san clemente island

  1. J

    2023 San Clemente Island kayak mothership?

    Does anyone have any information on San Clemente Island kayak mothership trips on the Islander out of fishermans landing for 2023? I'm trying to book a spot but the trips are chartered and I'm having difficulty finding what people are running the Charters for 2023
  2. darrenforeal

    Offshore 8/23-8/25 success in the bottom of the 9th

    Left at 11am on Tuesday the 23rd. Game plan was to cruise out the the NW end of Clemente going about 6 knots and fish kelps on the way out . We planned to get to the night bite zone in Clemente around 11pm. Then hit north of the 499 at grey light. Saw lots of foamers on small BFT on the North...
  3. Jordan Lynn

    Absolutely insane day at San Clemente Island. Calico & Yellow....

    So me and some friends went out to SCI for some Calico Bass fishing and hopefully yellows. This was my first time out there and holy mother of god what an experience. I made this video of our day if you're interested. It was epic and I'm not trying to sound clickbait-y saying that.
  4. Jordan Lynn

    PENN Fathom 200 & 300 Low Profile reel review from San Clemente Island

    Me and a few friends headed to SCI the other day to test out these new Fathom reels. I was on the 200 and Tee was on the 300. We had them paired on a couple iRods and absolutely slayed them out there. Here's the video if you'd like to check it out.
  5. Madocarmo

    Advice for San Clemente?

    Hey everyone, I have plans to try San Clemente this coming Monday since conditions are looking pretty good. I’m going to be heading to Catalina Sunday night to sleep there then head to Clemente Monday morning. I’ve heard ALOT about the tuna at Clemente and was wondering if anyone knows where I...
  6. I

    Clemente vs Catalina

    what’s the difference in fishing both islands?
  7. S

    Barney style, please tell me how to catch Yellowtail off San Clemente Island/Catalina!

    I've been in California for a year now and I've tried everything I can think of to catch one of these fish, I've lurked on the forums and it seems like I've watched every YouTube video and read every blog but I can't seem to catch one! I can't use live bait or troll and I can't go deeper than...
  8. SoCalGaffin

    Rigging Flying Fish

    Hey BD, headed to SCI for a chance to get on those Cows. We’ll be flying the kite but wondering how to rig the leader using the flying fish. Also, how heavy do you guys recommend I use for braid along with the fluorocarbon leader? Thank you in advance for your input. Tight lines!
  9. Swampchicken

    Offshore Excel 3 Day Report Aug 2018

    Just got back from the Okuma Excel 3 Day trip on Friday. Fishing was tough and the boat stuck it out to try to get the big fish. With reports of lots of small fish down the coast, Capt Mike decided to go big and headed to Clemente. One passenger hooked one on the popper on a foamer on the way...
  10. S

    Short Billed Spearfish?

    Was not totally sure on this one since I've never seen one in person. I figured I'd get an answer here. Caught near San Clemente Canyon, water was 72 clear and hit an orange on 4th wake troll.

    Offshore Fury 2 Day - July 23 to 25 - San Clemente Island

    This was a 2 day Charter Trip on the Fury out of Dana Point. This was my first time on the Fury....The Captain and crew were super cool and the boat was kept nice and clean. The charter group (13 Anglers) had decided to fish San Clemente Island for White Sea Bass, Yellowtail & Calico's and skip...
  12. mrjjwiley

    Leaving This Friday Afternoon 7/20 for BFT out of San Pedro Looking for a Ho

    or two to share costs. Plan on fishing off the 43 or wherever we need to find the big tuna. Returning late Saturday night unless we limit out before then. The boat is a 40 foot Bertram so we go in style. If you are interested send me a text and I will get back to you ASAP. 562-373-8355 The fish...
  13. kbray001

    Relentless 2 day - San Clemente Island

    For the last month, I have been more excited for this trip than I care to admit. We go on this charter every year but for some reason I always get excited when I know we are going to San Clemente. On Friday, Jun 8th, my Dad, Brother, and I made the drive down to sd to get things started. We...
  14. P

    Offshore A bird and some fish 12/29

    Friend Oly and I jumped on the Condor last Thursday night for an overnight spectacular before exhausting 2017. A decent group of only 17 folks shared over 180 feet of rail for the next 24 hours. We picked up some lively dines and made the heading for Desperation Reef / SC Island in search of...
  15. Hueneme Rick

    Video Bluefin Tuna - San Clemente Island on the Searcher

    From a previous Trip on the Searcher, finally edited the clip. My boy Jason and I took turns filming each other.
  16. Tvdan

    May 15th Fishing Report From San Clemente Island

    Hi guys, Here's a short video report from our trip yesterday to San Clemente Island aboard the Eldorado.