rod advice

  1. C

    Best rod for accurate tern 500

    Hey guys so I’m looking for a good rod for my tern 500. I want to mainly use this set up for fly/free lining baits. And time to time throw a colt sniper, probably using 50-60lb braid. I was thinking a 8’ 2” Phenix abyss HD 20-50lb Or maybe fishing syndicate 800M. Fishing for small tuna...
  2. R

    Shimano Talica 50ii Kite Fishing

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone had a rod/ line suggestions for kite fishing with a Talica 50ii. I’m fishing dead bait (flying fish) and going for BFT off San Clemente (or any other locations you’d suggest for super cows). I’ve seen people fish kites with rail rods but I was wondering if...
  3. H

    Any ideas on rods to pair with a shimano torium 20

    I want something around 8ft that’s would be a good rod to throw a iorn on. Looking to take it to sci and catch some big yellows maybe some tuna up to 70 pounds. Looking on the cheaper side 200 new ! Thanks
  4. H

    Any ideas on rods to pair up with a Shimano torium

    Just want ideas to pair up with a torium. Preferably 8ft cause I’m running on party boats and under 200 thanks
  5. H

    Any thoughts on a Shimano torium 20 or 30 for yellowtail and maybe small tuna

    I’m just lookin for a reel I can do overnights with out to sci something that can throw a iorn and fish live if I need to I’m also looking at the Avet sxj and thoughts on what I should get. First reel of this kind thx!
  6. Sardine_matt

    Daiwa Rod Set Up

    I was recently gifted a Daiwa vip saltwater 870 which is 7’ and line rated at 15-40lb. I was wondering what reel would pair nicely with this rod. I plan on fishing charter boats out to catalina, other islands, and the local waters in general. I don’t wanna break the bank so anything not too much...
  7. VooDooRazor

    Sea stalker restoration is it really a seeker?

    So I have heard that people think that the sea stalker rods are seeker rods but never knew if it was true found this under the grip seeker jb70
  8. VooDooRazor

    First Turk's head knot

    Was wondering what you all do to finish these knots do you put epoxy on them or just make them tight
  9. H

    Rod suggestions for Yellowtail on party Boat

    Hey guys new here. Im in the market for a rod to pair with an Avet JX6/3. Id like to be able to fish live bait and irons on it. I also plan on buying a kayak in the near future so will also be using it to fish from it. I'm aware that there's not magic rod out there. that does it all, but any...
  10. RiggingSoCal

    Shimano Tallus Spinning

    Hey guys looking to buy a Shimano Tallus Spinning Rod Model TLS- 80MHBBL 8’0” 30-65 # Ideally want one in good shape Or any other similar spec 8 ft, 30-60 # Spinning Rod Text me if you have one (818)590-8355
  11. Efishient

    Beginner surface iron rod

    Need some suggestions for purchasing a new surface iron rod. I have only thrown irons a couple times before on my friend's rods and I really want to get into surface iron fishing for yt this season. I was looking at the shimano teramar TMC86HB, but I want to hear some more suggestions before I...
  12. Shade42087

    Calstar GF 900 H

    Bought a new rod to use as a jigstick at "Hook Line and Sinker" in Santa Barbara. Really nice rod, but now im thinking it might be too heavy. Anyone own one of these that can elaborate on that? Or even if you use it for something else, what?