santa barbara


    Early Spring SB Bass Fishing

    A few early Spring days of Calico and Sand bass fishing in Santa Barbara. The majority of these fish were schooled up in 80 - 120ft and suspended off structure chasing bait. Couldn't even get close to the bottom and you were bit! 1 - 1 1/2oz lead heads paired with 6" Redemption swim baits did...
  2. Mr Lingcod

    Anyone have a video of a Radon going downswell?

    Very curious if anyone has a video of a Radon going downswell in good size swell. Not flat seas. Anyone? After a long time of talking with people, observing and being on the ocean, I've come to understand how the design works. In simple terms, the soft front end and big belly for buoyancy equal...
  3. N

    Lucky Craft Lures, how to cast from shore, & night fishing from Shore

    Howdy! First post, be kind please :) I have a lucky craft CIF 110 flash minow, and a 100DD candy sardine. What are the best techniques for launching these far out from shore? I have a 9ft rod, Penn 8000 spinning reel, 30lb mono line with a 30lb leader on a swivel. I'm considering night...
  4. Fisheye Channel

    5th Annual Flatfish Classic - Santa Barbara
  5. Mr Lingcod

    1978 Sea Ray built like a Radon?

    Alright, now before the Radon crowd asks for my head on a platter, let me first off say that I admire the Radon design as much as all of you do. There is a brilliance in design that is second to none - and just about everyone who spends their time on these forums wants a Radon. It's the best...