slow pitch jigging

  1. sjtufan

    SPJ in California with Temple Reef Innovate and Accurate BV 300 SPJ

    It's my first trip using SPJ only. Didn't touch my bait rod throughout the trip. Had a great time catching rockfish :jig:
  2. S

    Black Hole SPJ Rod

    Cape Cod Special B-581H3R 5’8” 20-50lb braid Jig weight 120-450g Spiral-Acid wrapped Fuji reel seat Fuji Alconite Guides w/ KR Concept Excellent condition: $275 Local pick up Torrance, CA Will consider shipping for $35
  3. Leke


    Selling my slow pitch setup Reel: Shimano Ocea Jigger 2000NRHG (Just the reel - 440.00) Rod: Shimano GameType J B605 (Just the rod - 250.00) Bundled - 650.00
  4. Leke

    Shimano Ocea Jigger 2000NRHG (2017)

    Shimano Ocea Jigger 2000NRHG (2017 Model) Asking 460.00 OBO *If you prefer buying through offerup please pm and I can send you link to the post* **Also willing to bundle Ocea Jigger with Shimano Game Type J Rod**
  5. Leke

    Shimano Game Type J Rod B605 Slow Pitch Jigging

    Selling my Shimano Game Type J B605 (Conventional) 6ft Used only twice and caught a few yellows on the yoyo. Dope stick just dont use it as much as my other ones. Item is also on OfferUp: Asking 360.00 OBO
  6. Proteus

    OK I'm finally ready to buy a legit slow pitch rod....

    ... and between the cost and choosing the right one, it's a bit daunting. On top of that I like to see things first hand B4 I buy and there aren't any shops that stock much of them in NorCal. So far I've looked at the cheap stuff (Tsunami, Goofish), not going that route. Shimano Grappler &...
  7. ultralightbeam

    Jigging Master Reel, Phenix, Temple Reef (Slow Pitch Jigging)

    I have for sale the following in Mint or New. - Jigging Master Wiki Violent Slow Reel (newest) 2000XH Black comes with PE-3 Daiwa Saltiga Boat Braid 10/10 ($530)