1. WTS: shimano twinpower 14k

    Southern California WTS: shimano twinpower 14k

    Up for sale shimano twinpower 14k : 580$ with 80lb braid on it. OBO Phenix Titan Popping TPX880H: $420$ OBO Brought it to a trip but only cast it a few times and did not caught any fish with it.
  2. FS or Trade: 3 Phenix PSX Abyss rods and Avet SXJ reel

    Southern California FS or Trade: 3 Phenix PSX Abyss rods and Avet SXJ reel

    Reels: Shimano Torium 20HG w/ 50 or 65lb. braid. Have not fished this year, super clean, just a few boat rashes...just don't use..SOLD Avet SXJ 6/4 silver, brand new never fished, with box (box says SX, but actually is an SXJ. 50lb braid... $200 Rods: 3 Phenix Abyss: 908 (15-40) $150...
  3. PHENIX AXIS 909 H 9”

    Southern California PHENIX AXIS 909 H 9”

    Only used 5 or less times out on a sport boat. Its collecting dust so i’m looking to get rid of it fast. Feel free to message me! (Not Open to trades)
  4. saltystern

    Southern California WTD- KOMODO 471P or 463P right hand

    Looking for 400 size Komodo in great (8+) shape. Right hand please. Want the power handle 6.3 or 7.1 is good. Willing to pay $180-$200 for the right reel. Also if it’s matched up with phenix 8ft rod let me know what u got thx
  5. Few fishings rods to thin out

    Southern California Few fishings rods to thin out

    Starting left to right UC - RCE 700xxh -c 50-80lb rated (SOLD) To a BD member Seeker - G6485-8 1/2 CT 20(30)40lb Black steel graphite never had a reel on it. SOLD to a bloody deck member Shimano Tallus Blue Water Series TLC -80MHBBL rated 40-80 lb $100 Phenix - custom wrap about 6.5 feet...
  6. Phenix Black Diamond PSW 869H

    Southern California Phenix Black Diamond PSW 869H

    Brand New w/ Tag for sale Heavy 20-50lb mono rating Very versatile rod- 25/30/40# live bait or throwing jigs/irons ________________________________________________ $299+tax retail $260 obo pick up in LA area
  7. Irod Genesis Bailey Swim XH

    Southern California Irod Genesis Bailey Swim XH

    This rod is pretty amazing. Been using it as an all around calico stick (big hardbaits, jighead swimbaits, ect), and as a freshwater swimbait stick (ms slammers, huddleston, ect.) Only selling because I've started wrapping my own rods. Pretty much new condition. Rated 20-60 lbs and 2-8 ounce...
  8. Malibu Angler

    SS-ULUA 93H

    Hello all, I am currently looking at a super Seeker 93h ulua and I would like to pair it with an accurate Valiant either 500 to 600 size. I predominantly fish at piers for sharks but am planning to do 1 to 1.5 day trips for bluefin. so I would like something dual purpose. My current set ups are...
  9. Shimano Talica 10II with PowerPro Maxcuatro

    Southern California Shimano Talica 10II with PowerPro Maxcuatro

    My Shimano Talica 10II is up for sale. This is a backup reel so it didn't see much use. The braid is PowerPro Maxcuatro in 50lb and was put on roughly a month ago and used on one boat ride. Comes with original box, hardware and documents. Prefer local pickup but can ship out @ buyer's expense...
  10. Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid PHD 929H - Sold

    Southern California Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid PHD 929H - Sold

    Located in Whittier Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid PHD 929H Used twice. Like new 3105261205 text
  11. Phenix M1 Nanotubes Med/Fast Action MX-UR 80H 8' 15-35lb. Swimbait Rod

    Southern California Phenix M1 Nanotubes Med/Fast Action MX-UR 80H 8' 15-35lb. Swimbait Rod

    Rod listed is on the right in pictures :jig: Specs from Phenix: M1 – Swimbait Rod Confidence in Performance – The next generation of your fishing arsenal! An uncompromised engineering concept, the M1 rod series is the newest and most advanced fishing rod for bass and light saltwater anglers...
  12. Phenix M1 Inshore X-Fast Action SMX 90M 9' 12-30lb. Rod

    Southern California Phenix M1 Inshore X-Fast Action SMX 90M 9' 12-30lb. Rod

    Rods in great shape, used a handful of times. Specs and information from Phenix's website: M1 Inshore – Casting Rods If it is fishing stubborn calico bass in the thickest of kelp or pulling on mid-summer pelagic, M1 Inshore Series gives you the ideal balance and power to handle any variety of...
  13. Phenix Redeye Premium Travel Rod RTX 760-3M

    Southern California Phenix Redeye Premium Travel Rod RTX 760-3M

    For Sale is a never used or fished Phenix Redeye Travel Rod (new with tags removed). It is 7'6" in 3 pieces, rated 15-40 lbs and comes with the travel case. The rod retails for $309, selling for $250 to fund my next tuna trip. Located in San Gabriel.
  14. InTheArena

    Southern California Phenix Black Diamond PWS 909XHJ 30lb.-80lb. Jig Stick

    Duplicate rod class, fished once or twice. 30% off retail / no tax. Specs/info from Phenix's website: Black Diamond – DeckHand Rods A new generation of saltwater blanks has been born. Constructed with Toray’s high strength Carbon Fibers, the Black Diamond uses a unique layering process and a...
  15. Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid PHD 7002XH 40lb. - 100lb. Rod

    Southern California Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid PHD 7002XH 40lb. - 100lb. Rod

    Duplicate rod class, unsure if it has ever been fished. 30% off retail / no tax. Specs/info from Phenix's website: Black Diamond Hybrid – Casting Rods The Phenix Hybrid is the world’s first fully woven Carbon Fiber blank. The blank is a unique blend of high strength woven Carbon Fiber and...
  16. Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid PHD 760XH 30lb. - 80lb.

    Southern California Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid PHD 760XH 30lb. - 80lb.

    Duplicate rod class, unsure if it has ever been fished. 30% off retail / no tax. Specs/info from Phenix's website: Black Diamond Hybrid – Casting Rods The Phenix Hybrid is the world’s first fully woven Carbon Fiber blank. The blank is a unique blend of high strength woven Carbon Fiber and...
  17. 9’ Phenix Abyss PSX-909

    Southern California 9’ Phenix Abyss PSX-909

    Phenix Abyss jig stick 9’ Customs built by Chikara Customs
  18. WTS Extra Blanks - United Composites GUSA, Rainshadow, Phenix

    Gulf of Mexico WTS Extra Blanks - United Composites GUSA, Rainshadow, Phenix

    Two NEW United Composites GUSA Graphite Blanks US76 H-L. I bought 2 of these during COVID and forgot about them. They showed up and I can't return them because they were a special order. They are way too stout for what I intended. Will sell both for $280 with USPS Priority shipping included...
  19. 10ft baby ulua C S/8 white tiger series

    Southern California 10ft baby ulua C S/8 white tiger series

    Looking to trade or sell, $400 or obo
  20. GLOOMIS GL2 Jig N' Worm 7'-foot 10-14 Finesse Casting Rod

    Southern California GLOOMIS GL2 Jig N' Worm 7'-foot 10-14 Finesse Casting Rod

    Super premium bass fishing finesse rod! Excellent Condition MSRP $200 Selling for $150 Gloomis GL2 Jig N Worm Rod 7' Foot, 10-14lb line rating Ultimate largemouth bass finesse casting rod. Gearing up for saltwater, so this beauty must be sacrificed.
  21. Phenix Black Diamond 8-Foot 30-50lb

    Southern California Phenix Black Diamond 8-Foot 30-50lb

    Awesome Rod, used but Good Condition. Great price to get a taste of that Black Diamond goodness! Phenix Black Diamond 8-Foot, Rated for 30-50lb line $225
  22. FishyDownThere

    Southern California WTB: Phenix Axis 720 2XH

    Please PM with condition and asking price. 858-800-2869
  23. New Phenix 809H

    Southern California New Phenix 809H

    New Phenix 809 Black Diamond for sale $240 obo
  24. Phenix Black Diamond PSW 700H

    Southern California Phenix Black Diamond PSW 700H

    Phoenix Black Diamond PSW 700H for sale. Rarely used. Rated 20-60# but probably best for 30-40# It’s been on a few boat rides and had a couple different reels on it but is very clean and close to new condition. Always rinsed with fresh water and dried before being put away. Asking $185 or...
  25. F/S Twinpower 14k combo

    Southern California F/S Twinpower 14k combo

    Selling my combo of Shimano Twin Power 14k and Phenix Titan TPX880H. Something come up and have to let it go. Bought them brand new off season, and it been on one boat ride this season and that’s all. Price: 1,000 OBO, shoot me and offer.
  26. Phenix Hybrid X2H 40-100LB

    Southern California Phenix Hybrid X2H 40-100LB

    Custom Phenix Hybrid X2H 7’6” 40-100Lb In great condition wrapped by plateros custom rods. Perfect for flatfall jigs or sinker rig using 80lb Pick up in Torrance or LA area Cash only no trades
  27. Rail Rod 60-130lb

    Southern California Rail Rod 60-130lb

    Phenix HAX 720 X3H 7’2” 60-130 lb Used in good condition Pick up in Torrance or LA area No trades Cash only!!! Perfect for flatfall jigs
  28. Phenix HAX 909HJ

    Southern California Phenix HAX 909HJ

    Looking to sell my used Phenix HAX 909HJ. Rod is in great shape but tuna cord could be replaced. Asking $200 obo. Would also trade for a 7-8ft rod for yo-yo jigging. Chula Vista area here. South SD
  29. Penn fathom 30LD2 & Phenix Axis 720 XH 30-80#

    Southern California Penn fathom 30LD2 & Phenix Axis 720 XH 30-80#

    Great condition. Just had a fresh top shot of 40# mono backed with 60# braid. Text Jason @ 858-735-6167 $425 obo.
  30. Phenix Black diamond psw809h

    Southern California Phenix Black diamond psw809h

    Brand new Phenix PSW809h $250 obo
  31. WTS/WTT Phenix Black Diamond rod (pice drop)

    Southern California WTS/WTT Phenix Black Diamond rod (pice drop)

    [Price dropped to $350] Selling my brand new Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid rod. It has never had a reel mounted. Specs: PHD869XH - Deck Hand / 8'6" / 25-60 lb / 1 / Fast / Fuji HBSG SiC / Basket Weave DeckHand / Cord Wrap
  32. Phenix M1 Inshore H  9'

    Southern California Phenix M1 Inshore H 9'

    Rod is in really good condition, aways cleaned after use. Light jig rod for Calicos, Barracuda, Bonita and Yellowtail. Live in Whittier but spend most of the week in Orange County for work, (714) 713-3521 Sergio
  33. Lexa 300 hs-p combo

    Southern California Lexa 300 hs-p combo

    Lexa 300 with 40lb braid on a Phenix black diamond PSW 908 MH 15-40lb rating mechanically intact rod has mild corrosion but solid yellowtail set up $325
  34. Phenix rods

    Southern California Phenix rods

    Smx90H 3-8oz 15-40 $200 Smx90H 3-8oz 15-40 $200 Smx82H 3-8oz 20-45 $185 Hax820ml 12-30 $190 All lightly used with little to no signs of use. Taken on one boat ride then put back on the shelf. Local pick up in garden grove 92841
  35. Armenfishing

    Pacific Queen Preperation

    So I have a 1.5 day trip aboard the Pacific Queen on June 4th and I just wanted to make sure that I have all the gear covered. Phenix M1 inshore/shimano tranx 400-50lb braid 20-25lb topshot Daiwa Proteus/shimano torium 16-50lb braid 30lb topshot Phenix Abyss/avet G2 sx-50lb braid 30lb...
  36. UC Rail Rods / Custom Phenix Black Diamond / Black Hole Cape Cod

    UC Rail Rods / Custom Phenix Black Diamond / Black Hole Cape Cod

    Factory United Composites Rail Rods All are used and have some slight scuffs and guide corrosion but not beaten up. RCX 70 Viper - 7' - 80-130lb - $340 RCX 70 Invictus - 7' - 100-150lb - $340 RCX 70 Gladiator - 7' - 150lb-Unlimited - $300 Custom Phenix Black Diamond Simple black on...
  37. Californian 907 Tri-Helix

    Californian 907 Tri-Helix

    9 feet rated 15-40, same blank as the Phenix Axis 907, just wrapped by Turners I still have the receipt so if you break it you can bring the rod and receipt and get a new one for cheap. Great condition, used once, casts really well, Solid 30# jig stick for cheap. 170$ Open to trades for small...
  38. C

    Need a Rod to pair with Avet LX Raptor

    I’ve never really gone after big Bluefin before and I want a rod that is capable of landing a 100+ Bluefin. I’d be pairing the rod up with an Avet LX raptor, so what size rod would I want to pair with the reel so that I’m capable of landing a triple digit fish? So far I’ve thought about pairing...
  39. Black Diamond Hybrid

    Black Diamond Hybrid

    Hi selling my lightly use black diamond hybrid 809-XH. Good condition, bought it last year went on 2 trips but not using lighter set up instead. Asking 390$ obo msrp was 469$. Save you on tax and some $.
  40. Saltiga 2 Speed ,Shimano Teramar, Phenix m1 Inshore rods

    Saltiga 2 Speed ,Shimano Teramar, Phenix m1 Inshore rods

    Saltiga 2 speed 40LD , get ready for tuna season! - Cosmetic 7.5/10 - Serviced and good to go . 10/10 - $350.00 obo Shimano Teramar (Old School Brown Rod) - New and never used. - TMC 80H Rated 20 to 40 - Excellent Yoyo rod for these spring yellowtail - $150.00 Phenix Inshore M1 Rods : SMX 711ML...
  41. A

    Phenix iron feather 1 piece

    Brand new phenix iron feather 711 1 piece tags still on the rods asking price 360
  42. Phenix BD Hybrid Inshore

    Southern California Phenix BD Hybrid Inshore

    I have 2 Phenix Black Dimond Hybrid Inshore 4 sale. Both rods are factory built so they are still under warranty. #1 PHD 836L 10-25lb 8'3" $210 #2 PHD 887ML 12-30lb 8'8" $240 Both rods are in great condition. Must Pick up in Torrance no shipping Cash only!!!
  43. Mak16, Mak15, Phenix Axis, Phenix Black Diamond

    Mak16, Mak15, Phenix Axis, Phenix Black Diamond

    Mak16 ii- brand new was converted to sea reel with upgraded bearings spooled with 80lbs blue braid with 100lbs pink fluoro leader $460 shipped Mak15 sea ii- brand new from charkbait, spooled with 80lbs braid $480 shipped Phenix axis hax 780 x2h- brand new, some minor cosmetic scratches where...
  44. Phenix PHD 700X4H

    Phenix PHD 700X4H

    New with tag. Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid PHD 700X4H 80-200lbs. SOLD
  45. oh da shiz

    Reels & Rods

    This is NOT a fire sale.... it's just cleaning out the garage. I've got a lot of pictures available so just message or text if you've got my number if you want to see any of the items. I've got boxes for most if not all the reels. Willing to make deals for multiple items. Phenix PSW 809H...
  46. Phenix PHD 700X3H

    Phenix PHD 700X3H

    New with tag. Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid PHD 700X3H 60-130lbs. Asking $old.
  47. Loomis, Lamiglas, Major Craft, more!

    Loomis, Lamiglas, Major Craft, more!

    Cleaning out the closet yet again. Listed rods are in the group pic going right to left. Strong preference for local pickup in San Fernando Valley. I will be in Oceanside March 29-April 1 and can bring items down with me! 1. St Croix Mojo inshore, nice budget starter rod, new with tags. 76mhf...
  48. Old School Seeker Patches

    Old School Seeker Patches

    Hey guys, My grandpa has some left over old school seeker fishing rods patches. 3.5” x 2.25” He’s looking to get $25 per patch. Free shipping. Let me know if interested. Text me 949 295 7303
  49. Vg323

    Brand new RCE 800 MEGA-C 25-40

    Brand new rod never seen water Alps reel seat. Pick up and cash only Located in Huntington park $300 Thanx
  50. Tjsmith562

    Phenix Black Diamond Spinning Rod Like New

    Like new Phenix black Diamond Rod, see pictures for specs. 350$ Long Beach/Bellflower
  51. Leke

    Phenix and Curado 300K

    Selling freshwater setup Phenix Nanotube M1 MX78H (Brand New) Shimano Curado 300K (like new) San Diego Pick up only asking: 380.00 or trade for UC GP80 Mega or Monster
  52. V

    Want to buy phenix SMX 7’11 MH

    I’m wanting to buy phenix smx 711 mh to use for swim baits mostly the battle shad and magdraft for bass fishing. Message me if you have one for sale
  53. B

    Phenix M1 Inshore SMX90M (12-30#) and Thrasher blank 8104 (15-40#)

    The M1 is rated 12-30#. Brand new (bought two, only need one, tag is removed). Perfect inshore rod to horse in bull calicos or Coronado/La Jolla yellowtail. This thing will throw a colt sniper or swimbait a country mile. Action is great for pitching plastics in the kelp. - SOLD Thrasher...
  54. A

    Shimano Saragossa 6000 and terez 20-50

    This rod and reel has only seen a few trips and has fresh braid on it. No boat rash. Just got it for my first few trips getting into fishing to learn how to cast.Asking 400 dollars or trade for a accurate tern 300 or Trinidad 14. message me for more information. :)
  55. Espinoza569

    Phenix FTX Feather 2 Piece Rods

    Both are in excellent condition. 9.5/10 Bought to fit in trunk of a car, but no longer have a need for 2 piece rods. $120 each. $200 for both. Spinning FTX-S2 77M 6-14lb 1/8-3/4oz Casting FTX-C2 77MH 8-17lb 1/4-3/4oz
  56. Vg323

    Daiwa Saltiga LD 35 2 speed $380

    In like new condition 9.5/10 cosmetically 10/10 mechanically $380 pick up and cash only Filled with 65 yellow spectra , 40lb mono top shot
  57. Vg323

    New Daiwa Lexa 400 hd HP 6:3. $270

    Brand new Pick up and cash only. Thanx $270
  58. Vg323

    New Shimano Blackmoon tackle backpack $145

    Brand new model Pick up and cash only Firm on price $145
  59. Vg323

    New Shimano blackmoon backpack $145

    Brand new model Pick up and cash only firm on price $145
  60. F

    Phenix Titan Long Fall for sale

    this rod sells for $360 new. I used it twice, caught one fish on it. Perfect condition Acid Wrap FIRM ASKING PRICE: $250 *no low ballers see pics
  61. F

    Phenix 100 Lb tuna stick (black diamond hybrid)

    Used once!!!! Paid $519 for it. Perfect Condition FIRM ASK OF $450 *No low ballers Pickup in long beach see pics
  62. Vg323

    United composites REAPER & Daiwa Proteus wn 80 MHF

    Both rods are brand new. $400 for the Reaper $190 for the daiwa proteus FIRM ON THE PRICE pick up and cash only.
  63. F

    Phenix 760x2h 40-100

    Moving to Idaho and won’t need these anymore. heavy tuna stick Black Diamond Hybrid 7’6” 40-100 Purchased in September of 2020 used once! $450 pickup in Long Beach
  64. Vg323

    Phenix Black Diamond 700M 15-40

    In excellent shape with alps reel seat $220 cash and pick up only
  65. Vg323

    AVET SXJ 5.3.1 single speed Upgraded habdle

    Single speed. Very clean reel with upgraded handle $160 Cash and pick up only.
  66. Vg323

    Daiwa Saltist BG 30H black and gold sd

    $165 cash and pick up only. Clean reel with 50lb braid $300 if you take the 20H and the 30H Ignore: daiwa,shimano,penn,lexa,saltiga,calstar,phenix,avet,seeker,United composites
  67. D

    UC REAPER Factory wrapped

    Brand new factory wrapped REAPER. deck hand. $425 FIRM FIRM FIRM
  68. Vg323

    Calstar Graphiter 900M 20-40 jig stick or trade for saltiga 15 plus cash on my end

    Custom wrapped by Lindsay. fuji real sea. 900m 20-40 Very well taken care of. All guides are good no rust. Just very minor scuffs $250 FIRM won’t go any lower. cash and pick up only.
  69. J

    Avet Questions regarding 9'3" phenix black diamond hybrid with an avet g2 MXJ 6/4

    Recently picked up a 9'3" phenix black diamond hybrid and put an avet g2 MXJ 6/4 reel on it. Im somewhat new to this size reel and rod. What would you guys recommend I fish this puppy with? Thank you
  70. Vg323

    Daiwa Lexa 400 HS-P old version

    Reel spooled with 50lb braid and 30lb topshot mono. Minor scratches on the reel. Works perfect ready to fish. Comes with extra paddle handle. Pick up only. $185 firm
  71. Vg323

    Daiwa Saltist 20H BG

    Excellent condition reel. Minor scratches works really well. With 50lb braid. $150 firm pick up only
  72. Vg323

    Daiwa Proteus WN 8’MHF new version

    Selling brand new with tags and wrap Daiwa Proteus WN 8’ MHF new model. $200 firm. Pick up only Thank you
  73. akachalupa

    OKUMA PCH 801XH Conventional Rod Like New - 150

    Selling my 8 foot Okuma PCH Custom Rod. It is rated for 30 to 60 lb test and it is a beast of a rod. I fished it primarily for live bait and 40lb test line but I think you could fish it at 50lb. Let me know if you are interested. Rod is in like new condition. I bought it new from Turners for...
  74. chicho64

    Medium heavy spinning rod

    selling a 2 piace custom spinning rod only used 2 times rod action is medium heavy length is phenix blank 8'6" line rating 8-20 asking $120
  75. MrMartilyo

    Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid Inshore Series PHD 886L

    It’s time to part ways with one of my old reliables. I have caught everything on this rod from spotted bay bass, tons of calicos, yellows galore, tons of yft and most recently a 40# bft. Never went into battle second guessing this rod. 8’8 10-25 rating, fished 15# all the way to 25# with no...
  76. tailchaser87

    Phenix Black Diamond & Axis rods

    I have some Phenixs rods for sale New, almost new and used. 1. Phenix SMX Nanotube 90H 15-40lb M1 inshore series Deckhand $140 like new 2. Phenix Black Diamond PSW 760L 8-25lb - SOLD 3. Phenix Black Diamond PSW 809XHJ 25-60lb - SOLD 4. Phenix Black Diamond PSW909XHJ 30-80lb Deckhand - SOLD 5...
  77. B

    Phenix Axis HAX820XH 8'2" 30-80lbs Rod

    Used but in great condition Axis HX820XH 8'2" rod, 30-80lbs. Probably only fished it twice and overall good rod. Just have 2 many so thinning the herd to make room for my slow jigging rods. $175

    Offshore Happy MARLIN Monday! Video of us hooked up on our first ever Marlin in San Diego!

    What a great day on the water and fun to hook up on a giant! We didn't have the video equipment on when we first hooked up, but it was less than 50 feet from the boat at time of hookup, really cool experience for our family! We have fished Cabo, Costa Rica, Hawaii and the Virgin Islands without...

    Happy Marlin Monday! Hooked up on the Parker 2320, what fun!

    What a great day on the water and fun to hook up on a giant! We didn't have the video equipment on when we first hooked up, but it was less than 50 feet from the boat at time of hookup, really cool experience for our family! We have fished Cabo, Costa Rica, Hawaii and the Virgin Islands without...
  80. Leke

    Please Delete Item Sold

    Selling Phenix M1 Inshore Rod model: SMX90 line rating: 12-30lb test Condition 10/10 Asking for 200.00 obo San Diego Pick up ONLY.
  81. Acefspade

    Phenix Black Diamond PSW 760H

    Phenix Black Diamond PSW760H rated 25-60 lb This rod was paired with Tranx 500 for rock fishing. Sadly, never used it on yellows or tuna. It is in good condition with some scratches. I tried my best to show them in the pictures. Located in SGV. Have sold a lot of tackle on this forum...
  82. rojo loco

    San Quintin 8/24/20 - K&M Sportfishing w/ George Catian

    Headed down to San Quintin Sunday 8/23 to fish with George Catian from K&M fishing yet again..... Crossed the border in Tecate and drove straight to to the Old Mill with no issues at all. Monday 8/24: Conditions were calling for wind so we tried to hit it on the early side and left the dock by...
  83. David Speer

    Phenix M1 Inshore 9ft 15-40

    I have a M1 Inshore 9ft 15-40 dont need the rod anymore great condition msg me for info 200$ send trade offers ill consider any rods or reels fair worth the same value
  84. Milesm

    Looking for a rod alternative to the Calstar GFGR-800M

    I ordered a couple of these rods a month ago and it doesn't look like I will receive for a couple months. I don't want to wait that long so I'm looking for suggestions for an alternative. Seeker? Phenix? Open to anything that I can get sooner Thanks
  85. Sardine_matt


    phenix axis 909H, used a few times but still in pretty good condition - $245 shimano teramar inshore series J90HB, also used a couple times but still in good condition - $160 diawa vip 870 in good condition - $80 nothing wrong with any of them just need to clear some space
  86. D

    SoCal fishing rod opinion!

    Hey guys! So I’be become a pretty avid fisher over the years and want to upgrade my gear. I currently own a Penn Warfare on a Shimano Tallus saltwater rod. And a Lexa 400 on a Daiwa Proteus. I bought the Proteus as my “upgrade” but kind of realize it serves the same purpose as the Tallus so I...
  87. D

    Phenix PSW-908MH and Accurate Tern 300x Black

    Phenix Rod: I paid 309$ for it, I'll take anything close to it. Accurate Reel: I paid 320$ for it, I'll take anything close to it. Information: I took the them both out once, then I was given a Reaper and a Saltiga as a gift, so I don't even use these anymore. Both are in great shape, I caught...
  88. M

    Custom Seeker Pinhead BHPH89

    newer pinhead blank made with leftover green S glass. rolled at OC factory. Really hard blank to find since they don’t make it anymore. Open to trade Green S glass pinhead br89 custom wrapped, or Sale price $400 Model: PH-BH89-8'9" Length: 8'9" Line Rating: 20-50 lb Penn, accurate, cal star...
  89. BiggetyBones

    ** Phenix Rod **

    Looking to buy a Phenix M1 Spinning fishing rod. Model # SMX-77M If you got one to sell, let me know! Thanks!
  90. David Speer

    trade for blue avet

    Anyone down to trade an avet mxl 6/4 2 speed g2 blue for a Neptune's heart Im looking for a blue one so i can match my all blue phenix
  91. W

    delete thraed

    Selling used Penn fathom 40nld2 with box. Fully spooled with 80#. Ready to go! phenix axis 720 x2h 420$ for the combo. Pick up near Torrance. Willing to travel a bit... for nothing but time with no job!
  92. chicho64

    Phenix Abbyss delete please

    Selling brand new phenix abbyss rod has reel seat. Abbyss AHD -897 Rod is 8'9" line rating 12-30lb moderate action st composite $270
  93. N

    HUGE rare gear selloff (cheap prices). Cousins Raze, Abu Volatile, MC/Pearl Swimbaits, Daiwa, Phenix, Shimano, and more!

    Hey bass guys - I posted in classifieds but thought I'd give the bass guys a look too since it's all bass gear. I am selling a ton of tackle. Please text me three one zero-eight zero one-three one zero eight if interested. Open to discounts if you want multiple items. Thanks! Reels: OG...
  94. N

    Huge Rod/Reel Selloff, Very Cheap and High Quality, Cousins/Shimano/Abu/Daiwa/Phenix

    Hi all: Times have changed and I have to get rid of a bunch of gear. Here's what I have for sale. I'm open to discounts if you want multiple items. Reels: OG abu garcia revo inshore - $100 OG abu revo toro 50 hs - $100 OG abu revo toro 50 ambassadeur - $100 Penn Jigmaster - $30 Penn...
  95. L

    Phenix Axis 820xh 8’2” 30-80lb

    This rod has never touched the water. Purchased as a longer heavy stick to throw poppers to big bluefin🤦🏻‍♂️. Brought out on 1 trip and never took it out of the rod holder. Seems like it could also be a great yoyo/ flatfall stick too. Ive heard great things about the Axis if you are interested...
  96. Mikeyboy

    New Shimano Curado MH Spinning

    Hey Guys. Just bought this directly from Shimano. Curado MH Spinning 1/4-3/4 ounce. Awesome rod but I’m more of a medium-medium light guy for what I do. Tags are on it. want to sell it. Retail is $159 but I’ll let it go for $140 cash local pickup in Granada Hills or surrounding areas...
  97. chicho64

    Komodo ss 463

    Selling brand new never use komodo ss KDS-463 selling for $220
  98. Sandieangler

    Phenix PSX908 $125

    9’0” 15-40# moderate fast Fuji reel seat ST laser composite These rods usually come with a cork style wrap but I added x-wrap over. Drop to $125 OBO want it gone
  99. chicho64

    2 Supper seeker rods sold delete please thanks

    Selling 2 brand new supper seeker rod jig and bait rod never used model ss 6470H-7' 40-60 lb asking $450 paid $519.00 next is a SS 6465xH 6'6" 50-80 $420 i paid $503 my lost repeat this are brand new rods Tag
  100. David Speer

    Custom Phenix Abyss 9ft 200$

    Custom Phenix Abyss 9ft 20-50 Custom rope handle with turks Black wraps Great condition like new 200$OBO
  101. M

    Phenix black diamond inshore psw807ml green blank

    Selling my Phenix black diamond psw807ml green blank got from another bd member rod been used has some scratches on rod don’t really use it anymore This rod is a great inshore stick for bass Rod is wrapped by wise guy 150 obo
  102. David Speer

    Custom 9ft Phenix Axis

    Phenix Axis 9ft 20-60 wrapped black and white wraps with reel rope handle Epoxy is a little un even on decal Doesn't look bad though Launches and bend is really nice $300 OBO may consider trades
  103. chicho64

    Lexa 300cc $140 delete please

    Selling bait caster daiwa lexa 300 cc it comes with a clicker asking $140 reel works 100% and apeareance is 10-10 Gear ratio 6.3.1 Reel weaight = 10.58oz Line capacity Mono(lb-yds) 12-240, 14-190, 20 - 120 Braid(ll lll) 40-240, 55-180 80-180 up to 25lb max drg Clicker for slow trolling or bait...
  104. Cashmoney_310

    Phenix ABYSS 9’0 - GRAFTEC SJS -90H

    Phenix rod -150 $ graftec-100 $
  105. Popper Party


  106. MrMartilyo

    3x Factory Phenix Rods - Black Diamond ISA - PSW 906L, PSW 907ML, PSW 908MH

    I have a set of factory wrapped Phenix rods. All rods are 9 footers. I am the original owner of all these rods. They have served me very well and I am looking for a good home for these puppies. PSW 906L - Black Diamond Inshore Assassin Series 9’ 8-25lb Fast Alps guides and Fuji reel seat 8.5/10...
  107. K

    Shimano torium 16hgal + Phenix Black Diamond 809xh

    Selling my shimano torium hgal fished once on a overnight. Fantastic reel basically new. $150 Also selling my phenix black diamond 808xh. Fished a few times, still in great shape. $200 i love this setup so much but i also realllly want a car lol
  108. Brqndqn

    Brand new phenix trifecta 905-2

    Trx-s 905-2 9’ 6-12 Medium power 1/4-3/4 Asking $130 firm Shipping on buyers dime
  109. K

    Phenix m1 inshore rod and lexa 300hd

    Im looking for a phenix m1 inshore M-Mh and a lexa 300hd for my 6yr birthday let me know what you guys have Thanks.
  110. Angler Jer

    ALL SOLD - Phenix, Seeker, Teramar, Terez and Californian Rods

    Time to thin the collection. For sale are the following: Phenix Black Diamond Deckhand (PSW909XHJ) Single boat ride 30-80lb. SOLD Shimano Teramar Inshore Series Deckhand (TMC80H-8’) Single boat ride. 12-40lb. SOLD Seeker Classic Series Deckhand (BSC 6480-8′ CT) 20-40lb. SOLD Cork tape...
  111. O

    Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid 888MH 25# Rod.

    Hello, I have decided to sell this Phenix. NEW PRICE $260.00 It has only been used a few times. It is a great 25# stick, is also a great large swim bait rod for freshwater fishing. In perfect condition. Private message me if you have any interest. I live in Los Angeles County, so can...
  112. R

    Phenix and UC Rods

    I have three Phenix and one UC rods for sale. All four have only been on two or three boat rides and look new. I have them priced to sell so I am firm on the prices. Only in person sales and I am located in the Long Beach area. Thanks for looking. Sold - Phenix Black Diamond 809h with reel...

    What Rod for a Lexa HD 400 HS-P?

    Finally got a Lexa HD 400 HS-P 7:1 and want to get a rod for it. There are so many choices out there! What rod are you using? What rod would you get?????
  114. Frankin Huerta

    Calstar and Phenix axis

    Selling 2 90j mag rated 9ft 30-60 Good condition 90j regular rated 30-60 all black built from platero custom asking all 3 for 220$ each Phenix axis 8’2 rated 12-30 chovie stick asking 180 Any question text me 562:341-3462 frank
  115. F

    Shimano and accurate for sale

    I have 2 Shimano talica 12 2 speeds for sale, i bought both 2 seasons ago, hardly used them last season, both are spooled up with 50lb invisibraid, I used them for jigging grouper. They both have very light boat rash, nothing major at all, both work flawlessly. Have boxes for both. $400 each...
  116. F.I.S.H.Y


    BD'ers Being relatively new to the hobby, I've had times when reading threads for information that I couldn't understand some of the terms used. So I decided what if I started an encyclopedia sort of thread so that everyone can refer to when their not understanding what someone is saying, I...
  117. Jigslinger

    Jigsticks! Bait sticks! Fish sticks!

  118. David Speer

    phenix m1 inshore

    Looking to buy a 9ft m1 inshore send offers plz or any 9ft inshore rods rated up to 40 e
  119. Paul Hansen

    PHENIX 1054 Blank or wrapped rod

    Looking for a Phenix 1054 blank or finished rod in good condition.
  120. Mr. DRE

    Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid 760X2H used. $300

    7 1/2 foot rod rated 40-100. Local pick up only no shipping.
  121. SSART714

    Shimano ocea JIGGER

    JDM Shimano OCEA JIGGER F custom 1500hg Like new conditon took out on one trip didnt even use it spooled with 65lb braid $400 FIRM also have DURAN DFP clamp with sell with it for $40 text 714 6240665
  122. migetguy

    *Price Drop* Accurate FX-400XGS

    Hi guys, trying to get rid of some gear to fund other gear. I have a BNIB Accurate FX-400XGS. $200 obo Add $8 for shipping Located in Chino weekdays in Anaheim. Accept Cash,PayPal F/F or pay fees.
  123. Paul Hansen

    Shimano, Diawa, Phenix

    Shimano Trinidad 40 with Tiburon clamp $300 Shimano Stradic C14+1000 New in Box $175 Shimano Gold Trinidad 12 with factory clamp $200 SOLD Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid PHD 809 XH $300 Diawa Sealine X50HA $50 808-989-4110
  124. 909fishslayer

    Phenix Rail Rods

    Up for sale are three Phenix rods. The 40-100 and 80-200 ones have been on only one boat ride 9.5-9.8/10 cosmetically and 10/10 mechanically. The 60-130 rod is half a season old and 9/10 cosmetically and 10/10 mechanically. Axis HAX 760X3H 7’6” 60-130lb (SOLD) Axis HAX 720X2H 7’2” 40-100lb...
  125. Matthew G

    Shimano Scorpion DC 101HG JDM Baitcasting Reel

    Shimano Scorpion Dc 101HG JDM baitcasting reel. Very good reel. pretty much brand new, Used once very lightly in fresh water for about 30 min. Full of 30lb dark green braid. Left hand reel. 10/10 cosmetically 10/10 internal Comes with Winn Grips to put on handles for extra comfort. Located in...
  126. Brian Ortega

    all sorts of great gear for new home! reduced prices

    mint condition makairas that did a trip or two. no fish. all Makairas were purchased early 2019, new spectra on all. box and all, always in reel covers phenix rods. will not be able to do multi day trips anymore due to baby coming so letting go of my heavier gear. inquire for pics or will post...
  127. akachalupa

    Phenix PSW 909XHJ excellent condition hardly used

    Phenix Black Diamond PSW 909XHJ Casting Rod excellent condition. Basically new, used only a few times. Rod is a beast. 9 foot and rated 30-80. Asking 225 obo. Thanks for interest. Local F2F only please. In North County San Diego or near Sorrento Valley. Sold Thanks again
  128. Mr. DRE

    Yo's Customs Sabre 6870 $150 takes it

    Anyone interested in older Yo's Customs Sabre 6870 honey deckhand style rod. Make reasonable offer local pick up no shipping.
  129. Moor_fish

    Sold please delete

    Californian Tri Helix 9ft H 30-60 Lb jig stick (phenix blank) Hasn't been used in a while. No issues with guides. Ready to slay some tuna, yellowtail and calicos. Perfect for surface iron, coltsnippers, stick baits and poppers.
  130. DODGERS27

    Calstar WCDH 90J-C

    Anyone have one forsale let me know Cal-Star West Coast Series WCDH-90J Rater 30-60#
  131. F.I.S.H.Y

    Avet HX

    I have a like new Avet HX, black with 3/4 spool of 80# braid and about 250-300 yards 50# braid. Also comes with clamps. Letting it go for $350 I can throw in a Phenix Black Diamond great condition, extra heavy 9' rod as a combo for $500, well over $700 worth Located in San Diego. I'll post pics...
  132. Brian Ortega

    Looking: PSW 808mh

    Phenix Black Diamond medium heavy 808 15-40 rod. let me know also have great condition Black and gold diawa saltist 20 & 35 star drag reels with new 50 pound spectra we can work out.
  133. F.I.S.H.Y

    Avet Avet MXL Raptor Catches???

    Im getting a Avet MXL raptor on friday and I am dieing to know what people have landed with this reel! Please let me know! Also the Avet MXL raptor is paired with a Phenix PSW760H rated 30-60. Catches with that rod? Thanks for the feedback everyone!!!
  134. Mr. DRE

    Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid 869XH new in wrapper

    Price drop to $360 retails for $450. Brand new Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid 869XH with tags. Solid 25-60 set up. Decided to go a different so it will cost me. cash only no shipping due to length. Text with questions or more pics 818 620-8018
  135. F.I.S.H.Y

    Phenix PSW909xhj or Phenix PSW700H for Avet HX 5/2

    I have the PSW909XHJ but its a bit tall and i dont like the reel seat. Whould the PSW700H with Alps reel seat be better? Please let me know soon! Thank you for feedback!
  136. Mr. DRE

    Makaira 10II sea & Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid

    New in wrapper Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid 869XH rod and used like new Makaira two speed reel with box, clamp, tool, etc. loaded with 80 lbs spectra. Paid $1100 sacrifice for $750 as set. Will separate $400 each. Cash price local pick up no shipping. [email protected]
  137. DJsLoPpY

    Phenix PHD 700X3H and Fathom 60LD2

    Ive got a excellent condition Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid PHD 700X3H (60-130lb) rod with a brand spanking new Penn Fathom 60LD2 up for grabs. This is a serious budget friendly whopper stopper. Rod was purchased from another BDer. Scratches around reel clamp area. Rest of rod is fresh, not a...
  138. TheGarBrah

    Phenix Black Diamond 867 10-30 with Daiwa Lexa 300HS

    Selling a lightly used Phenix Black Diamond 867 10-30 # rod that was purchased used and is paired with a Daiwa Lexa 300HS that was purchased brand new and used only a handful of times. The reel comes spooled with braid. Selling both for $260 Used this as an inshore kelp cutter set up and just...
  139. MatthewC

    Custom Phenix Jigstick (lowered price)

    This is a one-off phenix blank that is made from the same material as their Axis line, super durable and light composite. 9’3” and 30-80lb. Made to resemble the seeker baby ulua. Heavy duty Essix SIC guides (same as on the 909xhj). Lowered to 325!!. Make me an offer or a trade!
  140. Josh_11

    Calstar GG 90j

    Let know what you got!
  141. bassxsniper

    Megabass Orochi xx Braillist Rod

    Megabass Orochi xx Braillst Rod 7'5" MH aciton Only used a few times Comes with megabass rod bag $200
  142. SD32J

    She gone

    8’ (10-25) perfect #15 or #20 stick for these football YFT. Rod is in perfect mechanical condition . 135$ Text 619-261-7163 Pick up in San Diego. No trades.
  143. Matthew G

    Shimano Curado 200K, $130, full with 50lb blue spuperslick pp braid

    $130 firm CASH ONLY 949-402-1001 Im selling my great condition Shimano Curado 200K. 9/10 exterior 8/10 interior The reel was washed off every time after use and drag was backed off when not in use. reel was serviced when needed. Free spool is still great. The reel comes full with 50lb blue...
  144. JayhawkNavy02

    Yellow Tail Rod & Schoolie Tuna Rod/Reel Reccommendation

    Long time reader first time poster. Looking to adjust my gear to more west coast focused now that I’m getting stationed here for the foreseeable (near) future. I’ve been back and forth (west and east coast) for the Navy for years, but hopefully static here in SOCAL for a while. Gave away...
  145. B


    Edit: kencors sold 3' sp3 - sold PAC73 crappies finger rod - sold Also have Phenix Mirage for sale. I have a Mirage MF671-2 rated 1-5lb line and 1/32-1/8 oz lure. And an MF777-1 Split grip rated 1-5lb line and 1/32-1/8 oz lure. I had the 6'7" for a season, and it was kept in a rod sock so it...
  146. M

    Penn Fathom 40

    Penn Fathom 40 star drag. Great condition, minor scuffs on the side. 65# braid with 100 yards 40# topshot $160 Located in Sacramento Text Matt 91688zero0five81
  147. Edwin Salgado

    Phenix Psw 809h “XF”

    Want to buy Phenix PSW 809h “XF” used or new
  148. V

    Phenix axis 8’2 30-80

    phenix hax-820xh Great condition. Used a few times. Selling as I have another similar rod. $239. No shipping. Thx
  149. K

    Phenix M1 7’5 H

    $115 obo Selling my used phenix m1 7’5 heavy rod. Perfect swimbait rod for pond hopping, fun to fish for calicos on this rod. Regular use warranty still good.
  150. M

    Looking for Calstar 800H and others

    Looking for a Calstar GFGR-800h or GFGR-800xh or GFGR-875H. Will buy or trade gear. Shoot me a message and we can talk
  151. G

    Okuma Komodo 471ss and Phenix Black Diamond 869h

    Okuma Komodo kds 471ss with Phenix Black Diamond 869h with tiberon clamp. Great for throwing the popper on smaller grade yellowfin or a calico swim bait rod. Casts a mile. A great rod and reel combo. $300
  152. hockeyplayer2503

    Phenix Rod & Avet Reels

    ~~~~ SOLD ~~~~ ~~~~ SOLD ~~~~ ~~~~ SOLD ~~~~ ~~~~ SOLD ~~~~ ~~~~ SOLD ~~~~
  153. G

    $350 Phenix 869h black diamond and okuma komodo 364ss

    Phenix PSW869H 20 to 50 pound black diamond rod paired with a Okuma komodo 364 ss with tiberon clamp $350 Text 760 271 8745
  154. Mario62692

    Phenix Black Diamond 760 XH

    Looking for a Phenix Black Diamond 7ft 6in XH. Rated 30-80lb. Pm if you have one for sale. Thanks
  155. J

    Graftech GJS80M Jig Series Rod

    Like new, only used once. $100
  156. S

    Shimano, Daiwa, Phenix

    Located in North County SD If you’d like more pictures on any item feel free to send me a message. - Brand New Shimano 14 Stella 2500HGS, never been spooled. Only taken out of the box for pictures. *SOLD* - Abu Garcia Revo Rocket RVO3-L, few scratches as seen in pictures. 10/10 mechanically...
  157. SD32J

    New Phenix delete

    FACTORY Abyss 808 . Brand new . In plastic . With tags . Need pics of a brand new factory rod ? Text me 619-261-7163. Pick up in San Diego . Will consider delivering if you pay more as I get 12 mpg. 170$ Firm
  158. Moor_fish

    Please delete

    Okuma Metaloid 5N 2 speed paired with a Phenix Abyss rod. Reel is new only been on one boat ride 10/10 with 80lb seaguar threadlock braid and clamp. Rod is 8/10 tip recently repaired at squidco. Looking for $300 obo.
  159. I

    tri helix or abyss

    I am looking to get a phenix rod just to try them I already have calstar, uc, and seeker. Nut I am debating wether to get the tri helix 807 or abyss 808
  160. Surg

    Team Fandango goes north. Channel Islands.

    Since the WSB fishing has been going off at the Channel Islands team Fandango opted to do an exploratory trip to check it out. After picking up great finbait in redondo Steve, Brian and son Michael, Marlow and son Kevin, Kevin #2, DJ, and myself were off to Jankovich to fuel up. Before making...
  161. SD32J

    Please Delete 4 the sake of others panties

    8’ 15-40. Rod has some wear . 110$ sold as is picked up in San Diego. Text 619-261-7163
  162. Moor_fish

    Lexa 400 combo

    Lexa 400 7:1 used twice. Filled with 60lb white Seaguar threadlock braid paired with a 9 ft Californian Calico rod XH 15-40 rod. 200 for the combo firm. 150 for the Lexa and 80 for the Californian seperately. Awesome calico setup but can handle any pelagic up to 60 lbs. Throws the iron a mile...
  163. hockeyplayer2503

    Shimano Terez, Teramar Rods and Shimano Curado, Daiwa Lexa Casting Reels and Shimano Torium for sale

    <<<<< SOLD SOLD SOLD >>>>>>> RODS for Sale 1. Shimano Teramar Inshore Series TMC-X711MHBRA 7’11” 15-30 lbs. line weight (Never Used)- $$$ Sold $$$ 2. Shimano Terez TZC-80M-P ** $$ SOLD $$ ** REELS for Sale 1. Shimano Curado 300EJ (Never Used) ****$$ SOLD $$ **** 2. Daiwa Lexa 300 HS-P...
  164. SDLOCAL

    Calstar GFDH 100JC MAG

  165. tomoney

    Phenix hybrid PHD-838MH

    Who's got one?
  166. S

    Bluefin Popping Setup

    Popping Set Up - $525 (Costa Mesa) SoCal Tuna Popper Shimano Saragosa - 25000SW Approx 375 yds 100# Braid Retail $409.99 Phenix Megladon MPX-S 800H Rated 30-100 Retail $349.99 Condition: Like New Great if you can’t cast a conventional set up into the strike zone. Had hopes of fishing more...
  167. Bite1

    9 foot surface iron rod

    My 900m deckhand style stick had the graphite where I mount the reel, crush in...Anyone have a similar 9foot I can throw 45's on with 40lb
  168. gtw7983

    Phenix Hybrid PHD 760H & 700XH for sale

    Two like new Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid for sale. #1: PHD 760H 7’6’ 20 to 60 rating. $275 picked up or $320 shipped. #2: PHD 700X$ 7’ 30 to 80 rating. $295 picked up and $340 shipped. Prefer local pick up close to Corona CA but if shipped, please add 4% to the prices to cover the PayPal...
  169. Mario62692

    Phenix Black Diamond 808 MH or Hybrid 838

    Looking to buy a Phenix PSW Black Diamond 808 MH or Phenix Phd 838. Line rating should be 15-40lbs. Must have reel seat. Message or comment below if you have one for sale. Thanks.
  170. RobRoyl

    New Penn fathom 30 2 speed with braid on Phenix axis hax 780 30-80

    I was given this set up brand new. Took on a boat once and never used it. I have another set up very similar and this one has been sitting. $400 takes it all, I will sell separately.
  171. E

    Phenix Black Diamond & Phenix M1 inshore

    Phenix black diamond 8 foot rod. Rated for 20-50 pound line. One of the guides got banged up but I repaired it with some 30 pound braid and some epoxy, works perfectly again and the repair is strong. Rod is in very good condition besides the one guide. 200 OBO Second rod is a Phenix m1...
  172. B

    Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid Rod like new

    Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid Nothing wrong with it I just have too many rods.... I’ve used it once, caught a couple yellows on it, sorry about that, but it’s perfect for this upcoming fishing season especially for the local tunas coming our way. Retail price $449 plus tax $300 takes it, OBO
  173. B

    Phenix- Black Diamond Hybrid Rod

    Excellent condition Phenix Black Diamon Hybrid PHD 869 XH 25-60lb. Used once, caught a few yellows on it, sorry about that! Perfect rod for the tunies that are coming!!!!!!!! 300, OBO
  174. C

    Daiwa Saltiga30

    Hi, i have a used Daiwa Saltiga 30 for sale. 8/10 for Cosmetic and 9/10 for mechanical. Asking $260 shipped. Please make payments with Paypal as gift or add 3%. Thank you.
  175. S

    Avet HX 3/S Raptor (new)

    Brand new Phenix Axis 680X3H, with tags. It is rated for 60-130 lbs rail rod. SOLD. Brand new Avet HX 3/S raptor (new) in black. This is the 3-speed reel and includes box, clamp, tools, and oil. Asking $525. Cash and local pickup only. Can ship reel at buyers expense.
  176. S

    Shimano Teramar 80H for 76XH

    I have an immaculate Teramar West Coast Inshore rod TMC80HB (30-60), and looking to trade for a TMC76XHB (40‐80), or a similar 60 lbs rod. Please let me know what you got. Thanks!
  177. T

    Seeker Inshore Pro Casting Rod - MGC Spinning

    Seeker ISP 708-7T 12-20lb. 7foot, Cory Sanden casting rod. Hand selected at Seeker, spined w/straight guides. I've likely used this twice. Excellent condition only a few hypalon Mark's. $130 Seeker MGC series (Military Grade composite) STL 7015-7'S. 12 (15) 20 lb. Unused, Beautiful shiny gray...
  178. Tunabliss

    Or Trade - Phenix Black Chrome BCX-S 82ml $270

    The Black Chrome series rod from Phenix is their top of the line salmon/steelhead/surf fishing rod. http:// Condition: Excellent, like new. Comes with original storage bag 8’2” Two piece 5-14# rating Location: Norwalk. FTF; can meet up in OC or LA Price...
  179. loveR

    Kencor PAC63 Tenlew Magnaglas 6’ Ultralight Trout Fishing Rod

  180. loveR

    Kencor SP4 Tenlew Magnaglas 4’ Vintage Ultralight Trout Fishing Rod

  181. loveR

    Kencor SP3V Tenlew Magnaglas 3’ Ultralight Trout Fishing Rod

  182. cquick

    TruLine Dynamo L75-2

    Truline Dynamo L75-2 green glass 7'8" 2 piece Never Fished excellent condition $400OBO Looking for phenix spinning rods. Elixir 7'2' Iron Feather 7'2' lmk what you have thanks again TXT 7026664658
  183. M

    Phenix Redeye Travel Rod for Mazatlán

    Im looking to pick up an all-around travel rod to boat fish with 20-50# and one to also surf fish with 12-25#ish. Phenix has a couple in there Redeye line; however I can’t find many reviews on them. I love my other phenix rods; so I hope this will be the same. Does anyone have any experience or...
  184. S

    Phenix and Okuma Rods, Shimano, Daiwa, and 13 Fishing Reels

    All reels in good working order. Baits as shown. 300DSV Stock Handle- $130. SOLD 300DSV Hawgtech handle and knobs- $160 300E- $175 Calcutta 400B with Hawgtech knobs- $160 Steez 100 HS- $350 Curado 200i 7:1- $145 Revo Inshore- $120 Lexa 100HS- $80 13 A3- $185 Corvalus- $35 Baits MCL 3 piece...
  185. Fishin_Buddy

    Factory Seeker and Phenix rods

    1. Seeker SSR Ulua-10’ 25-50 LB New with tags. Retail $321 Asking $275 firm 2. Seeker SS 6480 XH-8’ 40-60 LB New with tags. SOLD 3. Seeker SSR 810-8’ 20-40 LB Used $175 obo 4. Phenix PSX 1008 J-10’ 20-50 LB Used $175 obo 5. Phenix PSX 909-9’ 20-50 LB Used $175 obo 6. Phenix PSW 700H-7’...
  186. Darin Dohi

    2019 Fred Hall Shows - Custom Tackle Depot

    The Custom Tackle Depot will be featured at each of the stops on the Fred Hall Show Calendar. Please make sure you come by, say hello, and visit with some of the industry leaders in custom fishing rods and other items. Bill Batson will have an amazing display of the ALPS line of product along...
  187. daveski

    Used Rods; Calstar, Phenix, Drift Socks, misc

    Used Rods for sale Calstar trolling Rods available Calstar GFGR 765 40-80 $200 Calstar GFGR 765 40-100 $200 Calstar GFGR 700 XLS 10-25 $150 Calstar GFGR 700 ML 20-40 $150 Calstar GFGR 700 XL 10-25 $150 *SOLD* Calstar GFGR 700 M 20-50 $150 *SOLD* Phenix Black Diamond PSW-S Spinning Rod 760 H...
  188. M

    Phenix Black Dimond

    Selling a Phenix Black diamond 909H with a deckhand wrap use it on 4 trips and don't need it any more. Selling for $250. Located in Pasadena
  189. Rena Wiseman

    Moving out of state. 4 rods for sale.

    Rods sold
  190. T

    Phenix 9ft Jig stick

    Looking for a 9ft jih stick. I’m located in the Orange County area.
  191. BmanRNchasingtail

    New Phenix megalodon jigging rod MPX-607C for $250

    bought brand new. Hasn’t touched water! Decided not to get into jigging. Selling for $250. Has tags on it. Has gimbel with cover.
  192. 2

    Avet Mxj w/ Phoenix black diamond

    Avet mxj 6/4-mc raptor 2 speed on a Phenix Black diamond psw 700m Both are in good condition with brand new line $350.00
  193. j12

    Phenix Black Diamond PSW 868MH $180 OBO

    Cosmetically 8/10 typical boat rash on reel seat and guides. Functionally 10/10. All guides are clean. Rod is factory wrapped and not warped. Super versatile 8'6 rod fishing 20-30lb mainly. Light profile and thin. Asking for $180 OBO Pm if interested. If you prefer text, pm me your phone...
  194. V

    Phenix Axis Or Okuma pch rail rod #80-100

    hi Bd Looking for a rod to fish 80-100#. Phenix or Okuma pch rail rod is preferred.
  195. coastalsharker


    ALMOST NEW, USED ONCE AND IT IS A BITCHIN ROD!!! BLACK DIAMOND HYBRID PHD929H , TINY MARKS IF ANY ABOVE TURKS HEAD, ROD IS BEAUTIFUL! Possibly local or meet pick up, shipping is questionable, but I do have a FedEx connect. ... located in Santa Cruz, CA $250.00 TEXT 831-588-4545 ANGEL
  196. S

    Best reel for a phenix axis 9' 30-80

    What's the best red to pair with the phenix axis 9' 30-80 ? Also miss helping me pair my rods and reels also line recommendations thank you all !!!!! Rods : Tri helix 9' 25-60 Calstar BTG 90j 30-60 Varmac 8' 20-40 Phenix axis 9' 30-80 Reels: Saltiga 40ha Tranx 500 hg Saltist 35h (bg) (...
  197. T

    Around 15-40lb rod suited for a Lexa HD 400

    New or use is fine. Preferably anything 8ft and under. Please send pics; If it’s USED please send full detail of any dents,scratches,corrosions Live in OC , not willing to drive more than 40 miles out unless free shipping.
  198. I

    Avet sxj questions?

    Going to get an avet sxj two speed for atalina. How much braid 50 pound did you fit on your sxj, and what rod goes good with it.I like phenix's.
  199. NVLTY

    Shimano Talica 16ii MINT!

    $429 16ii- SOLD Still have Talica 12ii for sale Mint condition!! Ready to fish!! Thinning out the heard!! Hahha Also have couple Shimano wax wings, Phenix, Seeker , & couple Calstar Rods for sale!! Let me know if any questions. Thanks! (714) 722-8886
  200. R

    Phenix Axis 9’ rods

    Selling two Phenix Axis 9’ jig sticks 1 x HAX 909 HJ 9’ 30-80 - heavy jig SOLD 1 x HAX 909 H 9’ 20-60 med jig SOLD Both are factory rods. Good shape. They have been on a few boat rides. No rust. Additional pictures are no problem, please just request. Located in the Murrieta area.
  201. Matt2468

    ABYSS 909H

    Looking for an abyss 9' 909 20-50lb rated, message or comment below
  202. Matt2468

    * CALSTAR 90J**

    Looking for a 9 foot 90j cal star for throwing surface iron
  203. The Reel Grind

    Phenix axis hax 909 hj (30-80)

    Beautiful 9 foot jig stick with tuna cord and Turk head no real seat. 9/10 cosmetically 10/10 bendability 200 cash firm or trade for Shimano Terez spinning rod 72xh in good condition text 7605351602.
  204. T

    WTB Used Daiwa 400HD XS-P//Lexa WNLEXA-WN400HS-P //Tranx 500HG or Tranx 400AHG/ Inshore Rod Combo

    I'm not sure whether which Shimano Tranx I should purchase to create an Inshore Tuna slayer; 400HG to have a longer, exciting fight, or 500HG just to relax and aim for bigger fish. I would like to buy them together with a rod (rated for 25-60+) paired up to it. Any Inshore casting/jigging rods...
  205. L

    Tac 20ii BNIB

  206. L


  207. chicho64

    Shimano calcutta TE 200 GT

    Shimano calcutta TE 200 gt total efficiency in good working condition minor sctratches it doesnt affect the performance of the reel recently service by shimano asking $120
  208. L

    Phenix Hybrids Rods

    I have some Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid up for sale. PHD838MH - SOLD PHD838MH Deck Hand - SOLD PHD809XH DeckHand selling at $400 org. $469(On Hold) PHD869XH - SOLD PHD700x2H - SOLD PHD700x3H - SOLD All price all negotiable, don’t low ball me. Thanks.
  209. Ricola77

    NWT Phenix Abyss PSX-1009 (25-60lbs)

    Brand new with tag Phenix Abyss PSX-1009 (10ft, 25-60lb). Deck hand with turk head. Sold local pick-up only, thanks.
  210. S

    Shimano, Daiwa, Abu Garcia spinning and casting

    Located in North County San Diego Please PM if you’d like more pictures Open to trades (Tranx 301/401, Seeker/Calstar/United Composite Inshore and jigstick Rods, or lot of JRI jigs) -Abu Garcia Revo Toro 51 only used once, like new condition. Comes with everything(box, paddle handle, oil...
  211. L

    Axis rods BNNU

  212. Dan Uke

    Phenix PSW-700XH

    OK, I tried the trade route but no takers so decided to sell and buy a heavier rod. Excellent condition I work in LA and live in Cerritos. Let me know what you have. Thanks Daniel
  213. Southwest Kayak Fishing

    Huk Ball Caps Trucker Hat

    New, Adjustable One Size Fits All Pattern caps $18ea Solid black or red $15ea Located near Mission Viejo Shipping available
  214. Dan Uke

    Phenix PSW-808MH traded

  215. Tyler Doan

    Phenix M1 7’11MH (15-35lbs) SOLD

    hello bders Looking to sell a used Phenix M1 inshore SMX-711MH (15-35) Great island rod No scratches on the coat but guides have paint worn off Inserts have no scratches or chips Other then that, a good rod to go use Located in Anaheim SOLD THANKS BD No trades
  216. mikerome98

    Phenix Axis / HAX 780XH

    I am looking to sale my mint condition Phenix Axis rod. Specs are as follows: HAX 780 XH / 7'8" Line wt. 30-80lbs. $200 For a faster response text me at (323) 702-5808
  217. kongrotc

    rod wrapper - hand or power

    Thank you Rocky It is great deal!!!
  218. V

    Conv rods 80/100#

    hi all If you have a Rod to sell preferred 7’6 or shorter to fish 80 or 100#. Please pm thx
  219. Brqndqn

    BNIB Shimano Talica 50ii

    Brand new Shimano Talica 50ii New inbox with all accessories included $950 shipped for each Message me for more info
  220. Collin_789

    Jig stick calstar / seeker

    Looking for a calstar 90j, 900H 100 etc. seeker ulua 9ft or 10ft, please let me know what you got, (looking for factory rods only)
  221. Collin_789

    Seeker ulua jigstick

    I’m looking for a seeker ulua, (jig stick) 9ft or 10ft , please let me know what you got, thanks!
  222. L

    Phenix BD inshore & X-16

    Hi selling 3 Phenix rods that i don’t need it. First one would be Black Diamond Inshore PSW906L selling at 230$. The second rod is PSW907ML that one is still have tag on it selling at $250, last one is the Phenix X-16 selling at $180. If you have something just ask me, worst i can say is NO...
  223. hockeyplayer2503


    I am looking for a 9' Phenix or 9' or 10' Calstar deckhand style if anyone has for sale. Here are the models I am interested in the order of preference... 1. Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid - PHD928MH 2. Calstar Grafighter - GFDH-900M (with cord not cork) 3. Calstar Grafighter - GFDH-100J (with...
  224. Southwest Kayak Fishing

    “SOLD” Phenix, Abu Garcia, & Shimano casting rods

    In with the new and out with the old. Im updating my gear and have several casting rods for sale. Please See photos for rod specs Phenix SMX711MH like new asking $150 Abu Garcia Villain 2.0 VC76-6 with micro guides like New asking $150 Shimano Compre X60MHB very good condition asking $65...
  225. L

    BlackDiamonds 809,909

    Selling two(2) Phenix Black Diamond extra rods that don’t use at the moment. First one would be the 909H for 270$, the second one would be 809XH-J(great for jigs) selling at $255. OR make me an offer worse i can say is NO.
  226. Señor Peeweesimo

    Sila-flex MT 75 R

    Vintage Sliaflex MT 75 R (not the Browning junk) glass rod comparable to Truline rods. Definitely a collector's item in the right hands, it could use some work but the rod is complete. All reasonable offers and/or trades for fishing gear will be entertained (reels, rods, jigs, lures, bags, ect.)
  227. L

    Axis 780x2h

    hi trying to sell my extra rod, it’s a Phenix Axis 780x2h beand new never use. Was about to get another set up but not be able to. Selling it as 270$ Retail price is at $319
  228. DODGERS27

    Penn 535 like new

    I have a like new penn 535 graphite frame reel comes with clamp Pm me ur number for pics $60 pick up in santa ana
  229. Mario62692

    Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid 760XH

    Rod is great condition. Length is 7 feet 6 inches and the line rating is 30-80lbs. Asking $280 firm. Pm me if you have any questions.
  230. Mario62692

    United Composites CP70 HF-C

    Rod is in superb condition. Factory wrapped. The United Composites Challenger Platinum is 7 feet in length and the line rating is 30-50lbs. Asking $320. Pm me if you have any questions.
  231. SDLOCAL

    High end fishing rods! Take a look! *San Diego

    For Sale: - Phenix PSW 700M Black Diamond 15-40 lb *Like new* $300 OBO - Seeker Black Steele Graphite G6470T 30-50 lb *Like new* $180 **SOLD** - Shimano Terez TZC-70H-A *Used* $150 OBO - Shimano Terez TZC-70XH-PW *Used* $150 OBO - Okuma Convector BGC-C-501M-1 "Panga Stick" 5' tall *Like new* $75...
  232. L

    Axis 720&909

    hi, i’m have one used Phenix Axis 909HJ deck hand and one 720HX new never used. I would like to sell both of it for 200$/each.
  233. L

    Axis HAX-720XH

    Back up for grab Phenix Axis Rod rating for 30-80LB. Brand new never use, have to sell because soemthing came up and need the money. No Trade. Price is $210 ObO Ps: The X3H is sold. Thanks
  234. D

    100 lb BFT Rod

    I want to pair up my Avet HX raptor with a 40-100lb rod in good condition. Something along those ratings.Thinking of Phenix, Cal star, cousins, etc. Orange County / Los Angeles area. I am not looking for anything with rollers. Huge bonus if it looks good with a blue reel. Thanks! Text me at 949...
  235. L


    Hey guys i one Phenix Axis model Hax720Hx, was going to use it but go different way. Price tag is $250+tax but will let it got at $210.
  236. Jigslinger

    Seeker and Phenix rods

    Brand new:
  237. Tyler Doan

    Phenix Black Diamond 700M (Good Condition)

    Gone SOLD
  238. mikerome98

    / WTT - Phenix Bermuda Rod

    I am looking to sale my Phenix Bermuda 7'2" BMX-S-727 (15-30) Mod Fast / Spinning rod. I will trade for a Curado 200K HG in mint condition straight up. The rod is in mint condition. $175 OBO / No Lowballers Please
  239. B

    Phenix HAX 720 X3H Axis Rail Rod

    Less than a year old, used twice. Selling it only because I’m getting a set of custom seeker rail rods. Asking 300
  240. sulla

    Calstar GFGR 700ML

    SOLD Looking to sell or trade my factory Calstar. Some of the guides have rust under the epoxy as indicated In pictures. Rod in nice condition. SOLD
  241. SccfoChef

    Phenix PSW760ML made by Infinite structure

    SOLD please delete
  242. GingerAvenger

    Phenix Black Diamond/Hybrid, 7'-8', XH up to 80# (Ship to Central Coast?)

    Hi folks! I'm in need of a Phenix Black Diamond or Black Diamond Hybrid that I can pair with my new Truth (Seigler) SG reel. I've got my first tuna trip in a couple months and I need something that'll go up to 80# and still cast. Yes, I do see a few of them here in the classified section...
  243. Brqndqn

    Gamakatsu value pack livebait hooks

    Gamakatsu livebait value pack 25 quantity Amazing livebait hooks Size 1 Size 1/0 Size 2/0 Perfect for tuna and livelining $15 each Retails $25 and up
  244. Mario62692

    New Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid 700 X2H

    Rod is brand new. Never used. Sold the reel that was paired with the rod so no longer need it. Rod is rated 40-100lb. 7ft in length. Asking $330 or best offer. Located in Baldwin Park, CA, 91706.
  245. Mario62692


    Phenix Abyss 909: Rod is in great condition. Length is 9ft. Line rating is 20-50lbs. Asking $160. Feel free to make an offer. Located in Baldwin Park, CA 91706.
  246. skipjackrobert

    Phenix rods and Trini A reels, Andros, and Lexa

    Thinning down some more gear! All the items are mint condition except the Lexa/M1 reel and rod which both are 9 out of 10 in condition! Lexa 300 HS-115.00 Shimano Trini 16A-Mint and not fished-boat ride only-With 65lb. Power Pro-with clamp-380.00 Andros 2 speed 5N-Gen 1-Mint-Power Pro-275.00...
  247. Jarrr

    FS: Phenix M1 inshore

    Phenix m1 inshore SMX 8'2mh 15-35 8/10 a little boat rash Always rinsed and dried after every use $150 obo (Will post pics tonight when I get home)
  248. R

    Wanted: 80-100 rod San Diego

    Hey Guys, Looking for a used 80-100 bait rail rod. - Up to $300 - Ring Guides - 61/2 - 7 ft - San Diego Cash and carry. Send PM.
  249. coastalsharker


  250. waak

    Shimano Calstar Phenix Rods and Shimano Reels

    Rods: G-Loomis GL3 MBR844C - Reel: Conventional Length: 7' Line Wt: 12-20lbs Lure Wt: 1/4-1oz Action: Fast Asking: $150 OBO Shimano Teramar Inshore Rod TMC-X711XHBRA - Reel: Conventional Length: 7'11" Line Wt: 15-30lbs Lure Wt: 2-6oz Power: Extra Heavy Action: Extra Fast Asking: $120...
  251. A

    WTS Phenix M1 Inshore SMX-79H

    Located in Los Angeles $135 PM or Text for faster reply (818)-970-0044 SMX-79H 7'9" 20-45 3-8oz Taper Action Extra Fast Guides Fuji O-Ring Reel Seat / Handle Phenix Reel Seat / Custom EVA MSRP $199
  252. A

    WTB Phenix M1 Inshore SMX-82H

    Also Willing to trade my 79H for an 82H Cash Ready. Pm or Text for Faster Response Used Al (818)-970-0044 Located in Los Angeles (Sherman Oaks)
  253. fishontrout

    Shimano Rod recommendation for Talica 20ii

    Need some help on choosing two rods for a talica 20ii and a 16ii. Will use them for live bait, flat falls and rock cod. United composites, phenix, calstar or seeker.
  254. M

    Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid - PHD-809XH for trade or sale

    I have for trade or sale a 8' Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid Deckhand style Want to trade for 100lb rail rod, preferably Seeker 2x4, OSP, UC rods, or for sale $375. Retail is $469 +Tax, over $500 if you bought from a store. Item located in Santa Monica and willing to travel up to 10 miles to meet...
  255. BuddhaProof

    Bass Fishing in Orange County?

    Are there any good spots to fish for LMB in Orange County, Preferably in the Huntington beach area?
  256. M

    What rod should I pair with Accurate Boss valiant 500 for jigging?

    What rod should I pair with Accurate Boss valiant 500 for jigging? I am new to tuna fishing and I just got a new bv500 and I already have a trinidad 20a. No sure what style is best for tuna fishing, jigging seems like a lot of fun. I'm after west coast tuna ranging from 30-150. Also maybe...
  257. coastalsharker

    F/S PHENIX ABYSS PSX908 15-40 AND PSX906 10-25 9'ers NEW UNUSED

  258. A

    Bass rods for sale!! Shimano, Phenix, Cousins Tackle, Abu Garcia

    Thought I'd give the bass guys the first go. Selling several bass rods, all in new or like-new condition. Text me at 310-801-3108 with inquiries. Phenix m1 80h (great calico weedless/hardbait/leadhead stick) - $90 Cousins Tackle 799lpt (great calico weedless/hardbait/leadhead stick) - $100...
  259. InTheArena

    WTS - Phenix Black Diamond 909XHJ Jig Stick ($90 off retail)

    Up for sale is a perfect condition Phenix Black Diamond 909XHJ deckhand style rod equipped with turks head. Phenix is known in the industry for their outstanding guarantee on their products. The manufacturer model specifications are as follows: Black Diamond – Deckhand A new generation of...
  260. InTheArena

    WTS - Phenix Black Diamond 808MH - 33% Off Retail

    Up for sale is a perfect condition Phenix Black Diamond 808MH rod equipped with the Fuji TCS Trigger reel seat. Phenix is known in the industry for their outstanding guarantee on their products. The manufacturer model specifications are as follows: Black Diamond – Casting A new generation of...
  261. T

    Looking for a Phenix rod

    I am looking for a Phenix rod: Abyss PSX-809 OR Black Diamond PSW-809H OR Axis HAX-780H ONLY one of these three rods, nothing else. Either new or used. I prefer reel-seat. PM me with the condition of the rod and the price.
  262. M

    Phenix PSW909H Deck Hand Black Diamond

    Selling Phenix PSW909H Deck Hand Black Diamond Casting Offshore Rod. (9', 25-60 LB rating) Excellent jig stick for the yellows and perfect for the schoolie tuna. --> Got some new gear so I'm thinning the herd. Asking $220 OBO. (Keep...
  263. Skahn


    UC US90 Monster , black blue wrap, x wrap grip and, black alps aluminum reel seat. SOLD Phenix PSW 809H, blue wrap, EVA grips, black alps trigger seat. SOLD Pickup in culver city area only.
  264. loguespub

    TRADE, AXIS HAX 720xh

    Looking to trade Phenix Axis HAX 720xh for a hax 780xh. i already have to many seven foot yoyo rods so I'm looking for a bait rod. This rod is a Fantastic yellow-tail rod. Used only on one trip and yoyo'd 2 20# yellows. But now it sits because I have to many rods. text me 3103449590
  265. Jarrr

    Phenix Black Diamond 760h FS!

    Phenix Black Diamond 760h 7'6" 25-60 New $210 I'll post pictures tonight, but it's the same as the ones on the internet
  266. Jarrr

    WTS: Phenix, Lamiglas, Penn

    Phenix PSW 760h 25-60 Brand new $220 Lamiglas X11 LX80HBC 15-40 Used. Tip was replaced $50 Penn Conflict 6000 Excellent condition $100 ***All prices are firm.
  267. Hairtrigger

    SHIMANO Freshwater RODS FOR SALE ***USED***

    Up For Sale are Many Different Types of Shimano Rods. Most Rods have Very Little Use. All Guides and Handles are in good working order. All of these Shimano Rods have a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Please Feel Free to Call if you need any additional pictures or if you have any questions...
  268. Greencalico96

    Swimbait rods and reels.

    1 Okuma Komodo 350 paddle handle. Used less than 5 times. $160 1 Shimano Curado 200e7. Green and gold version. Perfect condition with 40lb braid. $140 2 Abu Garcia Revo Toro NaCl. These are the blue and black models. Both have the paddle handle. $160 each 1 Diawa Lexa 300, full spool of 65lb...
  269. F

    Hx raptor rod recommendation calstar or phenix for a 6 day in september

    I just picked up a few avet reels for my 6 day in september on rr3. I have been on 3 day trips but new to 6 day trips. I picked up 4 new reels that i need rods for. 1 HXW raptor 2speed maybe 100# 1 HX raptor 3speed maybe 80# 1 HX ratpor 2speed maybe 60# 1 MXL raptor 2speed maybe another 40# I...
  270. jock

    Phenix 836L for sale

  271. K

    Avet JX Raptor-Phenix rod match

    Any thoughts between these 3? HAX-780XH, HAX-780x2h HAX-820XH I fish mostly sport boats and it will be my40-60lb setup...currently have 400yds 60lb spectra and 30yds 40lb mono
  272. caldex

    WTS: Phenix, Lexa 300, Abu 50 NACL, XtraTuff Sz 6

    Hello Folks, I'm selling my factory rods in 9/10 condition to make up funds to pay for some customs. Price is firm im located in Carson CA or can meet up if we split the distance. PRICE DROP Phenix 868MH $150 9/10 PRICE DROP Phenix Abyss 909H $120 9/10 PRICE DROP Size 6 Xtra Tuff 12" Copper...
  273. Wildman

    *Reduced* - Phenix Black Diamond 869H-XF

    Factory-wrap, Trigger grip, cork (not cork tape) cork grips, matte black not shiny, 20-50# rating, 8 1/2' New/unused, but not 2015 or 2016 series $240 REDUCED TO $230 (Photos below) Details /terms to follow
  274. SccfoChef

    WTB phenix PSW809XHJ

    looking for Phenix PSW809XHJ with reel seat. PM If you have one for sale. thanks.
  275. H

    Phenix Ultra Swimbait Build! (First Post)

    Hey gents, this is my first post on here I have been a super super long time follower of this board but have never jumped aboard and posted any of my builds. The knowledge, I have gained from these forums over the years is incredible. Looking as builds from wise guy, and others! as well as the...
  276. Southwest Kayak Fishing

    GLOOMIS trout rods

    Both rods are in like new condition GL2 SR541, 4'6", ultra light, 1-4#'s, 1/32-1/8oz,Tennessee reel holder, not reel seat. Great rod for Sierra stream/Creek fishing. Tree branches are a pain. "sold" GL2 720s TJR 6', 1-4#'s, 1/32-1/8 oz. Perfect mini jig rod. Price dropped to $160 each rod...
  277. hitekniks

    WTB: 7ft-8ft XH stick

    preferably calstar or seeker AND NOW considering phenix line rating upto 80lbs. Calstar gf875xh if I'm really lucky but let me know what ya got . Local transaction preferred Thanks
  278. Kidslug

    Shimano Another Trinidad 16 tn n setup

    So I have a Phenix Axis 720 hax mh im not satisfied with. Lookin for somthing with a faster tip to throw miles with the sardines but still a good backbone to hande like the phenix axis. Pairing it with my Trini 16Tn n with 65# maxcutro to a short top shot of 20-30# flouro. Goin for yt...
  279. S

    Shimano Terez 6'6" $200

    SOLD !!
  280. fishontrout

    Phenix Hybrid 809hx blank

    Looking for a Phenix black Diamond hybrid 809xh blank. Rated 30-80. I been looking with no luck. I called phenix and said that they are on back order and don't know when they are getting more blanks. Have you seen one or have one for sale. Cash or trade.
  281. barracuda76

    Shimano Reels TN20a Tac10ii Cal400D

    Selling some extra reels that I won't be using. Used but not abused shimano Trinidad 20a with 30# and 65lb power pro. Reel casts a mile. No box, clamp or original handle. It does have upgraded handle. Has some minor rubs. $375 OBO. Reels serviced in June. Shimano talica 10ii with some marks...
  282. SccfoChef

    WTS Phenix bass recon 8'

    PHX-C804 10-20lb 8' Good condition $145
  283. Tino

    FS Phenix black diamond 909xhj New

    Brand new tags still attached in plastic.... deckhand style 300 no shipping local pickup only cash only retails 330+tax in Anaheim would trade for new Trinidad 20a plus 100 on my part. Text for pictures 7145522691
  284. Taiko

    New Avet JX Raptor and Shimano Torium with Phenix outfit

    Hey Guys, new to the forum and would love some input from you pros out there. I just recently ordered two new outfits and need some input. Rods can be changed but reels probably gotta stay since im a lefty with limited choices. I am somewhat new to the saltwater scene but have some experience...
  285. Kritical fishing

    Shimano torioum 16.

    Looking for a clamp and screws for a torioum 16 old version if any one has one laying around that might wanna sell Txt 310 256 7770 l.a area prefer thanks in advance
  286. papajig

    FS-Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid Rods

    Selling following Phenix Hybrid rods (All factory wrapped with reel seats): 1x Brand New with Tag Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid PHD-869XH 25lb-60lb - SOLD!!! 1x Used Once with few boat rashes Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid PHD-838MH 15lb-40lb - SOLD!!! 1x Used Twice Phenix Iron Feather with Rod Tube...
  287. manho

    WTB/WTT - calstar 700H, phenix 700xh, super Seeker 6470H

    Looking to buy following any used /like new rods: 1. Phenix 700xh 2. Super seeker 6470H 3. Calstar 700H 4. United composite 700XH Please post what you have, and price. Please text your pics :) 510-362-5299 I have for trade if interested: 1. Teramar 90MH - used 8/10 condition 2. Classic...
  288. E man

    Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid PHD-760H

  289. H

    Shimano Chronarch CI4+ 151HG and Phenix Ultra MBX 707ML

    Mint Shimano Chronarch CI4+ with Phenix 707ML fast action. Probably not a single scratch anywhere on the reel and rod. Slight oxidation near reel seat. Please set pictures for full details. Purchased from Tuner Outdoors last year for leisure time fishing and used only 4 times. Setup is very very...
  290. Jarrr

    Wtb/Wtt Phenix M1 Inshore SMX-82H

    Looking for an Phenix M1 Inshore SMX82h. I have a SMX82mh for trade in excellent condition, also other rods and reels. Let me know what you have! Thanks!
  291. manho

    Looking for Phenix 809H or Calstar 800M

    Please post your price and location. I work in Brea, and live in Cerritos. Also, if you'd like a trade, please see below. Daiwa Lexa 400 PWR-P w/ 40lb red braid PPro (w/ Box) condition 9/10 Shimano Torium 20HG w/ 50lb red braid PPro (w/ Box & Clamp) condition 8/10 (tiny scuff) Seeker Classic...
  292. O

    Phenix Axis HAX-820XH

    I have brand new and unfished Phenix Axis HAX-820XH. 8' 2". 30-80lb. SOLD. No trades. No shipping.
  293. Jarrr

    Phenix/Shimano needs to go sale!!

  294. Acefspade

    Help choose Phenix rod for Shimano Thunnus 8000

    Hi, so I just picked up a Shimano Thunnus 8000 because I have a hard time casting conventional reels. It doesn't go far or it bird nest. So now I am looking for a Phenix rod to compliment it. I want Phenix because all my other rods are Phenix and I have good experience with them. I will be...

    WTB Phenix or United Composite jig stick

    Hey guys, Looking for a nice surface iron stick to throw candybars, tady 45s & salas 7x light 9' minimum, maybe a 10' 20-60lb, 20-50, 25-60 Phenix Abyss psx909,psx1009 Anyone have cord wrapped handles? Not too familiar with UC but man they're light and would be nice to throw all day...
  296. skymango

    FS/FT Phenix Black Diamond PSW 868MH 15-40lb 8'6'' FUJI Reel Seat Excellent Condition (SOLD)

    Hi, Up for sale is Phenix Black Diamond PSW 868MH 15-40 Lb rod With Fuji reel seat $sold Rod is like new. Rod has been on boat rides exactly 3 times (one 1.5 day trip, two overnight trips). Never caught a fish as this was a back up rod. 8'6'' is little too long for me. Also I am looking...
  297. mkimin


    No trades, I'm in south OC but I can meet half way. Phenix Black Diamond PSW-809H Used Excellent condition SOLD Phenix Black Diamond PSW-909H New SOLD Phenix Inshore Hybrid PHD887ML New $340.00 Phenix jigging Titan TJX-605MH New still have the tags $340.00
  298. Jarrr

    Phenix Rods FS!!

    I have a few things I have extra and want to get rid of (for a little in return lol). Pretty easy going guy so let's talk and we can work out a deal! Text me at: 559.310.3256 2 Phenix M1 rods 7'3" (SMX-73MH 15-35) Excellent condition SOLD Phenix Black Diamond 7'6" (PSW-760M 15-40) Excellent...
  299. Jarrr

    Rods and Reels for sale! Phenix Shimano St. Croix..

    Doing a little cleaning and have some stuff I want to let go. Priced individually or take everything for $500. Prices firm. Let me know if interested! pm text email. I'll post pictures later today when i get a chance Rods: 2 Phenix M1 Inshore rods- 7'3" MH 15-35 ($140 each) St. Croix Bass Mojo...