where the f@&$ can i catch halibut in Newport??

    Anyone trying to meet up and teach a young lad on how to fish for halibut like a pro? i been going every day to a spot in newport bay i got lucky and snagged my first halibut about 8"! just got my first lucky crafts but i'm not too sure where to start trying for the 'buts. i'm afraid of...
  17. Jordan Lynn

    Got my PB Spottie at Los Alamitos Bay this weekend... Good fishing on the HUBs

    LAB has been a struggle for me the first couple times I went. Clearly I was just using the wrong bait... lol. Here's a video I put together from my day trying to figure out how to fish LAB. Hope you enjoy.
  18. Eli Bloch

    Social Distancing on the Water (video)

    Decided to get out of the house and take the kids fishing! Found a few spots with Whitefish, Salmon Groupers, and Sanddabs. P.S. Just started this YouTube channel - Please Subscribe!
  19. Sardine_matt

    Anyone fishing this weekend or anytime soon???

    anyone out there with a boat fishing this upcoming weekend at or around catalina island or even just close and local? Im somewhat new to saltwater fishing and would like the opportunity to meet some good people and catch some fish (im not completely incompetent). pm me if you’re interested and...
  20. tvdan

    Big sand bass & sculpin 02/16

  21. SaltwatrSammons

    general tuna set up questions (60-80lb gear)

    I have a custom 60-80lb seeker e-glass rod, paired with an okuma makaira 16SEA2. my goal for this set up is to slay a cow tuna in 2020. a colleague recommended hollowcore braid for splicing and higher quality connections. I dont know to much frankly and would love some Line recommendations as...
  22. Eial Sauer

    How do I catch a thresher shark off a pier, everyone I see is using a bobber.

    I’ve been trying to catch these thing for the past year and all I’ve been landing is bat rays and leapord sharks. I use a slideing rig. Cast the lead and slide the bait. I really want to learn how to catch these threshers. I see a ton of guys using bobbers. I just don’t know what is under the...
  23. B

    Leopard shark and batrays surf fishing

    So I've caught a few leopard sharks and batrays from some rocks near a estuary but those are kind of a pain to land form the rocks. I've tried fishing for them from the beach but can seem to catch anything. I use mackerel and squid as bait with a 1-2 foot 50lb mono leader and a 4/0 to 6/0 hook...
  24. Franklin Warner

    Moving to back to the BEST Coast - OFFSHORE FISHING HELP

    Being a military family we are never in one place for too long and it makes it hard to master the fishing grounds. We are originally from Cali but haven't been into offshore fishing until now. I've been fishing the East Coast (actually the Chesapeake Bay with one pending offshore trip out of...
  25. A

    Seeking Info From Avid Fishing Community

    Greetings BD Crew, My team is partnering with Long Beach State University in California on a research project around fishing in Southern California, with special emphasis on White Shark encounters. We're hoping to learn more about the interactions our local fishing community has had with white...
  26. L

    Good all around yellowtail rod?

    I just ordered a Shimano torium 20 and I am looking for a good all around rod. I am 15 so I don’t have a lot of money to spend. Any suggestions would be helpful thanks!
  27. S

    Offshore July-Week 2 BoatUS Favorite Fish Report Winner Announced!

    BoatUS Week 2 Favorite Fish Report Fishing really picked up this last week around Wednesday in SoCal and we started to see some awesome reports coming in! This Bloodydeckers report stood out though. His report was full of detail from the bait, weather conditions, down to what set ups he used...
  28. Promar

    Yellowtail at Catalina

    Hey Everyone, It looks like the yellowtail bite is in full swing over at Catalina Island. This giant was one of 3 caught on Sunday by Ahi USA professional Ed "Matame" Zamora. Ed was just one of many that was able to score on better grade yellows, Gail Force scored a 34 pounder and some of the...
  29. HavasuSun

    Salty Trolling Rigging Ideas....

    what are some rigging techniques you have found to be successful when setting up your trolling spread? I just got back from Bimini and one of the things we did there was using in-line trolling weights and to get the lures deeper in the water column. On a 15" 16oz, MagBay skirted lure we ran...
  30. Travis Xtaero

    LAW OF BOAT WINDSHIELDS, a biased essay

    This essay lays out why boaters in SoCal should not buy any more boats with aft leaning windshields. So why does anyone want an aft leaning windshield in SoCal? Here is a bogus argument. Because they look better. This is akin to why people are attracted to the wrong mate merely because that...
  31. The Dominator

    Dominator Trip Coming Up

    The Weather forecast is looking Great for the next 10+ Days with next Weekend in the high 70s!. We are Sold Out for this weekend but still have room on the Next trip leaving Friday 3/25 at 7pm. Grab your favorite yo-yo Jigs and come on out with us! Fatty Yellowtail, Quality Rockfish and Good...