1. Shimano Trinidad TN 30 - Gold

    Southern California Shimano Trinidad TN 30 - Gold

    Well used but just serviced (by me). Tore it all the way down. Replaced the main bearing. Freespool is good. Drag and clicker great. Comes with Rod Seat
  2. 40-60#  Tuna Combo

    Southern California 40-60# Tuna Combo

    New custom wrapped Calstar 665 H with Pro Gear yellowtail special Tuna Combo. 655h is 6 1/2 feet, #30-80 rated, solid #40 to #60 rod, deckhand x-tude handle. Pro Gear come with #50 mono, upgraded Tiburon T bar handle and Tiburon clamp. Ready to fish. $475 for the combo. Or seperate $275 for the...
  3. R

    Southern California Daiwa Lexa Rod and Reel FS

    I have a Rod and reel combo used for sale come with box loaded with 50lb Power pro braid Gear is in great shape, i believe no scratches no signs of corrosion. Local to Burbank, CA, Frequent to San Pedro for work on weekends Rod Spec's - 7'-0" OAL - $ - 175.00 Reel Specs: Daiwa Lexa WN 400HS-P -...
  4. Tokayo Hearty Rise Slow Jigging III Rod

    Southern California Tokayo Hearty Rise Slow Jigging III Rod

    - Like new - Titanium torzite guide - Beast of a rod - A rare slow pitch collection - Jig: 1000gr and line max: PE 5
  5. Berkley Air Rod 9'

    Southern California Berkley Air Rod 9'

    Selling a berkley air rod 9' 2 pieces Model No. A92-9H
  6. A

    Southern California Cal star 701L United comp RUS 76 Tilefish JR or UC RCE 700L Daiwa lexa tw 400

    Cal star 701L United comp RUS 76 Tilefish JR or UC RCE 700L Daiwa lexa tw 400
  7. A

    Beginner Saltwater Setups

    So I’m pretty new to saltwater fishing, I’m planning on going on those 1/2-3/4 boat trip here in SoCal. I need advice on rod and reels setups. I’m trying to have at least 2 setups. Preferably under 1.5k for everything. Thanks so much for any insight.
  8. C

    Stolen Gear

    Homies gear stolen in Goleta look out for it. Thanks
  9. PHENIX AXIS 909 H 9”

    Southern California PHENIX AXIS 909 H 9”

    Only used 5 or less times out on a sport boat. Its collecting dust so i’m looking to get rid of it fast. Feel free to message me! (Not Open to trades)
  10. M

    Southern California WTB 800M

    I am looking for a Calstar 800M or something similar. I have a 800L and like it but it is too light for what I am wanting to do. Send me what you have. Would consider a lot of other rods.
  11. Calstar Grafighter 700L

    Southern California Calstar Grafighter 700L

    Selling Calstar Grafighter 700L $180
  12. C

    Southern California ISO rail rod

    ISO of rail rod for fair cheap, thanks guys 808 462 6187. Located in LA heading down to SD this Friday. Thanks
  13. msand9898

    Southern California WTB rod

    WTB rod to pair with my Daiwa Lexa 400HD that’s loaded with 60lb Jerry Brown Spectra. I am driving down from Sacramento for my 7 day on the Intrepid that leaves on June 20 so I can buy it on Friday 18th.
  14. Rods (Pending) & Reels (Sold)

    Pacific Northwest Rods (Pending) & Reels (Sold)

    SOLD - 8 shimano talica II 8 reels with neoprene cover $150/ea SOLD - 4 Talica II 12 reels with neoprene cover $180/ea Pending - 3 Shimano Trevala TVC-58XXH $50/ea Pending - 2 Shimano Trevala TVC-66H $50/ea Pending - 7 Shimano Trevala TFC-63MH $50/ea used these for Tuna almost...
  15. Shimano Tekota 700

    Southern California Shimano Tekota 700

    Selling my Shimano Tekota 700 with 65 lb braid on it. $150
  16. Shant

    Southern California Shimano Tekota 700

    Selling my Shimano Tekota 700 with 65 lb braid on it. $150
  17. SOLD ---Seeker G 6470 -7' Black Steel Rod (40lb) John Grabowski Special

    Southern California SOLD ---Seeker G 6470 -7' Black Steel Rod (40lb) John Grabowski Special

    Selling my Seeker G 6470 -7' Black Steel Rod (40lb) John Grabowski Special. It's in very good condition. It's gone on 3 trips with me, and I've only fished with it twice. Now it's just sitting in my closet. It would be an awesome 40lb rod. Asking $175
  18. jtj0026

    Southern California REMOVE

  19. Rod holders weld on stainless

    Southern California Rod holders weld on stainless

    Brand new weld on rod holders made of stainless steel in gold color.
  20. Calstar Big Tuna Killers Rods

    Southern California Calstar Big Tuna Killers Rods

    I haveTwo Calstar Tuna rods for sale, just wrapped. Never fished. $175 each or both $325 1. T6455XH: 5 1/2 ft rated #50-100 line weight, purple and white wrap, pac bay aluminium reel seat, extra heavy guides. $175 2. T655TSS: 5 1/2 ft rated #60-130 line weight, green, dark green and white wrap...
  21. Cashion Elite Series Topwater Casting Rod 7' MH

    Cashion Elite Series Topwater Casting Rod 7' MH

    Brand new, never used. MSRP $180. Elite Topwater Bass rod used in tournaments. Unidirectional rolled carbon fiber blank, the Elite Series offers sensitivity and responsiveness unparalleled by other rods in its class. Casting model blanks feature custom tapering to provide actions conducive to...
  22. C

    Need a Rod to pair with Avet LX Raptor

    I’ve never really gone after big Bluefin before and I want a rod that is capable of landing a 100+ Bluefin. I’d be pairing the rod up with an Avet LX raptor, so what size rod would I want to pair with the reel so that I’m capable of landing a triple digit fish? So far I’ve thought about pairing...
  23. Conolon bait stick, #30 rod 8ft9in

    Conolon bait stick, #30 rod 8ft9in

    Conolon bait stick, #30 rod 8ft9in. Black on black wrap on guides with cork tape handle. Will trade for penn fathom 40Nld2.
  24. Yoyo special Truline 5x Rod

    Yoyo special Truline 5x Rod

    Perfect #40 / 50 Yellowtail Yoyo Special. 6ft 4in Truline 5x with Alps guides wrapped black on black. Cork tape handle. Will trade for penn fathom 2 speed 40N
  25. Custom wrapped ugly stik #30-60 7ft

    Custom wrapped ugly stik #30-60 7ft

    Custom wrapped ugly stik. Hey had to learn some how to strip and wrap a rod. Great Rock Cod rod with reel seat. #30-60, 7ft. Rod, reel, saltwater, penn Shimano avet calstar seeker fishing boat
  26. Ugly stik rock cod rod #30-60 7ft

    Ugly stik rock cod rod #30-60 7ft

    Great Rock Cod rod with reel seat. #30-60. 7ft Rod, reel, saltwater, penn Shimano avet calstar seeker fishing boat
  27. coweyes

    Okuma Andros 12iia, Lamiglas Black inshore casting rod, Shimano Clarus 70MH casting rod

    All sold.
  28. D

    Leaning post/ bait tank

    For sale it doesn’t fit on my boat 6263917464 Josh 1000 or best offer
  29. G

    Calstar 850L grafighter for sale

    Old school calstar 850L grafighter with new tuna cord. Has boat rash but great stick. Only selling because I’m moving to TX. $300 or willing to trade for nice bass reel.
  30. G

    Calstar 850L Grafighter

    Old school 850L Grafighter with new tuna cord. It’s an old rod has boat rash but it’s an awesome stick. $300 or bass reel trade 200 size.
  31. Jordan Lynn

    Anyone used 13 Fishing's "YAK" version of the Omen Black rods?

    I picked one up recently and took it to MDR to fish the docks. Slow day but I managed a few. I do admit I like the rod a lot. Let's just say I may not need to sacrifice the Double Double's at in-n-out to be more comfortable on a yak. Gut approved. I did this little review video on it if you're...
  32. kongrotc


  33. Jjt03

    United Composites GUSA 80 MEGA

    Almost New UC RUS 80 Mega. Have one too many in this line class. Need to thin out the arsenal. Rod is in excellent shape. Amazing rod. $280
  34. Caseymcv

    Battle 8000 mate

    Looking for a rod to match with my Penn Battle II 8000....
  35. N

    WTB Rod Stand for CPW

    Want to buy used Rod Stand for CPW. Similar to the attached photo. (310)617-7270
  36. Sardine_matt


    phenix axis 909H, used a few times but still in pretty good condition - $245 shimano teramar inshore series J90HB, also used a couple times but still in good condition - $160 diawa vip 870 in good condition - $80 nothing wrong with any of them just need to clear some space
  37. Pajaro

    SOLD Ford F250 Rims and Tires

    Rims and tires off Ford F250. 8x170 Lug Pattern, Rim is 20x8 with offset 40, Tires have a little left on them if your looking for a set to get you by for a while, These will fit 2005 through 2020 F250, F350 and Excursion, Tires are Michelin LTX AT 2 275/65R20, one tire is newer than the rest...
  38. D

    Phenix PSW-908MH and Accurate Tern 300x Black

    Phenix Rod: I paid 309$ for it, I'll take anything close to it. Accurate Reel: I paid 320$ for it, I'll take anything close to it. Information: I took the them both out once, then I was given a Reaper and a Saltiga as a gift, so I don't even use these anymore. Both are in great shape, I caught...
  39. F

    Seeker ISP

    Seeker Inshore Pro 706-7'T 10-17 never used. $160 great inshore/bay bass rod.
  40. Don T new york


    GRAFTECH COMPOSITE 9FT ROD. GREAT Starter rod for surf irons. 9 out of 10 condition $100 Willing to trade for blanks of equal value. [
  41. Nazztradamous

    Calstar Grafighter-700H

    Looking for a Calstar Graphiter 700H (30-80lb) for my Avet LX Raptor. Please show pictures if you have any for sale. Thank you.
  42. H

    Any ideas on rods to pair up with a Shimano torium

    Just want ideas to pair up with a torium. Preferably 8ft cause I’m running on party boats and under 200 thanks
  43. Sardine_matt

    DAIWA VIP 870 for Sale

    I have a daiwa vip 870 7” rod rated 15-40 that has never been fished. I bought it and kept it in my garage ever since. Looking for at least $100
  44. T


    In south Florida and I will pay shipping LOOKING FOR CALSTAR GF 800-850m. thanks ! Chris
  45. M

    Catalina Island Bluefin rod and reel for $200?

    Can I buy a good bluefin tuna rod and reel for $200? What rod and what reel do you recommend? And, should I use Reaction Tackle 100 pound braid?
  46. Cdistro89

    Like New Seeker BSC 670-7’

    Fantastic Rod. I have 3 of the classic blacks. Looks Brand new like it just got the tags taken off. $125 OBO or Trade. Check out the pics and shoot over a text. 858 two29 9two36
  47. Wilo

    Cousins Live Bait Rod

    I have a brand new Cousins CLB 80L #20-30 $180 obo
  48. Guy Schneider

    Calstar 800 XH with reel seat

    Ping me if you have one In good shape and looking to sell.
  49. Popper Party


  50. Taro870

    WTB Multiple Rockfish RH Rod+Reel Conventional Combos

    Hello everyone, My buddies and I are getting ready for the opening season of rockfishing and we are in the market for an affordable but effective rod+reel conventional combo. We will typically be fishing up in Ventura (San Nicolas). Preferably a $200 and under combo. Thank you. Note: I am...
  51. Scott Strong

    Brand new Megabass Orochi XX 6’11” Jerkbait Special

    MSRP: $299 $250 local pick up ( San Diego) NO TRADES
  52. DJsLoPpY

    Penn Slammer III and Carnage 2 boat rod

  53. toadstoadsonly

    COUSINS 95MAG Sold

    Selling My Cousin GG 95 JMag it's in excellent condition. Local pickup Huntington Beach only first come first serve. For those of you that know how well these Jig Stick fish know it's the modern-day Truline D8. $Sold
  54. J

    Used Reels: 10 Accurate reels, Penn, Diawa, more...

    Selling for a friend. Reels are for sale, prices listed(will ship if you pay for shipping and have PayPal), and please txt Jared at 949 375 3130 for more detailed pics if you're truly interested. Located in Costa Mesa. Condition is good. Minor boat rash, if any. Other than that, all the...
  55. akachalupa

    RUC711H united composites swimbait fanatic - 200

    Selling my swimbait fanatic. I have 2 of these and thinning out my quiver. Excellent condition. Rated 20-40. Excellent rod. MSRP 287. Asking 200.
  56. E man

    Custom Calstar 700XL

    Very good condition Calstar 700XL Rated 10-25lb. Great bait stick. Pick up in North Hollywood or meet anywhere in SFV if it’s on my way. Price is $130. Thanks!
  57. Bob Woods

    Experienced rod builder recommendation

    Hi, I have 4-G Loomis 9 ft light weight blanks and 4-8.5 ft med light blanks that I got in a trade. I live in Shelton Wa and I'm looking for recommendations of an experienced rod builder in the area. I would like to make the 4 light weight blanks into spinning poles for steelhead side drifting...
  58. Hoeyfashoey

    100$ Californian tri-helix custom wrapped

    Hello bd. Selling a turners brand Californian tri helix (with the supposed Phenix blank) with a model number ctx-709xh. It’s 7 feet, extra heavy and rated 30-80 lb. I tore off the grips and wrapped with tuna cord and a 5 bite 4 lead Turks head. Great rod for rock fishing or flyline sardines. I...
  59. F.I.S.H.Y

    Calstar WCDH-270H-C

    Beautiful Calstar WCDH-270H-C in almost perfect condition. Found a ring today that had previously been "patched". No scratches, or corrosion on the rings. This Rod is very light and powerful! Asking $200 Also accepting Trades! (Mostly looking for a Phenix M1 8ft or more and must be Heavy or MD...
  60. E man

    UC Monster (REDUCED)

  61. Sheaalderete

    Shimano Rods

    Have two shimano rods for sale. Both have light use and are roller guide rods. They both been sitting in the closet. Txt 310-854-2777 1 TLD-70MRG is a 7” roller guide rod with medium action. line wt 12-25lb In great shape! Literally been siting in closet $100 2 CL825FR 8” rod rated 15-30lb...
  62. 222

    Kencor Magnaglas Graphite Zebra Rod

    Kencor Magnaglas Graphite Zebra Conventional Rod 6'9" 20-60 in good condition. $100 Kencor Magnaglas Graphite Zebra Spinning Surf Rod Z12MF 12' 2 piece 12-30 good condition. $200
  63. F.I.S.H.Y

    Varmac Custom Rod and Shimano Teramar

    For sale: Varmac Blank Custom Conventional Rod 8' 15-25# never fished Feels like medium fast $125 Shimano Teramar Conventional Rod 8' TMC-80M 12-25# Medium Fast Deckhand Style Make me an offer Proteus Sold
  64. Irishman818

    Everything sold!

    SOLD-Avet G2 JX 6/3- $300 (65lb. Spectra) SOLD-Avet LX 6/3 Raptor- (80lb. Spectra) SOLD-Avet G2 MXL 6/4- $300 (50lb. Spectra) SOLD-Super Seeker- SS6480-8’ CT 20-40lb.- $375!!!! SOLD-Calstar Grafighter- GFGR-765-L 30-80lb.- $300 SOLD- GFGR-700-ML 20-40lb.- $275- REDUCED TO $175...
  65. pqalmada

    Calstars, seekers, G-loomis, Shimano

    Hi, over the last week or so I have been selling a few rods, I still have these available and I will be in San Diego this weekend, if anyone in the San Diego area is interested in any of the rods let me know and I will take them up with me. I will be staying at 1420 Hilltop Dr. Chula Vista CA...
  66. Cesar Chavez

    G Loomis SWR series rods

    Hey Guys, looking to buy G Loomis SWR rods. If you have one you have not used in a while please PM me or text me I would be interested in purchasing it. Thanks Cesar 310 - seven one seven - 8 8 6 2
  67. O

    Custom Wrapped Calstar Grafighter GFTR-765M 40-100lbs 7 AFTCO HD Roller Guides

    Selling Custom Wrapped Calstar Grafighter Trolling Rod $400 OBO BLANK: Calstar GF-765M LENGTH: 6' 6" LINE RATING: 40-100lbs GUIDES: 7 AFTCO HD Roller Guides 3x31's 3x41's 1x51 TIP TOP: AFTCO #10 Black REEL SEAT: Perfection Marine-grade Aluminum
  68. Taro870

    WTB Rockfish RH Rod/Reel Combos

    Hello everyone, I am in the market for decent rod/reel combos for rockfishing (ideally one that won't break the bank, maybe under $300ish?). So far I am having some difficulty finding what I am looking for: I am looking for something that preferably 6.6 - 7ish ft that is stiff enough for heavy...
  69. Moor_fish

    Please delete

    Roddy gator tail model BH65HC 6'6" 20 - 50 lb Used it as a yo yo rod. Caught plenty of yellows on it. $55 obo Roddy Penn Daiwa Diawa Shimano Cousins Phenix Tuna Yellowfin Bluefin Yellowtail Seeker Offshore charter Okuma Avet Accurate
  70. E man

    Custom Seeker 1x3 SOLD

    Brand new never used Del Mar. Still have the tag but it fell off. Lol. It's rated 30-60lb. SOLD I also have a like new custom Seeker 1x3 rated 60-100lb. I only took it for one boat ride. SOLD
  71. Edwin Salgado

    Phenix Psw 809h “XF”

    Want to buy Phenix PSW 809h “XF” used or new
  72. V

    Phenix axis 8’2 30-80

    phenix hax-820xh Great condition. Used a few times. Selling as I have another similar rod. $239. No shipping. Thx
  73. M

    Looking for Calstar 800H and others

    Looking for a Calstar GFGR-800h or GFGR-800xh or GFGR-875H. Will buy or trade gear. Shoot me a message and we can talk
  74. JDFishSD

    Daiwa Seagate 35 reel and Seagate Rod - $125

    Brand New Seagate SGT70HF rod and Used Seagate 35 reel. Reel in good shape too with some wear and tear. Can see on the pics. Rod is 7ft rated 20-40lb and very well balanced with this reel. This combo is perfect for SoCal fishing almost everything offshore (except the big bluefin). I can load up...
  75. G

    Okuma Komodo 471ss and Phenix Black Diamond 869h

    Okuma Komodo kds 471ss with Phenix Black Diamond 869h with tiberon clamp. Great for throwing the popper on smaller grade yellowfin or a calico swim bait rod. Casts a mile. A great rod and reel combo. $300
  76. G

    $350 Phenix 869h black diamond and okuma komodo 364ss

    Phenix PSW869H 20 to 50 pound black diamond rod paired with a Okuma komodo 364 ss with tiberon clamp $350 Text 760 271 8745
  77. KennFisher63

    Shimano Tynos 10

    Shimano Tynos 10 New 30lb braid 300m. New rod blanks Great condition $160
  78. KennFisher63

    Sage Flight 790

    Sage Flight 790 - 4 piece rod as new complete with Rod & Reel tube 1 x Sage 2250 Reel with FL7WF Line and Backing plus 1 x Okuma SLV 7/8 Reel with FL8WF Line and Backing. Price - $200. Text: +19377566529
  79. A

    Seeker G186-8'CT Fishing Rod - $125

    Rod is in good overall shape. Cork is a little dry but overall in good condition. I have not used the rod very much hence why it is for sale. Located in Orange County. PM me for more info or questions.
  80. SD32J

    Please Delete 4 the sake of others panties

    8’ 15-40. Rod has some wear . 110$ sold as is picked up in San Diego. Text 619-261-7163
  81. Shant

    Want to buy Calstar 800L

    I'm looking to buy a new or used Calstar grafighter 800L. I live in LA. Thank you!
  82. Bite1

    Calstar Rods still a thing? / Crushed reel seat

    My reel seat on my 900 m has failed and the graphite is crushed in (deckhand style). Does calstar still make/ replace rods with warranty? I tried calling the number but there is no voicemail setup. Any advice on what to do with the jig stick? It is still functional but that part of the graphite...
  83. coweyes

    Price Reduced! $80. Shimano Teramar Rod. TMC-X711MHBRA

    For sale is a Shimano Teramar Swimbait rod. TMC-X711MHBRA. 7'11" with split handle. Medium Heavy, 15~30lb rating. I used it with Lexa 300 HD and it is a perfect rod for throwing swimbaits and small lure. Sweet 20lb setup. Lowered. $80. This rod is hard to find now. Local pickup in Rowland...
  84. jackpotjoe


    Bluefin special nice rod and reel combo ready to land a big one. Loaded with 600yds new powerpro 65lb.yellow.$300 firm on price. Call joe in San Diego, Carmel valley. 8587356644
  85. M

    Penn International II 50tw with penn mariner 50lb-130lb rod excellent cond

    Reel is in 9.5/10 cosmetic condition no rash. Mechanically its 10/10. Rod is 9.5/10 cosmetic and 10/10 structural. Both barely used. Even still has non faded original barcode. Reel has 50lb mono 1 season old. I will remove if requested. $335 + 30 shipping east coast +50 west coast.
  86. B

    Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid Rod like new

    Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid Nothing wrong with it I just have too many rods.... I’ve used it once, caught a couple yellows on it, sorry about that, but it’s perfect for this upcoming fishing season especially for the local tunas coming our way. Retail price $449 plus tax $300 takes it, OBO
  87. Z

    Okuma PCH Custom Railrod

    For sale is a Okuma PCH Custom 741XXH heavy duty conventional fishing rod. This is a Railrod made for large fish, specifically Bluefin Tuna. Line rating is 60-100 pounds and is made for fishing the rail. The top grip is 18 inches long giving you optimal room for fishing the rail which is the...
  88. DJsLoPpY

    Shimano Terez TZS-72H-BLK

  89. Battle Skiff

    196 or 270 rod

    Looking to match up a Newell 220 to a 196 or 270 anyone have something they might want to part with? Sell or possible trade?
  90. RiggingSoCal

    Like New Okuma Shadow Stalker 8ft Heavy $90

    Excellent condition Went out on one boat ride Retail for $119 + tax Excellent for for throwing irons Pair with a tranx or Lexa for an awesome casting combo SOLD Text 818-590-8355
  91. _Mako_My_Day_

    Penn 4/0 Senator and Penn Mariner Combo

    I’m clearing out tackle I don’t really use anymore and wanted to pass this set up along to someone else. It’s put a lot of fish on the board for me and still has a ton of life left in it. The reel: Penn Senator in great shape just needs line The rod: Penn Mariner: 5’5” 30-80lb line functions...
  92. V

    8’ foot deckhand rod 20-40

    Rated for 20-40# 8’ footer. Okuma sct-c801h. Deckhand good condition sold fountain valley/Huntington beach
  93. M

    Shimano TLD 30& Seeker Black Steel Rod

    Shimano TLD 30 Two Speed Reel & Seeker Black Steel Rod, very clean, works great. Shimano TLD 30 Two Speed Reel has the upgraded Tiburon Handle, 400 yds. 80 lbs. spectra and 150 yds. 80 lbs. monofilament. Seeker Black Steel Rod - all roller guide, graphite/fiberglass composite rod, model...
  94. M

    Shimano TLD 30 Two Speed & Seeker Black Steel Rod

    Shimano TLD 30 Two Speed Reel & Seeker Black Steel Rod, very clean, works great. Shimano TLD 30 Two Speed Reel has the upgraded Tiburon Handle, 400 yds. 80 lbs. spectra and 150 yds. 80 lbs. monofilament. Seeker Black Steel Rod - all roller guide, graphite/fiberglass composite rod, model...
  95. Moor_fish

    New Okuma Rod

    Okuma Shadow stalker never used. Could be used for both fresh and salt. Comes with lifetime warranty. Please see pics for rod dimensions. $75
  96. T

    Seeker Inshore Pro Casting Rod - MGC Spinning

    Seeker ISP 708-7T 12-20lb. 7foot, Cory Sanden casting rod. Hand selected at Seeker, spined w/straight guides. I've likely used this twice. Excellent condition only a few hypalon Mark's. $130 Seeker MGC series (Military Grade composite) STL 7015-7'S. 12 (15) 20 lb. Unused, Beautiful shiny gray...
  97. J

    WTB Winthrop rod (50-100)

    Must have winthrop guides and Winthrop termantor butt!
  98. Sherrita

    Caistar 600XL - $80

    Caistar 600XL 10-25lb 2 Piece Spinning Rod Great 2 piece spinning Rod. Primarily used for the local class size yellowtail or tuna. Perfect for flylining lighter ones such as 15-20 Pound Mono. For a faster response, please contact me via a Phone Call at (619)223-8574 or by email at...
  99. Sherrita

    Penn 550SS - $50

    Penn 550SS Awesome reel for the bay fishing in the kelp for smaller species fish. Great for 15lb -20lb Mono to catch many fish in the kelp or smaller grade yellowtail/pelagic species. For a faster response, please contact me via a Phone Call at (619)223-8574 or by email at [email protected]
  100. Sherrita

    Shimano Tiagra 20 - $275

    Tiagra 20 is a narrow trolling reel that has the big gears to handle many big fish. The narrow spool make it easy to crank the line back in when hooked on to a big fish. Please contact me via Phone Call at (619)223-8574 or by Email at [email protected] I'm located in Point Loma, CA Steve
  101. Baja Belk

    Shimano Calcutta / Okuma rod combo

    Excellent condition Shimano Calcutta 400 with box, paperwork, and reel tool. 8.5/10 cosmetically (very minimal boat rash), and 10/10 mechanically (recently serviced). Spooled with 30# Spiderline stealth braid. Rod: Okuma Shadowstalker swimbait rod, 7’ heavy. 15-30#. Practically new (used one...
  102. A

    2 Brand New Never Used Shimano Terez Rods

    2 Shimano Terez 30-80 Straight But Roller Guide Rods FOR SALE... Model- TZCSTMH2SSBLK NEVER USED! Tags Still on.... Got them and it was the Wrong rods. $500.00us Each or 800.00us For the pair. They sell for 650.00 each at any retail Florida!
  103. Kopfjager

    Next Setup Suggestions

    Greetings All! Looking to pick up a new rod/reel at FHS in LB this year, and was looking for some advice on what I should get. I have spent a majority of my time around the islands out of Ventura, but will be taking at least one 3-day trip out of SD later this summer, as well as some...
  104. S

    Phenix and Okuma Rods, Shimano, Daiwa, and 13 Fishing Reels

    All reels in good working order. Baits as shown. 300DSV Stock Handle- $130. SOLD 300DSV Hawgtech handle and knobs- $160 300E- $175 Calcutta 400B with Hawgtech knobs- $160 Steez 100 HS- $350 Curado 200i 7:1- $145 Revo Inshore- $120 Lexa 100HS- $80 13 A3- $185 Corvalus- $35 Baits MCL 3 piece...
  105. Jonathan nunez

    Gloomis gl2 inshore

    selling a gloomis bb904c in good condition asking 150
  106. wburdge

    CalStar Lineup Help

    Hey folks, Need a little help with choosing a CalStar quiver for 2019. They seem to have several model lineups: the West Coast series, black West coast series, grafighter, and gg composite. I can't find a product description differentiating each lineup. What's the difference between them...
  107. sasabune

    Older Silver Shimano Torium 16 w/ 8' Med Action ProSabre Rod. Sold the 20

    I have an older silver Shimano Torium 16. Sold the 20. Both are in good mechanical condition and some boat rash on the exterior. Both have been upgraded with Alan Tani handles, carbon fiber drag, dog springs (clicking reel), clamps, and both have about 250 yards 65lbs spectra. Selling the 16 for...
  108. G

    Rod Identification Help Please

    Hello, I'm a vintage fisherman but I use mostly new tackle. I kind of got stuck on Shimano reels and Ugly Stik rods. Anyway, I picked up this really nice 5' 7" fiberglass rod with an Orvis 50a mounted on it at an estate sale Saturday. I've never seen anything like it. There are no markings. The...
  109. 2

    Trinidad 30, calstar 900 m

    Trinidad 30 on a calstar GFDH 900M reels in decent shape, rod is in great condition reel has new line $350
  110. 2

    Avet Mxj w/ Phoenix black diamond

    Avet mxj 6/4-mc raptor 2 speed on a Phenix Black diamond psw 700m Both are in good condition with brand new line $350.00
  111. Larmo

    Prowler Gear Claims - Free Help

    For the guys who lost gear in the Prowler accident you should have received a call from the landing that the insurance company is in the process of paying these property claims right now. If you need any help with your property claim, DM me and I will walk you through it at no cost. Make sure...
  112. kongrotc

    RCTB80XXH 8' or 7'6" or 7'

    I have a rctb80xxh 50-130lb blank I am going to wrap for 80lb rail rod. Shall I cut down to 7' or 7'6" or no cut just 8'? Please advise me.
  113. Jonathan nunez

    Daiwa sealineand Sabre classic combo

    Asking 120 for both
  114. bruce l.

    Rod Reel Combo

    -- Sold. Thank You! --
  115. Jonathan nunez

    UC Del Mar 900

    Brand new only used marks..asking $360 brand new is over 400
  116. kongrotc

    rod wrapper - hand or power

    Thank you Rocky It is great deal!!!
  117. Jonathan nunez

    Phenix axis 909h $180

    selling my Phenix axis 909 h 9 ft 20-60 deckhand style 160 firm
  118. RiggingSoCal

    60-100 lb 6-7 ft Rod

    looking for a rod to fish 60-100 lb. preferably 6-7ft Maybe with a roller tip and standard guides over the rest of the rod Have a budget of $100. I’ll consider more for a better rod of course. Let me know what you’ve got if you’re looking to get rid of any extra rods Preferably near by or...
  119. E man

    United Composites US Monster White Blank

    New custom wrapped white blank United Composites UC70 Monster. Rated 30-60lb. Custom wrapped by board member Jake(Cow Man). It has green marbling and dragon scale wrapping. It’s a beautiful rod. Alps guides and reel seat. I’m located in North Hollywood or can meet anywhere in the SFV. Price is $400
  120. H

    SURFACE IRON ROD THROW DOWN!!! Truline versus Roddy

    I've got two Roddy jig sticks- both from unwrapped blanks that had never seen the light of day until a three years ago: fishing 40# & 50#. But I think I favor the Trulines more because of versatility. I have Truline jig sticks to fish 25#, 30#, 40#, 50# and 60# surface iron. Don't think Roddy...
  121. SaintJeezy

    Super seeker cbj806h (270h) blank *price dropped*

    Have a super seeker cbj806h blank up for grabs. Never wrapped. Cherry colored. Nice and straight. Finished rod sku is ss-270h-8'. $120 obo Local pick up Call or text 949 525 3793
  122. myroncuz


    IM LOOKING FOR SHORT CURVED FOR MY 50LB CLASS AND 130LB CLASS. i currently have a pretty much brand new 130lb aftco black/gold straight butt that i bought for 140+ and only took it out once. im someone wants to buy it then im willing to take a loss at 100. does not include shipping. i also...
  123. cgb24

    Shimano Terez 7' 80-130 $150

  124. RiggingSoCal

    8’ Shimano Spinning

    Looking for a Shimano Tallus blue water spinning rod TLS 80 HBBL Or TLS 80 MHBBL Or a Teramar inshore TMS 80XXH Looking for a local pick up in SoCal.Have cash in hand. Thanks
  125. Tuggernuts

    Okuma Cruz popping rod

    i ordered an Okuma Cruz popping rod and received it today. It is perfect, never been used, but I ordered the MH and I’m thinking I want the H model instead. I paid about 155 for it. I plan on just returning it and getting the H model. If someone wants to make me an reasonable offer around...
  126. RiggingSoCal

    Shimano Tallus Spinning

    Hey guys looking to buy a Shimano Tallus Spinning Rod Model TLS- 80MHBBL 8’0” 30-65 # Ideally want one in good shape Or any other similar spec 8 ft, 30-60 # Spinning Rod Text me if you have one (818)590-8355
  127. A

    $200 Okuma Credit to Spend, Need some advice

    Hi Everyone, This is my first post. I had purchased the Okuma Nomad Travel Surf Rod 10' 4 piece rod Heavy Power and it broke after getting snagged on the bottom doing some offshore salt water fishing in Mexico. Okuma has agreed to provide a ~$200 exchange for another one of their products...
  128. gilochild

    COLLECTIOn For Sale - Rods, Reels & Tackle

    I sold off a good chunk of my rods and reels and am looking to sell the remainder. I'd like to sell it all as a group. Here is what i have left: REELS: Penn Battle 5000 Roddy hunter 186 Heavy Reel 4 older miscellaneous spinning reels RODS: Shimano Tallus 7'0'' Rod - 10-20lb Penn Roddy Hunter...
  129. J

    Black Hole Nano either 80 or 86

    Looking for a pre owned Black Hole spinning rod for saltwater popping. Prefer 86 but would consider an 80 as well. Thanks!
  130. SccfoChef

    Phenix PSW760ML made by Infinite structure

    SOLD please delete
  131. A

    Shimano Baitrunner 12000D Daiwa Proteus 76HFS

    $260 for Baitrunner 12000D and Daiwa Proteus 76HFS Great Condition - Used for only 1/2 season (2 yellowfin trips couple rock fish outings) Very clean and no scuffing on reel or rod Spooled with 65lb Spectra 25lbs max drag Rod rated for 55lb-80lb braid but fishing lighter is still fun on it No...
  132. Jack Yac

    Brand New United Composite 1000 Del Mar

    Brand new United Composites 1000 Del Mar -10 foot -30-60 -Fuji Alconite guides -perfect rod for throwing irons Rod blank retails for 210 Guides retail for 90 Labor and work retails for 250 Payed 550 for this rod and never used it because I have 2 of the exact same rods. Asking 350 OBO, open...
  133. R

    Wanted: 80-100 rod San Diego

    Hey Guys, Looking for a used 80-100 bait rail rod. - Up to $300 - Ring Guides - 61/2 - 7 ft - San Diego Cash and carry. Send PM.
  134. K

    Saltist BG20

    Daiwa proteus 80HF 20-50 [SOLD] Daiwa Saltist BG20 w.clamp $100 Cash + local pickup.
  135. RiggingSoCal

    WTB Rail Rod with roller tip

    Looking for a rod for tuna fishing that won’t break the bank. Not expecting any Calstars or seekers but any decent rail type rod you guys wanna sell. Price cap around $80 looking for 60-100# rod. Something around 6 -7 ft. Thanks Or if you guys know of any Tackle shops that have 60-100 lb rods...
  136. C

    WTB Seeker Beacon Kayak Rod

    Looking for a Seeker Beacon rod for my kayak, preferably the 12-25lb or 20-40 lb. I am located in Newport Harbor but I am willing to pick it up if it is nearby.
  137. coastalsharker

    F/S PHENIX ABYSS PSX908 15-40 AND PSX906 10-25 9'ers NEW UNUSED

  138. wburdge

    Buying All New Combos!!

    Hey folks! I'm in the process of purchasing another boat, and it's time for some new combos. Traditionally I've fished CalStar rods, and a mix of reels (no loyalty really). Mainly looking to keep chasing the YT and start learning how to nail more BFT. Here's kind of what I've been thinking...
  139. T

    Looking for a Phenix rod

    I am looking for a Phenix rod: Abyss PSX-809 OR Black Diamond PSW-809H OR Axis HAX-780H ONLY one of these three rods, nothing else. Either new or used. I prefer reel-seat. PM me with the condition of the rod and the price.
  140. aleclee721

    Deckhand Rods and Seating

    Hey there! Does anyone know the advantages or disadvantages to seating your reel either higher/lower on the rod? Or is it all personal preference?
  141. M

    Okuma Andros 12SIIa Reel & SCT Boat Rod Giveaway

    Okuma is giving away an AWESOME rod & reel combo! The Prizes: -Andros 12SIIa Series Reel -SCT Boat Rod How to Enter: 1. Show us a pic of you fishing with Okuma Gear! 2. If you don't have Okuma Gear you can Enter HERE 3. Let us know you entered on this thread Visit:
  142. Bajangler

    Custom Boat/trolling Rod For Sale Almost New, Almost Free

    This rod was made in Florida, used 3 times. It is a Sceptre, heavy duty rod, was $175 new, asking $45 or best offer. Moving to Las Vegas, must sell. Rod is 6 1/2 feet, 50-80 lb. Pick up in La Jolla, PM with phone number if interested.
  143. Z

    CRB Blank, Worth It?

    Hey there guys, I've seen some mixed reviews on the cheaper CRB rod blanks on mudhole. It seems to me like maybe the application of the rod determines whether or not it is worth going the CRB route. I'm hoping to build an inshore bass stick for calicos, sandbass, rockfish, lings, etc. Will...
  144. #Special K

    Want to buy - 8'5 to 9' Jig Stick 20-40 ish

    Hey all, Last weekend was a sad one. I dumped by baby (TN 16N, yeah the unicorn, and Calstar West Coast 270-HC 15-40) in the drink casting a bait. Hurt my soul. I am now in need of some retail therapy. Picked up a great deal on a 16A, but now I need a rod to pair it with. Loved the feel of...
  145. bocker

    Graphite refinish/repair help please

    I picked up a Seeker Black Steel rod from a buddy that appears to have either boat rash, sunburn or perhaps the finish is just coming off? Was considering a re-wrap or might just try to refinish the bad areas. I have repaired glass rods with light steel wool and or sand paper, depending on...
  146. SccfoChef

    Shimano trevalla F 6'3

    Good condition trevalla F 30-80 $160
  147. BrentlyDunivant

    Sabre 820 Identification Help

    Hi All, I am getting some original Sabre's worked on and am hoping to figure out the specs of this 820 we have. My grandfather purchased these Sabres back in the 70's or 80's and I have figured out the specs for all but the 820. Sabre 665XH 6.5' @ 40-100# Sabre 270 7' @ 12-30# Sabre 820 ...
  148. SccfoChef

    WTB, shimano terez 9ft waxwing and tranx PG only

    TZCWX90MHBLK 30-65 9ft also looking for a tranx PG only new or used. please pm me if you have this rod or reel, new or used.
  149. B

    Info about my vintage rod?

    Hello any one can give info about my rod? I was on a fishing trip last weekend and the captain wanted my rod. He said he would give me a couple free trips for it. I dont know anything about it. I would like to know brand, line weight, lure weight, and more. Thanks!
  150. E man

    Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid PHD-760H

  151. K


    Shimano Triton Charter Special $85 Avet SXJ $165 Avet MXJ BNIB $185, 2 speed $265 Avet JX 2 Speed BNIB $325 Shimano Sustain 6000FG $280 Shimano Trevala TFS-69ML $120 Combo $360 Shimano Torium 30 $125 Pickup only. No shipping. Thanks for looking
  152. Delbrugge4


  153. Bajangler

    For Sale Sceptre Rod Reduced $50

    Reduced Sceptre Rod with heavy duty reel seat, 50-80lb excellent shape $50 PM if interested
  154. BD STAFF

    Amazing Tackle Prices This Weekend

  155. SccfoChef

    FS: shimano terez 9ft rod

    I have a shimano Terez 9ft casting rod. 30-60MH. I only used it 2 times, so its almost a brand new rod. asking for $175 priced to quick sell.
  156. Kent tran

    SORRY SOLD Shimano curado 200/HG/PH. 201/201HG

    Please before you read this ads. Only text or call if you are interested. And i will send photo through 7143433975 Hey guys. Selling my bass collection. All reels are in 10/10 condition both cosmetic/mechanism. SHIMANO CURADO 200 $110 SHIMANO CURADO 200HG$110 SHIMANO CURADO 200PG$110 SHIMANO...
  157. Kent tran


  158. F

    Rod to Match Saltiga 60

    I purchased this reel recently on a deal that was too sweet to pass by. I fish out of Southeast Florida, mostly on jetties and piers, and I do a few party boat trips every once in a while. I am looking for a rod that can cast 6 & bait when I am fishing the piers/jetties and something that I can...
  159. Steven Rea

    WTB Dobyns Champion 806 Swimbait rod

    I'm looking for a Dobyns Champion 806 Swimbait rod. Unblocking for the early Gen 2 with the silver/light grey band under the logo (see picture). If you have one/know anyone who has one, pm me! ***NOT THE MIKE LONG VERSION***