1. V

    SOLD New United Composites RGP 80 MEGA 20-50 $380

    Brand new mega rgp SOLD Still Available : also selling brand new factory wrapped United composites Reaper for $400 Daiwa proteus wn 80mh $190
  2. V

    SOLD United composites REAPER & Daiwa Proteus wn 80 MHF

    Both rods are brand new. $400 for the Reaper $190 for the daiwa proteus FIRM ON THE PRICE pick up and cash only.
  3. Surfergrom2

    For Sale Shimano/Seeker Fishing Rods for sale

    List of Shimano casting rods SNC-70M--$70 TLC-66MHA--$100 *new XAC-72M--$60 CL-730MA--$120 CSC-70MHD--$70 *new CPC-X70MHB--$80 *new CRC-C66M--$70 CRC-X66MH--$80 CRC-X70M--$100 *new CDC-610MH--$100 *new TLS-72MHBBL--$100 Spinning Rods TMS-76ML--$120 *new STS70M2--$40 CRS-76M--$140 *new...
  4. sulla

    For Sale * SOLD * Tiburon N533NK $90

    I have a Tiburon narrow kit ( silver frame black spool ) for 500 and 400 Newell series.
  5. V

    SOLD Phenix Black Diamond 700M 15-40

    In excellent shape with alps reel seat $220 cash and pick up only
  6. V

    SOLD AVET SXJ 5.3.1 single speed Upgraded habdle

    Single speed. Very clean reel with upgraded handle $160 Cash and pick up only.
  7. V

    SOLD Daiwa Saltist BG 30H black and gold sd

    $165 cash and pick up only. Clean reel with 50lb braid $300 if you take the 20H and the 30H Ignore: daiwa,shimano,penn,lexa,saltiga,calstar,phenix,avet,seeker,United composites
  8. D

    SOLD UC REAPER Factory wrapped

    Brand new factory wrapped REAPER. deck hand. $425 FIRM FIRM FIRM
  9. V

    SOLD Calstar Graphiter 900M 20-40 jig stick or trade for saltiga 15 plus cash on my end

    Custom wrapped by Lindsay. fuji real sea. 900m 20-40 Very well taken care of. All guides are good no rust. Just very minor scuffs $250 FIRM won’t go any lower. cash and pick up only.
  10. akachalupa

    SOLD OKUMA PCH 801XH Conventional Rod Like New - 150

    Selling my 8 foot Okuma PCH Custom Rod. It is rated for 30 to 60 lb test and it is a beast of a rod. I fished it primarily for live bait and 40lb test line but I think you could fish it at 50lb. Let me know if you are interested. Rod is in like new condition. I bought it new from Turners for...
  11. MrMartilyo

    SOLD Seeker Pinhead Black D8 - Sold

    Great condition factory wrapped, have too many sticks in the same line class. 25-50, fishes on the heavier side and not the little boy your looking for $230. Rod is located in the IE, Ontario to be exact. Can take the rod with me to work, which is in LB.
  12. David Speer

    SOLD 9'3 Seeker SS Ulua Ct

    Super Seeker Ulua Ct 30-60 Never caught a fish custom wrapped heavy jig stick 400obo
  13. Tyler Doan

    For Sale Seeker SS 6455XH-5 1/2

    Never used. Rewrapped with Fuji alconite Turbo guides instead of rollers. Located in Anaheim No trades $300
  14. akachalupa

    SOLD Graftech Offshore Rods (Medium and XH) - 110 ea or 200 for both

    Selling my backup offshore rods. Rods are in great condition and have not seen much action. Selling the medium (rated 30-40) and extra heavy (rated 50-60). These rods are workhorse style pieces and will last a long time. 110 each or 200 for both. Let me know if interested. I am not looking to do...
  15. chicho64

    For Sale Medium heavy spinning rod

    selling a 2 piace custom spinning rod only used 2 times rod action is medium heavy length is phenix blank 8'6" line rating 8-20 asking $120
  16. MrMartilyo

    SOLD Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid Inshore Series PHD 886L

    It’s time to part ways with one of my old reliables. I have caught everything on this rod from spotted bay bass, tons of calicos, yellows galore, tons of yft and most recently a 40# bft. Never went into battle second guessing this rod. 8’8 10-25 rating, fished 15# all the way to 25# with no...
  17. noahfex

    SOLD LB Seeker 6485, Teramar 80MH $55, Lexa/Komodo 400 Tiburon clamp $40

    Seeker BSC 6485 - 8.5ft 15-40lb - Long Beach factory wrap, Tuna cord handle, shrink wrap reel seat padding. Good condition, clean guides, some scratches on the clear coat. Great local jig and bait rod. SOLD Shimano Teramar - TMC-X80MH - Definitely used, but still works great. Heavier swimbait...
  18. MrMartilyo

    SOLD United Composites RCE800MEGA-C

    Factory wrapped UC 800 mega for sale, scales included. Great condition, some marks on the alps reels seat. Great rod but it barely sees any action, just gathers dust. Rod is located in the IE and can take to the office with me in LB. $240
  19. kongrotc

    For Sale United composit Blank- Reaper, Raptor

    9' Reaper Blank sold 9ft, mod-fast, 30-60lb, 2-7oz, tip:9, butt:0.94 Gp 80 Terminator blank: $ SOLD 8ft, fast, 30-80, lure 1-9oz, tip:9, butt:0.95 Cx76 Raptor blank $165 last one 7'6", fast, 50-80, tip:9, butt:0.870 Us80 tilefish jr: $ SOLD 8', 25-40, fast, tip:8, butt:0.769 Ce 800mega: SOLD 8"...
  20. Chaluim

    For Sale Consolidating Gear. Diawa, Shimano, Seeker, Phoenix For Sale

    ***POST UPDATE: Bare with me, I'm trying to get pics loaded. There is a lot of them coming. Also, Ill be fishing Clemente Sunday - Tuesday. Ill be back Weds morning and will reply to everyone. Time to consolidate my fishing rods and reels. Any reasonable offer will be considered. I will post...
  21. M

    Looking for a rod alternative to the Calstar GFGR-800M

    I ordered a couple of these rods a month ago and it doesn't look like I will receive for a couple months. I don't want to wait that long so I'm looking for suggestions for an alternative. Seeker? Phenix? Open to anything that I can get sooner Thanks
  22. Arthur Seropyan

    For Sale Seeker black steel g270H-8 for sale

    Got a seeker black steel 15-25 8’ used it only once on a charter boat. Asking 250$ for the rod. Located in SD. It doesn’t let me upload more pictures if you want pictures I can send more it’s legit super clean rod. 619-538-5357
  23. Arthur Seropyan

    For Sale Seeker g270H-8 for sale

    Got a seeker black steel 15-25 8’ used it only once on a charter boat. Asking 250$ for the rod. Located in SD. It doesn’t let me upload more pictures if you want pictures I can send more it’s legit super clean rod.
  24. kastmaster

    SOLD Seeker G 6480 XH SOLD

    For sale is a new version Black Steel G6480 XH. Got this last month and it’s basically a duplicate of something I already have. Price is $240.00 which I think is fair, open to trades as well possible trades: tranx 300-400, seeker 7x, UC rods. Model: Seeker G6480 XH Length: 8’ line rating...
  25. B

    For Sale Diawa reels calstar rods

    Cleaning out the garage Have more than what’s shown in the pictures Can text additional pictures Reels $250 Diawa Saltiga 50 star drag $150 Diawa Tatula type R 100H Rods $150 Calstar WC670C 20-50lb $150Calstar WC660H-C 30-80lb $120 Diawa Tatula TAT6101MXB 6-16lb $150 Calstar BTB 6480...
  26. F

    For Sale Seeker ISP

    Seeker Inshore Pro 706-7'T 10-17 never used. $160 great inshore/bay bass rod.
  27. Alfonso Banuelos

    For Sale Seeker American series a-270-7’

    Great condition and ready to pair with your favorite reel. I’m located in Turlock CA. Will ship if you pay for packaging and shipping. Asking $150
  28. Arthur Seropyan

    WTB Willing to buy Seeker ulua 30-60lb 9’3”

    Anyone selling a seeker ulua 9’ 30-60 located in San Diego I can drive up to LA also
  29. ems_yakker

    SOLD Seeker White Tiger 7X 9'

    up for sale a Seeker White Tiger 7X 9' custom wrapped with a reel seat. Asking $325. Whittier CA Text 714-713-3522
  30. David Speer

    SOLD seeker ulua honey and white blank

    220$ obo might consider trades Seeker wts ulua honey and white 10' not cut so its the full 10'3 Dont have time to wrap
  31. Hoeyfashoey

    SOLD New seeker black steel 6480h

    Hey BD. New seeker black steel 6480h never been fished purchased about 1 month ago. Haven’t had a chance to fish 40lb bait and having it sit there with my calstar a makes it look out of place. So it’s for sale so i can get the calstar equivalent. Took the cork off and wrapped with seine twine...
  32. David Speer

    SOLD Seeker blank honey and white

    I have these two seeker blanks the honey is a ulua and the blue is a SB 200 message me for info Dont have time to finish wrap these
  33. David Speer

    SOLD Sold seeker

  34. L

    For Sale Seeker Inshore Pro 807-8' T

    Selling my Seeker Inshore Pro 807-8' T 10-17lbs (very underated) 140$ Bought it at Fred Hall last year, has normal wear and tear but nothing major. The only cosmetic issue is a scrape on the back of one of the guides, very minor, went into the threading but not the actual blank (picture...
  35. 5.56

    SOLD Seeker Black Steel G6465

    Seeker Black Steel G6465 - 6 1/2’ in Mint Condition. I’ve used this rod in 3 or 4 trips and has been sitting in my garage, it is in mint condition. This is one of the original Black Steel rods that came with the black guides before they switched to gold. Selling for $200 in the San Diego area.
  36. Tyler Doan

    SOLD Blacked out Rainshadow

    Hello bders, I have some calstars and seekers for sale (WHATS LISTED IS WHAT I HAVE LEFT) Located and pick up in Anaheim Rainshadow 800xl 10-20lbs Line, Deckhand
  37. Tyler Doan

    SOLD Seeker ESM Ulua 9'3 Blank

    Hello fello bders, I got a Seeker 9'3 ESM Ulua blank for sale. I could build it to your specs. Pickup in Anaheim Obo $200 PENDING Not looking for trades
  38. SaintJeezy

    SOLD Looking for EX6480

    Hey BD, I have some rods and reels I’d consider trading for EX6480. Will bundle rods and blanks for the right rod. Looking for: EX6480 For trade: SS90M blank (virgin) SS706 blank tinted blue (virgin) SHS80 blank LB red (virgin) Trinidad 16DC (good condition) Talica 10ii (BNIB) Trinidad 16A...
  39. Hoeyfashoey

    SOLD Seeker and calstar (cheap!)

    Hello Bd. Priced to sell are a few rods in really good condition. Nothing wrong with any of them, I’m just finding out I don’t really have a use for them. seeker black steel g655xh- 5 1/2 hs/rt 40(50)-100 lb 100$ calstar gfdh 800mh (hard to see the h in the picture) 20-50 lb in a deckhand...
  40. Cdistro89

    For Sale Seeker Classic BSC 660h-6’ like new

    Seeker Classic BSC 660 h-6‘ 30(40)-80 Great little rod. 6’ heavy but not ultra heavy. Used once. Caught the 140 pounder in my avatar with it. Perfect for flat falls, yoyo, or trolling. Like new condition. Properly rinced, wiped down, and stored. Im just looking for something a little bit...
  41. chicho64

    SOLD Phenix Abbyss delete please

    Selling brand new phenix abbyss rod has reel seat. Abbyss AHD -897 Rod is 8'9" line rating 12-30lb moderate action st composite $270
  42. David Speer

    SOLD Seeker Tac 80 custom

    Seeker Tactical series 80 Blue and white handle blue wraps 25-50 pm for more pics and details 300$ OBO *Reel not for sale*
  43. Cdistro89

    SOLD Like New Seeker BSC 670-7’

    Fantastic Rod. I have 3 of the classic blacks. Looks Brand new like it just got the tags taken off. $125 OBO or Trade. Check out the pics and shoot over a text. 858 two29 9two36
  44. Larry Deatherage

    WTB ready to fish ulua. (white if possible)

    hey everyone, looking into buying an ulua to see what there all about. Preferably one of the white blanks if possible but open to others as well. Will want it already wrapped and ready to fish. new or used(in good condition) willing to spend 400 max. Thanks all.
  45. David Speer

    SOLD Seeker sb white tiger ulua

    brand new wrapped it for fun dont need the rod 400 obo message me for more pics or info
  46. Wilo

    SOLD Cousins Live Bait Rod

    I have a brand new Cousins CLB 80L #20-30 $180 obo
  47. Jigslinger

    SOLD Super Seeker 6480H Salty Crew

    I have a used Super Seeker 80H factory wrapped Salty Dawg style. Great condition! Looking to trade for reels. Trini 16A, 14A, 12A Tranx 500 Talica 12, 16 Please PM if interested. Thanks!
  48. Jigslinger

    SOLD New Super Seeker Ulua SB custom wrapped!

    New full length Super Seeker Ulua SB! Great stick for surface iron! Sold! Thanks!
  49. ColinSD

    Rock pile/Coronado Islands 4/23

    Took my Triumph 195CC out yesterday Thursday 4/23 to the rock pile and Coronado islands. Weather was great and ocean was super calm but had some decent 2-3+ swells. Went to the rock pile first. Caught a barracuda on a red yo yo iron. Couldn’t get anything else to bite. Water temp was 56-57...
  50. Sammy108

    For Sale SB creamsicle Ulua, Penn Torque 25 Gold

    The rod is freshly wrapped with fuji k guides in an acid wrap. Reel is in good shape and perfectly functional has 80lb spectra on it currently. Combo- $650 Rod- $450 Reel- $300 Text me at 808-639-4191 for pictures
  51. P

    For Sale long beach super seeker 2x4 factory wrap w/titanium guides & SSR 2x3

    one owner, great condition, and most importantly its won a lot of jackpots. its a lucky rod. located in torrance. must pick up. 1.) (used) long beach super seeker 2x4 factory wrap w/titanium guides - asking $425.00 SOLD 2.) (new) super seeker SSR 2x3 factory wrap - asking $400.00
  52. chicho64

    SOLD Lexa 300cc $140 delete please

    Selling bait caster daiwa lexa 300 cc it comes with a clicker asking $140 reel works 100% and apeareance is 10-10 Gear ratio 6.3.1 Reel weaight = 10.58oz Line capacity Mono(lb-yds) 12-240, 14-190, 20 - 120 Braid(ll lll) 40-240, 55-180 80-180 up to 25lb max drg Clicker for slow trolling or bait...
  53. joshjm101

    WTB SS 93h or 100h

    Looking for an old LB greenie cjbf100 or cjbf90m blank or wrapped rod. Please PM me.
  54. C


    Looking to trade an unmolested WTS S/B Ulua for a quality spinning reel. The blank is as it came from the factory. I am looking for a quality spinning reel to popping. I would consider adding cash for the right deal. Let me know what you have.
  55. MrMartilyo

    SOLD 3x Factory Phenix Rods - Black Diamond ISA - PSW 906L, PSW 907ML, PSW 908MH

    I have a set of factory wrapped Phenix rods. All rods are 9 footers. I am the original owner of all these rods. They have served me very well and I am looking for a good home for these puppies. PSW 906L - Black Diamond Inshore Assassin Series 9’ 8-25lb Fast Alps guides and Fuji reel seat 8.5/10...
  56. Brqndqn

    For Sale Brand new phenix trifecta 905-2

    Trx-s 905-2 9’ 6-12 Medium power 1/4-3/4 Asking $130 firm Shipping on buyers dime
  57. David Speer

    SOLD Custom Super Seeker Baby ulua

    10 ft 20-40 like new Dont have a use for it anymore 400 obo
  58. Angler Jer

    SOLD ALL SOLD - Phenix, Seeker, Teramar, Terez and Californian Rods

    Time to thin the collection. For sale are the following: Phenix Black Diamond Deckhand (PSW909XHJ) Single boat ride 30-80lb. SOLD Shimano Teramar Inshore Series Deckhand (TMC80H-8’) Single boat ride. 12-40lb. SOLD Seeker Classic Series Deckhand (BSC 6480-8′ CT) 20-40lb. SOLD Cork tape...
  59. Michael Macdonald

    WTB Seeker Pinhead Greenies!!! LB or OC

    I am a fellow pinhead myself and love these rods and am looking for more to add to the quiver, let me know if you have any green completes or raw blanks. It does not matter if they are the Long Beach version or the Orange version. I am looking for the LM9's BH89's and the light D8 and the 93h...
  60. Frankin Huerta

    WTB Baby blue 93h

    Any one selling there baby blue 10ft blanks or 93h HMU looking to buy
  61. tailhunter42

    WTB Seeker blanks...

    I am looking for blue blanks 8 foot or over. Definitely looking for skinny Butt Ulua and Ulua 93h in blue. PM me with what you got a have a lot to trade or cash in hand.
  62. sulla

    SOLD Calstar GF 765m

    I have a factory GF765M in good condition (has initials and tuna sticker added). I’m Looking to trade for a GF 700H, 700XH, 765L or something else comparable in Seeker, UC, Rainbow or Phenix? Basically looking for a yo-yo stick for #50 maybe #60
  63. B

    SOLD :.

    Sold. Thanks Bd.
  64. sulla

    SOLD P322 Newell

    Clean p322 with silver tib frame $210
  65. sulla

    SOLD Newell P322 with Tib frame

    Super clean p322 with silver tib frame.
  66. SaltwatrSammons

    general tuna set up questions (60-80lb gear)

    I have a custom 60-80lb seeker e-glass rod, paired with an okuma makaira 16SEA2. my goal for this set up is to slay a cow tuna in 2020. a colleague recommended hollowcore braid for splicing and higher quality connections. I dont know to much frankly and would love some Line recommendations as...
  67. B

    SOLD ..bdhhd

  68. sulla

    SOLD Newell G series 338

    Really nice G338 with tiburon frame and purple handle. Recently serviced and ready to fish! $180
  69. sulla

    SOLD NEWELL P series 338

    Clean reel, works perfectly with fresh carbon fiber drags. Always cleaned and serviced regularly. $180
  70. Josh.eck

    SOLD Seeker rods

    I have a lightly used super seeker 270H for sale, The MSRP price of the rod is $400 I’m looking to get $300 for this rod it’s in perfect condition and it’s only been used once! if you have any questions call or text me at (949) 547-7780
  71. Josh.eck

    For Sale Seeker rods

    I have a lightly used super seeker 270H for sale, The MSRP price of the rod is $400 I’m looking to get $300 for this rod it’s in perfect condition and it’s only been used once!
  72. Josh.eck

    SOLD Seeker rods and okuma reel

    I have 3 seeker rods and one okuma reel to sell! great rods and reel at a great price! Condition is brand new on both super seeker rod and okuma reel, okuma reel has never seen salt water. Super seeker rod are brand new purchased them back in September! Pricing: super seeker 6480XH: $350...
  73. Josh.eck

    SOLD Seeker rods and okuma reel for sale

    I got 3 rods and 1 reel for sale! rod list: Super seeker 6480XH: $400 retail price $450 Super seeker 270H: $350 retail $400 Black steel 6490 and okuma combo $350 I used both super seeker rods ONCE The okuma reel never seen salt water (won it in a raffle and have no use for it) I used the...
  74. Marco450r

    WTB Looking For 270H-8

    Hello Fellas I'm in search of a Calstar GG 270H-8 Let me know Thanks
  75. SaintJeezy

    SOLD Few tings (Shimano, Daiwa, Seeker)

    Hey BD, Have a few things up for grabs. All are in perfect condition. Super Seeker LB Blank: CSB907 Blank is 20-30#, 9’2”, virgin $Pending BNIB Lexa HD 400HS-P (blue/gold) 7:1 Comes with everything like new. $old LNIB Tranx500HG Comes with everything like new. Has a Tib clamp included. $old...
  76. Espinoza569

    Seeker Stealth (STL-8020-CT)

    Is anyone familiar with this rod? What can I use this rod for? Could I put a bait caster on it for small inshore stuff? There’s one in excellent condition for sale nearby and I was thinking of just getting it because of the price. thanks.
  77. SaintJeezy

    TRADE NOS super seeker 90M blank

    Happy Thanksgiving BD, Have a NOS SS90M blank with root beer finish. It’s perfect. 9’3” 25-50. Found a finished rod so I’d be willing to trade this one for a CEX blank, 8’ and up only. If not I’ll gladly keep it. Not for sale. text is best, Pete 949 525 3793
  78. Hiimhaiii

    Goldenrod WTS 7X

    Had the pleasure of building this rod for myself. My friend really wanted my white tiger and I had the opp to snag this honey version blank so I ran with it. The last f80 honey build was such a challenge I opted to use some of the same design. Changed patterns on every other guide. Decided to...
  79. SSART714

    SOLD Shimano ocea JIGGER

    JDM Shimano OCEA JIGGER F custom 1500hg Like new conditon took out on one trip didnt even use it spooled with 65lb braid $400 FIRM also have DURAN DFP clamp with sell with it for $40 text 714 6240665
  80. 909fishslayer

    SOLD Phenix Rail Rods

    Up for sale are three Phenix rods. The 40-100 and 80-200 ones have been on only one boat ride 9.5-9.8/10 cosmetically and 10/10 mechanically. The 60-130 rod is half a season old and 9/10 cosmetically and 10/10 mechanically. Axis HAX 760X3H 7’6” 60-130lb (SOLD) Axis HAX 720X2H 7’2” 40-100lb...
  81. Jigster_Josh11

    TRADE Built Newell reel trade for lever drag

    I have a P series (best one) 338f Newell that I would like to trade for a lever drag preferably a 40lb reel. Has upgraded tiburon frame, carbontex drags, aluminum spool. This reel is great for someone learning to throw surface irons. Works perfect with great free spool. I have cash on my side...
  82. F

    For Sale Super Seeker Skinny Butt ulua

    White tiger SS S/B ULUA 10ft blank - $280 OBO Root beer SS S/B ULUA 10ft blank- $280 OBO Open to trade offers: 9'3"Ulua, SW conventional reels, 9ft-9'5"ft Jig stick
  83. ckcadavona

    For Sale *prices lowered*7-8ft Calstar, Graftech, & Penn rods

    All rods are very good, ready to fish condition w/ few minor scuffs. Proven rods that have caught multiple tuna. No shipping Trades- 7'-8' ready to fish rods that can handle 50-60, 60-80, 80-100, no roller guides...670H, 6470H, 700H etc. Graftech 25-40 8' $100 sold Very fast action can fish...
  84. akachalupa

    SOLD Phenix PSW 909XHJ excellent condition hardly used

    Phenix Black Diamond PSW 909XHJ Casting Rod excellent condition. Basically new, used only a few times. Rod is a beast. 9 foot and rated 30-80. Asking 225 obo. Thanks for interest. Local F2F only please. In North County San Diego or near Sorrento Valley. Sold Thanks again
  85. M

    SOLD Yo's Customs Sabre 6870 $150 takes it

    Anyone interested in older Yo's Customs Sabre 6870 honey deckhand style rod. Make reasonable offer local pick up no shipping.
  86. E

    2 Custom Seeker WTS 7X

    I've been looking for a local builder and recently found one here. He built a couple for me and I must say I am very happy with them. They're clean and the threading is tight. I just wanted to give him a shout out and post a few pics of the builds. Thanks @twinfin1000
  87. Moor_fish

    SOLD Sold please delete

    Californian Tri Helix 9ft H 30-60 Lb jig stick (phenix blank) Hasn't been used in a while. No issues with guides. Ready to slay some tuna, yellowtail and calicos. Perfect for surface iron, coltsnippers, stick baits and poppers.
  88. Fishermans Landing Tackle

    20% Off Seeker Rods | Tackle Day Nov. 2

    Seeker is a Made in America rod brand built on the West Coast. These rods were built by fisherman for fisherman. Seeker pro staff will be on hand to answer any questions and give recommendation for your next rod purchase. The Deal: 20% Off all Seeker Rods Fisherman's Landing Tackle Day...
  89. Darin Dohi

    For Sale Long Beach Seeker Blanks

    These blanks below $100obo each unless otherwise noted CSW808 - Black Steel (Kinda weird...I've never seen one of these built out of e-glass) GTS60H - Hercules GTS70H - Hercules (Qty 2 avail) GTS60XH - Hercules (Qty 2 avail) Super Seeker (Long Beach Production) SS-CTSF50XXH SS-CJBF60 SS-CJBF65...
  90. J

    SOLD Teramar 80M for $80

    Shimano Teramar 80M (old brown model) sold Both are deckhand model. Can meet in OC and LA.
  91. BobbyAgate

    SOLD Seeker and Saltist

    Some more stuff that needs a home. Pick up near Cal State LA please. Seeker 665h - $125 - good condition Saltist 40t - $75 - SOLD Saltist 40h - $100 - SOLD
  92. M

    SOLD Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid 869XH new in wrapper

    Price drop to $360 retails for $450. Brand new Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid 869XH with tags. Solid 25-60 set up. Decided to go a different so it will cost me. cash only no shipping due to length. Text with questions or more pics 818 620-8018
  93. M

    SOLD Makaira 10II SEA in gunmetal $380

    Like new Makaira 2 speed reel with 80 lbs spectra. Includes box, cover, clamp, tool, etc. Cash only no shipping
  94. M

    SOLD Makaira 10II sea & Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid

    New in wrapper Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid 869XH rod and used like new Makaira two speed reel with box, clamp, tool, etc. loaded with 80 lbs spectra. Paid $1100 sacrifice for $750 as set. Will separate $400 each. Cash price local pick up no shipping. [email protected]
  95. Josh.eck

    SOLD Seeker rods for sale

    selling a couple odds and ends of my collections please text or call me if u have any question ( if you call and I don’t answer please leave a voicemail) (949) 547-7780 Seeker black steel 6490 rated 25-50lb - $230 Seeker SSR 6660 rated 40-60lb - $250 Both great rods and was purchased back in...
  96. Irishman818

    SOLD Everything sold!

    SOLD-Avet G2 JX 6/3- $300 (65lb. Spectra) SOLD-Avet LX 6/3 Raptor- (80lb. Spectra) SOLD-Avet G2 MXL 6/4- $300 (50lb. Spectra) SOLD-Super Seeker- SS6480-8’ CT 20-40lb.- $375!!!! SOLD-Calstar Grafighter- GFGR-765-L 30-80lb.- $300 SOLD- GFGR-700-ML 20-40lb.- $275- REDUCED TO $175...
  97. Tyler Doan

    For Sale New Seekers and Rainshadows

    Hello bders, I'm looking to sell some new all blacked out rods Calstar GF800xl deckhand handle SOLD GF800H deckhand Handle SOLD Seeker 2 CJB 70M (30-40lbs) $150 each Rainshadow 800XL deckhand handle $180 Cjb 6'6 30-60lbs $150 PM for pics and interests Pickup in Anaheim
  98. Josh.eck

    For Sale Seeker rods/ phenix rods/ okuma reel

    I’m parting ways with some of my equipment. Most of these rods have only been used twice. Purchased them back in October of 2019. Hit me up for more details (949) 547-7780 Seeker black steel 6490 rated 25-50lb: $230 Seeker black steel 6480 rated 20-40lb: $200 Seeker black steel 670 rated...
  99. pqalmada

    For Sale Calstars, seekers, G-loomis, Shimano

    Hi, over the last week or so I have been selling a few rods, I still have these available and I will be in San Diego this weekend, if anyone in the San Diego area is interested in any of the rods let me know and I will take them up with me. I will be staying at 1420 Hilltop Dr. Chula Vista CA...
  100. Drew Stephens

    WTB Seeker jig stick

    These tuna have got me crazy. Catch me while I’m weak, show me what ya got!
  101. K

    For Sale Daiwa Saltist 40h and Seeker 6490-ct

    $400 Basically Brand new, 2 boat rides with no fish caught. 300yds 65lb j braid 40lb mono topshot. Great jig stick, casts a mile. Reel also has upgraded handle, cover and box. Located in Rancho Cucamonga
  102. F

    Advice on 30-40lb 8ft bait rod for tuna

    Hello, I recently bought a Penn fathom 25nld2 and I'm trying to decide on what rod to pair it with mainly for bluefin 50-80lb with the ability to catch a 100lber if i happen to hook one (i don't plan on it). I plan on fishing 30-40lb topshot/leader on it primarily for flylining sardines. I want...
  103. coastalwerks

    SOLD Rods: UC and Seeker

    Used but not abused UC's and Seeker Rod. Located in Ranch Bernardo San Diego. Making space for new rods on the way and figured someone else can use these. All PMs will be answered in order. Will not ship rods only local pick up. I do plan on heading to Oceanside next weekend. Cash preferred...
  104. K

    For Sale All sold for now

    Meet up ONLY in Hacienda Heights. No shipping. No trades. REELS: ACCESSORIES: RODS: Thank you.
  105. pqalmada

    For Sale Big lot of Calstar graphiters, few seekers, Fenwicks, Shimano & others

    Hello all My name is Fernando Almada, not a regular here but I am sure you can ask around and someone will give you references. I own and operate Catch 22 Sportfishing Adventures in San Carlos, Sonora, Mx I have a big lot of West Coast style rods, most of them new, a few barely used, most of...
  106. Abel

    For Sale White Tiger 7X 1st gen

    I have a 1st gen White Tiger 7X factory wrapped with tags asking $1,200 no trades thanks
  107. B

    SOLD Sold

  108. Jigster_Josh11

    WTB Calstar GG 90j

    Let know what you got!
  109. Jsin1192

    SOLD For sale seeker

  110. Matthew G

    For Sale Shimano Curado 200K, $130, full with 50lb blue spuperslick pp braid

    $130 firm CASH ONLY 949-402-1001 Im selling my great condition Shimano Curado 200K. 9/10 exterior 8/10 interior The reel was washed off every time after use and drag was backed off when not in use. reel was serviced when needed. Free spool is still great. The reel comes full with 50lb blue...
  111. JayhawkNavy02

    Yellow Tail Rod & Schoolie Tuna Rod/Reel Reccommendation

    Long time reader first time poster. Looking to adjust my gear to more west coast focused now that I’m getting stationed here for the foreseeable (near) future. I’ve been back and forth (west and east coast) for the Navy for years, but hopefully static here in SOCAL for a while. Gave away...
  112. Tyler Doan

    SOLD Moved to new post

    moved to new post
  113. Moor_fish

    SOLD Please delete

    Roddy gator tail model BH65HC 6'6" 20 - 50 lb Used it as a yo yo rod. Caught plenty of yellows on it. $55 obo Roddy Penn Daiwa Diawa Shimano Cousins Phenix Tuna Yellowfin Bluefin Yellowtail Seeker Offshore charter Okuma Avet Accurate
  114. E

    SOLD Custom Seeker 1x3 SOLD

    Brand new never used Del Mar. Still have the tag but it fell off. Lol. It's rated 30-60lb. SOLD I also have a like new custom Seeker 1x3 rated 60-100lb. I only took it for one boat ride. SOLD
  115. creech

    For Sale Seeker 6490 8 foot, okuma classic 7, Penn Power Stick

    Seeker 6490 deckhand cut down to 8 foot, new rope wrap installed. 20-50lb. 190 obo okuma 701ml 7 foot deckhand classic 15-30. 50 obo Penn Power Stick 20-50 hypalon 6 foot 6. 50 obo.
  116. SaintJeezy

    SOLD ***Updated pics*** Super Seeker SS6490

    Hey BD, Have a super seeker 6490-CT. Pete, Text for best response
  117. M

    TRADE Looking for Calstar 800H and others

    Looking for a Calstar GFGR-800h or GFGR-800xh or GFGR-875H. Will buy or trade gear. Shoot me a message and we can talk
  118. SaintJeezy

    TRADE Seekers for Seekers (looking for gen1 7X)

    Hey BD, I have some rare seekers I’d be willing to trade for a gen1 WTS 7x. Sold mine in anticipation of another one coming that never did. So I’m pretty bummed to say the least. Willing to trade and or buy. Had a few guys dangle a carrot but then bail. I’m really hoping this message gets to...
  119. SaintJeezy

    Old D8 with honey glass, says “Uncle Lemur”

    Hey BD, My buddy has an older Seeker D8 with honey glass in the butt. Looks factory. Has the name “Uncle Lemur” on it. Not sure if Seeker would do this in the past or what. Anyone have any idea or even might, know “Uncle Lemur”? Totally random but was interested to see what would come of asking.
  120. J

    For Sale Graftech GJS80M Jig Series Rod

    Like new, only used once. $100
  121. J

    SOLD Cousins 90J-CT jig stick

    This was made by cousins for some company out in Texas. I believe this was an overstock item. It’s been slightly used but in overall great shape. Priced to move quickly at $100.
  122. Tower Todd

    Pair Seeker TS60B 40-60 Trolling Rods, Aftco

    (2) Seeker TS60B trolling rods featuring Aftco roller guides, Pac Bay aluminum reel seat, hypalon fore grips. These are rated 40-60 lbs by Seeker. 6' blank, 75" long tip to tail. Located in Snohomish, WA. $200 for the pair. TT
  123. I

    Seeker pinhead online

    Although my location says long Beach, I have since moved to San Gabriel and none of my local tackle shops are carrying seeker pinheads do you know of any place that I can get a seeker pinhead 36 or 1580 online.
  124. SaintJeezy

    SOLD ***Shimano Stella 6000HG SWB***(pics)

    Hey BD, Have a super mint Stella 6000HG SWB. It’s full of 300yrs of 50# maxquatro. This this is a total beast just shy of 30# drag. Weighing approx 15oz but completely solid construction. It’s an impressive reel. Just a total pleasure to fish. This is my second. This one here has one boat...
  125. R

    Vintage? Seeker question

    Hey Everyone, new to the forum. Today I was messing around on OfferUp and came across a post for 4 rods someone was selling for a great price, but it didn't say what they were. I decided to pick them because why not. 2 ended up being something Ive never heard of but the others caught my eye. One...
  126. A

    For Sale Seeker G186-8'CT Fishing Rod - $125

    Rod is in good overall shape. Cork is a little dry but overall in good condition. I have not used the rod very much hence why it is for sale. Located in Orange County. PM me for more info or questions.
  127. Tyler Doan

    SOLD moved

    moved to different post
  128. grenade760

    SOLD Seeker black steel-Cjb80h

    I have a freshly wrapped un cut Cjb80h. 8’6” 30-80#. Cord wrapped with Fuji guides. 225$
  129. C

    Any reel suggestions?

    Hello BD, What reel would you recommend pairing with a 6' Seeker American Series. Off the top of my head I believe it's rated 30-60. Just not really sure what I can possibly use this rod for. I don't think it would handle a brute BFT. Thank You. Tight Lines!
  130. Tuggernuts

    WTB Calstar 670H or equivalent

    Looking for a Calstar 670H or something similar to it. I’m going to be using for a yo-yo rod on my Penn US113N. I’m in San Diego so I’d prefer something local. Let me know what you’ve got! Thanks, Dylan
  131. SaintJeezy

    WTB Seeker Blue Lightening Blank CBW 809

    Hey guys, Like the title says. LB seeker blue lightening blank 809. Please and thank you. Pete, 949 525 3793
  132. amberjacknpt


    condition: used/ good condition make / manufacturer: SEEKER model name / number: OSP/ 2X4 size / dimensions: 7'3" 80-130lb $400 I have a seeker osp 2x4 "rail rod" for sale. The rod is in great condition. I have fished it a few times; however caught I big bluefin last fall and it kicked my a**...
  133. Jigster_Josh11

    TRADE Calstar grafighter 9’ trade for 10’

    I have a calstar grafighter GFDH-900m 20-40lb It’s in very good condition I would like to trade for a 10’ jigstick let me know what you have thanks! Located in San Diego
  134. Woodeneye

    SOLD Calstar WC-660HRS-RT 30-80lb Troll Rod

    For Sale: Calstar WC-660HRS-RT 30-80lb Good condition. Excellent inexpensive troll rod just in time for Tuna season. $125 OBO. Thanks for looking.
  135. SaintJeezy

    WTB LB super seekers built rods and blanks

    BD, Been trying to pry some rods loose and am striking out big time. Below is a list of what I’m looking for. I have tons of crap to trade and or cash. Looking for: Cjbf80h (ss6480h) Cjbf80xh (ss6480xh) Cjbf90m (ss6490) Cjbf70xh (ss6470xh) Help a brother out! PLEASE! Pete 949 525 3793
  136. deadpinniped

    SOLD Tranx 500 and fathom 40 star drag

    Thinning out the reels that never get used. I have a Penn Star Drag 40 (with reel clamp not shown) and a Tranx 500hg with tiburon clamp. Looking for $old for the Tranx with the clamp and $150 for the Fathom. Both function perfectly and have not been on many trips. They do have boat rash.
  137. phreshwon


  138. B

    For Sale Seeker 4x OSP

    Two seeker OSP’s buy both or one. 350$ each. Only selling to replace with terminator bent butt rods. Both of these have gimbals to fly the kite proper, and butt caps.
  139. Moor_fish

    SOLD Avet Combo

    Hello I'm selling an Avet SX (Blue) with an Okuma MXR bait rod. Reel was checked by Squidco Saturday 4/27 and is in perfect working condition. Has some boat rash. Spooled with 65 lb white Daiwa J braid. Please see rod for ratings. Perfect for patty Yellows and small tunas as well as local...
  140. BarryFree

    SOLD Seeker SS C ULUA 100-10' CT

    Bought last year from Seeker. Been on one boat ride "Like New" Beautiful jigging stick, had Turk head wrap done at factory. Had name put on which you can barely see pics (Barry Free) Retails for $427 at The Longfin, now for $300 firm. Local pickup only in the Inland Empire from Corona to Moreno...
  141. Genensd


  142. SaintJeezy

    WTB $300 Cash for Seeker FL75 Blank

    Like the title says. Cash in hand. If you have a finished rod then let’s talk. I want to fish it not hold it. Set one free!!! :rockin: Pete, 949 525 3793
  143. SaintJeezy

    SOLD Or TRADE Gen1 White Tiger CJB90f blank (pics)

    Hey guys, Like the title says have a cjb90f gen1 white tiger blank I’d like to trade for one of the following blanks. If you have another seeker blank that’s unique I’m up for suggestions. If I get a cash offer I can’t refuse well then ok. Ha. Super seeker: FL75 CJBF80H tangerine CJBF90M...
  144. J

    For Sale Seeker 40-100lb trolling rods

    Both rods are in great shape, both the same 40-100lb blank with aftco top and bottom roller guides. X-wrapped grips. I would like to try and get $400 for the pair OBO.
  145. SaintJeezy

    Special Edition seekers, looking for info on

    Hey BD, I have a pair of special edition seekers I’d like to know more about. Seems like I get a different answer from everyone I ask. Really interested in what year these came out mostly. Hopefully someone has some concrete info. Thanks, Pete
  146. M

    For Sale Shimano TLD 30 Two Speed & Seeker Black Steel Rod

    Shimano TLD 30 Two Speed Reel & Seeker Black Steel Rod, very clean, works great. Shimano TLD 30 Two Speed Reel has the upgraded Tiburon Handle, 400 yds. 80 lbs. spectra and 150 yds. 80 lbs. monofilament. Seeker Black Steel Rod - all roller guide, graphite/fiberglass composite rod, model...
  147. S

    TRADE Shimano Teramar 80H for 76XH

    I have an immaculate Teramar West Coast Inshore rod TMC80HB (30-60), and looking to trade for a TMC76XHB (40‐80), or a similar 60 lbs rod. Please let me know what you got. Thanks!
  148. AdamGman

    SOLD Seeker black steel g6465h 6-1/2

    Never used. Please only text with serious offers at $160 9094466237 I am in corona
  149. Steven1883

    For Sale New Daiwa Saltist 30H

    New. Comes with box and clamp. Spooled with 60lb J-braid. $225. Txt. 562 294 6089
  150. SD32J

    SOLD gone Bye bye

    Delete ...
  151. sk8x2c

    WTB Long Beach Super Seeker 6480. 30-50lb. $325

    Guys, I'm looking for a SS 6480, 30 to 50 lb rated 8' rod. If it's in great shape I'll pay $325 cash. If in or near San Diego, please shoot me a PM. Have a good 'un.
  152. RideMX4life21

    WTB Bent Butt Rod for Yummy Flyer

    Looking for a bent butt rod in the 100#-150# class. Message me if you have one for sale.
  153. bradda_brandon


    How’s it fellow BD’ers. I have 3 Long Beach super seekers for sale: 1. SS 670. In great shape, hardly any boat rash or any signs of wear. $250 2. SS 6470. Used, but not beat by any means! $230 3. SS 6480H. Hardly used, and doesn’t show any signs of wear! $280 4. GF 700MH. $150 nothing wrong with...
  154. sk8x2c

    WTB WTB 6470 Super Seeker 7' 30-50# or 8'. $300

    Still looking for a 7' or 8' SS 30-50 # rated rod Long Beach style as pictured, (no customs please) or the John Grabowski Super Seeker 7' model in great shape. San Diego or nearby. I'll pay $300 cash if in great shape. Tight Lines Brothers
  155. T

    For Sale Seeker Inshore Pro Casting Rod - MGC Spinning

    Seeker ISP 708-7T 12-20lb. 7foot, Cory Sanden casting rod. Hand selected at Seeker, spined w/straight guides. I've likely used this twice. Excellent condition only a few hypalon Mark's. $130 Seeker MGC series (Military Grade composite) STL 7015-7'S. 12 (15) 20 lb. Unused, Beautiful shiny gray...
  156. chicho64

    SOLD Calstar GFGR 770.4-xh delete please

    Selling brand new calstar grafigther model gfgr 770.4-XH unlimited rod length is 7' feet factory wrap with life warrenty never seen water or mount a reel on it is rail rod asking price is $400 i paid about 595.99 including taxes repeat rod is brand new Factory wrap it has life time warranty Rod...
  157. SaintJeezy

    SOLD Seeker pinhead combo, s glass models ( with the little boy )

    Like title says. Seeker Ulua 93h Seeker TNT Both in great condition. TNT Just back from seeker fresh and ready for action. Ulua has never been used pulled off the tags myself. Ended up buying something else and want the cash to offset. Cash or PayPal FF. $400 for both $225 each. Pete...
  158. Sherrita

    For Sale Seeker BSC655XH - $225

    40(50)60 lb. - 5 1/2' RS/RT The Seeker Classic Series is an all fiber glass rod that can handle tons of pressure. Great troller for those local yellowtail or bluefin. For a faster response, please contact me via a Phone Call at (619)223-8574 or by email at [email protected] I'm located in...
  159. TanstaaflSD

    SOLD REDUCED Seeker SOLD, CalStar SOLD& Graftech PENDING-

    These are all good rods in very good to near new condition. I just need to balance my stuff and maybe add a different new one. I am in north San Diego (near MCAS Miramar/Poway), but will be at Fred Hall Long Beach on Wednesday. SOLD Seeker Black Steel, John Grabowski model, 40-60 pounds, G...
  160. sk8x2c

    WTB WTB Super Seeker 7' or 8' 30-50#. $300

    Hey guys, I'll pay $300 cash if you have a 7' or 8' SS 30-50 # rated rod in great shape. San Diego or nearby. Cheers.
  161. T

    For Sale Talica 12ii, Trinidad 14a, Seeker Black Steel 6470

    Like New Talica 12ii with upgraded 20ii handle comes with screws, clamps, and box - 460$ Like New Trinidad 14a comes with screws, clamps no box - 400$ New Seeker Black Steel 6470 perfect 40# yoyo rod -250$ Text or call 626-592-7504
  162. SaintJeezy

    For Sale Them greenies $150ea

    Have my eye on something and would rather have that than these. Cjbf70m (x2) $150 ea PayPal or cash 949 525 3793
  163. Baja Bev

    SOLD Long Range Rods And Reels For Sale

    The wife of a friend of mine has given me part of her late *husband's tackle collection to sell. He had a very nice and well maintained selection of Seeker and Calstar rods as well as Penn Internationals (inc. Tiburon, 2 speed conversions, blueprinting, bearing & sleeve work through Cal...
  164. B

    For Sale Seeker 4x OSP’s

    Custom 4x OSP’s with gimbals and butt caps. Great condition, caught a few fish, only used one season. 450 each or 800 for the pair. Rods only I’m keeping the tiagras. I am located in Dana Point.
  165. shooter21

    For Sale White tiger cbj70f

    White tiger (1st gen) cjb70f 9/10 $225 Paypal [email protected] can meet down south
  166. dEDGE

    SOLD Seeker Classic SC270 Rod (practically new!)

    $80!!! Sale Pending. SOLD! Seeker Classic Series SC270 rod for spinning reel. Excellent condition 9/10, no rust, no scuffs, Fuji reel seat in perfect working order, hypalon shows no wear, 7-ft, rated for 12#–30#, ideally suited for 20# outfit. The rod has been stored indoors and looks...
  167. SaintJeezy

    SOLD Seeker 6480 and 6480h blue blank

    Hey guys. Have a custom 6480/6480h made from new blue composite blank. Black wraps, gun metal alps guides, deckhand no flock over cork. Rods are pristine not a scratch. Had them wrapped within the last 12 months. Matching set. Text for best response. $old Cash or PayPal. 949 525 3793
  168. SaintJeezy

    SOLD Seeker blanks - ***BLUE***

    Hey guys, have a few blanks I’m not going to end up building. These are the seeker blue composite. Uncut brand new. Cjbf70 - $old Cjbf70xh - $old Cash or PayPal FF Text for fastest response 949 525 3793
  169. Fishin_Buddy

    For Sale Factory Seeker and Phenix rods

    1. Seeker SSR Ulua-10’ 25-50 LB New with tags. Retail $321 Asking $275 firm 2. Seeker SS 6480 XH-8’ 40-60 LB New with tags. SOLD 3. Seeker SSR 810-8’ 20-40 LB Used $175 obo 4. Phenix PSX 1008 J-10’ 20-50 LB Used $175 obo 5. Phenix PSX 909-9’ 20-50 LB Used $175 obo 6. Phenix PSW 700H-7’...
  170. Team Liquid

    SOLD Seeker 80H & White Tiger 7x

    Thinning out the quiver. Custom wrapped Seeker 80H swimbait stick and White Tiger 7x Lite spinning rod. 80H: Black on Black wraps, Fuji reel seat, Split Grip & Fuji HN Silicone Nitride II guides. Fished 3x in fresh water, 9.9 out of 10 condition. $185 7x: Cut to 7'10", Grey on Black wraps...
  171. Darin Dohi

    2019 Fred Hall Shows - Custom Tackle Depot

    The Custom Tackle Depot will be featured at each of the stops on the Fred Hall Show Calendar. Please make sure you come by, say hello, and visit with some of the industry leaders in custom fishing rods and other items. Bill Batson will have an amazing display of the ALPS line of product along...
  172. sna2rwl

    SOLD Seeker Black Steel - G6470-7 Price Reduced

    I have some extra rods & reels to sell. Last rod left from original post..... Seeker Black Steel $165 - G6470-7' 30-50 price reduced Okuma Metaloid 5II - Sold Okuma Metaloid 12II - Sold Seeker G970-7' 20 (25) 30 - sold text 714-715-2317 for quicker reply
  173. ceotiben

    SOLD Cow Rod - Calstar or Seeker - San Diego

    All, Looking for a cow rod. 50-130 less 7' + guide Calstar or Seeker blank. Local pickup San Diego. Thanks, Tim
  174. Seemonster

    For Sale S332-5 Newell reel

    $120 firm works perfect 213-302-0104 no offers it's firm
  175. j12

    SOLD Phenix Black Diamond PSW 868MH $180 OBO

    Cosmetically 8/10 typical boat rash on reel seat and guides. Functionally 10/10. All guides are clean. Rod is factory wrapped and not warped. Super versatile 8'6 rod fishing 20-30lb mainly. Light profile and thin. Asking for $180 OBO Pm if interested. If you prefer text, pm me your phone...
  176. ricmlopez

    For Sale Tuna Fishing Gear

    In Whittier, 90602 Up for grabs is some affordable tuna gear! 1. Seeker Hercules Series Rod - SHS 60H-6 40-80 lb rod. Perfect solid rod 6 foot, 40-60 lb test rod that’s lightweight for those mid grade tuna. $200. Retail was $400. Triple wrapped with titanium guides. Good condition, just add a...
  177. Efishient

    WTB Seeker Salty Crew rod

    Looking for the 8' models
  178. T

    SOLD Around 15-40lb rod suited for a Lexa HD 400

    New or use is fine. Preferably anything 8ft and under. Please send pics; If it’s USED please send full detail of any dents,scratches,corrosions Live in OC , not willing to drive more than 40 miles out unless free shipping.
  179. NVLTY

    For Sale Shimano Talica 16ii MINT!

    $429 16ii- SOLD Still have Talica 12ii for sale Mint condition!! Ready to fish!! Thinning out the heard!! Hahha Also have couple Shimano wax wings, Phenix, Seeker , & couple Calstar Rods for sale!! Let me know if any questions. Thanks! (714) 722-8886
  180. SaintJeezy

    SOLD Stella, Super Seeker (more stella pics)

    BD, Selling the following. Stella 6000HG SWB. In like new condition. Has everything box, cover, spacers, etc. Filled with 50# white power pro. Serviced at Shimano in July. NEW Seeker custom spinner (cjb90f), 9'1", 20-30#, hayp. grips, titanium Alps guides, aluminum alps reel seat, beautiful...
  181. #Special K

    WTB WTB/WTT Seeker BCSW 858 8-1/2'

    Hey all, I'm interested in procuring a seeker inshore BCSW 858 (8-1/2' model). I have the 808 and 809 and am in love with them for some reason. Anyone have one they are willing to part with? I have plenty of trade options as well if you're looking for something in particular. PM me if you...
  182. Efishient

    WTB Seeker Pinhead 8'9'' (20-50)

    Looking for one in pretty good condition, post pics and prices on here if you want to sell
  183. tad_diego

    WTB Seeker Pinhead TNT

    Wanted green glass Seeker Pinhead TNT. Must have little Pinhead guy on it.
  184. XtremeBraid from Tony the Braidman!

    XtremeBraid from Tony the Braidman!

    Tony the Braidman (gonna start calling him Mr. Jackpot) and fishing bud! Sporting Pro-gear reels and custom Seeker Rods
  185. R

    SOLD Daiwa Lexa 400 and Seeker G 970-7

    Selling a nice 25lb setup. Rod and reel have been through a season of fishing yellow tail, both are in excellent working condition. Asking $Sold
  186. Dan Uke

    SOLD Phenix PSW-700XH

    OK, I tried the trade route but no takers so decided to sell and buy a heavier rod. Excellent condition I work in LA and live in Cerritos. Let me know what you have. Thanks Daniel
  187. NY4Reels!

    For Sale Huk Ball Caps Trucker Hat

    New, Adjustable One Size Fits All Pattern caps $18ea Solid black or red $15ea Located near Mission Viejo Shipping available
  188. MatthewC

    SOLD Seeker white tiger 7x and torium

    I have a seeker white tiger 7x rod. 30-50 # perfect iron rod. In exceptional shape. Also have a torium 16 to go with it. In great condition. Looking to get 350. Make me an offer.
  189. Mario62692

    SOLD Seeker SSR 7660 New

    Rod is like new in great condition. I actually have never used it. I just removed the bar code sticker and tag. The rod is rated 50-80lbs. 7 feet 6 inches tall. Also has an extended for grip to put on rail. Asking $260 OBO. Located in Baldwin Park.
  190. P

    WTB Seeker Pinhead Rods

    Preferably the D8 or BH89. Already have the TNT, LM9 and 1580.
  191. S

    For Sale Shimano, Phenix, Seeker, Surface Iron lot

    Looking to get rid of extra gear in my arsenal that has either never been used or hardly gets any usage. The items crossed off with red marking have already been sold. I was too lazy to take new pictures lol. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or would like more pictures. Located in...
  192. kongrotc

    SOLD rod wrapper - hand or power

    Thank you Rocky It is great deal!!!
  193. V

    WTB Conv rods 80/100#

    hi all If you have a Rod to sell preferred 7’6 or shorter to fish 80 or 100#. Please pm thx
  194. Brqndqn

    For Sale BNIB Shimano Talica 50ii

    Brand new Shimano Talica 50ii New inbox with all accessories included $950 shipped for each Message me for more info
  195. kewlyone

    sightseeing 7/14 - YT breezer bruise

    Went sightseeing 14-277ish on way to island. Mellow island bite, lots of boats, blustery winds til afternoon, then wind laid down nice. Went looking for paddies and boils after the island. We found an open boil/no paddy's of larger grade (30-40lb+) open breezer bruiser YT's. I casted out on my...
  196. Collin_789

    WTB Jig stick calstar / seeker

    Looking for a calstar 90j, 900H 100 etc. seeker ulua 9ft or 10ft, please let me know what you got, (looking for factory rods only)
  197. Collin_789

    WTB Seeker ulua jigstick

    I’m looking for a seeker ulua, (jig stick) 9ft or 10ft , please let me know what you got, thanks!
  198. Mario62692

    WTB Looking for Seeker SSR 7660

    Hey guys I'm looking for a Seeker SSR 7660. Pm me or leave a comment if you have one you are willing to part with. Thanks.
  199. Mario62692

    Seeker SSR 7660 or 7650

    Anybody here fish with either the SSR 7660 or 7650? What are your thoughts on it? How do you like the performance?
  200. Adrian H


    Hi, I have a like new Trinidad 16A, only took on one trip and in great condition. Looking to trade for a Trinidad 20A. Message me at 562-351-7292 for any questions or offers thanks!
  201. Señor Peeweesimo

    TRADE Sila-flex MT 75 R

    Vintage Sliaflex MT 75 R (not the Browning junk) glass rod comparable to Truline rods. Definitely a collector's item in the right hands, it could use some work but the rod is complete. All reasonable offers and/or trades for fishing gear will be entertained (reels, rods, jigs, lures, bags, ect.)
  202. SaintJeezy

    SOLD Super seeker cbj806h (270h) blank *price dropped*

    Have a super seeker cbj806h blank up for grabs. Never wrapped. Cherry colored. Nice and straight. Finished rod sku is ss-270h-8'. $120 obo Local pick up Call or text 949 525 3793
  203. eli672

    MOON wrapped Seeker CJBF80-H grey-blue blank.

    The MAN comes through again. Waited and waited and it’s finally here, Freshly wrapped Seeker CJBF80-H.. beautiful grey graphite w/ sexy blue glass. These blanks aren’t painted, the blue color is the actual color of the glass. Kept the wrappings clean and neat to really let the colors of the...
  204. T

    SOLD Shimano Talica TAC20II 2 Speed Lever Drag Reel

    Shimano Talica 20II White spectra #80 with new izorline xxx #80 topshot. Box and paperwork included. $520 *t-bar handle not included*
  205. SccfoChef

    For Sale Seeker ISP807-8,Bob Lewis kite new

    All three rods are in very good condition. 808 858 sold $120 for the 807 New bob lewis Kite, Heavy wind and extra heavy $100 for both Pick up in Rowland heights
  206. SDLOCAL

    For Sale High end fishing rods! Take a look! *San Diego

    For Sale: - Phenix PSW 700M Black Diamond 15-40 lb *Like new* $300 OBO - Seeker Black Steele Graphite G6470T 30-50 lb *Like new* $180 **SOLD** - Shimano Terez TZC-70H-A *Used* $150 OBO - Shimano Terez TZC-70XH-PW *Used* $150 OBO - Okuma Convector BGC-C-501M-1 "Panga Stick" 5' tall *Like new* $75...
  207. Alex400

    WTB Seeker Black Steel 270-8 please!

    Blew some money on a reel I don’t need but couldn’t pass up on a good deal. Now I need a rod for it. Seeker Black Steel 270-8 would do just fine. Reel seat only please. It’s for an AVET SXJ.
  208. SaintJeezy

    WTB Seeker white tiger blanks 20# up to 40#

    Looking for white tiger blanks. Anything from 20# up to 40#. Not stuck on a series, 1st, 2nd, 3rd... whatever. Cash or PayPal Text 9495253793
  209. S

    WTB Looking for a 60-80 calstar or seeker rod

    Looking for a 60-80lb seeker or calstar rod deckhand style
  210. Fishinjunkie

    For Sale Phenix Black Diamond PSW909XH (25-60lb)

    I have a like new Phenix Black Diamond PSW909XH rated 25-50lb. This is my backup rod so it's practically new. Cosmetically 9.9/10. Asking $230 local pick no shipping. Excellent rod for jigs and live bait!
  211. timb

    For Sale Seeker Mexico Series, and Calstar rods

    For Sale: super clean and cared for, lightly used bait rods... SOLD Seeker Mexico Series M870-7' 15 (25) 40 LB. (wrapped 11-03) SOLD Seeker Mexico Series M270-7' 12 (20) 30 LB. (wrapped 05-04) SOLD Seeker Mexico Series M270-8' CT 12 (20) 30 LB. (wrapped 04-04) CALSTAR WCDH 270-8C 12-30...
  212. Tyler Doan

    For Sale Seeker (sold)

    Sold Gone
  213. J

    For Sale Super Seeker - 6470 & Hercules 70XH - - PRICE DROP

    I purchased the 2 rods brand new last August, so I am on the only owner. Both poles have only seen one boat ride. The 6470 probably landed 15 fish or so (YT, YFT and Dorado) between 15 - 25 lbs. I had it paired with a Avet JX Raptor. The 70XH did not catch a thing unfortunately. It was paired...
  214. ceotiben

    WTB Seeker 6455 X-Heavy

    Looking for someone locally in Southern CA/San Diego. Tia, Tim
  215. Jigslinger

    For Sale Seeker 670XH blue blank

    I have a new Seeker 670xh glass blank for sale. Asking $120. Please PM or text (714) 916-2462
  216. K

    Upgrading Tuna Reel

    Thinking of upgrading my Avet LX 6.0 single speed (20# max drag). It's on a 6'6" Seeker Black Steel 40-60# rod. Would a Talica 16ii (40# max drag, 2 speed) be overkill for this rod? I like the idea of a high quality 2 speed for this rod. This will be my go-to setup for the bigger grade fish...
  217. Brqndqn

    For Sale Gamakatsu value pack livebait hooks

    Gamakatsu livebait value pack 25 quantity Amazing livebait hooks Size 1 Size 1/0 Size 2/0 Perfect for tuna and livelining $15 each Retails $25 and up
  218. SaintJeezy

    SOLD Super Seeker 270h (pics) ***pricing updated***

    Have a super seeker up for grabs. A great rod for calico and yellows. It lools better in person. You won't be disappointed. Super seeker 270h 8' 20-30 factory wrap, deckhand, x-wrap over cork, Fuji guides. New black and silver wrap scheme. Great shape, no rust or scratches. $280. Local pick...
  219. Bent on Kelp

    WTB Seeker Old School ULUA 93H

    Looking for an old school Seeker ULUA 93H 30-60 original Blue/White factory wrap. It must be in decent condition. Open to customs but will not pay more than $300 for well built custom with high end guides. Will be in long beach 1-2 days for the Fred Hall show if there's any sellers up there...
  220. shooter21

    SOLD Seeker White Tiger rods

    I have 3 first edition white tiger rods for sale 1. Cjbf70m $250 2. Cjbf70xh $ 300 3. 2x4 $325 70m is the only one that has been fished other 2 just 1 boat ride. Shipping I will split with buyer so around 20 bucks PayPal [email protected] Willing to trade for uc rail rods All 3 built by timmyd
  221. Specks_247_yum

    Looking to buy a Seeker White Tiger rod-Truline,Harnell, Kencor, Conolon surf blanks

    Hello all, Looking to buy a Seeker White Tiger rod for King fishing off the pier. Looking for an 8 foot plus rod. Doing a custom build, so a blank would be fine too. Thanks y'all, Adam
  222. RichM350

    Seeker 6’6” MGC series

    Seeker 6'6" MGC SERIES 25 (30) 40 rating. Great yoyo stick and dropper loop. All guides solid. Two dents in grip from trolling one time. $75 priced to move. Cos 8/10.. PICK UP only Chula Vista, San Diego county
  223. Brqndqn

    Truth SG/ lexa 400HD/ Lexa 300hl

    Truth/ seigler SG $230 Lexa 400HD $220 Lexa 300HL $150 All reel new condition. Both lexa come with box and accessories Truth comes with ah and accessories Everything has been barely used Narrowing out my reels as I don’t need this many Located in garden grove
  224. Vanilla_Gorilla95

    WTB - Super Seeker Ulua

    Checking in BD, Looking to purchase a Super Seeker Ulua. Please respond with what you have available. Please post photos or text. Thank you. Tight Lines! Christopher 714.743.8126
  225. R

    Wanted: 80-100 rod San Diego

    Hey Guys, Looking for a used 80-100 bait rail rod. - Up to $300 - Ring Guides - 61/2 - 7 ft - San Diego Cash and carry. Send PM.
  226. C

    WTB Seeker Beacon Kayak Rod

    Looking for a Seeker Beacon rod for my kayak, preferably the 12-25lb or 20-40 lb. I am located in Newport Harbor but I am willing to pick it up if it is nearby.

    YFT on Wednesday. with video, drone view and underwater fish on footage

    We left Dana early on Wednesday,with a nice scoop of bait, that it turned out, we didn't need, all our fish came on jig strikes. We headed out to the 425, passing north island early, that gave us 2 awesome sunrises..Got to the area not quite at the numbers, several boats were there, we were...
  228. R

    FS: Truline Rods, Kennedy Fisher and Vintage Sabre

    I have some Truline Rods in really good condition for sale. Shown in order bottom to top. Truline 15 Thread - Green glass with roller guides, 2-piece, 6'-9" - $50 Truline VBG - 7' Cobra Red glass custom wrapped, never used - $350 Truline LH71 - 7' Black glass, Factory wrapped - $300 Truline...
  229. #Special K

    Want to Buy - Seeker Blue Lightning II

    Looking for Seeker Blue Lightning II Inshore Rod. Specifically the BCBW 809-8'T or possibly the BCSW 858-8&1/2T. I have the 808 and love it. Let me know if anyone has one they want to part with. I'm in South Orange County.
  230. coastalsharker


  231. BuddhaProof

    Bass Fishing in Orange County?

    Are there any good spots to fish for LMB in Orange County, Preferably in the Huntington beach area?
  232. Torsk

    Rods and Reels for Sale

    Rods and reels for local P/U in Santa Monica only. All reels that state spectra have at least $50 worth of line on them which equates to $120 reel actually costing $70. Thanks to everyone who has helped me to move this gear, lots of happy faces. ;-) Shimano Tekota 800...
  233. C

    Inshore gear - tac 10 / seeker / chronarch

    talica 10ii - 380 - loaded w/ 65# braid Chronarch 150 ci4+ - 140 Seeker blue lightning 807-8t - 90 Prices - firm. Can ship reels. Pick up only for the rod.
  234. Tower Todd

    Pair of Seeker Kids rod/ reel combos

    I have a pair of custom wrapped Seeker Kids rids for sale with Penn 310 GTI reels. They are 71" overall length and the butt have been cut down to fit kids better and are 9.5" long. One rod has a nice green and gold wrap near the butt and the other a gold and purple. Both rods have a purple...
  235. firedog84

    For Sale: Avet SX and Seeker Black Steel

    Selling my Green Avet SX and Seeker Black Steel rod both in very good condition. This rod and reel were made for each other. The Avet is an SX 5.0:1 in green with 50Lb spectra, you could put whatever topshot you choose on it. I can do $130 for her. The Seeker Black Steel is a graphite, G...
  236. Wildman

    *Reduced* - Phenix Black Diamond 869H-XF

    Factory-wrap, Trigger grip, cork (not cork tape) cork grips, matte black not shiny, 20-50# rating, 8 1/2' New/unused, but not 2015 or 2016 series $240 REDUCED TO $230 (Photos below) Details /terms to follow
  237. kdrouet

    WTB Super Seeker 2x4

    Im looking to buy a Super Seeker 2X4. I'm located in San Diego. Thanks, Keith
  238. hitekniks

    WTB: 7ft-8ft XH stick

    preferably calstar or seeker AND NOW considering phenix line rating upto 80lbs. Calstar gf875xh if I'm really lucky but let me know what ya got . Local transaction preferred Thanks
  239. S

    Shimano Terez 6'6" $200

    SOLD !!
  240. ricmlopez

    New Custom Seeker 540 10 foot Jick Stick

    Custom Wrapped Seeker 540 10 ft Jig Stick - $200.00 Excellent shape, never seen water. Only a reel has been mounted. Custom Rod! In Whittier text Ric 562 980 6301
  241. ricmlopez

    Seeker Black Steel 270 $160 and $90 Shimano 16 Torium

    1. Used once, 6480H-8CT, 30-50 lb. Newer model. Awesome yellowtail and tuna Rod -$210. $300 retail plus tx 2. G270H-8-CT, 20-30 lb. titanium guides, -$160. Cork wrapped in black tubing. Take both for $350. Text 562-980-6301 Ric
  242. R

    FS: Misc. Trulines

    I have four trulines for sale in good condition. 2580 Green Octagon, 7'-3", 30-40# - $300 VL68, Green glass, 7'-3", 15-20# - $100 Trolling Stick with roller guides, 7'-0" - $50 15 Thread Trolling Stick with roller guides, 6'-9" - $75 Let me know if you are interested.
  243. Andriy Proshchenko

    Rods for sale - OTI, Calstar, Seeker, Shimano

    Rods for sale, all in really nice condition, no scratches or rust, these are duplicate setups that I have sitting around. 1. OTI Ocean Extreme 40-60 popping rod - taken on one 1,5 day trip, no fish caught on it, comes with padded storage bag -SOLD 2. Seeker Black Steel G970-7 20(25)30 - made...
  244. ricmlopez

    Seeker Mexico Series and Newell P229-F

    Great combo filled with 50 lb Jerry Brown Braid. Seeker is a rare classic 270 12-30 lb test. Will ship, located in Whittier 90602. Newell needs some grease. Has been sitting. $225 for both! Great party boat set up. Text 562 980 6301
  245. ricmlopez

    3 Calstar Rods, 2 Grafighter. 20-40 and 15-30, West Coast series 15-40

    3 Calstar Rods, 2 Grafighter. 20-40 and 15-30, West Coast series 15-40. $390 for all $160 each for Grafighters Series $100 each for West Coast Series Perfect yellowtail and tuna rods. All rods in great shape and 7 ft Located in Whittier 90602 Will ship 25.00 for two rods 30.00 for all three...
  246. D

    Seeker and Avet SX 5.3 fishing combo

    brand new Seeker Stealth 7015c paired with a used Avet SX 5.3. Rod is 12-20 ans till has original tags on it and reel is in great condition. Fully spooled with 50lb pp. Cosmetically 10/10 and mechanically 10/10. Reel comes with box, CD and clamp!!! Great light rod to kill yellowtail on!! Asking...
  247. Megane4336

    Original Super Seekers!!

    For sale: I have a set of original Orange County factory Super Seekers. These rods are pre Seeker ownership change. Come with turbos and heavy Aftco Rollers. ***Rods are all in excellent condition and have only been used less than a handful of times*** Text (619)799-7297 for more pictures...
  248. JM-Whaoo

    WTB super seekers 6470h or Hercules 70h or XH in original red

    looking for old-school spinning rods to match my set willing to pay a fair price I am looking for a 70h or 70 XH Hercules spinning rod or a 6470h 50-80 spinning super seeker or either blanks
  249. chicho64

    Longer screw for talica 10ii

    Would like to know if shimano makes longer clamps screws for the talica 10ii the originals are short and i can barely screw my reel to my calstar 800h
  250. Willdoggy

    Chica Dulce Scores her 1st YT on Iron!

    Someone else is dreaming of fishing all the time now! Check out this picture a moment after I gaffed and handed her her 1st YT on iron. No help from me for the entire fight. This girl is hooked! So cool to share the fishing passion of mine with this woman! Caught Sunday on our recent trip to...
  251. manho

    WTB/WTT - calstar 700H, phenix 700xh, super Seeker 6470H

    Looking to buy following any used /like new rods: 1. Phenix 700xh 2. Super seeker 6470H 3. Calstar 700H 4. United composite 700XH Please post what you have, and price. Please text your pics :) 510-362-5299 I have for trade if interested: 1. Teramar 90MH - used 8/10 condition 2. Classic...
  252. pactwa24

    Penn fathom, seeker pinhead.

    Penn fathom 12- brand new in box with 250yards of 15 mono. $200 obo Seeker pinhead- 7' 15-30 rod is used only a few times, very clean. $100 obo
  253. socal538

    Avet reels and Seeker rods

    Selling some of my fishing gear. All used but taken care of well. If interested in anything send me a message I'll get back to you as soon as possible. I do not ship. Local sale only. Avet Mxj 5.8 filled w/50 Spectra $160 Avet Mxl 5.8 half w/50 Spectra $175 Avet Mxl 6/4 2 speed filled w/65...
  254. kaptbutch

    Seeker TNT

    Near new $220 Gardena 90249 and can meet in Long Beach
  255. Tunabliss

    Original Seeker Red/black rods, new and like new

    I have up for sale Seeker Classic Series rod, 660H SC660H-6' C 30(40)80 lbs Condition: New (never been fished) it still has original bar-code sticker form the factory. Price = $125 OBO Feel free to ask me any questions. I cannot ship. Face to Face only I can meet you anywhere in...
  256. A

    WTB!!! supper seeker/ seeker/sabre gf honey blend rods / blanks

    Hi i'm in Australia and im looking for old seeker/sabre gf honey blend rods / blanks and super seeker blanks, let me know if you hav any and are willing to ship to Australia cheers :)
  257. JM-Whaoo

    Looking for a old stock seeker Hercules 70XH 2012 or earlier

    i am looking to buy a old stock seeker hercules jigging rod 7OXH SPINNING ROD must be a 50-100 and old stock not after February 2013 when seeker changed hands and the hercules had lots of bad breaking problems.
  258. R

    Calstar Grafighter & Seeker Rods for Sale!!!

    For Sale... Calstar Grafighter (GF700M) $225 OBO - Like New Calstar Grafighter (GF800L) $225 OBO - Like New Seeker E-Glass Trolling Rod (660XH RS/RT) $180 OBO - Like New Contact me at (562) 326-4145 for offers and details.
  259. Tunatamer89

    WTB seeker ulua 93H, White tiger 7x, or UC wahoo in LB

    Like the title states, Im going to be in Long beach in a few days for a work convention and am trying to see if there are any available in that zone. Let me know.. They Don't have to be perfect, in the way of condition, Im a fisherman not a showman.. if you have something let me know. Thanks
  260. medicidela

    Seeker BSC 870 labeled 15 (20) 25

    I bought a used black seeker classic labeled BSC 870 and the line rating stated on the rod is 15 (20) 25. When I compared it to other Seeker and Calstar 870s, I found it to be quite a bit softer? its action is more like a 196-7 or a 270. Has any one come across such a rod and why would it be...