1. Shimano Trinidad TN 30 - Gold

    Southern California Shimano Trinidad TN 30 - Gold

    Well used but just serviced (by me). Tore it all the way down. Replaced the main bearing. Freespool is good. Drag and clicker great. Comes with Rod Seat
  2. A

    QUESTION Penn Fathom 15 Single Speed

    Hello everybody. I have a question regarding Penn lever drag reels. According to the schematic, there is a “free spool” button on the reel that is pressed down when reel is in free. Do I have to press this button down manually? Or can I press on the lever. The reason I ask is because there is...
  3. 40-60#  Tuna Combo

    Southern California 40-60# Tuna Combo

    New custom wrapped Calstar 665 H with Pro Gear yellowtail special Tuna Combo. 655h is 6 1/2 feet, #30-80 rated, solid #40 to #60 rod, deckhand x-tude handle. Pro Gear come with #50 mono, upgraded Tiburon T bar handle and Tiburon clamp. Ready to fish. $475 for the combo. Or seperate $275 for the...
  4. R

    Southern California Daiwa Lexa Rod and Reel FS

    I have a Rod and reel combo used for sale come with box loaded with 50lb Power pro braid Gear is in great shape, i believe no scratches no signs of corrosion. Local to Burbank, CA, Frequent to San Pedro for work on weekends Rod Spec's - 7'-0" OAL - $ - 175.00 Reel Specs: Daiwa Lexa WN 400HS-P -...
  5. Shimano Trinidad 16A

    Southern California Shimano Trinidad 16A

    Have a barely used Trinidad 16a for sale. Used 2 times on my boat, mostly stayed in the cover to minimize any boat/transporting rash. pics show condition of the reel. clamp is still sealed! spooled with 330 yards of 65# prospec depth hunter. (different color every 20’) has approx 50 yard top...

    Southern California 2 PENN 25N STAR DRAG REELS

    Great reels, had them serviced at sav on tackle a few months ago and haven’t touched them since. Both have topshots of abt 100yds of 40lb P-line mono and the rest being white 55lb powerpro on the one with the red dot on the side and 65lb on the other. Looking to get rid of soon. The gears on the...
  7. A

    Southern California Cal star 701L United comp RUS 76 Tilefish JR or UC RCE 700L Daiwa lexa tw 400

    Cal star 701L United comp RUS 76 Tilefish JR or UC RCE 700L Daiwa lexa tw 400
  8. A

    Beginner Saltwater Setups

    So I’m pretty new to saltwater fishing, I’m planning on going on those 1/2-3/4 boat trip here in SoCal. I need advice on rod and reels setups. I’m trying to have at least 2 setups. Preferably under 1.5k for everything. Thanks so much for any insight.
  9. 50 TLD LRSA Used Once

    Southern California 50 TLD LRSA Used Once

    For a buddy, Shimano TLD 50LRSA. 80 mono, used for a Cabo boat trip one time. Local PU, it’s in HB. Buyer can pay shipping if desired. $300
  10. Penn Tuna Stick- 5-1/2’, 40-80 Standup

    Southern California Penn Tuna Stick- 5-1/2’, 40-80 Standup

    It is in excellent condition, it has Aftco base roller guide and a roller tip guide. It’s a standup rod, the right size for the larger bluefin. I haven’t used it but a few times and am clearing out the closet. $80 takes it- my gear is babied and I have multiples of gear so a bunch of it sits...
  11. C

    Stolen Gear

    Homies gear stolen in Goleta look out for it. Thanks
  12. Penn 309

    Southern California Penn 309

    Selling my older Penn 309. Selling for $20, has maybe 400 yards or braid. I think both are 50 pounds, two segments. No clamp.
  13. Neratomic

    Penn Fathom Reel Clamp Wobble

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has had issues with their Fathom reel clamps coming loose? I had mine come loose on a couple fish (all of which were landed) but it kind of sketched me out. I had electrical tape underneath, so I’m not sure what the solution to that is. I tried clamping the...
  14. Daiwa Lexa HD 400

    Southern California Daiwa Lexa HD 400

    Looking to sell my lexa 400 7.1:1. Fully spooled with 60 lb spectra. A little bit of boat rash but internals are all good. Hasn’t seen too much use, maybe 4 times. Also comes with the box. Looking for $250. If interested shoot me a pm or text me at (310)-295-7850.
  15. Selling Shimano Tekota 700

    Southern California Selling Shimano Tekota 700

    Selling my Shimano Tekota 700 with 65# braid. $150 Used twice for rock fishing
  16. Penn 309

    Southern California Penn 309

    Selling my Penn 309. Do not use anymore. It worked fine last I used it. Has about 400 yards maybe of braid. The top 100 is 50 pound I think and the rest I am not sure about. Selling for $40 OBO.
  17. BNIB Fathom 40NLD

    Southern California BNIB Fathom 40NLD

    Brand new Fathom 40 never been used or even spooled with line. Selling because I realized I didn’t need an extra reel. Thing is a great value for the money and perfect for the bluefin we’re seeing right now. Fathom 40’s are sold out pretty much everywhere for the time being due to the penn...
  18. Fishing gear rods / reels - Fresh and Saltwater - AVET Shimano Phenix

    Southern California Fishing gear rods / reels - Fresh and Saltwater - AVET Shimano Phenix

    Selling a bunch of awesome condition fishing rods and fishing reel . All gear has been taken care of and maintained since being the original owner!!! AVET JX 6.0:1 Single Speed GOLD. New $329.99 , selling $250 w/braid AVET SX 5.3:1 - MC. Silver/Black. New $299.99 , selling $220 w/mono SHIMANO...
  19. Shimano Custom Tiagra 12 Baker Topless Frame 80#

    Southern California Shimano Custom Tiagra 12 Baker Topless Frame 80#

    This is a very "custom enhanced" Shimano Tiagra 12 Baker Topless w/ COFE upgrades Fishing Reel. Tiagra 12 with upgrades include: Tiburon Engineering Power Handle Baker Topless frame Blackmarket spool sleeve, higher tolerance bearings, heavy duty drag plate spring installed by COFE - will...
  20. 125cm Double Band Spearguns

    Southern California 125cm Double Band Spearguns

    Selling one (or both) of these boys. One is a Salvimar Metal 125 Aluminum Double Banded with a Salvimar reel. The next is a Beuchat Marlin Carbone Elite 125 carbon gun, double banded as well. Looking for around 325 for the aluminum and 400 for the carbon gun. Never used the carbon one, used the...
  21. Okuma Andros A-5IIa 2 speed reel Mint

    Southern California Okuma Andros A-5IIa 2 speed reel Mint

    Okuma Andros A-5IIa 2 Speed Reel- Mint Like New Perfect Condition in box 10/10 both mechanically cosmetically Spooled 3/4 with 60lb Spectra and room for mono topshot. Great 30-50# reel. Perfect at 40#. Livebait or Jigging Compact but enough power and line capacity to pull tunas upto 60-80lb. no...
  22. P

    Southern California Want to buy Penn Torque 25NLD2

    Hello guys, I am looking for Penn Torque 25NLD2 reel. New or Used. If you have one for sale or know anyone who is selling it please let me know! Thanks!
  23. Reels and travel rod

    Other US Reels and travel rod

    I have a Penn Fathom 15 NIB for sale-$175. Daiwa BG5000. Used on one 8 day trip, professionally serviced after, and stored. Spooled with 375yd 50# power pro. $75 Okuma Nomad travel rod NT-S-703M-MH -$75. -SOLD Items located in Montana, buyers pay shipping.
  24. New Shimano Tranx 400

    Southern California New Shimano Tranx 400

    Brand new with receipt, purchased less than a month ago. Guy at tackle shop convinced me to try it but I'm having second thoughts and would rather have another avet reel. Paid $300+$30 tax + $10 for the cover plus the cost of the 30lb line. $300 firm you save on tax and get free bag, and I'll...
  25. Penn Intl 50SW, 30S, Valiant 600N

    Southern California Penn Intl 50SW, 30S, Valiant 600N

    SOLD. Penn Intl 50SW, 2-speed, nice condition, 120lb braid 2 years old. Roller trolling rod incl. $400 firm SOLD. Penn Intl 30s, 2-speed, Good condition, Not sure about line, Trolling rod incl. nothing special. $250 firm SOLD. Valiant 600N, excellent condition. On custom M&M 900N...
  26. L

    First Timer Offshore Yellowtail Fishing SoCal - Buy Reel or Rent?

    Thinking of booking a first yellowtail fishing trip out of Newport Beach, CA. This would be my first 3/4 day/full day trip. I only have mainly freshwater tackle myself. My only reasonable setup right now is a Tranx 300 + 1-5oz Phenix Swimbait rod which may be even a little too light for YT...
  27. For sale: Makaira 2 Speed reel

    Northern California For sale: Makaira 2 Speed reel

    Okuma Makaira 15II 2 Speed Lever Drag Reel Excellent condition, loaded with 80 Lb spectra. will come with retail box, tool kit, oil tube, and neoprene reel cover. I used reel once last week and got a 180 Lb BFT and no longer need I went all Avet reels. $400 firm and includes PayPal fees and...
  28. Pro Gear 255 and 545 Reels

    Southern California Pro Gear 255 and 545 Reels

    Braid was put on end of last year for the 255 and 545 clicker model. Any questions you can reach me at my number below, respond to this post or private message me here. 1. Silver Pro Gear 255 - 8/10 condition 50lb PowerPro Braid / 15lb Seaguar topshot | Price: SOLD 2. Silver Pro Gear 255...
  29. 2 Accurate Valiant 800 2speed

    Southern California 2 Accurate Valiant 800 2speed

    2 Accurate Valiant 800 2speed just serviced directly from Accurate. Asking $500 each or $915 for both. In excellent condition!
  30. Shimano

    Southern California Shimano
  31. Daiwa Lexa HD400HS/XS

    Southern California Daiwa Lexa HD400HS/XS

    Selling a Daiwa Lexa HD400HS-P or HD400XS-P your choice. Pick up in North Hollywood in the SFV. Price $240
  32. Rods (Pending) & Reels (Sold)

    Pacific Northwest Rods (Pending) & Reels (Sold)

    SOLD - 8 shimano talica II 8 reels with neoprene cover $150/ea SOLD - 4 Talica II 12 reels with neoprene cover $180/ea Pending - 3 Shimano Trevala TVC-58XXH $50/ea Pending - 2 Shimano Trevala TVC-66H $50/ea Pending - 7 Shimano Trevala TFC-63MH $50/ea used these for Tuna almost...
  33. Shimano Tekota 700

    Southern California Shimano Tekota 700

    Selling my Shimano Tekota 700 with 65 lb braid on it. $150
  34. Shant

    Southern California Shimano Tekota 700

    Selling my Shimano Tekota 700 with 65 lb braid on it. $150
  35. Avet PRO EXW 4/02 with about 500 yards of JB Hollow spectra.

    Southern California Avet PRO EXW 4/02 with about 500 yards of JB Hollow spectra.

    What else is there to say, last serviced in 2019 but hasn't really been fished since. It's just too big and I am not on a private boat anymore, so we don't troll as much and I just don't use this. If nobody wants this, I am going to strip the line off to re-use on another set up. Everything...
  36. penn spinning reel and varmac 10-30lb spinning rod

    Southern California penn spinning reel and varmac 10-30lb spinning rod

    selling an excellent spinning combo i no longer use penn fierce ii 6000 and a varmac 1piece 10-30lb rod 7’ , this setup is in excellent condition $100
  37. Shimano Tekota 700

    Southern California Shimano Tekota 700

    Selling my Shimano Tekota 700. I've used it a few times
  38. Tern 500XN

    Southern California Tern 500XN

    Sold accurate tern 500XN 6:1(narrow) lightly used, has minor boat rash, #50 Izor w/ #30 mono top shop comes with clamp and box Scratch on the bottom it’s from taking clamp bolt off Was service past winter and still has 10 months of free service $275
  39. Pro Gear CS 625, Near Mint Condition - Price Reduced

    Northern California Pro Gear CS 625, Near Mint Condition - Price Reduced

    Now $150, FIRM. I bought this reel for a 5-day in 2008, and it’s been in a cabinet ever since! It’s loaded with Spectra and a top shot, but I don’t know the size of either one. It operates perfectly, including an incredibly smooth drag. After I bought it, the reel was customized by @alantani ...
  40. Avet MXJ Raptor (SOLD)

    Southern California Avet MXJ Raptor (SOLD)

    Avet MXJ Raptor Spooled with 65lb braid to 40lb mono
  41. Avet JX Raptor (Silver)

    Southern California Avet JX Raptor (Silver)

    Avet JX Raptor Spooled with 65lb braid to 40lb mono
  42. Avet JX Raptor ( Blue)

    Southern California Avet JX Raptor ( Blue)

    Avet JX raptor spooled with 65lb braid to 50lb mono topshot
  43. Used Daiwa Lexa 300 HD

    Southern California Used Daiwa Lexa 300 HD

    I have a Daiwa Lexa 300 HD I would like to sell. It is in great condition. It is smooth and has a strong drag. It’s is almost completely filled with 50 lb white braid. I have only had it for a year. It has been used in saltwater and freshwater but has always been rinsed off after use. Has very...
  44. AVET SX 6/4 G2 - 200

    Southern California AVET SX 6/4 G2 - 200

    Selling my G2 SX 2 speed. Recently serviced at Ken's Custom Reels ($40) and not fished since, in perfect operating condition and excellent cosmetic condition as well. Thinking I will go with a small star drag for my 15 to 25 lb live bait setups so selling this lever drag to make room. Reel comes...
  45. Excellent Condition Shimano Tranx 500PG

    Southern California Excellent Condition Shimano Tranx 500PG

    Like new condition (see pics). Loaded with 65# power pro braid leaving enough space for ~75 yrds top shot of 40# mono. Box, paperwork, and Shimano reel cover included. $425 Firm
  46. Daiwa BG 6500/5000 size Saltwater Fishing Reel

    Daiwa BG 6500/5000 size Saltwater Fishing Reel

    Brand new with box. Selling both 6500 and 5000 size. Pick up in person only. Known the best value surf reel ever made. With bearings and components that are used in $400 surf reels. Hands down the best reel for it's price-point. 22lbs of drag, 5.7:1 gear ratio, 7 ball bearings. Huge spool. Long...
  47. Trinidad1972

    Stradic 2500 fj

    Looking for a mint to New condition Shimano stradic 2500 fj..preffer local ready. Text me for quick response shipping please.
  48. C

    Need a Rod to pair with Avet LX Raptor

    I’ve never really gone after big Bluefin before and I want a rod that is capable of landing a 100+ Bluefin. I’d be pairing the rod up with an Avet LX raptor, so what size rod would I want to pair with the reel so that I’m capable of landing a triple digit fish? So far I’ve thought about pairing...
  49. Daiwa Saltisit LD 30 - 2speed

    Daiwa Saltisit LD 30 - 2speed

    Saltist LD30 - 2speed - Good condition. Used a few times. 250 yards of 50/65lb red power pro with some spliced random braid underneath. Cash Only - Local Pickup
  50. WTT Mint Daiwa Saltist 6500 for Saltist 5000 or similar spinning reel

    WTT Mint Daiwa Saltist 6500 for Saltist 5000 or similar spinning reel

    Looking to trade my Saltist 6500 for something a little smaller. I love this reel for poppers, it's a beast and super smooth, but just had a kid so the tuna trips are fewer and farther between. It's super clean. Basically brand new. Comes with 65lb spectra. I am open to trades for a 6000/8000...
  51. Don T new york

    Trade Seeker 6490 blank for reels / blanks

    I have an extra Seeker glass 6490 black blank, looking to trade for blanks or reel
  52. Daiwa Z2020 SH made in Japan

    Daiwa Z2020 SH made in Japan

    Daiwa Z2020 SH made in Japan. Maintenance just done by Mike’s reel repair, super smooth with just a few scratches. Asking $380
  53. coweyes

    Okuma Andros 12iia, Lamiglas Black inshore casting rod, Shimano Clarus 70MH casting rod

    All sold.
  54. F

    Older torium 30

  55. ChrisFishSD

    Shimano Cardiff 400A Baitcasting Reel for Sale

    Asking $80 Spooled with 20lb PLine mono Works great. Exterior condition is 7/10 due to some cosmetic scratches.
  56. J

    Selling abu Garcia revo beast high speed

    Full of 65lb green power pro. Asking 180. Open to offers.
  57. K

    Avet sxj raptor blue n purple

    Avet raptor sxj For sale. 320$ obo. Very clean real, rinsed after every trip. I live in Anaheim. 150yards of 20lb maxcuatro & about 150 of 50lb powerpro slick
  58. G

    Calstar 850L grafighter for sale

    Old school calstar 850L grafighter with new tuna cord. Has boat rash but great stick. Only selling because I’m moving to TX. $300 or willing to trade for nice bass reel.
  59. G

    Calstar 850L Grafighter

    Old school 850L Grafighter with new tuna cord. It’s an old rod has boat rash but it’s an awesome stick. $300 or bass reel trade 200 size.
  60. Andrew Dyer

    1st gen Saltiga 30 for sale

    1st gen saltiga 30 for sale. Its in really good condition. Willing to ship via payment on venmo $300
  61. SoCalMALT

    Torium 30HG ***Like new*** w/ 80lb Max Quattro braid FS/FT

    for sale is a Shimano Torium 30HG, loaded with 80lb power pro max Quattro, top shot of 60lb Izor XXX smoke mono. Almost new condition. Few scratches shown in pictures. Cleaned after all 3 trips. Great reel for surface iron & Live Bait. awesome for Tuna, yellowtail, white sea bass. great all...
  62. E

    Avet HX (barely used) Trades Ok

  63. crabdancer

    Avet HX Raptor-Gold

    $450 firm New with box Avet HX Raptor gold full of new 100# white izor braid. Includes professionally installed (blue loc tite) t-bar style handle knob AND original factory knob in box. Pickup in Lakewood. Retail would be $500(reel)+$50(tax)+$50(line)+$50(handle)=~$650 so save $200 here.
  64. N

    Wtb a green 332 newell reel

    WTB a green 332 newell reel. Los Angeles Local (310)617-7270
  65. E man

    NIB Daiwa Saltiga 10 Reel

    NIB Daiwa Saltiga 10 star drag. Never spooled or mounted on a rod. Pick up in North Hollywood or meet in the SFV if it’s on my way. Can ship on your dime. Price $OLD
  66. O

    Shimano Trinidad TN30 for sale

    I have aTrinidad for sale: TN30mechanically perfect, minor scratches on finish- see photos $225
  67. O

    Penn International V 50VSW for sale $425

  68. K

    Avet HX 4.2 Single Speed or Shimano Torium 20/30 PGA?

    Hi everyone, I am trying to decide between the above-mentioned reels for live bait / occasional jigging. This would fit into my 50-60 pound lineup for tuna in SoCal/Mexico. I own both star and lever drags so this is not part of the equation, I love both equally. I love my little Avet sx, so I am...
  69. Jordan Lynn

    13 Fishing Concept Z reel breakdown and cleaning

    Got my reel serviced by my buddy at LA Fishing Alliance in San Pedro. Made a little video out of if anyone is interested on seeing how he did it.
  70. Tjsmith562

    Brand new Okuma cavalla 12nii (290$)

    Selling a Brand new Reel Okuma Cavalla 12nii 2 speed.
  71. Dhiggs77

    Torium 30 HG!!!!

    Asking $180. I’m willing to trade for an array of reels. Such as a an avet sx or a similar sized lever drag reel. Spooled with 60# red braid (forgot what it was might be power pro) with a fresh 40# izor topshot. Supper solid internally, just did a re lube and everything is perfect internally...
  72. M

    Avet HXW Raptor 5/2

    Used Black Avet HXW Raptor 5/2 for sale-$400.00 or OBO Used on couple of boat rides, but unfortunately no fish. Filled approx. 1/2 way with 100# Power Pro Braid. No box. With Clamp. Can ship on buyers dime. PayPal Services, Zelle, Venmo Thanks for looking!
  73. Sardine_matt


    I have a penn fathom 25N spooled with 65lb spectra and about 100 yards of 40lb mono. It also has aftermarket 4:8:1 gears. I still do have the original gears in hand. Used it a few times and is still in good condition. Looking to get around 145 for it pm me with offers.
  74. F

    Reel for 20-50 "do it all" Pinnacle Rod

    Hey guys, new here, but long time lurker. Looking for some reel suggestions for a new rod I have coming. It's a 6' Pinnacle XR with Fuji guides from John over at Pinnacle Marine. Budget is $450 Type of fishing - South Florida deep dropping for grey tiles to shotgun bait trolling to flat...
  75. Pajaro

    SOLD Ford F250 Rims and Tires

    Rims and tires off Ford F250. 8x170 Lug Pattern, Rim is 20x8 with offset 40, Tires have a little left on them if your looking for a set to get you by for a while, These will fit 2005 through 2020 F250, F350 and Excursion, Tires are Michelin LTX AT 2 275/65R20, one tire is newer than the rest...
  76. Hoeyfashoey

    Trinidad 20a in need of servicing 200$

    Hello BD. For sale is a used trinidad 20A that seems to make a strange noise when I spin the spook in free-spool. Sounds like a bearing is bad. It free spoils just fine and can still toss a jig great, it’s just the noise i can’t seem to get diagnosed. Had it serviced and the noise came back...
  77. D

    Phenix PSW-908MH and Accurate Tern 300x Black

    Phenix Rod: I paid 309$ for it, I'll take anything close to it. Accurate Reel: I paid 320$ for it, I'll take anything close to it. Information: I took the them both out once, then I was given a Reaper and a Saltiga as a gift, so I don't even use these anymore. Both are in great shape, I caught...
  78. F

    Daiwa Saltist 40H Blue/Black

    Near new. Been on 3 boat rides but never seen water. 100 yds of 40# xxx top shot, the rest blue 65# power pro. Cosmetic 9.5/10 slight boat rash barley noticable Mechanical 10/10. Ready to fish! $225
  79. djcase

    Clean condition USED blue Avet MXL 5.8:1 - $175

    Don't be afraid to use that stimulus check on a used blue Avet MXL 5.8:1 in clean condition for $175. Reel is ready to fish. Has some VERY minor boat rash indicated in the pictures. Comes loaded up with 50lb Power Pro and has a very short top shot of 25lb mono. Selling as I'd like to switch...
  80. Track Pants and Pepperoni

    Brand new shimano torium 30 hg

    I have a brand new torium 30hg for sale. Includes reel clamp with hardware, factory tool, and instructional guide. Will come with tranx 400 box because the original box was damaged by my kid. Picked up in Northridge asking $200 firm Willing to ship at buyers expense. Willing to trade for penn...
  81. M

    Catalina Island Bluefin rod and reel for $200?

    Can I buy a good bluefin tuna rod and reel for $200? What rod and what reel do you recommend? And, should I use Reaction Tackle 100 pound braid?
  82. Sammy108

    SB creamsicle Ulua, Penn Torque 25 Gold

    The rod is freshly wrapped with fuji k guides in an acid wrap. Reel is in good shape and perfectly functional has 80lb spectra on it currently. Combo- $650 Rod- $450 Reel- $300 Text me at 808-639-4191 for pictures
  83. DJsLoPpY

    Penn Torque TRQ25 Star Drag

  84. prolineLB

    Trini TN14 (Gold)

    Gold one. Works great loaded with 65 powerpro. Some boat rash all cosmetic see photos. 220obo or trade for Lexa 300 6.3:1
  85. C

    Fathom 30LD2! Excellent condition!

    Goodmorning all! I am selling my penn fathom two speed , 30LD2, excellent for most big game offshore, and was only used twice ! 240$ OBO!!!!
  86. Taro870

    New Penn Fathom 25N Star Drag Fishing Reel With New Line (65lb J Braid)

    I have too much gear I am not using: Brand new, unused. Original packaging with all accessories. Comes spooled with 300 yards of fresh 65lb white J Braid line. $200 firm. Two available. Cash, paypal friends & family, and venmo accepted. Will Ship! Local Pickup okay!
  87. B

    Dobyns champion xp rods for sale

    Dobyns champion xp 734H $180 Dobyns champion xp 763MH $180 Rods are in mint condition local pick up or meet up in Fullerton CA thanks for looking
  88. Youngboat34

    Avet Jx 6.0 Magic Cast G2 Lever drag

    Have a used Avet Jx 6.0 Magic Cast G2 Lever drag (Gold color) Right hand crank -Single speed- 46 inches per crank! -Magic cast magnet so no birds nest even when casting -spooled with over 300 yards 80 pound multi color braid -Ratcheted lever drag so you know where you're at Very capable reel...
  89. Taro870

    WTB Multiple Rockfish RH Rod+Reel Conventional Combos

    Hello everyone, My buddies and I are getting ready for the opening season of rockfishing and we are in the market for an affordable but effective rod+reel conventional combo. We will typically be fishing up in Ventura (San Nicolas). Preferably a $200 and under combo. Thank you. Note: I am...
  90. A

    Shimano Tiagra A 50 Reel. $550 Brand new still in box

    Shimano Tiagra A 50 Reel with cover, brand new still in box. Perfect Condition, 2 speed. Asking $550 or best offer
  91. David Speer

    Avet Lx 6.0 MC

    140$ Mechanically 10/10 cosmetic 9/10 Dont need the reel id like to TRADE for a bass rod, rod rated up to 80 , tranx 300, OR just cash Link to pictures on offer up^
  92. sulla

    P322 Newell

    Clean p322 with silver tib frame $210
  93. sulla

    Newell P322 with Tib frame

    Super clean p322 with silver tib frame.
  94. David Speer

    Torium 20hg (used once)

    Used on on trip spooled with new 50lb braid Will ship if u cover shipping (rod not for sale) 180$ Will trade for avets or tranx 300 will send more pictures if needed
  95. DJsLoPpY

    Penn Slammer III and Carnage 2 boat rod

  96. BradFisherman

    Avet LX 4.6:1 Single Speed Reel $200

    Hi Guys, I have a Avet LX 4.6:1 Reel Single Speed for sale. Has a few minor scratches throughout, but was always taken great care, and has been steadily serviced. Works Excellent. Fantastic Reel for local or 1-3 Day Fishing. $230 Thanks, Brad
  97. toadstoadsonly

    COUSINS 95MAG Sold

    Selling My Cousin GG 95 JMag it's in excellent condition. Local pickup Huntington Beach only first come first serve. For those of you that know how well these Jig Stick fish know it's the modern-day Truline D8. $Sold
  98. Alex Cohen

    Makaira SEA 15T Gun Metal - Brand New

    Bought more than I needed. Brand new still in the box. $520 shipped! Local pick up in Socal.
  99. E man

    Accurate BV2-600-B *REDUCED*

  100. akachalupa

    AVET LX 6/3 G1 PRICE DROP - 165

    Selling my 2 speed LX. Never use it. I have accumulated lot of AVETs and Makairas and I never use this reel. Someone should. It has 300 yards of 65 lb spectra and topped with 40 lb mono. It has been on lots of trips with me and killed a lot of fish. Cosmetic is 7/10 and 10/10 mechanical...
  101. akachalupa

    Avet HXW Raptor - Silver - 400 no braid / 500 w braid

    Avet HXW Raptor - Silver Brought on 1 boat ride and never pulled on a fish. No boat rash. Perfect condition. Loaded with 640 yards of 100lb 8x J Braid and an 80lb top shot of izorline smoke. Comes with clamp, tools and box. Asking 500. If you don't want the braid and would like to spool it...
  102. Alex Cohen

    2-speed Reel

  103. SccfoChef


    Sold Thank you BD
  104. S

    Shimano Talica 16

    Talica 16 two speed basically brand new. Took on 2 trips and got skunked those 2 trips. 65 braid to 40lb fluoro top shot. Zero boat rash brand new condition. 5623942366
  105. E man

    Okuma Makaira 10, Daiwa Lexa HD400HS-P, Pro Gear V42

    I have a couple reels I’m selling to free up some money. All reels are in excellent condition and can be picked up in North Hollywood or can meet anywhere in the SFV if it’s on my way. 1. Silver Okuma Makaira 10 - includes clamp, box & cover. Filled with 65lb braid. SOLD 2. Daiwa Lexa...
  106. Yuri_SD

    Shimano Torium - questions and help?

    Hi all, I got a few questions - my first conventional reel Torium HGA (used) so need some of your wisdom: - when I spin the spool by hand - it goes for about 7 seconds before stopping. - when it's in free spool and i turn the handle a few revolutions, the spool also begins to spin. Cast...
  107. Sheaalderete

    Avet jx 4.1.1

    Got an old avet 4.1.1 in good shape probably 8.5/10 cosmetically. Mechanically 9/10. Throw me an offer! Would make a great first time reel. $100 Txt me 310-854-2777
  108. dylan Hameister

    OR FS Torium 16 and Newell 332

    Been trying to Get rid of these. Looking for different reels. Hit me with offers for trade 90$ for the older model torium 8/10 100$ for the newell s332-5 9/10 SOLD
  109. akachalupa

    PRICE REDUCED, Avet MXJ MC Single Speed

    AVET MXJ MC Single Speed never been fished or seen a boat ride. Asking 150. Not looking to do any shipping. Local F2F only please. In North County SD or somewhere near Sorrento Valley. Thanks
  110. E man


  111. Irishman818

    Everything sold!

    SOLD-Avet G2 JX 6/3- $300 (65lb. Spectra) SOLD-Avet LX 6/3 Raptor- (80lb. Spectra) SOLD-Avet G2 MXL 6/4- $300 (50lb. Spectra) SOLD-Super Seeker- SS6480-8’ CT 20-40lb.- $375!!!! SOLD-Calstar Grafighter- GFGR-765-L 30-80lb.- $300 SOLD- GFGR-700-ML 20-40lb.- $275- REDUCED TO $175...
  112. E man

    Okuma Makaira 10II gunmetal

  113. dylan Hameister

    Torium 14 For sale or trade

    SOLD..._..._.._....I have an almost brand new torium 14hg spooled with 65 pound island blue braid and a 30 pound mono topshot, will come with clamp and in box. Hmu with your offers!! Thank you Torium 14hg Right handed 180$
  114. Rockets

    sold daiqa

  115. MatthewC

    Abu Garcia Revo Toro Nacl 60

    great condition and recently serviced! BOCA bearings inside. Comes with both paddle and power handle. Hard to find!!!! Make me an offer,
  116. Taro870

    WTB Rockfish RH Rod/Reel Combos

    Hello everyone, I am in the market for decent rod/reel combos for rockfishing (ideally one that won't break the bank, maybe under $300ish?). So far I am having some difficulty finding what I am looking for: I am looking for something that preferably 6.6 - 7ish ft that is stiff enough for heavy...
  117. M

    Penn Fathom 40

    Penn Fathom 40 star drag. Great condition, minor scuffs on the side. 65# braid with 100 yards 40# topshot $160 Located in Sacramento Text Matt 91688zero0five81
  118. Z

    Avet EX 30/2 2 speed Reel Unused in Box (Silver)

    I am selling a brand new Avet EX 30/2 2 speed Reel that is unused and comes with box (Silver), fully loaded with JB Hollow 130 pound spectra. Perfect for these cow bluefin that everyone is catching now. This will handle a fish up to 300 pounds. This reel is brand new and only has been taken out...
  119. DJsLoPpY

    Penn Slammer III 9500

    Excellent, clean condition. Ready to fish. Would work geat as a tuna popper, live bait setup, shark killer, or for anyone who wants that "Whopper Stopper." This is it. 60# max dura drag, double anti-reverse, IPX6 water resistant, all metal. I upgraded the the line roller guide from a cheap...
  120. Shant

    Shimano Calcutta 250 or 300

    I'm looking for a Shimano Calcutta 250 or 300 size, preferably the TE or Conquest. Thank you
  121. KennFisher63

    Okuma andros jigging rod and reel

    Okuma andros jigging rod and accurate 500 reel. Price - $250
  122. JDFishSD

    Daiwa Seagate 35 reel and Seagate Rod - $125

    Brand New Seagate SGT70HF rod and Used Seagate 35 reel. Reel in good shape too with some wear and tear. Can see on the pics. Rod is 7ft rated 20-40lb and very well balanced with this reel. This combo is perfect for SoCal fishing almost everything offshore (except the big bluefin). I can load up...
  123. G

    Okuma Komodo 471ss and Phenix Black Diamond 869h

    Okuma Komodo kds 471ss with Phenix Black Diamond 869h with tiberon clamp. Great for throwing the popper on smaller grade yellowfin or a calico swim bait rod. Casts a mile. A great rod and reel combo. $300
  124. Bent on Kelp


    Shimano Talica 25 Loaded with 700yards of 80lb braid and a sexy connection knot to 20’ of 80lb fluoro. Ready to kill 10/10 mech and has one scuff mark on side plate $600 Tranx is sold. Call+leave voicemail or text 619-818-1708 Located in BayPark
  125. G

    $350 Phenix 869h black diamond and okuma komodo 364ss

    Phenix PSW869H 20 to 50 pound black diamond rod paired with a Okuma komodo 364 ss with tiberon clamp $350 Text 760 271 8745
  126. KennFisher63

    Sage Flight 790

    Sage Flight 790 - 4 piece rod as new complete with Rod & Reel tube 1 x Sage 2250 Reel with FL7WF Line and Backing plus 1 x Okuma SLV 7/8 Reel with FL8WF Line and Backing. Price - $200. Text: +19377566529
  127. E man

    delete please

    Combined with another post
  128. Franklin Warner

    Tons of PENN Reels and Rods for Sale

    LEVELWINDS - PERFECT FOR ROCKFISHING UPDATED SOLD ITEMS - REDUCED!!! Make me an offer. Also willing to trade for a kill bag 24x60 or 30x60 or even other fishing gear Located in Imperial Beach - No shipping - No Holds - Selling to Upgrade My Gear If you need additional pictures I can send them...
  129. T

    2012-2014 Aldebaran

    Hello everyone, first post here! I have an older model Aldebaran and my ding dang spool tension knob has locked up on me. Does anyone have any tips or tricks for loosening it up? It is so tight it is almost as if it isn't supposed to move haha. Any help is appreciated, thanks. -Tanner
  130. Bent on Kelp

    Shimano Torium50

    Tyranos sold. Shimano Torium 50 $120 10/10 mech, 9/10 cosmetic. Call/ text 619-818-1708. Located in Mission Bay Park
  131. jackpotjoe


    Bluefin special nice rod and reel combo ready to land a big one. Loaded with 600yds new powerpro 65lb.yellow.$300 firm on price. Call joe in San Diego, Carmel valley. 8587356644
  132. Edwin Salgado

    TN40 gold Shimano Trinidad $340

    selling my Trinidad TN40, it was serviced on January and only fished once after, has #40 mono on it, works great, has some rash but besides that it’s ready to go! Asking $340 Woodland Hills - Marina del rey area Local pickup-meet up only! ✌
  133. M

    Penn International II 50tw with penn mariner 50lb-130lb rod excellent cond

    Reel is in 9.5/10 cosmetic condition no rash. Mechanically its 10/10. Rod is 9.5/10 cosmetic and 10/10 structural. Both barely used. Even still has non faded original barcode. Reel has 50lb mono 1 season old. I will remove if requested. $335 + 30 shipping east coast +50 west coast.
  134. DJsLoPpY

    Shimano Terez TZS-72H-BLK $200

  135. DJsLoPpY

    Daiwa Saltist Black Gold 20H

  136. R

    Okuma Caenan vs Citrix-A LP CI-273a

    Hello, everyone! I'm looking to buy a new reel and i found the Shimano Caenan(for $70) and the Okuma Citrix-A LP CI-273a(for $60). So I wonder which one I should buy? I'm pretty new to fishing and don't know a lot about equipment and stuff so i would really love some insight as to why to get...
  137. Levi Santana

    More Questions

    Ok, so I am still looking into that reel and I have a couple more questions. #1: Would a levelwind feature be a bad idea with the kind of fish I'm after (yellowtail, halibut, rockfish, lingcod, sheephead, cabezon, and other offshore SoCal fish)? #2: What pound test line should I put on the...
  138. Levi Santana

    Conventional Reel Recommendations

    Hello everyone! I am looking for a conventional/baitcasting reel that I can use for offshore kayak fishing. My budgets is $100, maybe $125. The main species I fish for are yellowtail, kelp bass, rockfish, halibut, and sometimes lingcod. I don’t plan on using super heavy sinkers or jigs (maximum...
  139. fishoncustomrods

    ISO: lexa400HS

    I’m looking for a Lexa 400 HS. grey colored Lexa, broken is fine. I need some parts. Cash in hand.
  140. AdamGman


    This is an older model Penn reel that came out around the time of Shimano TLD ( I think) It has virtually never been put to use ( drag was never engaged on a fish ) I only took it out once and skunked. Comes spooled with around 400 yards of 80# braid,hollow core, cost me about $100 to spool...
  141. Alex Cohen

    Brand New Okuma Makaira SEA20 - Silver

    Brand new still in the box and never used. $520 includes shipping to your destination.
  142. M

    Shimano TLD 30& Seeker Black Steel Rod

    Shimano TLD 30 Two Speed Reel & Seeker Black Steel Rod, very clean, works great. Shimano TLD 30 Two Speed Reel has the upgraded Tiburon Handle, 400 yds. 80 lbs. spectra and 150 yds. 80 lbs. monofilament. Seeker Black Steel Rod - all roller guide, graphite/fiberglass composite rod, model...
  143. M

    Shimano TLD 30 Two Speed & Seeker Black Steel Rod

    Shimano TLD 30 Two Speed Reel & Seeker Black Steel Rod, very clean, works great. Shimano TLD 30 Two Speed Reel has the upgraded Tiburon Handle, 400 yds. 80 lbs. spectra and 150 yds. 80 lbs. monofilament. Seeker Black Steel Rod - all roller guide, graphite/fiberglass composite rod, model...
  144. For Play

    REDUCED! NEW Okuma 4D Left Handed High Speed Spinning Reel Makaira MK-30000LS W/Spectra

    SOLD! Brand NEW Okuma 4D Left Handed High Speed Spinning Reel Makaira MK-30000LS Loaded with Spectra. Condition is Brand New in Box. Left handed retrieve is common for right handed anglers! Pick up in Cardiff, San Diego $699.00 New in Box! $750.00 (loaded with spectra) MSRP is $899 (w/o...
  145. For Play

    STILL AVAILABLE! Brand New Daiwa Tanacom 1000 Electric Power Assist Reel W/600yd of 100lb Spectra

    Only 1 Left! Loaded with 600 yards of 100 lb Spectra! Brand New Daiwa Tanacom 1000 Electric Power Assist Reel (Loaded with Spectra!). Black Handle, English Display. Condition is Brand New in Box. Pickup in Encinitas, San Diego $499 Loaded with 600 yards of 100lb Spectra!
  146. Sherrita

    Daiwa GrandWave-Z #30SHW - $70

    Daiwa GrandWave-Z #30SHW For a faster response, please contact me via a Phone Call at (619)223-8574 or by email at [email protected] I'm located in Point Loma, CA
  147. Sherrita

    Penn 114H 6/0 - $200

    Penn 114H 6/0 With Special 6/0 Senator Made in USA For a faster response, please contact me via a Phone Call at (619)223-8574 or by email at [email protected] I'm located in Point Loma, CA
  148. Sherrita

    Penn Jigmaster 500 - $125

    Penn Jigmaster 500 with Accuframe and extra spool For a faster response, please contact me via a Phone Call at (619)223-8574 or by email at [email protected] I'm located in Point Loma, CA
  149. Sherrita

    Shimano TLD15 - $75

    Shimano TLD15 Titanium Lever Drag - Live Bait - Light Troll For a faster response, please contact me via a Phone Call at (619)223-8574 or by email at [email protected] I'm located in Point Loma, CA
  150. Bradyxxx

    Shimano Torium 30 6.2:1 GR

    Torium 30, excellent condition, works perfectly, very little use, used about 6 times. I am asking $150 for it, it has the box, instructions, schematics, clamp & screws, Please PM me if interested, I can meet you locally in San Diego. Thanks, Brady
  151. Jbananas556

    Like New Daiwa Dogfight 8000DF

    Selling a like new Daiwa Saltiga 8000DF(standard 4.3:1 ratio). Purchased from J&H last August for a few trips that never happened. Ended up just using it in the canal a total of 4 times. (Date of purchase is shown in one of the following pictures). This thing feels amazing, probably the...
  152. Baja Belk

    Shimano Calcutta / Okuma rod combo

    Excellent condition Shimano Calcutta 400 with box, paperwork, and reel tool. 8.5/10 cosmetically (very minimal boat rash), and 10/10 mechanically (recently serviced). Spooled with 30# Spiderline stealth braid. Rod: Okuma Shadowstalker swimbait rod, 7’ heavy. 15-30#. Practically new (used one...
  153. R

    Shimano Tyrnos, Daiwa Saltiga & Sealine

    Up for sale are 3 reels. All reels are used and in good condition. Sealine has some boat rash and slight corrosion on handle counter balance. Shimano Tyrnos 12 2 speed- SOLD Daiwa Saltiga 30 Star Drag - $250 OBO Daiwa Sealine SG50H - $60 OBO Prices are negotiable within reason. Pm for more...
  154. S

    Shimano Torium 30 HG

    This reel is a couple of year old but it sat on the shelf last year. It's time for someone else to make good use of it. Shimano Torium 30HG loaded with 80 # braid. Comes with box, manuals, wrench, clamp, and reel cover. It does have minor boat rash (see pics). Asking $200. Prefer local...
  155. Kopfjager

    Next Setup Suggestions

    Greetings All! Looking to pick up a new rod/reel at FHS in LB this year, and was looking for some advice on what I should get. I have spent a majority of my time around the islands out of Ventura, but will be taking at least one 3-day trip out of SD later this summer, as well as some...
  156. S

    Phenix and Okuma Rods, Shimano, Daiwa, and 13 Fishing Reels

    All reels in good working order. Baits as shown. 300DSV Stock Handle- $130. SOLD 300DSV Hawgtech handle and knobs- $160 300E- $175 Calcutta 400B with Hawgtech knobs- $160 Steez 100 HS- $350 Curado 200i 7:1- $145 Revo Inshore- $120 Lexa 100HS- $80 13 A3- $185 Corvalus- $35 Baits MCL 3 piece...
  157. T

    Embarrassing question but, how do you spool a baitcaster with braided line?

    I just got my first baitcaster (Calcutta 400D) and i ordered 300yards of 50# test powerpro braided line. When I look up how to spool braided line onto a baitcasting reel a lot of the videos show reels with holes in the spool so they can simply tie the braid to that to avoid the line from...
  158. loveR

    Shimano Branded Reel Display Case with Monitor Video / Audio

  159. U

    Penn Squall 25N for sale

    I have Penn Squall 25N for sale. Spooled with 50lb braid (cca 250 yds). Fished one season (5 trips). Bought in June 2018. Works perfectly, no scratches. Ideal for bottom fishing, fly lining, yoyo, surface irons, pretty much everything besides big BFT. 6:1 ratio. New ones go for $150, my price...
  160. sasabune

    BNIB Okuma Cortez CZ-10CSA Reel

    Selling a brand new Okuma Cortez CZ-10CSa reel. I just bought this reel for myself for Christmas, but think its too big for my rod. Might switch to a baitcaster instead. Selling for $100 cash, cash app, venmo, or paypal. Prefer to meet in person, but will ship to anywhere on the west coast if...
  161. Mle

    Penn Conflict II Reels for sale size 2500, 4000, 500 new

    Selling Penn Conflict II Reels, bought and never used, went with a different reel for my boat. I have sizes 2500, 4000, 5000, and 6000LC 2500 - $80 4000 - $100 5000 - $120 6000LC - $180
  162. sasabune

    Older Silver Shimano Torium 16 w/ 8' Med Action ProSabre Rod. Sold the 20

    I have an older silver Shimano Torium 16. Sold the 20. Both are in good mechanical condition and some boat rash on the exterior. Both have been upgraded with Alan Tani handles, carbon fiber drag, dog springs (clicking reel), clamps, and both have about 250 yards 65lbs spectra. Selling the 16 for...
  163. E man

    NIB Penn Fathom FTH25NLD2 & FTH40NLD2

  164. Eman1001

    Penn Fathom vs Squall Comparison

    Hi all, I'm looking at both the Penn Fathom and Squall and can't decide; I like the line capacity and price point. I'll be fishing the surf for threshers and soupfin mostly. Maybe YT on charters too. From what I've read I'm leaning towards the fathom. Any suggestions? I'm specifically...
  165. 2

    Trinidad 30, calstar 900 m

    Trinidad 30 on a calstar GFDH 900M reels in decent shape, rod is in great condition reel has new line $350
  166. 2

    Avet Mxj w/ Phoenix black diamond

    Avet mxj 6/4-mc raptor 2 speed on a Phenix Black diamond psw 700m Both are in good condition with brand new line $350.00
  167. R

    PRICE DROP AVET JX 6.0 Silver $175 OBO

    AVET JX 6.0 Silver color.Reel is in great condition. $175 OBO Reel is located in the Murrieta area. I have the box, wrench etc... I may consider trades. With or without cash my end or yours. Looking for a UC swimbait rod or Tranx 300 right handed.
  168. coastalsharker

    Accurate ATD12T Platinum Topless

  169. E man

    Newell 332, Pro Gear V42 & Daiwa Lexa 300H

    Reels are in excellent condition. Not getting used so off they go. Pick up in North Hollywood or can meet anywhere in SFV if it’s on my way. 1. Newell S332 - great freespool Reduced to $130 2. Pro Gear V42 - solid reel with great Reduced to $130 3. Daiwa Lexa 300H - spooled with 20lb Izor...
  170. migetguy

    Avet SX Raptor Lefty

    Selling an Avet SX raptor left hand took it out once. No boat rash only a small imprint from my centerlock reel seat. Spooled 2/3 with 50# powerpro . Also comes with Avet reel cover. Looking for 350 obo. .Located around the Chino area. Pick up or Shipping on your dime
  171. Larmo

    Prowler Gear Claims - Free Help

    For the guys who lost gear in the Prowler accident you should have received a call from the landing that the insurance company is in the process of paying these property claims right now. If you need any help with your property claim, DM me and I will walk you through it at no cost. Make sure...
  172. Jonathan nunez

    Daiwa sealineand Sabre classic combo

    Asking 120 for both
  173. bruce l.

    Rod Reel Combo

    -- Sold. Thank You! --
  174. fv1500

    AVET 6/4 2 spd Gunmetal Grey RH excellent condition

    For sale Avet SX 6/4 2 speed RH reel in excellent condition. Includes box, clamp, DVD and reel oil. 1 day left on the auction. Moderators this is my own personal reel. I read...
  175. S

    Avet SX 5.3 MC FS

    I have a blue Avet SX 5.3 MC that is new and comes with the box. It has been strung up with 20lb Izorline but has never been fished before. I am asking $200 plus shipping. Thanks for looking
  176. manho

    Rods / reel, polespear

    Selling some gear I don’t use. Cash only and meetup in Los Angeles, or Fullerton area. PM and phone numbers. Thanks! Rods SOLD Reel: 1). Daiwa Seagate (SGT35H) $120 - 65lb izorline white / 50lb mono topshot - 9/10 condition - boat scuff Spearfishing: 1). Riffe Travel Carbon Fiber Pole...
  177. G

    Avet HXJ Raptor 5/2 - West LA

    Avet HXJ Raptor 5/2 - Like New. Taken on 3 trips last year with one small YT on it. Loaded with 400 yds of 80 lb white Xtreme Braid. Serviced by Avet this February and hasn't seen the water this year. Not desperate to sell so don't come at me with low ball offers. I will not respond. $375 for...
  178. RiggingSoCal

    Penn Fathom 25N Star

    Looking for a star drag 25N in good to new condition. Preferably without line but with is fine too. Pm me what you have with your asking price. Thanks. Prefer local pick up. I live in Glendale CA. Weekdays in Pomona Ca.
  179. E man

    *REDUCED* NIB Penn Torque & Pro Gear V32

    SOLD!!! Thanks BD!
  180. emarquez4

    Misc. Rods and Reels for sale

    This is all I have left— some prices dropped for quick sale— 5. Avet HXW Raptor— Brand New filled with 80lb braid——-$500.00 perfect for these big tuna— 6. Diawa Lexa 300LC new used 2x’s — 10/10- $130 Rods- Shimano Terez TZS- 80MH blk—$160
  181. E man

    Delete thread pls

  182. aalbergo1587

    Brand New Talica 25II

    Brand new in box Shimano Talica 25II $500, price is firm. Call or text 310-733-0275. Perfect reel for the bluefin and $650 brand new at so this is a GREAT deal to say the least.
  183. Rodolflow

    or Sell Pro Gear 545 Reel

    Thanks for looking.. Trying to let go of this Pro Gear.. Looking to trade for a Daiwa Lexa 400 WN (can add a bit of cash too). If you have it and want to make a trade let's do it! Filled with 65lb powerpro and 30 lb topshop about 40-50 yds. Selling works too whatever comes first. $150obo of...
  184. J

    $300 Penn fathom 40nld2

    Brand new never touched a rod. Spooled with 500yards of 100lbs PowerPro maxcuatro and 80lbs top of Pline.
  185. Adrian H

    TRADE NEW Trinidad 20A for NEW Trinidad 16A

    I have a Trinidad 20a brand new but I am looking for a 16A. Only looking to trade for a new Trinidad 16A. Text me at 562-351-7292
  186. N

    Want to buy base and clear bars

    Looking for base and bars for a 220 clear newell Los Angeles Local Only (310)617-7270 Cash only
  187. A

    $200 Okuma Credit to Spend, Need some advice

    Hi Everyone, This is my first post. I had purchased the Okuma Nomad Travel Surf Rod 10' 4 piece rod Heavy Power and it broke after getting snagged on the bottom doing some offshore salt water fishing in Mexico. Okuma has agreed to provide a ~$200 exchange for another one of their products...
  188. gilochild

    COLLECTIOn For Sale - Rods, Reels & Tackle

    I sold off a good chunk of my rods and reels and am looking to sell the remainder. I'd like to sell it all as a group. Here is what i have left: REELS: Penn Battle 5000 Roddy hunter 186 Heavy Reel 4 older miscellaneous spinning reels RODS: Shimano Tallus 7'0'' Rod - 10-20lb Penn Roddy Hunter...
  189. Tuggernuts

    Avet Reel bag.

    I’m looking to get an Avet Reel bag. Does anyone have one of these, and how do you like it? I also am trying to decide which size to get, I can’t find many reviews online about what size I need. I currently have an SX, MXL, LX, saltist 20, lexa 300 &400, and a saltiga 50. I plan on getting...
  190. Jason Luy

    Shimano Tranx500PG

    Selling my Shimano Tranx 500PG - Asking $390 or Trade for Tranx 500 PG Been on 3 trips Box Included Topped with 65lb J-Braid 10/10 - Mechanical 9.5/10 - Cosmetic - little dot
  191. Josa1


    3/15/2018 Price Drop to 345.00. Have for sale a near new Penn International 50 SW two speed reel. Reel is in perfect, just serviced, condition. During service the spool and side plate bearings were cleaned and repacked. The Cal’s grease lubricated carbontex drag operates very smoothly, the...
  192. ryder vega

    WTS NEW Talica 16ii

    Brand new mint condition talica 16 ii. NEVER USED. asking 450 obo Shoot me a text for faster reply 562-507-8068
  193. Rockcock

    NEW Shimano Twinpower 8000

    Sold. NEW Shimano Twinpower 8000 New in box! Sold Had a change of heart on my reel choice, so here it is Sold Retails at $619.99 before tax Asking $480 cash!!! Shipped sold sold Can meet locally near Sf bay area/san jose or can shipping PM or Text @669 500 xxxx Nikolai
  194. Rockcock

    Shimano Twinpower 8000 NEW $540

    Shimano Twin-Power 8000 New In Box Had a change of heart on reel choices so its up for sale with out a scratch Retails $619.99 before tax Asking $540 cash local pick up in Sf bay area/San Jose or buyer can pays shipping pm or text @669-500 6890 Thanks tight lines!!!!:jig:
  195. E man

    NIB Pro Gear V52 & Penn Fathom

    I have a brand new blue Pro Gear V52. SOLD Also have a brand new Penn Fathom FTH40 star drag. $140 I'll try to get pictures up but they're new in box and never been spooled. I can meet anywhere in the San Fernando Valley. Thanks!
  196. acestriker

    WTS BNIB Shimano Talica 16II $500

    Hi am selling my brand new in the box Shimano Talica 16II Fishing Reel. It has only been taken out of the box when I filled it with 80# izorline braid. MSRP cost $550 plus tax, plus the cost for the filled 80# braid, but I am willing to sell it for $500. I would love to keep it for tuna...
  197. F15hK1ll3r

    Shimano Reels and Phenix rod (Chronarch, curado, citica)

    Fishing Reels for sale- Shimano Chronarch C14 150. 7:1 - in great shape only used a few times.- $155 Chronarch C14 150. 6:1 -in great shape only used a few times.- $155 Curado I 200- in great shape both inside and out, 50lb power pro. - $85 Citica 200 I- great shape inside and out, has 50lb...
  198. FishyNicky

    Old unknown reel

    I found this old reel that I believe to be my great grandfather's which would date it sometime pre 1945ish. I haven't been able to find any information on it here or elsewhere and I'm curious as to what it is and what it was used for. Its a small levelwind reel with solid bakelite side plates...
  199. K

    Saltist BG20

    Daiwa proteus 80HF 20-50 [SOLD] Daiwa Saltist BG20 w.clamp $100 Cash + local pickup.
  200. Mario62692

    SOLD Van Staal VR Series 150 & 125

    Reel is new. Reel comes with box, bag, and tools. There are 2 spools that come with this reel. The 150 spool comes with 50lb Izorline Spectra. The 125 spool comes with 20lb Izorline Spectra. Full specs and details of the reel are available on the website. Asking price is $400. Feel...
  201. jim isbell

    Drag poundage

    I may get the dumb guy of the year award, but I am going to ask anyway--I've won that award before, so be it. OK, I have a reel that is rated to put our 22 pounds of drag--that's a LOT, in my mind. I have a scale, that is supposed to be pretty accurate. I tie the line on to the scale, scale...
  202. Señor Peeweesimo

    Shimano Trinidad 14A

    $360/in Encinitas Shimano Trinidad 14A, loaded with 60lb white power-pro and fresh 30lb top shot, 8/10 cosmetically and 10/10 mechanically. No box no clamp for faster response text me @ 760.531.7246
  203. BajaFishKiller

    WTT-Release SG lefty

    Release SG left handed reel Rod clamp and spooled with braid. Looking to make a trade let me know what you have. PM only
  204. SaintJeezy

    WTS BNIB Avet sx 5.3 mc all black.

    BNIB Avet 5.3 mc. Comes with everything, box, clamp, oil, CD. Really slick looking in all black. Willing to let it go for $180. Local pick up 949-525-3793
  205. Goose-83

    A little help

    I'm thinking about purchasing a spinning reel would you guys recommend a saragosa 20000 or the penn slammer III?
  206. BuddhaProof

    Next gen round knob thoughts/compatability?

    Has anyone used the round knowb? Is it compatible with the Fury?
  207. reeltease

    NEW reels coming out

    Once again ICAST 2017 had a lot of new things in store for the fishing enthusiast. Attached are some of the newest reels about to hit the market.
  208. V

    Wtb penn fathom 30 STAR drag

    Wtb a Penn Fathom 30 STAR drag reel. Please PM me if you want to sell. Thx
  209. Baitless

    Penn rod reel and some rapalas

    Take all three for $110.00 Pick up only in San Fernando valley. text 818 620 3187
  210. aleclee721

    Deckhand Rods and Seating

    Hey there! Does anyone know the advantages or disadvantages to seating your reel either higher/lower on the rod? Or is it all personal preference?
  211. avbaracuda

    WTT- Calcutta 400 w/Power Handle for Avet SXJ, SX or MXJ

    Prefer black or silver Avets.
  212. G

    Penn Jigmaster Repair & Pricing?

    Hi - Does anyone have a feel for the pricing to do a tear down and clean-up on a couple of old jigmaster 500s? I have a couple of them that i picked up at a garage sale - probably 70's / 80's vintage - they seem to be in good working order - but i'd like to have them broken down, cleaned up...
  213. M

    Okuma Andros 12SIIa Reel & SCT Boat Rod Giveaway

    Okuma is giving away an AWESOME rod & reel combo! The Prizes: -Andros 12SIIa Series Reel -SCT Boat Rod How to Enter: 1. Show us a pic of you fishing with Okuma Gear! 2. If you don't have Okuma Gear you can Enter HERE 3. Let us know you entered on this thread Visit:
  214. avbaracuda

    WTS Calcutta 400s

    For sale Shimano Calcutta 400s with power handle, filled 3/4 of the way with 50lb power pro. -Mechanically 10/10 -cosmetically 9/10 Great reel overall $120
  215. avbaracuda

    **Reduced** FS - Shimano Calcutta 400S

    Hello BD Members Up for sale is a Shimano 400S with power Handle cosmetic 8/10 mechanically 10/10 Includes reel clamp Currently no line on it, $130.00
  216. Rafatkhalil

    Shimano Talica 16ii - $400

  217. E man

    F/S NIB Avet SX MC Reel

  218. G

    ***Accurate ATD 12T & 30T Reels***

    For Sale!! I have for sale both an Accurate ATD 12 Topless and also a ATD 30 Topless. Both reels are filled full with hollow core spectra. Accurate ATD 30T (400yds of Izorline 100HC + 200yds Izorline 135HC)- $850 Accurate ATD 12T (500yds of JB 100HC + 75yds of Izorline 135HC)- $750 SOLD...
  219. SccfoChef

    WTS shimano tekota 600lc $110

    selling my tekota 600lc, good condition. with 65lbs power pro. ask $110
  220. ryder vega

    LOOKING FOR daiwa lexa 400 HD(LET ME KNOW ASAP)

    if anyone has a daiwa lexa 400 hd for sale let me know asap at 562-507-8068
  221. Kyle farmer

    Penn Fathom 25n

    Reel is in GOOD condition $160 Call/text to 714-872-0546 Located in Cypress, CA near Knott's Berry Farm
  222. M


    Enter to win this contest by Posting your best catch so far this season! For an increased chance to win CLICK HERE
  223. JohnnyJ

    Reel Repair

    Hey Guys! My Dad recently gave me all his fishing gear, and several of the reels are not working. I don't know enough about them, or the time to work on them myself. Does anyone know a good spot to get them worked on, other than sending them beck to each individual manufacturer? Thanks...
  224. Kent tran


  225. K


    Shimano Triton Charter Special $85 Avet SXJ $165 Avet MXJ BNIB $185, 2 speed $265 Avet JX 2 Speed BNIB $325 Shimano Sustain 6000FG $280 Shimano Trevala TFS-69ML $120 Combo $360 Shimano Torium 30 $125 Pickup only. No shipping. Thanks for looking
  226. drewsturrrr

    Brand New/NIB Shimano Tranx PG

    Hey Guys, Selling a brand new in box Shimano Tranx PG for $450. Paypal and Shipping Fees are included. Local (Bay Area) Pick-Up for $425 PM me if interested! Thanks.
  227. T

    Can anyone help me find the specs of this reel?

    I bought this as a rod and reel combo while in Florida on my yearly fishing trip last year. I'm planning to go this year and wanting to try new line. I want to know the specs of it. It's a coastal tuff Circle baitcaster. Here is an amazon link of the reel, but it doesn't have the specs Can...
  228. skymango

    SOLD Accurate BX2-500

    Hi, Up for sale is Accurate BX2-500 2 speed Boss Extreme reel with box and reel clamp $sold Reel has never really been used. Was on boat rides exactly 4 times as a back up reel. Didn't catch any fish. After each trip reel was always cleaned with wet towel, oiled with reelX, and treated with...
  229. Kent tran


    Shimnao talica 25ii new Comes with box and accessories. Text or call 7143433975 If interested. Pick up local westminster ca 92683 only. Please dont reply to this post only contact by text or call. Thanks for looking.
  230. Adam Briggs

    WTB: Daiwa Saltist STTBG50H

    Looking to buy a Daiwa Saltist 50H Black and Gold ... I have PayPal ready, or rods and reels that I can bundle to trade if interested.
  231. mhatz1

    Accurate Bx2 500 narrow

    I have a Accurate Bx2 500 narrow reel for sale. Mech and appearance is excellent. $450.00 obo.Pick up in I.E. text is the best way to get a hold of me. 909-556-3731 thanks mike
  232. Kent tran

    SORRY SOLD. Shimano trinidad 30A

    Shimano trinidad 30A $350 8/10 cosmetic 10/10 mechanism. Serviced new bearings, new gear! Comes with brand new clamp, bolts, handle and knob. No trades. No shipping. Pick up local area. Westminster, Ca 92683. No holding. First comes first gets. 7143433975. Do not reply to the post just call or...
  233. Elsa

    LEXA-HD400HS-P 7.1:1

    For Sale: Daiwa LEXA-HD400HS-P Spooled with 65lb. J-Braid top shot 40lb. Like New. Put line in the water literally once! I have the receipt showing I just purchased a couple months ago. $230 FIRM, CASH ONLY, no trades. Located in the South Bay. For best results leave your number and ill text...
  234. Kent tran

    SORRYSOLD Shimano trinidad tn30

    Shimano trinidad tn30 $350 8.5/10 cosmetic minor boat rash on top 10/10 mechanism Comes with clamp. Already has line on it. No trades. No shipping. Pick up local westminster ca 92683 PLEASE CALL OR TEXT ONLY 7143433975 I will not reply to post
  235. Kent tran

    SORRY SOLD Shimano tranx500hg beautiful reel $385

    Shimano tranx500hg. Flawless. 10/10 cosmetic. 10/10 mechanism. My lost your gain. No box. No trades. No shipping. Pick up local area. Westminster ca 92683 Text me or call if interested only. 7143433975 kent. Thank you.
  236. F15hK1ll3r

    Lews torneyment pro- $110

    Lews torneyment pro- TP1SH 7:1:1 carbon fiber handle 9/10cosmetic 10/10 mechanically Line will be taken off PayPal as gift or buyer pays fees- I will split shipping with the buyer.
  237. Kent tran


  238. Edrush

    For sale daiwa saltist bg40

    selling my daiwa saltist. Cosmetic 8.5/10. Mechanical 9/10. Used a handful of times. No damage to mechanism and some boat rash. I just put about 400 yds of 65# spectra. Asking $160.00. Interested in trades.