1. Chris L

    Livingston 14 prop advice needed!

  2. B

    Yamaha 90 HP Propeller

    Can anyone recommend the best prop for a Yamaha 90 HP two-stroke?
  3. T

    For Sale Michigan wheel Apollo xhs stainless steel prop

    Used good condition, came off a Suzuki, 109$ OBO, prop intact and functional, sold my old motor so took upgraded prop off
  4. W

    ? VP prop hub repair ?

    The hub on the forward prop on my VP DP has crept out forward some to the point where this prop rubs on the rear prop. Can I simply press the hub back into place with a 20 ton press and have much chance it will stay there and not spin? It is an aluminum D4 prop that is good shape otherwise. I...
  5. Bmoore1975

    For Sale Yamaha SWS II W/ SDS Prop 16 Pitch X 15.5 - $600

    **Brand NEW** Bought this prop last month new for $734 and ran it for 2 hrs. Ended up going with a 17 pitch. Selling for $600. PROP 6CE-45938-20-00. Comes with original box from Yamaha etc.
  6. NoMake

    14 Livingston Cavitation HELP! + Low WOT RPM problem

    Hey guys I have a few questions. Heres the background Info first for understanding: I have a 2006,14ft Livingston with a Longshaft (20in) Mercury 40hp (4stroke EFI). The Engine is mounted at lowest height (mounting bracket is flush to transom) I have a 10 1/4 x 14 pitch blackmax prop. Trim pin...
  7. dansly56

    2006 mercury 115hp efi four stroke not going over 4000 rpm

    Sup Fellas, I recently bought a 06 crestliner 1800 mirage with an 06 Mercury 115 efi four stoke. the boat and motor have about 40hrs top but they've been siting for about 2-3yrs with old 10 gallons of gas . Before I bought It I had the owner start it up and it started up on first turn and water...