1. E

    SOLD Just Hx left

    Most sold but Hx
  2. G

    WTB Left hand 30 or 40 conventional reel

    Looking to get into midsize bluefin up to about 100lbs, So I’m looking for a 30-40 size conventional, only looking for lefties. My budget is about $200, but it’s somewhat stretchable. Single or 2- speed doesn’t matter. Thanks!
  3. Deadstockpomp

    For Sale or trade LEFTY Accurate reels

    Located in Staten Island NY, all reels are lightly used and in like new condition. - 2 speed Valiant 400 (blue/silver) $375 - 2 speed Valiant 400 (black) $375 - 2 speed Boss Xtreme 500 (silver/blue) $425 - 2 speed Dauntless 500 (black) $475 all reels are basically $200 off retail and are in...
  4. M

    SOLD Avet HXW Raptor 5/2

    Used Black Avet HXW Raptor 5/2 for sale-$400.00 or OBO Used on couple of boat rides, but unfortunately no fish. Filled approx. 1/2 way with 100# Power Pro Braid. No box. With Clamp. Can ship on buyers dime. PayPal Services, Zelle, Venmo Thanks for looking!
  5. foreignfishing1

    For Sale AVET JX Ready to Slay!

    I’m selling my AVET JX FULL OF 60lb white braid! Had it for about 2 years works like a champ. Just killed it in BOLA a few weeks ago on it but it’s time to let it go. I plan to get all fathoms. The JX works like new I’ve taken really good care of it always cleaned it after each time I go...
  6. ElijahSok

    TRADE Lot of offshore and inshore gear

    17yr old in the Huntington Harbor area LOOKING TO NARROW DOWN ALL THIS GEAR TO A COUPLE OF SETUPS I WILL ALWAYS USE. The lexas need a bit of maintenance. It is difficult for me to get them serviced since I can never get a ride, especially with all of this virus stuff. 80$- Daiwa coastal 701XXH...
  7. H

    For Sale Okuma Makaira 15II-Sea for sale! With Braided line.

    I bought a Makaira last year, only used to troll for 15 minutes. Got no use for it anymore, looking to sell for $475 OBO. Will also ship. The reels comes with all tools and accessories. Also comes with 130lb rainbow braided line. 6263905006 if you have any questions. Thank you
  8. Josh.eck

    SOLD Seeker rods and okuma reel

    I have 3 seeker rods and one okuma reel to sell! great rods and reel at a great price! Condition is brand new on both super seeker rod and okuma reel, okuma reel has never seen salt water. Super seeker rod are brand new purchased them back in September! Pricing: super seeker 6480XH: $350...
  9. C

    For Sale Two Reel and Rod Combos For Sale

    I have one Penn and one Shimano TLD15 with rods for sale. Great for bass and yellowtail. Very clean and ready to use. Will make a great Christmas gift. $200 for both
  10. C

    For Sale 2 Rods And Reels

    I have 2 rods and reels for sale. I'd prefer to sell them both in one transaction. They are both great for anything from bass to yellowtail. $200 for both
  11. J

    For Sale Used Reels: 10 Accurate reels, Penn, Diawa, more...

    Selling for a friend. Reels are for sale, prices listed(will ship if you pay for shipping and have PayPal), and please txt Jared at 949 375 3130 for more detailed pics if you're truly interested. Located in Costa Mesa. Condition is good. Minor boat rash, if any. Other than that, all the...
  12. Yuri_SD

    Spin vs Conventional for my fishing style - looking for feedback

    I've been a spinner guy and just got into conventional with Shimano Torium star drag. Had my first day casting on the water and 3/4 of the time i was getting over-runs. When I did have a clean cast - it would not go far due to me slowing it down to prevent over-spin. Obviously I need to learn...
  13. Sheaalderete

    For Sale Avet jx 4.1.1

    Got an old avet 4.1.1 in good shape probably 8.5/10 cosmetically. Mechanically 9/10. Throw me an offer! Would make a great first time reel. $100 Txt me 310-854-2777
  14. Nick Boone

    For Sale Accurate 2-Speed Reels

    I have 8 accurate 2-speed reels for sale. Looking to clear some space in my arsenal. Minor boat rash on all reels. Functionality 10/10. All reels have been serviced twice a year and come with braid backing. Stock reel clamps included. (2) Boss Extreme 500 2-Speed: $300 each. Comes full of braid...
  15. MatFish

    SOLD Cousins 95j mag ( Limited edition Blacked Out Series )

    I know I’m new to the site and my new status can be over looked however I wanna sell my limited edition 95j mag. 1000 cash obo ( negotiable) Trades welcome for things like ( Trinidad’s 10a/14a/16a/20a ) (Talica 8ii/12ii) ( Penn Torques Preferably silver ) ( Mak 15t Silver ) Rod is in...
  16. S

    Need Help Rigging New Rods

    This is my first time posting here FYI. Friend of mine gave up fishing and gave me some old rods he had. I want to rig these new rods up with the appropriate tackle (I would like to fish any species of bass, trout, salmon) for northern CA fishing. Can anyone provide any insight as to what these...
  17. V

    For Sale Daiwa Saltist 30 and 40

    2 Reels - USED about 10 yr old - both work well: 1. Daiwa Saltist 30 - Star drag- $ 60 2. Daiwa Saltist 40 - Star Drag- $60 $100 for both
  18. jigglejiggs

    SOLD Sold

    All items BRAND NEW IN BOX WITH TAGS: ***NO TRADES*** ****EXTENDED PRICE REDUCTION**** Makaira 20II SEa ( New Gunmetal 2019 model) NEW PRICE: $450 ***I will offer the braid for $10 as an option to the reel purchaser*** Okuma PCH-C-741XXXH 80-130# $225> $200 Fins depth meter braid 100#...
  19. G

    SOLD Avet MXJ G2 MC

    Got it as a gift from somebody who didnt know I fish lefties. 1 party boat trip, cleaned properly after, spooled with 50lb Power Pro Depth hunter, unknown yardage. Pretty much brand new, no box or clamp, though. 99% condition. $200 shipped anywhere Super down to trade for a lefty fathom...
  20. G

    SOLD Avet MXJ G2 MC

    Got it as a gift from somebody who didnt know I fish lefties. 1 party boat trip, cleaned properly after, spooled with 50lb Power Pro Depth hunter, unknown yardage. Pretty much brand new, no box though. 99% condition. $200 shipped anywhere Super down to trade for a lefty fathom 25-30, torium...
  21. J

    Ok, so what is your favorite reel for throwing surface irons and why?

    Looking to start focusing more on throwing the iron instead of being stuck in the cluster at the rear of the boat...would love your guys' input on what reels you like best for this application
  22. N

    For Sale P322F Newell Reels for Sale

    Four p322f newell reels for sale, $250 each Prefer local Los Angeles Cash Only (310)617-7270
  23. N

    P322F Newell Reels for Sale

    Four p322f newell reels for sale, $250 each Prefer local Los Angeles Cash Only (310)617-7270
  24. RiggingSoCal

    For Sale Wooden Fishing Rod Racks Will Be In SD Saturday July 20!

    RS Custom Woodworks Hand Made Fishing Rod Racks. These are the few that we have left in stock Wall mounted racks 6 Rod rack -$35 8 Rod Rack -$45 15 Rod Rack -$85 Ceiling mounted Racks 8 Rod Ceiling Racks -$95 Both racks available in a lighter cherry stain as well as a darker Mahogany as shown...
  25. panchovia1

    For Sale Penn 12 ($60)international

    **SOLD AVET HX $280SOLD PENN 12H $80
  26. C

    For Sale Lots of fishing rods and reels

    Daiwa, Shimano, Shakespeare, zebco, Penn, okuma, Berkeley, etc. Even have some reels for parts or repair. Prices are negotiable!!!! Willing to sell all for a bulk price. Also have some tackle supplies, fishing knives, etc.
  27. deadpinniped

    SOLD Tranx 500 and fathom 40 star drag

    Thinning out the reels that never get used. I have a Penn Star Drag 40 (with reel clamp not shown) and a Tranx 500hg with tiburon clamp. Looking for $old for the Tranx with the clamp and $150 for the Fathom. Both function perfectly and have not been on many trips. They do have boat rash.
  28. M

    Accurate Tern 400 or 500

    I’m looking to buy the Accurate Tern for throwing surface irons for yellowtail. The 400 is about $290 and the 500 is only $10 more. The only difference I believe is that the spool is a bit bigger. Should I go for the 500?
  29. Steven1883

    For Sale New Daiwa Saltist 30H

    New. Comes with box and clamp. Spooled with 60lb J-braid. $225. Txt. 562 294 6089
  30. J

    For Sale Rods n reels F/S

    Hey all, Have some rods n reels up for grabs. The inventory: 1)Vintage Penn Senator 9/0 star drag w/ clicker, spooled with heavy braid. Rod: Davis big game full roller Length: 1.75M Action: 100# Condition: fully operational and ready to fish but could use a little cleaning. Qty: 2 2)Okuma...
  31. Whiskey Line

    Cow BFT Reel Recommendations

    Hey all. I have a rod being built right now for BFT, and I'm in need of a solid reel. I'm running it off of a private boat, and will be flying a kite off of it and dropping flat falls in the dark. I have been going back and fourth between Penn International visx 50, Shimano Talica TAC 50, or...
  32. fish_guts

    SOLD Shimano calcutta 300te and 200te

    For sale. Shimano calcutta 300te with 65lb braid backing and seaguar 25lb flouro topshot. $250 Also have a shimano Calcutta 200te with 30lb braid. $200 Or buy both for $425 Reels are really clean and always taken care of. Dont use them anymore so they are up for sale! See pics for actual...
  33. S

    For Sale Phenix and Okuma Rods, Shimano, Daiwa, and 13 Fishing Reels

    All reels in good working order. Baits as shown. 300DSV Stock Handle- $130. SOLD 300DSV Hawgtech handle and knobs- $160 300E- $175 Calcutta 400B with Hawgtech knobs- $160 Steez 100 HS- $350 Curado 200i 7:1- $145 Revo Inshore- $120 Lexa 100HS- $80 13 A3- $185 Corvalus- $35 Baits MCL 3 piece...
  34. RiggingSoCal

    Fishing Rod Rack Storage Opinions

    Hi Bders, so my buddy and I have been making and selling our Custom Made Fishing Racks to many Southern California fisherman We’re preparing to sell these racks at Fred...
  35. M

    For Sale Selling Multiple Practically Unused High Quality Rods/Reels

    Hey guys, I have a few rods/ reels that I would like to sell. All are in like new condition and have been in storage their whole lives. Was planning on using them but I had to sell my kayak and no longer have a way to use these. Graftech Inshore Rod 10-20 LBS $125 Penn Reel International 975...
  36. I

    How much line for rock fishing los angleles

    I know the question is dumb but for rock fishing is 500 feet enough.
  37. Jason Luy

    For Sale Fishing Reel Lot - Shimano, Daiwa, Avet, Okuma

    1. TALICA 10ii - USED 50lb J-Braid w/ Box and Clamp - $390 2. AVET SX 5:3:1 w/ Clamp - $110 3. DAIWA SALTIST 25 w/ Clamp - $160 4. OKUMA CEDROS 10s Lightly USED - $200 5. SHIMANO TORIUM 20 - $120 Recently Serviced by Shimano in irvine w/ Clamp (dog chewed on rubber handle) 6. Daiwa Z30 -...
  38. Ber949

    For Sale Shimano Talica 12II Cousins CJB 70MH

    Selling TWO Shimano Talica 12II and Cousins CJB 70MH 30-50. I serviced them about a year ago and haven’t used them much since. There is a little bit of boat rash but they are both in excellent condition as well as the rods. Reels have 65# power pro backing. Asking $1300 for the pair but am...
  39. N

    WTB Want to buy colored newell reels

    Want to buy colored Newell Reels, any size. Local only (310)617-7270
  40. ycnibrc

    SOLD Avet MXL 5.8 MC

    Hi there I have an Avet mxl 5.8 mc red color mint no scratch or boat rash. Only use 3 times fill with 300 yard 65 braid with 80 yard 20lbs mono topping. Also come with upgrade power handle. 200$ pick up in Irvine CA or 210$ shipped anywhere in USA. Please pm with question
  41. gilochild

    For Sale Sold my boat, Now selling all my Gear. SHIMANO rods and reels.

    Sold the boat, next comes the gear. Sad, but have to do it. Everything was purchased new by me and in very good condition. Happy to take more photos of anything listed here. Never sold anything on here so I apologize if im not listing it in the correct way. Willing to sell individual pieces...
  42. Status007

    Reel for Jig Stick

    I have a Phenix HAX 909 (9') that I had paired with a Torium 20HG. I'm looking for a good reel that will not break the bank but will get the job done. I'm not set on a specific brand and your assistance is appreciated.
  43. voodoo

    SOLD PRO Power Winder for Fishing Reel Line in Near New Condition

    Near new hardly used Pro Power Winder for fishing reel line. PRO brand commercial quality winder Has all parts, 2 speeds, forward and reverse, line counter, anodized aluminum finish, speed control pedal, A great deal at $600.00 (reel not included) New Pro Power winder retails for $1999.00 CASH...
  44. Ziad Amr

    IMPORTANT... Reels For Slow Jigging

    Guys i ne s your help for choosing affordable great slow jogging reel , i was thinking of okuma andros or any of the avets , can i know your recommendations and your reviews about those 2 reels or if you have better options ? Thank you :)
  45. waak

    Shimano Calstar Phenix Rods and Shimano Reels

    Rods: G-Loomis GL3 MBR844C - Reel: Conventional Length: 7' Line Wt: 12-20lbs Lure Wt: 1/4-1oz Action: Fast Asking: $150 OBO Shimano Teramar Inshore Rod TMC-X711XHBRA - Reel: Conventional Length: 7'11" Line Wt: 15-30lbs Lure Wt: 2-6oz Power: Extra Heavy Action: Extra Fast Asking: $120...
  46. Charles_Sterlin

    Tuna live bait pinning reel that doesn't twist line?

    While i like my Penn Battles but find after about 10 Tuna the line is unusable due to it being twisted from fish pulling out drag and having it looped over the spool to lay it back down. Looking at the design of spinning reels it seems like this would happen to all of them....Is that really...
  47. osiito

    WTB Shimano Baitrunner Reels

    Like the title says I'm interested in getting a few baitrunner reels size 6500 and up to take my daughter's catfishing. If you have any or know of someone wanting to sell it would be appreciated. Hit me up here. PM me only please Thanks in advance.
  48. reeltease

    NEW reels coming out

    Once again ICAST 2017 had a lot of new things in store for the fishing enthusiast. Attached are some of the newest reels about to hit the market.
  49. J

    Need help with Avet JX and HX gear set ups

    Just purchased new Avet Jx and Hx, 2 speed, both with MC, lever drag. Going to use them on 8 day trip south of San Diego. Alijos Rocks, The Ridge etc. So Tuna, Wahoo, Yellowtail. Wanted a 40# and 60# set up, but I'm open to opinions. Would like the JX to be my go to set up during the trip and...
  50. Baitless

    Reels - AVET, Newell, Penn Baja Special, and others

    Avet SX 5.0: $140.00 Newell P332.5 (with 200 yds of Spectra): $150.00 - Penn Baja Special (with 300 yds 65lb Spectra): $135.00 - Pending Shimano TLD 20/2 Speed with topless Tiburon frame (filled around 75% with 65lb Jerry Brown Spectra): $165.00 - Pending Text me at: (818) 620-3187, pickup in...
  51. S

    Penn International reels and rods for sale

    JI moved from So. Cal. to Nevada by Lake Tahoe, sold the Hatteras and need to get rid of some gear. I'll be in So. Cal. Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Fred Hall show in the IGFA booth for a few hours each day. If interested in any or all of the following text me at 323-816-5313. I have...
  52. Tvdan

    Fred Hall Show Sales

  53. I

    Looking for jigstick

    I'm looking to get myself a jigstick and reel for BFT up to 100lbs. What are your guys go to combo? If you guys got any recommendations on blanks too that would be great. Thanks
  54. D

    Cleaning and desalting Accurate Reels after a trip

    I am wondering if anyone can suggest some relatively non time consuming, yet effective ways of keeping accurate (or any high quality reel) clean, lubricated, salt and corrosion free following heavy use and lots of spray on multiday (wet) trips. Any tips appreciated. I sponge with Salt x and...
  55. ssalv

    Need help pricing some Penn reels

    I have a Penn 30s, condition 9, 600 yds JB 80 Hollow, fished 3 times and a 50, converter to LEFTY with 100LB JB spectraa and old 80 ln top shot, I give it a 7 for condidtion as to some boat rash. Need help setting a fair price, thanks for the help in advance.
  56. JM-Whaoo

    Penn VSX 30 2speed used twice 440

    I have a penn VSX 30 2speed that I used on a 2 trips it has one scuff on the side it is loaded with 80 pound braid and top shot it with 80 pound mono I spent over 600 between the reel and line just looking to get 440 firm pay pal gift or 3% if regular pay pal it comes with box and tool please...
  57. Bruno Mazaheri

    Jigging Master 12% Discount

    Hey Y'all, Stumbled across this post and thought y'all would appreciate the discount. Wife isn't letting me buy any so thought I would vicariously. Best, Bruno
  58. Tino

    Looking to match reel with new rod

    I just bought a Phenix black diamond Psw-909xhj (deckhand style) looking to match it with a new reel.... Main use will be for surface iron.... Was considering trini 20A... But looking for any input thanks ahead of time!!
  59. minesgold

    Rod Holder

    I bought 2 used Hali rods with the wing nut reel clamps any suggestions on which holder works best. Prefer rail mount holders for front of Thunder Jet.
  60. Kent tran


  61. Sheaalderete

    For Sale Avet MXJ 6/4 Gold Avet JX 4.1:1

    I Am selling these reels and they are in great shape! Had them both serviced by Kens beging of last summer! The MXJ was fished once last season! Great real but I'm more of a shimano guy! I am open to trades on Shimano Reels(Talica or Trinadad) and phenix Rods(809H or 909h) Also both Reels have...
  62. Kent tran

    SORRY SOLD Shimano tranx500hg beautiful reel $385

    Shimano tranx500hg. Flawless. 10/10 cosmetic. 10/10 mechanism. My lost your gain. No box. No trades. No shipping. Pick up local area. Westminster ca 92683 Text me or call if interested only. 7143433975 kent. Thank you.
  63. Kent tran

    SORRY SOLD Shimano curado 200/HG/PH. 201/201HG

    Please before you read this ads. Only text or call if you are interested. And i will send photo through 7143433975 Hey guys. Selling my bass collection. All reels are in 10/10 condition both cosmetic/mechanism. SHIMANO CURADO 200 $110 SHIMANO CURADO 200HG$110 SHIMANO CURADO 200PG$110 SHIMANO...
  64. Bruno Mazaheri

    Jigging Master Rods for trips

    Hey guys, Being temporarily re-housed in the west coast while we work on a project with some partners. Definitely want to go out on some long-range boats and was wondering if any of y'all had used jigging master rods on these long range trips, and how the compare to any traditional styles that...