1. B

    13ft whaler restoration

    I’m working on restoring a 13ft whaler and found some old repairs while sanding off some really cracked gel coat. Little investigating showed that water got inside and started rotting/eating at the foam inside the hull. Not sure where to go from here, do I cut out a square section around where I...
  2. jewie27

    Missing screw for Lexa 400 HD (2019 model)

    I've had my LX-HD400HS-P since November 2019 and have fished with it on about 4 trips. On my last trip to Catalina, I was winding in my bait and the EVA foam knob became unscrewed and the entire retaining screw fell out into the water. I was able to catch the blue plate that sits at the end...
  3. Dstompe

    For Sale 1995 Suzuki DT55 - Parts/Repair

    Selling a 1995 Suzuki DT55 2-stroke oil injected outboard off my Klamath offshore. It currently needs a new starter, and perhaps a new starter solenoid. Put a bunch of money into it this year (replaced lower unit with DT65 LU, new overheat sensor, new thermostat, descaled water jacket, new...
  4. MarkFromSea

    Rod Guide Replacement? Who's the "Go To Guy" between Renton and Olympia that's not too expensive?

    I could do it myself but I don't want to muck up the rods, I'd like to have the replacement guides look half way decent, they don't have to be any super special guides, just black metal, black thread/epoxy(whatever) with some sort of insert, salt/spinning type/size. I gotta run South in the next...
  5. mokahehteh

    SOLD Surfboard Shaping & Repair Stand

    SOLD!! All-steel welded construction, beefy design. Integral mounting plate with bolt-holes, bolt to concrete shop/garage floor... or bolt to a thick plywood panel for a mobile platform. Adjustable for grom boards (3-1/2 foot span at the shortest setting) all the way to 12+ foot long SanO...
  6. Y

    Custom CNC Machined parts

    posted in wrong location... sorry
  7. Bite1

    Calstar Rods still a thing? / Crushed reel seat

    My reel seat on my 900 m has failed and the graphite is crushed in (deckhand style). Does calstar still make/ replace rods with warranty? I tried calling the number but there is no voicemail setup. Any advice on what to do with the jig stick? It is still functional but that part of the graphite...
  8. T

    Cheap beginner rig for hand-winding? and a few other beginner questions.

    I want to repair/replace some guides on an old rod I got as a hand-me-down and was wondering what you guys recommend for a complete beginner. I'm hoping to not spend a fortune since this may be the only rod i use the rig on. I was thinking of making my own DIY rig too but i am not sure if there...
  9. MrJigs

    WTB Need Help!!

    Looking for someone to help me install an outboard bracket for my boat I have a 1982 Blackman center console 20' I pulled the motor out, closed the transom and I need someone with experience to help me install the bracket. call me 714-472-7353
  10. G

    Penn Jigmaster Repair & Pricing?

    Hi - Does anyone have a feel for the pricing to do a tear down and clean-up on a couple of old jigmaster 500s? I have a couple of them that i picked up at a garage sale - probably 70's / 80's vintage - they seem to be in good working order - but i'd like to have them broken down, cleaned up...
  11. bocker

    Graphite refinish/repair help please

    I picked up a Seeker Black Steel rod from a buddy that appears to have either boat rash, sunburn or perhaps the finish is just coming off? Was considering a re-wrap or might just try to refinish the bad areas. I have repaired glass rods with light steel wool and or sand paper, depending on...