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  1. SD Kook

    Winter Time Rockfishing In San Diego

    Hey all! I put out a new video before the rockfishing season closed in Southern California. Fishing in La Jolla with slow pitch jigs. Enjoy and let me know if you have any suggestions for future videos!
  2. J

    Jake from San diego

    Hey guys I’m Jake out in San Diego. I’m a recon marine stationed here and I know there’s a lot of hate for them but I’m using my bote rover and trying to document as much open water fishing as possible. The goal is fishing primarily out of socal but traveling the world and doing some videos...
  3. surfbud

    Offshore The San Diego 6/4 - lucky redemption

    A few weeks ago I posted about me (not the boat) getting skunked on the Daiwa Pacific - overnight. A lot of you gave me tips and encouragement for the next time. Many thanks for that. Well, "next time"...
  4. S

    Offshore Amazing 1.5 on Fortune out of Fisherman's Landing

    Had an incredible first trip of the year. I was scouting the forums and fish reports from the major landings in San Diego and saw a great string of successes with limits coming in just about every trip. My longest trip so far was last year on an overnight boat so I was incredibly excited for the...
  5. Calstar GFGR 770xxxh

    Southern California Calstar GFGR 770xxxh

    Calstar GFGR 770 XXXH Condition: New Price: $625 (or best offer) Stored in closet for a year, never fished Open to comparable reel/rod trade Local pickup Jordan 909.659.9911
  6. Pro Gear 454

    Southern California Pro Gear 454

    Condition: Used Price: $200 (or best offer) Pro Gear 454 with Tiburon handle Fully spooled with 50# mono Based in San Diego Jordan 909.659.9911
  7. 1Matthew

    First 1.5 day!

    Hello all! I am excited to be going out on my first 1.5 day this July on the Ranger 85. Curious as to suggestions on what to bring. Currently, I have a 25, 30/40, 60, 80 lb bait setups that I am planning to bring. In terms of tackle and jigs any suggestions on to stalk up for the night night...
  8. G

    Game Changer 2.5 day, 11/25/22

    Game Changer 2.5 day, departs 11/25, back at the dock 11/28 AM. I have 2-3 spots available right now. Let me know if you are interested. Ticket is $2025 per person. PM me for contact info and details.
  9. BV2-1000L-B for Sale

    Southern California BV2-1000L-B for Sale

    Like new Accurate Boss Valiant 1000-2 Black Lefty w/Extreme handle: $650 Fished one season then fully serviced Spooled with 130lb hollow braid No corrosion/scratches to reel surface Open to comparable reel trades or combos: BV2-800 (in black or silver), Penn VISX 20 If interested, text...
  10. Daiwa Saltiga 60LD-2 Speed for Sale or Trade

    Southern California Daiwa Saltiga 60LD-2 Speed for Sale or Trade

    Daiwa Saltiga 60LD for sale: $600 Spooled with 500 yards of 100 pound hollow ace braid and 80lbs topshot Taken out on only one overnight trip, no fish caught. Free of damage, corrosion, and scratches Includes box, reel clamp, and wrench Willing to trade for reel in like new condition and...
  11. Accurate Boss Valiant 800 2-speed or Accurate ATD 30

    Southern California Accurate Boss Valiant 800 2-speed or Accurate ATD 30

    Looking to trade a never used, new in box, Talica 50 for an Accurate ATD 30 or Boss Valiant 800 2-speed (black or silver). Text message (909)-659-9911 if interested.
  12. 1Matthew

    Best SD boat?

    Looking to get on my very first bluefin, have been trying and trying. Last summer I went on the NLA a little late and hopped on a paddy, this year I want to try for an overnight or 1.5 day. So far most of the boats are booked but still am looking. I’m thinking the old glory for an overnight maybe?
  13. C

    Pursuit Dual Console (DC) Feedback - Looking to Purchase

    I'm not new to boating but this would be my first owned boat. I've been offshore fishing since I was a kid and my late father-in-law owned a 53' Post down in Cabo. Anyway, I am planning on getting a small dual console (DC) 28'-32' and keep it in the water in San Diego. I've decided on a DC due...
  14. SD Kook

    Shameless Plug For My Fishing YouTube Channel - The San Diego Kook

    Hello Bloody Decks! I've been a silent participant to the forums for quite a while now, but wanted to write my first post and shamelessly promote my YouTube channel SD Kook. I started the channel about a year and a half ago and it's been a lot of fun. The channel includes saltwater fishing...
  15. S

    No title



    22’ Boston Whaler Temptation 2200 (1987) W/ Custom Pilothouse (Overall Length 27’6”) FOR SALE - $75,000 Cutty Cabin W/ (2) side windows, Operable Ceiling Hatch, Portable Marine Head (Original BW Teak) See Photo Custom Pilot House W/ Motion Windows – Marine Series (2 fixed forward & 2 Side...
  17. Pragmaticlemur

    2021 Pelagic Tuna Challenge San Diego Coming Fast!

    Good afternoon and Happy Hump Day Fellow BD Enthusiasts! My name is James. I am your average 40 year old married husband with 2 kids. I am an area manager and cover San Diego as my territory. I fish once per week. Lately its been mostly off shore out of Dana Point hitting Kelp Paddies...
  18. Pacific Offshore Fishing

    Offshore Offshore Dorado on the Grande

    Fished the 5-5 Trip on the Grande out of H&M Landing yesterday 8/24/21 Flat, calm conditions out on the water yesterday. Wind started to pick up to 12 knts in the afternoon. Water temp varied from 68 to 71.5 degrees , most of the kelps were located on the temp breaks Covered a lot of ground...
  19. L

    1st Timer on 1.5 Day San Diego

    Booked a 1.5 day with Seaforth Sportfishing within the next 2 weeks. (Weekday trip)This is my first time fishing an overnight (used to do 1/2 day + 3/4 days when I was a kid). I'm a bit intimidated by what I've seen online with regards to what I need to bring as I mainly fish freshwater and not...
  20. Wanted: Penn Fathom 25 NLD2

    Southern California Wanted: Penn Fathom 25 NLD2

    ***Found one. Thanks for looking.*** Hey Gang, Looking for a Penn 25N two speed. Message me. I'm in San Diego. Thanks in advance!
  21. Jordan Lynn

    First time Calico & Spotty fishing in San Diego was awesome!

    I got invited to do some pre-fishing with my buddies down in SD for the SBS. First time out there and I had a blast! I hooked up to the biggest fish I've ever hooked up to in the last couple years I've been fishing. Definitely and experience I'll never forget and one that motivates me to get out...
  22. Everything But the Hull - Swap Meet

    Everything But the Hull - Swap Meet

    Come see me at the Marlin Club swap meet next weekend, April 3, 6 AM, Shelter Island. I have just about everything you need to build a boat, minus the hull. All the boat parts are pretty new. Plus an enormous pile of marlin jigs, tuna feathers, wahoo bombs, marauders, etc. - Pacific Edge Bait...
  23. renosmitty

    Getting through snotty seas

    Coming back from Hidden Bank this weekend wind kicked up and had mixed wind/wave swells short interval when heading north against the wind. I couldn't get above 10 knots for about 3 hours without knocking out some filling and taking in lots of water over the bow of my 25 foot WA. Swell was...
  24. Madocarmo

    Offshore 371 area on 10/29

    Me and my buddy launched out of Shelter Island Wednesday 10/28 at 7am and got a very healthy scoop of bait for the day. We headed straight towards the 226 area to start and got there at about 9am (got stopped by coast guard for an hour). We trolled around the area for a bit as we were metering...
  25. Piizzii

    San Diego Fish Processing

    Hi all, Heading out on a 2 day on the Aztec out of Seaforth this Thursday night and set to return on Saturday night 8pm. this is my first bluefin trip and I was wondering how to go about fish processing if I were to catch over 100lbs of bluefin. I called sportsmen’s which closes at 8 which is...
  26. Madocarmo

    371/425 Area Tues. 10/27 and Wed. 10/28

    Hey everyone, I’ll be taking my 21’ Striper out of Shelter Island and looking to check out the 425/371 area tomorrow and Wednesday as long as conditions look good. Looking to cover more area with buddy boats or through radio! Let me know if you’ll be down there and good luck!
  27. K

    Best boat for a 3 day trip 2021

    Hey everyone, I have been doing some research on booking my first 3-day trip next year and was looking for some suggestions. I have fished quite a few 1-2 day boats in the fleet, but never anything longer. I think next year is my time to venture into the some longer range trips. The two boats...

    Offshore Happy MARLIN Monday! Video of us hooked up on our first ever Marlin in San Diego!

    What a great day on the water and fun to hook up on a giant! We didn't have the video equipment on when we first hooked up, but it was less than 50 feet from the boat at time of hookup, really cool experience for our family! We have fished Cabo, Costa Rica, Hawaii and the Virgin Islands without...

    Happy Marlin Monday! Hooked up on the Parker 2320, what fun!

    What a great day on the water and fun to hook up on a giant! We didn't have the video equipment on when we first hooked up, but it was less than 50 feet from the boat at time of hookup, really cool experience for our family! We have fished Cabo, Costa Rica, Hawaii and the Virgin Islands without...
  30. TheRodFather

    Ride Share Thread?

    Hey, Not sure where to post this or if there is a better place. I have access to some fishing boats, but I am green to fishing. I am wondering if anyone would be willing to teach me a few things in exchange for some trips on the boat? I have access to a 22’ or 24’ Key West (center counsel)...
  31. 99Phishing

    Offshore New Lo-An (7/3) Overnight Trip Video

    Hey guys, Just finished editing the GoPro footage obtained from my trip aboard the New Lo-An. Top-tier crew and super fishy boat, can't wait to get out with them again. I caught the skunk, but one of my friends who I helped get into fishing about a year ago landed his first Bluefin...
  32. timkx500

    Offshore Boat Ramps closed?

    Just took a ride down to Dana landing, the boat launch/ramp is Now closed and no parking signs are posted. Does anyone know If Shelter Island ramp is also closed? WTF!! How does stopping me from fishing have anything to do with the prevention of spreading covid-19? I’m not taking this lightly...
  33. Don gomez

    What fish finder is right for me?

    I just bought an old 1985 seawirl Sierra that I want to fish in the bays and inshore here in san Diego. What fish/depth finder would be good for a beginner? This is my first boat and I know nothing of boat electronics.
  34. Espinoza569

    San Diego Set Ups

    So this is my first season out and I’ve gone on a few 1/2 days. So far I’ve caught bass, rockfish, a lingcod, and some small halibut. I’m looking to go on 3/4 and full days in the future to target tuna, yellowtail, halibut, etc. I won’t be going on any longer trips (2, 3 days etc). I have some...
  35. Franklin Warner

    Looking for a custom built-in baitwell builder in SD

    Does anyone know of a custom fiberglass shop in SD that could help me do a built-in baitwell? My current one is only 16 gallons (half scoop of bait isnt enough). Looking to build onto the current baitwell or build another one. Thanks for the help.
  36. Franklin Warner

    San Diego Bay Lobster - Sunday 29SEP19

    Got out to the spot a bit late and set our first of 5 hoops by 7. It was a rough go for the first few since me and my buddy had never done this before. Stayed out until midnight and ended up with 11 keepers, 20 shorts tossed back (some very very close but didn't want to chance it), 20+...
  37. F

    Advice on 30-40lb 8ft bait rod for tuna

    Hello, I recently bought a Penn fathom 25nld2 and I'm trying to decide on what rod to pair it with mainly for bluefin 50-80lb with the ability to catch a 100lber if i happen to hook one (i don't plan on it). I plan on fishing 30-40lb topshot/leader on it primarily for flylining sardines. I want...
  38. kiwifisher

    Charter Fleet Code of conduct

    Hi All, keen to see if anyone knows the answer to this question - is there an official charter fleet code of conduct? What I mean is, something the charter fleet themselves have initiated as a means to help fish conservation? We don't have an official, widely supported one in NZ but thinking...
  39. Swampchicken

    Spinnerbaits for Sporties

    Had a great time in MB throwing a variety of baits for spotties, but had an epic fifteen minutes throwing the spinner bait.
  40. Baja Belk

    Father's Day Weekend Fun

    Second time this year I put a date on the calendar to go tuna fishing, and the tuna go lockjaw the day or two before, only to resume biting a couple days later. Like clockwork, every time. C'est la vie, let's go to the islands and have some fun. Got to South Island, dropped Rapalas back, and got...
  41. Rodney Marquez

    Offshore Bluefin,YFT,YT on BD Sponsored 1.75 Day Tomahawk

    Hello anglers! This is my first fish report :) My Coworker and myself hosted our very own BD sponsored trip on the 1.75 @Tomahawk Sportfishing. We left June 5th at 11 am, fished local waters and scratched the yellowtail on drift kelp, no bluefin in the area. Captain Jeff makes the decision to...


    Hey everyone this is a 2 day charter that I've been putting together for the last 16 years and I have some open spots for sale. Please PM me if you are interested or have questions. HERE ARE THE DETAILS : BOAT: "OUTERLIMITS" - out of Seaforth Landing in San Diego (across fwy from Sea World)...
  43. SdFloater

    Tomorrow’s Weather

    I am flying back to SD right now and want to take my 23 footer out tomorrow. Reading the weather reports the last couple of days it looks like there was some serious wind and rain. Did anyone go out today? It looks like tomorrow might have a window, but the 4-5’ @ 9sec makes me think otherwise.
  44. Swampchicken

    Fun Day of Spotty Fishing With Ty Ponder

    Had a great day of spotted bay bass fishing with Ty Ponder as we snuck out one of the mornings prior to the Del Mar Show. We had a good morning bite on the A-Rigs in SD Bay in and among the moorings. Here is a quick video of the morning.
  45. Franklin Warner

    San Diego Trailer Storage

    We are on multiple military wait lists for dry storage for our boat on trailer, and keep getting dropped off the list or bumped down so far we will never get a space. If I bottom paint the boat I can get a slip at Fidlers Cove or Naval Base Point Loma but I still need an affordable place to...
  46. B


    Hey all. I need to preface this by saying I don't fish. It's not my thing. My husband however, is obsessed. It is his one true passion. We're coming off of a very stressful launch for a new business and his birthday is right around the corner I want to send him on a trip but I'm not sure...
  47. C

    2009 250 Boston Whaler Outrage For Sale

    This has been an absolutely AMAZING boat! It has Twin 200 HP Mercury Verado's which will reach a top speed in the low 50's. Both engines hours are 1050 and going strong. This whaler is rare because of all the options (Twin Verado's for a 25' Whaler as well as having the fiberglass console)...
  48. CapnChris

    Fathom 40 2 Speed Line Recommendations - San Diego Tuna

    Fellow fishermen- Big moment as this is my first post on BD! Been chasing tuna on full day to 1.5 day trips the past few years out of SD and I'm hoping to get on some bigger fish this year on 2 to 3 day trips. I bought a Fathom 40 2 speed earlier today and I'm looking for some recommendations...
  49. steelogreen1

    PB WSB on the bass gear

    Did some local fishing the other day with a buddy out of SD. Saw some red crab swimming around and dropped a red tube from my buddy pete (Redrum Baits). After one pop off the bottom got ripped on the bass gear. Curado EJ with a 25# leader. After a 45 minute battle and moving the boat around...
  50. Mike Darby

    Point Loma 11.10

    Got out on the water around 1pm with the plan of fishing the bottom around Point Loma. Just as we got past the point we heard a call for bonito down by Whistler Buoy. Got down there but no luck so went back up to the Point Loma kelp and started dropping to the bottom. Lost a few in the rocks and...
  51. Mfish618

    Torpedo bottom fishing lead, various sizes in 20 lb lots

    SOLD 6 oz, 8 oz,12 oz,16 oz, single eyed torpedoes. 2 lb squares. Several hundred pounds available, $1.50 per pound, [ 20...
  52. ChrisFishSD

    Big Red Rock Cod in San Diego

    Hello fellow fisherman, Any advice to find rockfish off LJ and PL. Cheers!
  53. Crickett

    Offshore Recap on Legend Aug 19, 2018 2 day trip wide open Yellow Fin Tuna,Skip,Dorado

    I wanted to share my video with this who were on the Legend witty me on the 2 Day Trip on Aug19th 2018 Hope you all like and enjoy my video
  54. Salty_puss

    Lobster Season Opener 2018 - Highlight video!

    Launched out of SD bay at 1pm on my Parker 2320, "Asalt Weapon" -- Headed out with my dad and buddies Austin (plattas son), Chad (madrugador), and our media guy Fritz (Pretty Is Productions). Glorietta launch ramp was a shit show to say the least, all the kooks were out. Got everything setup...
  55. M

    Local Knowledge "Paddy Hop" San Diego Summer Dorados

    Ali and Rush fish the San Diego waters in search for floating piles of kelp (kelp paddy) that serve as structure for many bait fish and pelagic species such as tuna, dorado (dolphin) and yellowtail. These kelp paddy’s are an iconic staple of the California fishery and when you find them, the...
  56. daniellecu

    Proline 200 Sport For sale "Excellent condition"

    "COMING SOON "Pro-line Center console 200 Sport, Recently Detailed. The boat is a 1997 built but everything has been upgraded in 2017. 2017 Mercury 4 Stroke Engine with 230 hours, just did the 200 hour service. The Engine has a 5 year Full Mercury Manufacturer Warranty. Dual Batteries with a...
  57. JakeFromStateFarm

    Win a PENN International 12 VI Reel!

    @PENN is giving away an International VI Reel! A BIG opportunity for a lucky angler. Don't miss out on this opportunity! Enter Here
  58. Mike Darby

    9 Mile and Point Loma 8.25

    Got out to the South 9 just above the border at 9:00am. Started a fast troll with a feather and XRAP-20. Crossed the bank and zig-zagged across the east side til about the 178. Plenty of birds but none of them working anything. Plenty of boats too but no one seemed to be catching. No paddies at...

    Offshore Pacific Voyager - 2 Day - Aug. 11 - 13 - Video

    Another stellar 2 day trip aboard the PV. This is a great boat with an amazing crew. Captain Rick, Julio, Koz, Cody and Chef Jeff always put on a GREAT trip!!! It was a private charter with 18 Anglers from Las Vegas!!! Most of you know the drill......Hit the Bait Receiver, while a trip plan...
  60. Mike Darby

    Nados 8.17

    Got to the Islands at about 7:45am. About 10 boats sitting at the north end of the north island. Started a slow troll with an XRAP-15 and XRAP-20 mackerel. Got hit by a school of big bonito coming around Pukey Pt. and again by a school of smaller ones coming around the east side. Basically wide...
  61. Salty_puss

    Offshore Mahi Mania on the "A-Salt Weapon" - Highlight Video!

    Late report from Sunday 8/12/2018 Launched out of Mission Bay @ 4am on my Parker 2320 -- the original, "A-Salt Weapon" :2gunsfiring_v1: Had my dad, my buddy Tyler, and his dad on board. Stopped by the bait barge and picked up 1.5 scoops of 4-6" sardine. Bait wasn't in the best shape from the...
  62. Mike Darby

    Nados and 425 Surprise 8.10

    Got down the the islands around 10:30am. Hit a paddy on the way down but no one was home except for a sea lion. Started slow trolling two XRAP-15's around the north island. Hooked up on something first pass around Pukey Point but the dawgs got to it. Ended up getting spanked up and down the...
  63. Mike Darby

    9 Mile & Point Loma

    Left the dock today around 8:30am with a plan to work the 9 Mile south to north hoping to find paddies with YT or Dodos. Got out there to a few boats sitting on paddies but not getting anything. Started a fast troll with a feather and an XRAP-15 mackerel while looking for paddies. Came across...
  64. Mike Darby

    Nados 7.21

    Headed down to the islands around 7:30am, got down there a bit after 8:00. Came up on the north island to about a dozen boats on the north and east sides. Trolled a pair of X-Rap mackerel around the north island before crossing over to the middle islands and putting out a feather as well...
  65. D

    2 Day trip H&M Relentless

    Private charter. Ultra limited load. Leaving Sunday July 22, coming back Tuesday night. $600 includes your meal package. We have 13 so far and are limited to 16-17. Interested? Give me a call or text. 909.910.8144 Rudy
  66. Mike Darby

    Coronado Islands Documentation

    Hey, Just wondering what kind of documentation is needed to go and fish the Coronado Islands if you're leaving from and returning to San Diego. If I'm stopped by the Mexican Navy, what are they going to ask for? I know I need my passport and a Mexican fishing license but what else is required if...
  67. J

    Open spots for charter

    I have open spots for a private charter on "Outer Limits" out of Seaforth Landing in San Diego. Going with a light load (16 anglers, boat holds 23). 2.5 day, $720 Meals included ~9pm Sunday July 22 to ~6am Wednesday July 25 2018 For more info contact Jay at (619) 948-8008 or [email protected]
  68. Tuggernuts

    Okuma Cruz popping rod

    i ordered an Okuma Cruz popping rod and received it today. It is perfect, never been used, but I ordered the MH and I’m thinking I want the H model instead. I paid about 155 for it. I plan on just returning it and getting the H model. If someone wants to make me an reasonable offer around...
  69. K

    Grunion Runs - San Diego

    Anyone know if the rain will affect the grunion run? Did anyone find some last night? What are the most common species to target while using the grunion as live bait vs cut or frozen bait? Thanks.
  70. Reel_Time

    2006 61' Viking $995,000 - SOLD!

    She is SOLD, congrats to the new owner! 200K PRICE REDUCTION - 2006 61' Viking Yachts "MARLININZER" For Sale by Kusler Yachts Below is information about a beautiful 2006 61' Viking convertible with 1995 hours located in Point Loma. If you have any further questions or would like more...
  71. Reel_Time

    Fishing Cedros Island with Cedros Sportfishing Recap Video + Photos

    I wanted to get this up sooner, but was down in Cabo for 3 weeks with limited computer time. Here it is anyways! I have known Rosie Flowers for many years, so when she took on the role as the GM for Cedros Sportfishing I had to get more information. After meeting the other owners, Big Al...
  72. Blue Seas Fab

    2320 SL Pilot house floor

    The faux teak Mocha over Black SeaDek floor that just went in this parker is a nice touch to a very clean boat.
  73. Rfishinggirl

    San Diego and Coronado Islands Monday

    Monday was a beautiful day on the water. I went down to San Diego to fish with my friend Rob. We left San Diego harbor about 530am with a scoop of dinos. Then we headed about 9 to 10 miles outside of Coronado islands and came across two paddies. Found one small Yellowtail and threw it back...
  74. tgorostiza

    AVET MXL 5.81 Left Handed Reel

    Single speed LH handed reel in good condition with excellent spin / drag. No problems or issues just no need for the reel any longer. Will sell or trade for a RH reel. $185
  75. RiggingSoCal

    What's produced the most patty bites for you on a San Diego overnight?

    Hey guys. Gonna be heading out on the Old Glory this Thursday night and just wanted to get an idea of what the yellows and dodos are biting. Plannig on mostly fly lining. I've got 3 rod reel combos all of which have 300 yards of 65lb power pro. And planning on using hooks ranging...
  76. BuddhaProof

    Bass Fishing in Orange County?

    Are there any good spots to fish for LMB in Orange County, Preferably in the Huntington beach area?
  77. mokahehteh

    Honu- Sea Turtle Sightings, Summer 2017

    Yep! At local SoCal beaches! While surfing with my son and his buddy, I was waiting for my last wave at Cardiff Reef yesterday evening and then one popped up to take a breath and look around. We were surfing just south of the lagoon mouth. She cruised by briefly and then sunk out and continued...
  78. Tifoso

    San Diego boat suggestions

    Just found out that we'll be in San Diego mid July. Would love to get a fishing trip in, as I've never fished out of there. Looking for: 1. A 3/4 or 1/2 day trip (not enough time for multiple days) 2. Really interested in WSB and/or (is "and" even possible?) Dorado 3. If neither fish in #2 is...
  79. Mcgyver

    Offshore Seeking a Cow on the Kite

    Always looking for new ways to catch fish so obviously kite fishing had to be tried after tirelessly chasing the bluefin. Lost a big fish at the 371 on Wednesday night had to get back out there, damn the weather. Found a willing cohort and after making mackies at the mouth of MB headed for...
  80. Tifoso

    SoCal BDers-help, please

    I'd like to pick your brains, or maybe benefit from your experience might be a better way of stating it. :) I'm a norCal guy, but will be visiting there a fair amount of time over the next few years. For each area, please list the one ocean fish that you would be reasonably certain of catching...
  81. G

    Blackman 20 Center Console

    Sold! .... Here's the details: Great fishing boat Blackman 20 Center Console w/ Volvo Penta 3.0 4Cyl and SX Outdrive Comes with duel axel trailer in good condition - Rebuilt by Blackman in 2000 (have paperwork, receipts, etc) Deck taken up and replaced with new; glassed on both sides...
  82. HavasuSun

    Your Top 5 GOTO Trolling Lures for SoCal

    I have seen some great lists on the site, so I thought it would be fun and educational to get everyone's take on their top 5 trolling lures. I know every year has been different here in San Diego so for context lets say, what are going to be your top 5 this summer. If you have a private boat...
  83. G

    Penn Jigmaster Repair & Pricing?

    Hi - Does anyone have a feel for the pricing to do a tear down and clean-up on a couple of old jigmaster 500s? I have a couple of them that i picked up at a garage sale - probably 70's / 80's vintage - they seem to be in good working order - but i'd like to have them broken down, cleaned up...
  84. Fisheye Channel

    Offshore Pacific Voyager Yellowfin Tuna Fishing Video

    Fishing with some friends on the Pacific Voyager. We got into a Wide Open Yellowfin Tuna bite with fish in the 10-18lb range. Super fun and we caught our limit practically all on one Kelp paddy. Most of our fish were caught fly lining Sardines, however a few were caught on jigs and poppers.
  85. Tvdan

    Wide Open Catfish Bite At Chollas Lake

    Last Saturday my youth foundation in a partnership with CA Dept. Fish & Wildlife and the City Of San Diego hosted a free kids fishing event at Chollas Lake in San Diego. We had a light turnout of 150 kids, plus their families. The kids that did show up were treated to wide open catfish action...
  86. FishingFool55

    2.5 day Trip Aboard the Commander

    Please repost and share with your friends. Leaving this Friday!! Call the landing! Book online!!
  87. B

    Just got my boat - now what?

    After years of riding on friend's boats and fighting for premium rail space on the cattle boats, I finally pulled the trigger and got myself a used 19ft Center Console. I'd like to get it down to San Diego area to fish La Jolla. Although I'll probably spend a day just cruising Mission Bay to get...
  88. M

    San Diego - Mission Bay advice

    Guys - I'm going to be staying in Mission Bay in San Diego for a few days soon, and looking at a map it looks like I'm a very short walk to a spot in Mission Bay that google maps refers to as "Fishermans channel". I'm pasting in below the google map location of the spot, I'll be on the north...
  89. F

    Limited load 3/4 day trip on the Malihini out of H&M landing in San Diego.

    Hello I am the charter master for a limited load of 23 aboard the Malihini out of H&M landing in San Diego. On Sat March 19th. I stI'll have spots available. On the trip we will be going after yellowtail and rock fish. The cost is $175.00 per person. This includes your Mexican fishing license...
  90. F

    3/4 Day limited load charter on the Malihini out of H&M landing in San Diego. Passports are required

    I have spots available on a limited load 3/4 Day trip sponsored by SaltJunkies Inc. On the Malihini out of H&M landing in San Diego. This will be limited to only 23. It's for Sat. March 19th. $175.00 per this includes your Mexican fishing license and Visa. A large group backed out now need to...