1. For sale: channellocks

    Southern California For sale: channellocks

    I started wrapping again 😬👍 Made extra- re-gift if u want. Lmk if you can use them All new, all flexcoated, all made from paracord 550. No fancy dancy wrap patterns, just good quality pliers with grip (slime not an issue with flexcoat) All channellock brand pliers sold by the set- (see pics) 2...
  2. Holiday Custom Pliers Sale

    Southern California Holiday Custom Pliers Sale

    End of year special pricing through end of 2022 on Doyle brand cutters and pliers. Regularly $77 per set, special pricing is $55 per set. Price includes shipping. Each set includes a cutter and plier, plier can be duckbill or needlenose. Custom wrapped in your choice of colors and 6 different...
  3. Crimping Pliers/Tool

    Southern California Crimping Pliers/Tool

    I wasn’t exactly sure on listing it under fishing tackle category but here it is. I am selling these pliers for a friend of mine. They seem pretty solid and well built. He has about 40 of them. I am keeping a couple of them for myself. He is asking $5 a piece. I am not sure exactly what...
  4. Custom wrapped Pliers

    Southern California Custom wrapped Pliers

    Custom wrapped pliers by Griprightpliers 6 different wrap styles, color options damn near limitless. Cords are made in USA and UV resistant. Sealer over cords adds more UV protection and added grip. Lifetime warranty on the wraps. Multiple brands of tools available. Currently economy line uses...
  5. Shimano 7" Split-ring pliers

    Shimano 7" Split-ring pliers

    Brand new - made a mistake when ordering and ordered 2 more than I need. Shimano power pliers are used in tackle shops to rig and retail for $49.99. I am selling each set for $40 cash, meet up in orange county. Thanks
  6. JakeFromStateFarm

    The Giveaway That Keeps On Giving! $360 Donnmar Pliers Up For Grabs!

    Get the gift that keeps on giving! Take home Donnmar pliers worth $360! The CP900 Titanium Pliers is the tool for the SERIOUS SPORTSMAN. You can enter the giveaway by going to Giveaway ends December 1st and the winners will be announced December 2nd on Donnmar...
  7. Penn500

    Sheaths, Holsters, Spikes

    I have two spikes for sale. These T-spikes are ground and polished from "made in Germany" medical surgical tools. These T-Handled spikes have four sided cutting point. Handles are wrapped with two cords of cotton and sprayed with few coats of clear enamel. One cord is larger in diameter and...
  8. E

    Custom Wrapped Pliers

    I make custom wrapped pliers, duck bills, and cutters! Original grips are stripped off and I apply a thin layer of rubber undercoating to prevent any rust. I then wrap with your choice of braid style and colors. Lastly, they are finished with spar varnish to seal from the elements and to...
  9. themonkey40

    NEW Leather Sheath Design

    I have been messing around with a few different designs for a leather sheath for my pliers and dykes. This is the latest version and I am mostly happy with it. Any suggestions to improve? I am going to be making a few for friends joining me on the Islander for a 3.5 day trip in August.
  10. Derek Bennett

    best saltwater fishing pliers?

    I am looking for a set of stainless steel pliers and dykes that I can easily cut off the grip and wrap with tuna cord. I want a set that can hold an edge, and cut braided line easily. Any suggestions? I'm also looking for a sheath that will hold dykes, pliers, and a tuna spike.
  11. Wicked Plier Wraps

    Customer Wrapped fishing gear

    How many of you out there wrap your own gear? Pliers, rod handles are anything fishing related. Seine twine has been the go to cord for ages and still is a heavy favorite. 550 cord is making a big showing in the community. What do you guys use and why do you like?
  12. Cy Bodden

    Duckbills wrapped @ work

    So I'm sitting behind the desk at work wrapping duckbills. Now I'm done and I got 6 more hours to go. Bored out of my mind.