1. GTP

    Gulf of Mexico WTS/WTT Saragosa 8000s NIB for Saragosa 6000s

    I have 4 Saragosa 8000 SWA reels that are new in box. Looking to sell them at $250 a reel OBO. Would also trade 2 of them for 2 Saragosa 6000 SWA reels (in case someone ordered too small and wants to upsize). Let me know if you are interested.
  2. Tjsmith562

    Shimano Saragosa 20000 80lb braid

    Good Condition Shimano Saragosa 20000 Reel spooled with 80lb braid. 340$ Long Beach/Bellflower
  3. ChrisFishSD

    WANTED - Okuma PCH-TRB-5101XN + Shimano Saragossa 2000SW or 2500SW + Other Stuff

    Looking for used: Okuma PCH-TRB-5101XN Shimano Saragossa 2000SW or 2500SW Kite Gear: Bob Lewis or SFE kite Okuma PCH 761 Spinning Rod Daiwa Lexa 400 HS-P (5:1) w/ power handle
  4. Cameron Walsh

    New 10K shimano saragosa

    Brand new reel purchased from tackledirect in March. Hasn’t been used or spooled. Willing to trade for a 30w or an hxw.
  5. Cameron Walsh

    Brand new 10K Shimano Saragosa

    Have two- just purchased a twin power for the faster gear ratio so I figured id get rid of one. Brand new purchased maybe 2 weeks ago. Comes w box and everything. $280 shipped. Retails for $309 + tax
  6. Cameron Walsh

    Saragosa 10K Spool

    I have an extra Saragosa 10000 spool if anyone’s interested. Intended to swap the spools out for different applications but ended buying a second setup. Fits 8k and 10k Brand new- $60 + shipping
  7. James Taylor

    Spinning decision

    hey what’s up guys. I bought a daiwa bg6500 spinner for going after big bat rays and stuff in the surf and off rocks. After using it for a couple weeks it feels sturdy and nice so I’m wondering if it will hold up on boats as a popper and stickbait reel? Or if I need something better like a...
  8. James Taylor

    Shimano Saragosa 20k

    SOLD Brand new gosa 20k. Never been fished. Never been dropped. Never been on a boat. Bought this beast on impulse and had it spooled with 80# Power Pro and it’s just sat on the shelf. The reel foot has marks from an aluminum reel seat... Those are the only marks on it. SOLD
  9. S

    Saragosa 6000 SW

    Looking to get a lightly used saragosa 6000. Must not have any wobble.
  10. coastalwerks

    Shimano Saragosa 8K - NIB

    I’ve got a NIB Shimano Saragosa 8K. Decided I needed a 6K instead. Selling for $230 PM interested. PayPal FnF or buyer add 3.5%. Shipping via USPS Priority $12.
  11. chaser5539

    Shimano Stella 14k

    What spectra are u guys running on your STELLA 14k’s??? Gonna be paired with a Blackhole CB 801h and primarily for poppers & stickbaits. Already have a Saragosa 10k with #65pp on a Blackhole CB 761MH and love it! Thx
  12. S

    Shimano, Phenix, Seeker, Surface Iron lot

    Looking to get rid of extra gear in my arsenal that has either never been used or hardly gets any usage. The items crossed off with red marking have already been sold. I was too lazy to take new pictures lol. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or would like more pictures. Located in...
  13. coastalwerks

    Shimano Saragosa 6000sw or 8000sw

    Just like the title says, looking for one of these in new like condition. I'm located in North County San Diego, Rancho Bernardo area. Let me know if you have one. FOUND ONE THANKS! Thanks, Lance
  14. Nathan Gunter

    Bnib. 25000 gosa. 100lb braid. Extra spool. 50lb.

    Sale 400$ obo. Or trade for baitcaster. trinidad 16a. Avet mxl mc raptor two speed, lx raptor mc two speed mc. Or ?. Whatcha got?
  15. Skkeeter


  16. TunaTonight

    Shimano Saragosa 6000 ***NIB***

    *****SOLD***** Shimano Saragosa 6000 SW Fishing Reel. Brand New in Box. Just opened the box to take the pictures. Powerful reel, get it while still available! Comes with original box, spool strap, packaging & manuals. Reel retails for $270 + Tax. Get it for only $229 If the ad is up it's...
  17. TunaTonight

    Saragosa 6, 8 or 10k??

    Looking to buy a new reel and wondering what's the best option between this sizes, 6, 8 or 10k spinning reels for local yellowtails, tunas, white fish, and others in the range from 15 to 40#, maybe 50 pounds. Line capacity, reel weight and size & drag capabilities. Intend on using on the 3/4 day...