1. Penn Torque 30 (Gold) Star Drag

    Southern California Penn Torque 30 (Gold) Star Drag

    Penn Torque 30 in pretty good shape. Would say 8.5/10 cosmetically. 10/10 Mechanically. Recently serviced and barely used since. About 70% Full of 65LB Diawa J-Braid. Enough room for a 40LB or 50LB top shot. Great reel just a little wide for my liking for surface iron use. Reel has 5.4 Penn...
  2. D

    Which Older USA Penn Reels are worth being purchased to use today?

    Good evening, I've been starting to acquire some older USA made Penn Reels like the Jigmaster and Surfmaster and I was wondering about which ones have stood the test of time to today. Of course, they are champions in their own ways but there has to be some that have aged a bit better than the...
  3. D

    Penn Surfmaster vs Jigmaster to Upgrade (Or a better alternative)?

    Good evening, I've been getting into fishing again as of the last few months and have mainly been interested in older Penn Reels. I'm a very simple man and love the utter simplicity of the reels (Especially the lack of bearings; I can't explain why but I really only like reels with no or as...
  4. Avet SXJ 5.3

    Southern California Avet SXJ 5.3

    Avet SXJ 5.3 with 50lb PP braid backing. Asking $140 OBO
  5. primosurf

    Southern California Avet SXJ 5.3

    Avet SXJ 5.3 with 50lb PP braid backing Asking $140 OBO
  6. Okuma andros 5ii

    Southern California Okuma andros 5ii

    Okuma Andros 5IIa with 50lb PP braid backing & 40lb TS Mono. Comes with box and original clamps. ** SOLD **
  7. Cal star/Seeker rods , Shimano Tranx 500HG, Okuma Cavalla’s, Penn Fathom

    Southern California Cal star/Seeker rods , Shimano Tranx 500HG, Okuma Cavalla’s, Penn Fathom

    Hi everyone, Selling all of my rods and reels. Not much time to fish and need to liquidate. Listings as follows; Rods 1. Calstar GG6480 - $220 2. Super Seeker (LB model) 6480H - $240 3. Super Seeker (LB model) SS 980 - $200 4. Seeker Black Steel 6490 - $200 5. Seeker Black Steel 270-8 -$150...
  8. T

    Southern California WTB avet sxj

    Wtb avet sxj
  9. Spinning Combo - Phenix PSW-S 808 mh + Penn Slammer III 4500

    Southern California Spinning Combo - Phenix PSW-S 808 mh + Penn Slammer III 4500

    Like New. Used a couple times Phenix black diamond PSW-S 808 MH 15-40lb Penn Slammer III 4500 Loaded with 30lb Maxcuatro
  10. NIB Penn Torque 15XNLD2S

    Southern California NIB Penn Torque 15XNLD2S

    NIB. Never spooled or used. Complete with box, clamp & paperwork. Price is $550 I’m in North Hollywood for pick up or can meet anywhere in the San Fernando Valley as long as it’s on my way. Thanks
  11. Mint Condition Penn Torque TRQ30LD2

    Southern California Mint Condition Penn Torque TRQ30LD2

    The torque has been on a handful of boat rides. Never hooked anything on it. $500 Silver Penn Torque TRQ30LD2 (5.5/2.8:1) Comes with box (may have tool somewhere if you really need it) 350 yards 65# Izor solid 60 yards 50# mono top The reel rarely got any use, so hoping to get it to someone...
  12. Penn Spinfisher NOS

    Southern California Penn Spinfisher NOS

    Penn Spinfisher, made in USA, never used. In original box, reel lube, manual, wrench.
  13. Penn Jigmaster NOS

    Southern California Penn Jigmaster NOS

    Penn Jig Master, NOS, made in USA, with box original manual, reel lube, wrench and rod clamp.
  14. Accurate Tern Blk 400 6:1 SOLD!!!

    Southern California Accurate Tern Blk 400 6:1 SOLD!!!

  15. Accurate Tern 400 6:1 Blk

    Southern California Accurate Tern 400 6:1 Blk

    Hey Bder, I have a like new condition Accurate Tern 400 6:1 ratio. Filled with 50lb power pro spectra. Asking $260 local pickup or shipping on your dime. Text for fast response: 714-383-51threethree Kevin
  16. Reduced. Shimano TLD Reels

    Southern California Reduced. Shimano TLD Reels

    Shimano TLD STAR 15/30S In very good condition. Comes with a clamp, 65 lb spectra backing, and an upgraded power handle. Asking: $65 obo Shimano Triton TLD10 Lever Drag This reel is in great mechanical condition and has no issues except some fading. Asking: $65 obo Asking $120 for both obo...
  17. Reduced. Sabre Golden Fishing Rod

    Southern California Reduced. Sabre Golden Fishing Rod

    All Original Vintage Golden Sabre Rod Very nice 2 piece surf fishing rod in great condition Model # 1301 Please see the pictures for details. Asking $70 obo Can meet in Carlsbad or Clairemont area.
  18. Accurate ATD 30T & 50T SOLD!

    Southern California Accurate ATD 30T & 50T SOLD!

    Hey guys, Here's a couple of awesome reels that I'm selling. Both the ATD 30T & 50T are in great shape and works perfectly, spooled with 130# JB Hollow on both reels. The 30T went to Cals for blueprint, push button, and knob conversion. That's a couple hundred dollars upgrade! The 50T is...
  19. W

    Southern California Wtt

    Dauntless 600nn in great condition looking to trade for makaira 15t ,talica 20ii or valiant bv-2 800n
  20. C

    Southern California Penn fathom 30

    Looking for a fathom 30 filled up with 65# spectra. 805-340-5727
  21. Trade Shimano Talica 16ii 2 Speed

    Southern California Trade Shimano Talica 16ii 2 Speed

    Hi BDs I have a Shimano Talica 16ii and it comes with 100lb braid with 80lb mono. Will trade for Penn Torque 25NLD2S, 30LD2S or Daiwa Saltiga 35 2 Speed
  22. Accurate ATD 30T & 50T Reduced!!!

    Southern California Accurate ATD 30T & 50T Reduced!!!

  23. C

    Southern California Need a Penn fathom 40

    Please text me 805-585-0081 I need a fathom 40 asap. Let’s make a deal. Preferably with 80# spectra
  24. C

    Southern California Penn fathom 40

    Looking for a fathom 40 preferably filled up with spectra 805-585-0081
  25. Penn Fathom 60 with 80lb spectra

    Southern California Penn Fathom 60 with 80lb spectra

    Selling my fathom 60 with 80lb izroline white spectra. Spectra is 2/3 full with enough room for a decent sized top shot. Has been on 2 boat rides and hasn’t caught a fish. Got a new talica so looking for some money back on this one. 805-585-0081 text me for info
  26. Penn Fathom 40NLD2

    Southern California Penn Fathom 40NLD2

    I have two new Penn Fathom 40NLD2 sealed in box DM in interested. $310 each 714-393-3327 if interested.
  27. ACCURATE ATD 30T & 50T 2 SPEED ***Price Dropped!!!

    Southern California ACCURATE ATD 30T & 50T 2 SPEED ***Price Dropped!!!

    Original post... Price drop to $750 for 30T and $800 for 50T. Local pick up or ship.
  28. Penn Torque 30 Star Drag

    Southern California Penn Torque 30 Star Drag

    Penn Torque 30 in pretty good shape. Would say 8.5/10 cosmetically. 10/10 Mechanically. Recently serviced and barely used since. About 70% Full of 65LB Diawa J-Braid. Enough room for either 40LB or 50LB top shot. Awesome reel just a little wide for my liking for surface iron use. Reel...
  29. Accurate ATD 30T & 50T 2 speed ***Price reduction again!!

    Southern California Accurate ATD 30T & 50T 2 speed ***Price reduction again!!

    Original post... Price drop to $750 for 30T and $800 for 50T. Local pick up or ship.
  30. Dan Uke

    Southern California WTT Brand New Shimano Talica 20ii for Penn VISX or Makaira Sea

    I have a brand new Shimano Talica 20II with Clamp (No Box) with 100lb Braid (Not sure how many ft) and 100ft of 100lb Mono. Want to trade for Penn VISX 16 or 20 or Makaira Sea 15T or 16. I will post pics later tonite but wanted to get it out there since I would like to trade asap since I'm...
  31. Loves2hook

    Southern California Sold

  32. Accurate ATD 30T & 50T 2 speed ***Price reduced again!!!

    Southern California Accurate ATD 30T & 50T 2 speed ***Price reduced again!!!

    Repost...Price reduction again!
  33. Penn VISX 12

    Southern California Penn VISX 12

    Bought this year caught several fish 20-50lb range. Just serviced no scratches or marks on it. Handle was upgraded to a gomexus with matching Gold accents has a better feel and weight over the stock handle, stock handle included. Reel comes with box manual, tool. Spooled with 80lb solid...
  34. ACCURATE ATD 30T & 50T ***REDUCED***

    Southern California ACCURATE ATD 30T & 50T ***REDUCED***

    Original post...price reduced!!!
  35. Penn Torque

    Southern California Penn Torque

    $500 Includes 600+ yards of 80# Berkley ProSpec Metered Braid , spooled in 2022 Meet up or I can ship
  36. Penn Fathom 60ld2

    Gulf of Mexico Penn Fathom 60ld2

    I have a pair of Penn fathom 60ld2 reels spooled with 65lb braid & 80lb top shots of mono. Reels are still in good condition. I need a pair of 30 wides or Talica 20ii/25ii, so these need a new home. $500 obo 251-513-9575 Ike
  37. Penn visx 12

    Southern California Penn visx 12

    Pretty much brand new. 80lb braid, 60 topshot. Pick up in SD. No clamp.
  38. Penn Fathom II 15 Star $200

    Southern California Penn Fathom II 15 Star $200

    Used once and rinsed. 300 yds of 30 lb Yozuri Super Braid Blue. Meet in oc or Huntington Beach. Asking $200 firm. Message for meeting up. Box n clamp included as well.
  39. Accurate ATD 30T & 50T

    Southern California Accurate ATD 30T & 50T

    Original Post... Added ATD 50T to the ad. Local pickup or I can ship on your dime. Cash, Zelle, or Paypal ***Willing to trade as well for Daiwa 35LD or 55LD 2 speed like new or new condition and cash on your end. Text...
  40. Penn battalion 2 slow pitch rod with penn fathom 10xnld

    Southern California Penn battalion 2 slow pitch rod with penn fathom 10xnld

    Awesome penn slow pitch combo. Rod rated 350g lures. Reel has 30lb Berkley x9 braid. Good all around setup for 150-350g lures for rockfish/lingcod to 400 ft and pelagics under 50lbs. Reel is brand new with box

    Southern California PENN VISX 16 SILVER USED

    SALE PENDING Used Silver Penn VISX 16. Filled with 100 lb hollow. Great condition. Serviced at Ken's Custom Reels. $550 local pickup. I am in San Marcos. No shipping. PM me.
  42. Accurate ATD30T & 50T ***Reduced Again!!!***

    Southern California Accurate ATD30T & 50T ***Reduced Again!!!***

    Hey guys, Here's a couple of awesome reels that I'm selling. Both the ATD 30T & 50T are in great shape and works perfectly, spooled with 130# JB Hollow on both reels. The 30T went to Cals for blueprint, push button, and knob conversion. That's a couple hundred dollars upgrade! The 50T is...
  43. NIB- AVET PRO EXW 30/2

    Southern California NIB- AVET PRO EXW 30/2

    New Avet, wide model never spooled. 2-Speed New in Box reel, Local meet only. $475.00 Cash
  44. Accurate Tern 500X

    Southern California Accurate Tern 500X

    Accurate Tern 500 for sale great condition but could use a service but still ready to fish, I'm more finicky with how my reels are. $275 ---> let's do $260
  45. Penn international Visx 16

    Southern California Penn international Visx 16

    Penn international Visx 16 100lb braid reel is like new Taken in one boat ride. $500
  46. Jeffryjellyfish

    Bang for Buck reel to run 130lb?

    I have a Fathom 25 for a 65lb rig and scale down as needed with top shot, until I get a big collection I want another reel to have 130lb and will run 100lb or 80lb leader if called for. Eventually I'll get a 80lb and 100lb setup but what Penn would be a good budget option? Visix 50? Or other...
  47. Accurate Reels - Brand New

    Southern California Accurate Reels - Brand New

    Tern 2 600 Narrow 6:1 Star Drag (80lb braid) - $350 Valiant 500 Narrow 2-speed SPJ - $500 Valiant 300 2-speed - $500 All brand new. Save money on tax. Located in Orange. Willing to meet for the right price. Text 949.683.0858
  48. Penn Fathom 25 Narrow FTH25N

    Southern California Penn Fathom 25 Narrow FTH25N

    I have for sale a lightly used, never abused Fathom 25N spooled with 65lb braid, a 40lb top shot, and ready for your favorite jig stick. Its got smooth drag and casts like a dream. A few boat rash nicks but nothing ugly. $180+$25 insured shipping anywhere in California, or $180 local pickup in...
  49. Penn Fathom 15 Lever Drag FTH15LD

    Southern California Penn Fathom 15 Lever Drag FTH15LD

    I have for sale a lightly used, never abused FTH15LD spooled with 40lb braid and ready to fish. Tiny boat rash nicks here and there but nothing ugly. These are becoming hard to find new, if you can they're almost $300 on Ebay. Its an awesome reel, would be great for all the dorado they're gettin...
  50. Flying Gaff - AFTCO and Regular Gaff - $150

    Southern California Flying Gaff - AFTCO and Regular Gaff - $150

    I have a nice fully rigged Aftco 7’ x 6” Flying Gaff for sale It has been on several boat rides but has not been used for its intended purpose of being stuck in a really big fish. I also have a sea striker 6’ gaff for sale. Flying gaff - $150 firm Sea Striker Gaff $30 firm. Pick up in Solana...
  51. Penn Fathom 25 Narrow FTH25N

    Southern California Penn Fathom 25 Narrow FTH25N

    I have for sale a lightly used, never abused Fathom 25N spooled with 65lb braid, a 40lb top shot, and ready for your favorite jig stick. Its got smooth drag and casts like a dream. $180+$25 insured shipping anywhere in California, or $180 local pickup in the Santa Barbara County area.
  52. Penn Fathom 15 Lever Drag FTH15LD

    Southern California Penn Fathom 15 Lever Drag FTH15LD

    I have for sale a lightly used, never abused FTH15LD spooled with 40lb braid and ready to fish. Tiny boat rash nicks here and there but nothing ugly. These are becoming hard to find new, if you can they're almost $300 on Ebay. Its an awesome reel, would be great for all the dorado they're gettin...
  53. Jeffryjellyfish

    Southern California WTB SEEKER G 6463XXH-6 1/4'AR

    New or Used is fine. Prefer rod only unless it has a nice 100lb+ 2 speed setup, but don't waste my time with retail rates for a used rod. Thank you
  54. Newell P229-F

    Southern California Newell P229-F

    Original 4 stack and top hat, upgraded to carbontex drags. Recently serviced, buttery smooth freespool. Spooled with 50 lb braid, ready to fish. asking $180. Will ship on your dime. Thanks for looking, pm if interested.
  55. Accurate 665H Narrow

    Southern California Accurate 665H Narrow

    Excellent condition 3/4 filled with #65 braid. Recently serviced and ready to go.
  56. xstrensic

    Southern California Avet, Okuma, Penn, Phenix, Seeker, Shimano

    Got a few things I'm thinking of selling Avet JX 2 Speed MC (Spooled with 50# braid and 40# mono top shot- $350 Okuma cz-5csa (Spooled with 30# Braid and 25# mono top shot - $80 Penn Fathom 15 LD2 (Spooled with 50# braid and #30# Flouro top shot- $220 Shimano Calcutta 400B (upgraded ceramic...
  57. Penn Fathom 40NLD2 NIB

    Southern California Penn Fathom 40NLD2 NIB

    Like title says New in Box Penn fathom 40 narrow 2 speed lever drag, spooled with 500yds of 100# Maxcuattro. SOLD
  58. Penn Int16visx SOLD

    Southern California Penn Int16visx SOLD

    Like title says, Brand new in box Penn international 16 VISX silver! Loaded with 500yds of 100# seaguar threadlock. Changed my plans and not headed out anytime soon so this is up for grabs.includes box manual tools ect. Sold!
  59. Penn Fathom 15Ld2 , new with box $205

    Southern California Penn Fathom 15Ld2 , new with box $205

    Penn Fathom 15LD2 - new with box $205 obo. I will be in San Diego on 8/26-8/27 for a trip. I can meet while I’m there or on my way back to Vegas. This reel is new.. bought it a few months ago and just sat in my closet. Never had line on it, haven’t even put the reel clamp bolts on. Comes with...
  60. Penn fathom  15xnld2LH

    Southern California Penn fathom 15xnld2LH

    Left hand model! I picked this up brand new last year and didn't realize it's a lefty when I bought it. So it has not been fished just sitting on a shelf. There's some pitting which I have no idea how it got there as seen in the pic with the red circle highlighting it. it probably got bumped...
  61. Fishing-Ron

    Southern California WTB shimano torium,/Trinidad 16 handle.

    WTB shimano torium/trinidad 16 handle. Let me know if you have one you’re willing to let go. Thanks again. 🤙🏼
  62. Accurate Tern 500 like new!

    Southern California Accurate Tern 500 like new!

    Sup Bder, I have a like new Accurate Tern 500 spooled to the top with 65# Jbraid. I've only use this reel once so it's like new with NO scratches any where. Perfect for those YT, Dodo's, and Schoolie YFT/BFT right now! Asking $250obo Text for fast response. Kevin 714-383-51threethree
  63. Fishing-Ron

    Southern California WTB tesoro 12 handle

    Bit of a long shot, but I’m looking for a Tesoro 12 handle, let me know if you have one just laying around, will pay shipping if need be. Thanks again 🤙🏼
  64. Penn VISX 50

    Southern California Penn VISX 50

    Reel was used on a few Long Range trips caught fish up 200lbs. Reel is in great condition with minimal marks on side plate. Reel was serviced in July and only been on one trip since. Reel is spooled to the top with JB 130 Hollow and a 25ft flouro leader of 130. Line alone was over $300 and...
  65. Avet SX Raptor, HX, and Cal's 12H w/ Seeker SSR 7640 and SHS 70H (LB)

    Southern California Avet SX Raptor, HX, and Cal's 12H w/ Seeker SSR 7640 and SHS 70H (LB)

    Hi BD's, Trying to thin out the collection a bit. Please feel free to shoot me a text or call me at 626-674-3692. Located in San Diego and would prefer to do cash in hand. 1) Avet SX 6/4 MC Raptor purchased new last year with 50# braid and a topshot of 30# Izor XXX Smoke. Price $320 2)...
  66. Accurate Tern 500 Like New!!!

    Southern California Accurate Tern 500 Like New!!!

    Sup Bder, I have a like new Accurate Tern 500 spooled to the top with 65# Jbraid. I've only use this reel once so it's like new with NO scratches any where. Perfect for those YT, Dodo's, and Schoolie YFT/BFT right now! Asking $275obo Text for fast response. Kevin 714-383-51threethree
  67. Accurate Tern 500

    Southern California Accurate Tern 500

    Sup Bder, I have a like new Accurate Tern 500 spooled to the top with 65# Jbraid. I've only use this reel once so it's like new with NO scratches any where. It's sold out in most shops right now. Perfect for those YT, Dodo's, and Schoolie YFT/BFT right now! Asking $275obo Text for fast...
  68. BobberMe

    Southern California WTB RUS 76 TILEFISH JR

  69. Rods and Reels for sale

    Southern California Rods and Reels for sale

    Penn visx 30 with Prospec 130 pound braid $650 Seeker blue glass 6480 $700 Rainshadow 7 foot rated 15-30. Dorado themed. $300 All in mint condition 7149073341 nick
  70. Penn Fathom/ Carnage Combo

    Southern California Penn Fathom/ Carnage Combo

    Hardly used. Two boat rides. Left hand model. Two speed. San Diego. No shipping, don’t want to split this pair up. Serviced at Dana Landing end of last season.

    Saltiga LD, Penn VISX or Okuma Makaira... So many choices.

    Been to a couple tackle shops in my area in search of a reel for my phenix rail rod, HAX-C 800X3H (60-130#), and there are 3 reels I'm seriously considering. The Saltiga SAGLD55-2SPD, Penn International VISX 16 and the Okuma Makaira 16 or 20. The rod/reel combo I'm putting together is for all...
  72. Penn Int. 30 SW II, 750 Yards of 130 Solid Spectra

    Southern California Penn Int. 30 SW II, 750 Yards of 130 Solid Spectra

    750 yards of 130 braid. $350 for the reel that has the full spool as described above, other one already sold. Will ship on buyer's dime, if you have history on BD, we can talk Paypal or Venmo. DM me for questions.$350
  73. Trini 20a

    Southern California Trini 20a

    Have a Trinidad 20a with 40 lb braid and mono top shot. It’s been on one boat trip. Never had a fish on it. As close to new as it comes. Been kept inside and rinsed after trip. Will throw in reel cover and clamp
  74. Penn International II 12 T - 2 speed

    Southern California Penn International II 12 T - 2 speed

    Two speed Penn International 12T gold. Currently with 65# braid (from what I recall) with room for a top shot of your choose. East County San Diego or San Diego Bay area for local pick ups. Open to trades for other rods and reels… what you got? Text 619-417-3303
  75. R

    Southern California Want to buy - BNIB Penn Fathom 40NLD2

    Hi, Looking for two brand new in box Penn Fathom 40 2 speeds. Preferably with serial numbers I can still register. Local pick up near Los Angeles preferred or paypal invoice with shipping.
  76. BN Penn TRQ Torque 30LD not Silver

    Southern California BN Penn TRQ Torque 30LD not Silver

    Not much to say about this reel other than it’s brand new, but no box. If you want the Penn tool I have plenty laying around that you can have, and I’ll throw in 2 Salas 6x irons blue/white and dorado, and a handful of magic metals. Fuck inflation…. No I don’t want a Sabre 540 or Sabre 530...
  77. C

    Southern California Penn Fathom 25NLD (like brand new)

    Spooled with 50# spectra & 150FT of 40LB mono topshot. Like brand new. Never caught a fish on it yet. $230 OR Willing to trade for a Rod for Calico / Yellowtail (Phenix, Shimano, Seeker, etc)
  78. Penn 30 VISX

    Southern California Penn 30 VISX

    BNIB Penn 30 VISX, taken out for pictures. Call/Text 562-240-9447
  79. (Left hand converted)PENN 20 VISX

    Southern California (Left hand converted)PENN 20 VISX

    Brand new Cal sheets converted left hand 20 visx Lugs, clamp, multi tool included in the box. new 100lb izo hollow 675 yds with 200lb wind-on $850 firm. (818)318-4523
  80. Penn torque 40

    Northern California Penn torque 40

    Hello o have a brand new penn torque 40. Used it once no fish no scratches. I want to go a different direction. Comes with no line. 510 shipped comes with box and clamps. Please don’t ask what’s my bottom price.
  81. Gold Trinidad 20 / Seeker John Grabowski rod

    Southern California Gold Trinidad 20 / Seeker John Grabowski rod

    Combo Shimano Trinidad 20 , Seeker John Grabowski model G6470 30-40-50 rod almost new condition . Trinindad is Great condition few scratches . Also has 60 lb. braid . Both have been sitting for years in man cave . I will throw in rod sock and reel cover . I haven’t fished in years and they have...
  82. Accurate 665H 2 speed

    Southern California Accurate 665H 2 speed

    Sup Guys, I have an excellent condition Accurate 665H 2 speed for sale. I caught a few 100+ # BFT a couple of months ago with this reel. It's filled to the top with 80# Jbraid spectra. Asking $325 Text for fast response Kevin 714-383-51threethree
  83. Penn 113W, shimano TLD 30

    Southern California Penn 113W, shimano TLD 30

    Penn US senator 113W - $200 Shimano TLD30 2 speed, $200 Both have 80lb braid backing. I believe the 113 has 500yrds of PP and the TLD has 600 yards 80lb tightlines braid. Located in Oceanside. Great trolling reels for paddy hoping looking for those mahi and YFT!
  84. L

    Southern California WTB Fathom 15 or Torium 14

    Looking for star drag fathom 15 or a torium 14. Let me know.
  85. 30 penn international pisw (new)

    Northern California 30 penn international pisw (new)

    Selling this brand new for 500 shipped paypal, can’t return it because apparently the tackle shop doesn’t take back high end reels back. My loss is your gain. Comes with everything and receipt. I’ll even throw in a jaws reel cover.
  86. Wildman

    Southern California Should we *or* Should we Not include Reels' Serial #'s

    in our Listings? And/Or should we let Buyers know ahead of time? Thank you for your thoughts/advice ?
  87. Penn international 30visw (new) PRICE DROP

    Northern California Penn international 30visw (new) PRICE DROP

    Hello I have a brand new pen international 30 for sale comes with everything and maybe will to throw in the the reel cover by jaws. I even have the receipt. 590 shipped. Bought last week. And also have a penn international 20 used once. Top shot 100lbs mono and 100 pound braid 550 yards. 550...
  88. Vg323

    Southern California WTB penn visx 12 FOUND!!!

    Looking for a visx 12 New or mint condition Thanks
  89. Phenix rail rod and penn 12 visx

    Southern California Phenix rail rod and penn 12 visx

    Phenix axis HAX 780 x2h 40-100 and a penn 12 visx. Both are a year old and have been on three boat trips but haven’t had a fish on either. The penn is spooled with 80lb thread lock with 60lb top shot. 750 obo
  90. Sabre GS550 50lb class 6’8”

    Southern California Sabre GS550 50lb class 6’8”

    Gardena California Made Sabre GS550 I.G.F.A specification rod 50lb Class 6’8” Asking 65 In excellent condition
  91. Penn visx 12

    Southern California Penn visx 12

    Penn visx 12. It’s a year old and been on three boat rides. A tiny bit of rash but never had a fish on it. Has 450 yards of 80 lb thread lock with 25 yards of 60lb florocarbon top shot. Asking 600 obo.
  92. Calstar Grafighter GFGR 800M Factory Wrap with Reel Seat

    Southern California Calstar Grafighter GFGR 800M Factory Wrap with Reel Seat

    Factory wrap GFGR 800M (20-40) with Reel Seat. Was a gift for my son but didn't work out so been sitting around with my other rods. Send pm if interested. Cash only, no trades. Pickup in North County San Diego (Rancho Bernardo or nearby)
  93. Torium 20 with 8’ coastal Custom rod

    Southern California Torium 20 with 8’ coastal Custom rod

    I have a Torium 20 with a 8’ Coastal custom rod for sale. The reel has just been serviced and ready to fish. Filled with 50lbs j braid. Asking $200
  94. Penn 12 visx and Phenix axis rail rod

    Southern California Penn 12 visx and Phenix axis rail rod

    Penn 12 visx spooled with 500 yards of 80lb thread lock and Phenix axis HAX 780 x2h 7’ 8” 40-100lb. Been on 3 boats but never had a fish on it. 1000 obo
  95. Cannon Uni Troll Downriggers

    Pacific Northwest Cannon Uni Troll Downriggers

    Good condition Never been used in salt water 2 manual extendable boom Downriggers Braided line on both Comes with 2 mounting plates – they do not swivel Sold as a pair
  96. M

    Southern California Penn fathom 2 speed 60 or 40

    Hi Guys, Looking for a Penn Fathom 60 or 40 2 speed for sale. Let me know if you have one for sale? Thanks in advance Mike
  97. Fathom II 15sd

    Southern California Fathom II 15sd

    Fathom II 15 $180 Nothing is wrong with the reel I just need the money rn. I also have the Sabre rod with customs cord wrap on it
  98. 300# Izorline leader 4 FT

    Southern California 300# Izorline leader 4 FT

    New: 4FT, Izorline leaders. Izorline (long) crimps and chafing sleeves, 500# stainless steel Krok/Spro swivels, 300# Owner solid ring attached. See attached photos and only high quality parts used to make these leaders. Here’s one rigged up with a set of Tady Big game 6/0 assist hooks and a...
  99. Torque SD, Fishing syndicate.

    Southern California Torque SD, Fishing syndicate.

    Piecing out instead of selling as combos as that seems to be the interest. I have the following available. Prices are firm, PP fees and shipping are on buyer. Located in port hueneme, CA. Willing to meet within up to 1 hour from my location. I have the following items available: 1) 25SD torque...
  100. 300# Izorline Tuna leader (4FT)

    Southern California 300# Izorline Tuna leader (4FT)

    New: 4FT, Izorline leaders. Izorline (long) crimps and chafing sleeves, 500# stainless steel Krok/Spro swivels, 300# Owner solid ring attached. Great for BFT and all types of jigs. See attached photos for parts used. Only high quality parts used to make these leaders. Here are a few extra...
  101. R

    Southern California WTB Makaira 16, 20, 30

    I'm looking for a Makaira 16, 20 or 30. Please hit me up if you have one for sale.
  102. Penn Torque 25nld2 silver for sale

    Southern California Penn Torque 25nld2 silver for sale

    Like New Condition -- one boat ride but basically new always covered Professionally spooled w/ 400 yard of 65# Daiwa J-Braid + short mono topshot comes w/ original box and accurate reel cover Pick up in LA or Fullerton; willing to ship on your dime $500 Firm :jig: (Not interested in trades)
  103. Accurate Boss 665H 2 speed / UC Monster rod

    Southern California Accurate Boss 665H 2 speed / UC Monster rod

    Just came back from a Memorial Day trip. Landed some jumbo 150# BFT on this accurate reel! The reel is ready to fish these BFT!!! Text for fast response... Kevin 714-383-51threethree


    Hey guys couple of rods I’m letting go of. Going to buy more spinning rods for OpenWaters Foundation. Seeker Classic 670 7 foot, 20-50 in awesome condition-$125 . This a solid rod. Long Beach rod. Seeker Inshore 808 8 foot, 15-25 lb in awesome condition-$130. This a solid inshore rod. Long...
  105. Accurate 2 speed BFT reel / UC rods YT

    Southern California Accurate 2 speed BFT reel / UC rods YT

    Original post!
  106. Accurate 2 speed, UC Rods ***YT/BFT Ready!!!

    Southern California Accurate 2 speed, UC Rods ***YT/BFT Ready!!!

    Original post! Get ready for the YT and BFT when it bust WFO! ***I will be in SD (Seaforth Landing) Memorial Weekend 5/28-5/30. I can bring these items down with me if needed. Text for...
  107. Jasper34

    Which Rod for Penn Torque 15ld2

    This is my first post so hope it's in the right place. Looking to get a Penn torque 15ld2 for 30# (occasionally 25# and light 40#) and looking for a UC rod to pair. Deciding between these two, which is a better choice. Leaning towards phantom but unsure. Open to other suggestions too Thanks for...
  108. Accurate 2 speed reel, UC rods!

    Southern California Accurate 2 speed reel, UC rods!

    Original post! Get ready for the YT and BFT when it bust WFO! ***I will be in SD (Seaforth Landing) Memorial Weekend 5/28-5/30. I can bring these items down with me if needed.
  109. Daiwa saltiga 40 + Penn fathom 30ld2

    Southern California Daiwa saltiga 40 + Penn fathom 30ld2

    Pick up in Huntington Beach or will ship on your dime. Saltiga 40 - $350 obo serviced, half way loaded 50lb braid room for long 80-100yard topshots Fathom 30ld2- $230 firm serviced, fresh 65 izor braid spooled 3/4 to the top. Will trade for large high end pe7-p8 jigging reels
  110. Accurate 2 speed reel, UC rods!

    Southern California Accurate 2 speed reel, UC rods!

    Original post...Get your YT and BFT outfits ready!
  111. Accurate Valiant 300 (Rt Hd)

    Southern California Accurate Valiant 300 (Rt Hd)

    $325 For size comparison, pictured with ProGear V30 and Penn Fathom 10XNLD (ALSO FOR SALE) Meet in 90505 or 90277 *or* I can ship (approx. $15)
  112. NEW Penn Fathom 10XNLD (Rt Hnd)

    Southern California NEW Penn Fathom 10XNLD (Rt Hnd)

    Actually, I'll keep it! $190. (New is $229 plus tax.) For trade, I'm looking for a spinning reel, 5000-8000 size. For size comparison, pictured with ProGear V30 and Accurate Valiant 300 Meet in 90505 or 90277 *or* I can ship (approx. $15)
  113. SOLD

    Southern California SOLD

    Best narrow powerhouse on the market. One boat trip and has a small scratch on the bottom of side plate -pictured Spoiled with 80lb izorline $500 PENDING SALE Pickup in HB Don’t want to go to the post office but I will if you give me $10 extra and shipping Costs. Thanks
  114. Penn VISX 20

    Southern California Penn VISX 20

    Penn VISX 20 Condition: New, never used Price: $600 Includes box and accessories San Diego pickups only Jordan 909.659.9911
  115. Crabb Claw

    Carlsbad Spotfin Croaker, 4.5 lbs on 5-14-2022

    The moon was right and the beach was calling. Incoming tide with sand crabs and dropper loop. The 11 ft rod bent in half and this fish was a fighter with 4 big runs and pulling the 12 lbs Seagar line off my Penn reel with drag set just enough to slow it down. Had to find the perfect wave to help...
  116. Nazztradamous

    Southern California WTB Offshore Spinning Reel

    Looking for a spinning reel that can take 30-35lb mono. Not trying to break the bank and hoping to find a reel for $100.
  117. Penn Slammer 3 3500

    Northern California Penn Slammer 3 3500

    Brand new in box. I spooled with 25#Jbraid but never used.Will ship on your dime.
  118. Penn Fathom 25N

    Southern California Penn Fathom 25N

    BNIB put 300yards of 65lb JBraid 8X and about 100ft of 40lb Izorline on it. Reel is freshly scooped from Save On Tackle. I hate to sell but I bought some other gear and i need to seel tho one. Looking for $180.00, would sell for $160 but the line is easy worth the extra $20 bucks. First with...
  119. Makaira 30 SEA

    Southern California Makaira 30 SEA

    Mak 20SEA Sold and 30 SEA for sale, $500 each very good condition full spool diamond braid, from last year
  120. Penn International 30TW

    Southern California Penn International 30TW

    Single speed spooled with 100lb izorline with 100lb mono top. $250
  121. luv2phish

    Southern California Wtb Penn 16 visx 2 speed reel

    Let me know if u have one😬👍
  122. Penn fathom 25nld2 + 40nld2

    Southern California Penn fathom 25nld2 + 40nld2

    Penn fathom 2 speeds. Just serviced other week by fisherman’s access in brea. Both have newer braid ready to fish. Take em both for $450 firm. 25nld spooled with 65# power pro, no reel clamp no box reel only - $230 40nld2 spooled with 80# power pro comes with box & clamp - $250 I’m looking...

    Southern California FISHING LOT

    WILLING TO SEPERATE, DM ME TO GET MORE INFO ON THE ITEMS (Condition, price, what line) What I have: Progear rod wrapped by SaltyDawg (Rainshadow Blank) 8'10 - asking $250 OBO Phenix Black Diamond PSW867ML - asking $280 OBO Penn Fathom 12 - asking $200 OBO Diawa Sealine X30 SHA - asking 80 OBO IF...
  124. Classic Trolling Setups

    Southern California Classic Trolling Setups

    Two trusty trolling rigs ready for the season. Will break up rods and reels for the right price. $175 Daiwa sealine 600H with new 50lb mono Seeker Challenger S655XH-5 1/2RT 40-100lb roller tip $300 Penn 30TW single speed with new 100lb izorline and 80lb mono topshot Seastalker SS 6460XH-AR...
  125. Penn Fathom 40NLD2

    Other US Penn Fathom 40NLD2

    Loaded with 80lb Perfect condition (used once) w/ spool(s) of 50/60/130lb Price $320 plus $10 shipping priority If you have any questions text me at 619-672-5384
  126. Penn 50 VISW

    Southern California Penn 50 VISW

    Brand new, never used Penn VISW 50. Asking $700 (price negotiable) Includes box and accessories Open to comparable trades: Jordan 909.659.9911
  127. 1911Nate

    Rod Recommendation

    Hello BDO! Recently invested in a big tuna rig for heavy 100#+ applications and flat falls for cows. I went with a Penn International 20VISX. Although I am stuck with decisions on a rod to pair it with. At first, I was pretty much sold on the UC Viper 76, although after visiting the awesome...
  128. Shimano Torium 20PG with Gomexus aftermarket handle

    Southern California Shimano Torium 20PG with Gomexus aftermarket handle

    For sale is a perfect condition Shimano Torium 20PG with an extended Gomexus handle and filled with 65 J Braid , not a scratch on it,Poor man’s Ocean Jigger. $200 located in Lakeside
  129. Talica 12II, OTI Fathom Blade rod Reduced!!!!

    Southern California Talica 12II, OTI Fathom Blade rod Reduced!!!!

    Sup BDer, I'm consolidating a few reels since I have too many so the wife says. ;D All reels were just service ready to fish!!! Great condition Talica 12II spooled with 500yrd 65# Maxcuatro splice with about 100yrd of 80# Jbraid. Asking $400 OTI Fathom Blade rod like new. Only took it on 2...
  130. WTT - Penn Fathom 30LD2

    Northern California WTT - Penn Fathom 30LD2

    Happy Sunday BD Fam, Was hoping someone would be interested in trading a Fathom 25NSD for my 9/10 condition Fathom 30LD2. Loaded with 80lb solid power pro. Would be ideal if the 25 NSD also had line and is in simialr condition. I’ll pay for shipping. Text for more info: 510-303-5696. Thanks, Ben

    Southern California FISHING GEAR LOT

    WILLING TO SEPERATE, DM ME TO GET MORE INFO ON THE ITEMS (Condition, price, what line) What I have: Progear rod wrapped by SaltyDawg (Rainshadow Blank) 8'10 - asking $250 OBO Phenix Black Diamond PSW867ML - asking $280 OBO Penn Fathom 12 - asking $200 OBO Diawa Sealine X30 SHA - asking 80 OBO...
  132. Penn Fathom 15XNLD2

    Southern California Penn Fathom 15XNLD2

    Penn Fathom 15XNLD2 Used a few times and has some boat rash on the side plate Excellent mechanical condition Loaded with 50 lb braid No box - can probably locate the clamp if you want it Will ship on your dime PayPal FF or pick in Torrance, CA or close. $200.
  133. Rail Rod Combo

    Southern California Rail Rod Combo

    Selling a brand new Penn fathom FTH40NLD2 brand new in box paired with a Graftech Rail Rod - GRR78XH 80-100. Rod is practically brand new, I took it on one trip and didn't hook up. Pm in interested.
  134. Penn Torque 60LD 2 Speed

    Southern California Penn Torque 60LD 2 Speed

    New in Box Penn Torque 60LD 2 Speed, bought it for tuna set up and never used it. Great reel for 50-100lb set up, extremely light can fish all day with it. Same size as a 40 just wider for more line. Looking to get $500 for it.
  135. Penn Fathom 15LD - $200

    Southern California Penn Fathom 15LD - $200

    Penn Fathom 15LD. Excellent condition, Like new. only used once. Loaded with 30lb braid. Looking to sell purely to full my Swimbait obsession. Paypal friends and family. $200 TRD - depending on shipping distance.
  136. Penn 40nld2 $300 OBO

    Southern California Penn 40nld2 $300 OBO

    New, spooled to brim with 100lb power pro Never used pm me with offers. Asking $300 OBO
  137. 20VISX penn international

    Southern California 20VISX penn international

    Selling a Penn international 20VISX gold, It can pass for new, took it on a couple of trips, no fish caught on it. It has #100 max Quattro #100 izor and #100 mono short topshot box and clamp + reel cover included $550 Txt or dms 8182997755
  138. Penn torque 25N star drag (gold) Shimano trini 20a TRANX500hg

    Southern California Penn torque 25N star drag (gold) Shimano trini 20a TRANX500hg

    How’s it everyone. I have some cherry reels for sale that I don’t need anymore. (1) Penn torque 25N. 65# izor backing **PENDING PICK UP SATURDAY 3/2** (1) shimano trinidad 20a 65# izor backing. Minor cosmetic rashes but it is mechanically a 10/10 (comes with the tib clap too). $400 (1) shimano...


  140. PENN Senator 114H - Right handed 2.9:1 gear ratio, single-speed | $100

    Southern California PENN Senator 114H - Right handed 2.9:1 gear ratio, single-speed | $100

    PENN Senator 114H - $100 Right handed 2.9:1 gear ratio, single-speed Great trolling reel, made in USA (not the one that is now made in China) I have a trolling rod to go with it, if interested. Chromed, cast bronze spools Sealed right side plate protects drag from water Double metal ring...
  141. New Penn Fathom 25NLD2 2 speed

    Southern California New Penn Fathom 25NLD2 2 speed

    Brand new never used filled to brim with 65lb white power pro Comes with box, tool, manual, and clamp. Asking $280
  142. For sale or trade: Shimano, Torque, Calstar and Okuma (spinning combo)

    Southern California For sale or trade: Shimano, Torque, Calstar and Okuma (spinning combo)

    Doing some major house cleaning with a lot of newer, high end rods and reels because of duplication and wanting to build a custom set of rods. Seeking: Valiant 800 or 1000 For trade, sale or some combo: Penn Torque 25N LD2 (gold) used 5 times before blueprinted and serviced by Cal’s in 2020...
  143. HoxFish

    Other US WTB Penn 15XNLD2

    Looking to see if anyone is actually willing to part with a Fathom 15XNLD2. Used or new, I'm listening.
  144. PENN FATHOM 25N

    Southern California PENN FATHOM 25N

    New In Box just opened for pictures. $180
  145. FS:  LEXA-WN300HS-P

    Southern California FS: LEXA-WN300HS-P

    Selling my Daiwa Lexa 300 Winn 7.1:1...filled with blue spectra...can't remember if its 40lb or 50lb. Blue version with power handle. Includes box. Light use, cleaned and serviced regularly. Photos to follow. Located in OC. Will ship on your dime. Open to trades for 7'6-7'9 light action...
  146. Seeker 270h-8 Combo

    Southern California Seeker 270h-8 Combo

    Seeker American Series with a Penn Fathom II 15 Star drag. Reel has been fished a couple trips. Rod is in perfect condition. Ready to fish
  147. Daiwa 400H

    Southern California Daiwa 400H

    Clean. Works great. Been sitting in the garage and time to clear some things out. $35. May consider trades, whatcha got? Pick up in Escondido area.
  148. WTS- Penn Fathom 30LD 2 Speed

    Southern California WTS- Penn Fathom 30LD 2 Speed

    Hello, I have a brand new, never fished, Fathom 30 lever drag 2 speed. It’s spooled with 425 yards 80# spectra. Will come with box, clamp and tool. I am located in Murrieta/Temecula area. Save money on tax and comes loaded with braid. Please feel free to message me with any questions.
  149. Shimano Trinidad 20A and Penn Fathom 2 speed 60 FTH60LD2

    Southern California Shimano Trinidad 20A and Penn Fathom 2 speed 60 FTH60LD2

    I have a Trinidad 20A brand new never used, but open box spooled with 65# izorline braid and a Penn Fathom 60 2 speed. Used once in excellent condition spooled with 80# izorline and a 80# mono top shot. Trinidad 20A- sold Penn Fathom 60 FTH60LD2- $290 or trade for Penn Fathom 40 FTH40NLD2 in...
  150. FS:

    Southern California FS:

    Selling some reels I’ve acquired over the years and never use: Trinidad 20 SOLD Saltist 30T SOLD Avet LX 4.1:1 SOLD Pro Gear 454 (gold) $110 Pro Gear 541 (silver) $90 Penn Jigmaster Accuframe (99 size) $100 Located in Thousand Oaks.
  151. Reels FS:  Avet, Shimano, daiwa, pro gear

    Southern California Reels FS: Avet, Shimano, daiwa, pro gear

    Selling some reels I’ve acquired over the years and never use: Trinidad 20 SOLD Saltist 30T SOLD Avet LX 4.1:1 SOLD Pro Gear 454 (gold) $120 Pro Gear 541 (silver) $100 Penn Jigmaster Accuframe (99 size) $100 Located in Thousand Oaks. Will be posting some rods soon.
  152. stopemdead42

    Gulf of Mexico Squall 50VSW

    Looking for one or two used Squall 50 VSW - I will only utilize PAYPAL for payment services (Good & Services)
  153. 4 Penn 114HLWs with Rods, Brand New Line

    Northern California 4 Penn 114HLWs with Rods, Brand New Line

    Hello, Looking to sell my 4 Penn Senator Special 114HLWs. Reels are in excellent condition, used exclusively for albacore trolling in the past. I have serviced the reels regularly. Reels are loaded with brand new 80# suffix and Ande mono which has not been used since being spooled. I am the...
  154. H

    Penn Torque 40NLD2 reel clamp

    Does anybody know where to buy or if Penn makes a reel clamp for the Torque 40NLD2 that has a hook keeper on it like some of the other clamps on their reels? I know my 25 fathom star drag had a hook keeper and I want one for my 40NLD2 and if possible also my 30LD2. Thanks
  155. H

    Penn Fathom 15LD2

    Just thought I would throw some general information out there for everyone. I recently got a Penn Fathom 15LD2 (not the narrow version) and got it filled today with 40 pound Berkley ProSpec at 390 yards. On the box it doesn't give the 40# capacity only the 20, 30, and 50 for braid. It skips 40...
  156. 1hottuna

    Pacific Coast Sportfishing Show Feb 18,19,20 OC Fair and Event Center

    This year we have really grown the show with three halls of tackle, boats, and travel.......we would love to have you come out and join us this year.......below is our list of vendors to see what your are in for this year..........most will be pleasantly surprised! We want to thank the industry...
  157. FS : Penn Fathom 15LD2 - SOLD

    Southern California FS : Penn Fathom 15LD2 - SOLD

    I have an almost mint Penn Fathom 15LD2 up for sale. This is a great little reel, perfect for our local YellowTail, Rockfish, or smaller schoolie size Tuna. It can hold 290 yards of 50# braid for tuna or 415 yards of 30# for rockfish or SPJ ! It has been on a few boat rides and caught a few...
  158. Pending Penn 20 Visx

    Southern California Pending Penn 20 Visx

    Penn International 20 Visx filled with fresh 100lb braid. Used on a couple trips. Clamp, tool, and box. Looking to trade for a rail rod. Shoot me a message.

    Southern California LARGE TACKLE SALE

  160. Penn slammer III 6500, new in box

    Southern California Penn slammer III 6500, new in box

    Penn slammer III, New in box Never used, never spooled Asking $175. Located in Palm Desert, will ship.
  161. Okuma Tesoro 5S

    Southern California Okuma Tesoro 5S

    Looking to sell my 5S. Fished it for one season. Condition is excellent, 10/10 mechanical 9.5/10 cosmetic. 50lb jbraid backing with 30lb top shot. Let me know if you are interested. Comes with box and clamp. Will ship for additional 15. I am located in 92083. Tight lines
  162. Penn Fathom Phenix Axis combos

    Southern California Penn Fathom Phenix Axis combos

    Penn Fathom II 25n Star drag spooled 3/4 way with 50lb braid. Phenix Axis 780H 25-60 $420 OBO Penn Fathom 25nld2 spooled 3/4 way with 50lb braid. Phenix Axis 720XH 30-80 sold Penn Fathom 40nld2 spooled with 80lb braid. Phenix Axis 720X2H 40-100 $560 OBO Looking to sell or trade. Message me...
  163. Avet LXii 6.3 2 speed

    Southern California Avet LXii 6.3 2 speed

    This reel is in excellent condition and has been well cared for. I just need to thin the herd. It is a great all-around deep sea reel. Excellent for big yellowtail, tuna, bass, or rockfish. Includes reel cover and has an upgraded power handle. It is spooled with 475 yards of Jerry Brown 65#...
  164. Penn Fathom 25N Left Hand Lever Drag 2 Speed

    Southern California Penn Fathom 25N Left Hand Lever Drag 2 Speed

    I have two Penn Fathom 25N Left Hand Lever Drag reels for sale. Only used for rock fishing a few times. Both are in excellent condition (misted after use, always covered, drag released for storage). Fathom with 65 Blue PP 300yrds $240 OBO ($200 OBO without the line) Fathom with 65 MultiColor...
  165. Okuma Makaira 50WIISEa-Silver

    Southern California Okuma Makaira 50WIISEa-Silver

    New Makaira 50wiiSEa - -Silver. Came out of the box and saw the ocean 1 time. Never caught a fish, no drag pulled. Matched with 130# Spectra and a 200# wind on. Perfect for sword or the kite for BFT. New 50wii = $650 spectra = $200 Wind on = $35 Tax = $80 Total new = $975 For sale for $720...
  166. Penn Fathom II 15SDCS (casting special)

    Southern California Penn Fathom II 15SDCS (casting special)

    Penn Fathom II 15SDCS Casting Special Black and Grey 30 lb drag 6:1:1 17.5 o New, open box Spooled with 50 lb izorline braid (about 340 yards) + 30 yards of 30 lb izorline “smoke” Never touched water, never mounted on rod Comes with box and everything included Purchased a few months ago...
  167. Daiwa Saltiga 20Z - First Generation

    Southern California Daiwa Saltiga 20Z - First Generation

    Beautiful condition, extremely light use barely a scratch on it. You will not find one in nicer condition unless its still in the box. New 50 pound braid to 40 pound mono. $330 shipped. Firm Errin
  168. Calstar 7400 h deck hand

    Southern California Calstar 7400 h deck hand

    Custom Calstar grafighter 7400 h rated 30-80 deckhand rod. Perfect yo yo or 50 pound bait stick. Trade for fathom 25n II star drag or $200 cash will work also.
  169. 1911Nate

    Lineup Advice

    This past year has been my first full year of sportsfishing for rockfish, wsb, yellowtail, and bft here in SoCal. I was lucky enough to catch a variety of different species using different methods and built up a lineup of reels and rods i use for specific purposes. Although I would like some...
  170. R

    Southern California WTB Penn Fathom 40NLD2

    Looking for a used 40NLD2 Fathom. Doesn’t need to be perfect but if the “boat rash” looks like it was used as a hammer as often as it was used as a fishing reel I’ll pass. Looking for a local transaction. San Diego to LA
  171. Penn fathom star drag levelwind 15 for sale

    Pacific Northwest Penn fathom star drag levelwind 15 for sale

    Up for sale is a Penn fathom 15 level wind star drag reel. Reel is loaded with 50 lb multicolor braid and has been fished exactly once. Paddle handle, power handle, rod clamp, schematic, and box are all included. Reel is in excellent, like new condition! Looking to get $180. Local pickup in the...
  172. New Penn Fathom FTH15LD2 Price Drop!

    Southern California New Penn Fathom FTH15LD2 Price Drop!

    Hey BDr's, I have a new in the box Fathom 15 looking to sell. It has 290 yards of brand new 50lb Izorline braid on it as well. Have clamp, box etc. The price is $200.00, cash and local San Diego pick up only. Thanks in advance.
  173. Penn Slammer SLAIII 4500 and 6500 Bass Pro Deal

    Southern California Penn Slammer SLAIII 4500 and 6500 Bass Pro Deal

    I don’t use coffee grinders that often but as a reel for kids and newbs the slammer was a great option for Xmas gifts for my 2 boys. The new Slammer 4 just released, so they are moving these out. Bass Pro has them on sale for 159 and 199. Regularly they are 249 and 289. There is a promo code for...
  174. The Reel Grind

    Southern California Penn International 50 visw

    Want to trade Penn International 50 Visw for Tiagra 50w LRS and cash offer in good condition. The international is filled with 130 and a top shot of 80 spectra marked at 1000 feet for swordfish. I have a top shot of 130 on a spool that can be changed out for 80. Text me at 760535102. Pics to...
  175. Wildman

    Southern California Deleted

  176. Penn Spinfisher vi 8500 LL

    Southern California Penn Spinfisher vi 8500 LL

    like new condition everything works fine, only took it out a few times only has a couple small scratches. filled with 80# power pro.
  177. AVET JX Raptor - 400

    Southern California AVET JX Raptor - 400

    Selling my JX Raptor. Filled with 80lb j braid. Reel comes with clamp and box. Serviced annually at Ken's. Cosmetically 9/10 Mechanically 10/10 Asking 400. Located in Vista, 92083. Ideally looking for face to face but will ship. Let me know if you are interested.
  178. Penn fathom 12SD

    Southern California Penn fathom 12SD

    Penn fathom 12SD used on 1 trip. Cosmetic 10/10, performance 10/10. In person transactions only. $200. Loded to the gills with 50lbs braid. Willing to trade for a larger fathom. PM me for details. Nick 6o9-425-35o8
  179. Calstar WC 970C and Penn Jigmaster 500

    Southern California Calstar WC 970C and Penn Jigmaster 500

    Selling this classic SoCal offshore setup to make room for newer gear. Very clean Calstar WC 970C (7', rated 20-40 lbs) and Penn Jigmaster 500. I had the reel serviced at Bob Sands before this season and spooled with fresh 30 lb mono. Free spools great and ready to fish. Asking $150 for the...
  180. Yong Yong

    Southern California Reliable Kill Bag - 28"X48" Yellowtail Special

    Bought this year. Held fish once and ice other times. $175 local pickup Lake Elsinore - Murrieta
  181. Mike Scott

    Southern California WTB Penn Fathom 25NSD

    I would like to buy a used/new or like new Penn Fathom 25N star drag.
  182. Mike Scott

    Southern California WTB - Penn Fathom 25

    Want to buy a new or like new Penn Fathom 25.
  183. Shimano Calcutta Conquest 50

    Southern California Shimano Calcutta Conquest 50

    Shimano Calcutta Conquest 50 Great for flipping and casting for largemouth $215 - Pickup Lake Elsinore - Temecula area $225 - Shipped No box
  184. sold

    Southern California sold

    Shimano Torium 20HG Mechanically perfect Boat rash from cattle boat rod holders 65 braid 30 top Izorline smoke Comes with stock clamp $150 - Pick up in Lake Elsinore - Temecula area $165 - shipped
  185. PENN VSX 16

    Southern California PENN VSX 16

    Loaded with 80# JB hollow core braid. Recently serviced by SAV-ON tackle and have not been used since. Asking $400 firm. Local pickup in Mission Viejo or shipped at buyers expense.
  186. Mike Scott

    Southern California WTB: Penn Fathom 25NLD2

    I’m looking to buy a like new Penn Fathom 25 NLD2.
  187. Calstar, avet, shimano purge part 2

    Southern California Calstar, avet, shimano purge part 2

    Let the purge continue. This is part 2 of the mid season clean out. See my earlier post for part 1 for moving from the area. Everything is well serviced and well used. You can expect factory drag and smooth bearings, however, can also expect boat rash too. Reels- ($400)Tiagra 12 (2 speed)...
  188. UC RODS-BLANKS, PENN TRQ’s MAK 16iisea

    Southern California UC RODS-BLANKS, PENN TRQ’s MAK 16iisea

    *SOLD* After trying to get a quiver together all year, life just isn’t letting me get out and fish. I’m looking to sell the lot of what I’ve gotten over the past year hopefully together, but will separate if need be. UC 9e/tranx 500pg / 80lb maxcuatro UC RGP80 Predator UC RUC 711MH UC CX 80...
  189. Thinning out the specialty rods / reels

    Southern California Thinning out the specialty rods / reels

    ***REDUCED PRICING*** I am thinning down due to moving out of Southern Califonia. I am gonna be honest I'm just asking what I think is a fair market price, so everything is OBO. Some photos wouldn't load, happy to email or text full size photos. I always want to be fully transparent. Note...
  190. Brand new Seeker OSP 2x4

    Southern California Brand new Seeker OSP 2x4

    Most saltwater fisherman know this rod or knows someone who was killed a trophy fish with the OSP 2x4 rail rod. There are plenty of review threads on the forum to read about. I bought it brand new from my local tackle shop never bought a reel for it, and never left my garage. No specific reason...
  191. AVET MXJ Raptor / SILVER -350

    Southern California AVET MXJ Raptor / SILVER -350

    Selling my AVET MXJ Raptor in silver. Used only a few times and in excellent mechanical (10/10) and cosmetic (9.5/10) condition. Spooled with ~300 yards of 65lb j braid and comes with clamp and box. Right hand retrieve. MSRP is 420. Asking 350. Will consider trades for rail rod rated...
  192. PENN FATHOM 25N star drag

    Southern California PENN FATHOM 25N star drag

    Used a few times, couple of scratches but nothing major. Spooled with 65lb braid and 40lb Pline mono. 5.8:1 upgraded pro gears Feel free to ask questions. Asking $160
  193. Penn Fathom  FTHII8XNSD & FTH15XNLD2

    Southern California Penn Fathom FTHII8XNSD & FTH15XNLD2

    NIB Penn Fathom II 8XNSD - $200 NIB Penn Fathom 15XNLD2 - $260 Awesome slow pitch jigging reels. I bought too much gear. So thinning the herd a little. Pick up in North Hollywood or meet in the SFV if it's on my way. PM me with any questions. Thanks
  194. msand9898

    Northern California Getting out sale

    Rods - Seeker Black Steel Graphite G 6470 $200 - Okuma Platinum PCB-7ML deckhand rod $100 - Daiwa Proteus 810HF Diawa Proteus 810Hf 30-50line 55-100 braid 8’10 $200 - Phoenix Abyss PSX-909 $200 All prices are FIRM and do not include shipping. Shipping will require direct adult signature so...
  195. Penn Visx 30

    Southern California Penn Visx 30

    Silver Penn Visx 30. Used a few times. has 700 yards of 130 pound hollow ace white braid. Can sell with or without braid. 700 with braid. 600 without braid. Can upload pictures later or txt if interested. -Nick
  196. SOLD

    Southern California SOLD

    Daiwa Seagate Spinning Rods SGT70MFSA Length 7' Medium Line 12-25lbs 2 of this $80 Each SOLD ON EBAY $119 + TAX Daiwa Sealine Conventional Rod SLN70MHF Length 7' Line 15-40lbs $55 All prices firm. No exception. The rods are perfect for boat fishing. Affordable price. Can catch from calico...
  197. BNIB*** Daiwa Lexa-HD 300 XS-P***

    Southern California BNIB*** Daiwa Lexa-HD 300 XS-P***

    Brand New Daiwa Lexa HD 300xs-p asking $220 obo located in Murrieta
  198. Penn Torque 12 star drag

    Southern California Penn Torque 12 star drag

    Penn Torque 12 star drag in like new condition. Pick up in San Diego. Ship on your dime
  199. E

    Southern California Torque 40NLD2 - Looking to purchase

    Anybody have one just laying around in great condition that you can let go? San Diego area only.
  200. Shimano Torium 16PG

    Southern California Shimano Torium 16PG

    Selling my Shimano Torium 16PG in good condition took it out on a few trips fishes good. Loaded with 65# J-braid grand x8. Looking for 200obo still have receipts from purchase date. Open to trades as well. I can add cash on top as well if needed for trade
  201. A

    QUESTION Penn Fathom 15 Single Speed

    Hello everybody. I have a question regarding Penn lever drag reels. According to the schematic, there is a “free spool” button on the reel that is pressed down when reel is in free. Do I have to press this button down manually? Or can I press on the lever. The reason I ask is because there is...
  202. Penn Internation II 50S Two Speed 9/10 condition     SOLD

    Southern California Penn Internation II 50S Two Speed 9/10 condition SOLD

    Penn International II 50S Two Speed in9/10 condition. The only flaw is the Sring on the strike indicator is not working. This does not inhibit any functionality. The reel is mechanically perfect otherwise. Cosmetically this reel is excellent, with zero corrosion, pitting, or scuffs. It is fully...
  203. Makaira 20 SEA

    Southern California Makaira 20 SEA

    Selling my 20SEA, loaded with 600 yards of 100lb jbraid. Cosmetically excellent and mechanically perfect. Bought this reel to serve as a flatfall and lighter kite setup when I thought we were going to buy a boat but things have changed and I want a more compact flatfall/sinker rig setup...

    Southern California 2 PENN 25N STAR DRAG REELS

    Great reels, had them serviced at sav on tackle a few months ago and haven’t touched them since. Both have topshots of abt 100yds of 40lb P-line mono and the rest being white 55lb powerpro on the one with the red dot on the side and 65lb on the other. Looking to get rid of soon. The gears on the...
  205. [WTB] Avet HX 5/2 raptor

    Southern California [WTB] Avet HX 5/2 raptor

    Looking for a used (considering new) raptor HX 5/2. It can have line on it or not, don't care. Bonus... if you have a combo for a 80#-100# set up. would prefer face to face in orange county. However, willing to travel to you. Will consider anything in this ball park as well. I'm not picky...
  206. Fishing-Ron

    Southern California Wtb penn fathom 25n

    Looking to buy a penn fathom 25n lever or star drag. Let me know if you’re willing to part with one :-) thanks! thanks guys I was able to find one!! I’ll keep y’all updated if it was a scam or not 👍🏽
  207. Sold  - Daiwa LEXA- HD 300 hsl-p LEFTY REEL

    Southern California Sold - Daiwa LEXA- HD 300 hsl-p LEFTY REEL

    mint LEFTY REEL USED once but didn't like the left retrieve feel w/ box and paperwork. w/ 50# power pro white Willing to ship on ur dime $SOLD
  208. WTS Penn Fathom 25NLD LH

    Southern California WTS Penn Fathom 25NLD LH

    I have a left handed Penn Fathom 25NLD w/ 280 yards of 65# spectra for sale. Clamp, and all original parts, packaging, and tools included. Mechanically 10/10 condition Cosmetically 9.5/10 condition -- it could pass as new This has always been a spare reel for multi-day trips and rarely used...
  209. Irod Kaimana 794 Poe’s Magstick

    Southern California Irod Kaimana 794 Poe’s Magstick

    New, only fished once. No scratches, or any other signs of wear. I bought this a week ago, but realized that I’m going to have to sell it since I’m moving back to Germany. 160$ pickup in Huntington, or 170$ pickup near you (anywhere in oc).
  210. Penn Fathom 2-Speeds - 15, 25 & 30

    Southern California Penn Fathom 2-Speeds - 15, 25 & 30

    These reels have been used on one 3 day trip and are in like new condition - 9.5/10 both mechanically and cosmetically…..all are filled with spectra with floro top shot. Priced to sell. Slight discount for multiple reels. Price: Penn 15LD2: $210 Penn 25NLD2: SOLD Penn 30LD2: $250
  211. Okuma Tesoro 10S

    Southern California Okuma Tesoro 10S

    Selling my Tesoro 10. I have had the 10 for 2 seasons and it was recently serviced by Ken's Custom Reels. Battled mostly surface iron YT and YFT. However, lately I have ended up going to my gen 2 fathom 25N more and ready to let this go. Reel comes with box and clamp. Local face to face cash...
  212. Penn Spinfisher iv 7500 & Rod Combo (almost new)

    Southern California Penn Spinfisher iv 7500 & Rod Combo (almost new)

    This Rod & Reel Combo was used once to practice then never fished again! It’s spooled with 65lb braid! I’m located in Pasadena CA,
  213. SOLD - [WTT / WTS]Okuma 50 TW gold - SOLD

    Southern California SOLD - [WTT / WTS]Okuma 50 TW gold - SOLD

    Okuma 50 with 100# mono, well serviced in oceanside shop. well loved and used as a shark set up. It was a gift to me. I don't have the time to get out anymore due to the kiddo. Needs a home to use the thing. Looking to trade or sell. Trade for 2 speed west coast tuna reel. Speed Master, avet...
  214. Penn 309

    Southern California Penn 309

    Selling my older Penn 309. Selling for $20, has maybe 400 yards or braid. I think both are 50 pounds, two segments. No clamp.
  215. Penn 146 Squidder Jr. w/ Accurate Accuframe & Aluminum Spool

    Southern California Penn 146 Squidder Jr. w/ Accurate Accuframe & Aluminum Spool

    Penn 146 Squidder Jr. narrow reel w/ Accurate Accuplate Accuframe & Aluminum Spool in excellent condition and well-maintained. $150 pick-up (or $10 shipping)
  216. 2 Penn international 30sw w/line

    Northern California 2 Penn international 30sw w/line

    2 Penn International 30sw w/line $700 pair 1 Penn Formula 15kg w/line $200 All three in fair condition all cosmetics. One International needs new drag washer grease, 15kg does not have the real clamp. Otherwise they work great. Asking $900 for the three I also have Penn 6/0 no lines. If...
  217. saltystern

    Southern California WTD Penn FTH25NLD2 or FTH30LD2

    Looking for a 25 or 30 fathom 2nd gen lever drag 2 speed. Have 2 bills budgeted for it. Good working order. Boat use only please. Don’t care about boat rash. If ur selling a phenix or daiwa proteus that pairs up let me know what u have. Will be fishing live bait 40 on it Thx.
  218. Penn 309

    Southern California Penn 309

    Selling my Penn 309. Do not use anymore. It worked fine last I used it. Has about 400 yards maybe of braid. The top 100 is 50 pound I think and the rest I am not sure about. Selling for $40 OBO.
  219. BNIB Fathom 40NLD

    Southern California BNIB Fathom 40NLD

    Brand new Fathom 40 never been used or even spooled with line. Selling because I realized I didn’t need an extra reel. Thing is a great value for the money and perfect for the bluefin we’re seeing right now. Fathom 40’s are sold out pretty much everywhere for the time being due to the penn...
  220. Levelartist

    Okuma Cavalla 5Nii or Penn Fathom 15LD2

    What’s your guys experience with the Cavalla 5Nii? I’m looking in to a small 30# live bait lever drag 2 speed reel. It’s down to the Cavalla or the Fathom 15LD2. Specs are almost similar but the Cavalla has a bit more drag, room for line and a higher IPT retrieval due the more narrow spool. Will...
  221. Penn Int’l II 30S w/ Cofe Freespooler

    Southern California Penn Int’l II 30S w/ Cofe Freespooler

    Penn International II 30S with freespool enhancement by Cofe. Loaded with 80 # spectra. Free shipping. Sold
  222. Penn International Reels Stolen

    Gulf of Mexico Penn International Reels Stolen

    =AZVoIAYlIW5jCSBq3QFiruukztLjn3aXybCzp2PEnGQ6DxeBBbirtzzU_5GE7ioimVF_EsI5LoVz_I2_5EzoUcFPSJ7p5SN5W8a81rZmwaK0IJ7AAnrcYVODgqqztyalw8JO3ynW4DcQLyv36ceWMbKjQx7b7fUTyFgV__WCIBIWSQ&__tn__=-]C%2CP-y-R']Chris Gonzales is at...
  223. Penn Fathom II 30SD - Sold

    Southern California Penn Fathom II 30SD - Sold

    Located in Whittier Only used once Filled 300 yd of PowerPro Will come with original box, paperwork, tool and reel clamp
  224. kongrotc

    Southern California UC blanks 9-e aka Reaper and gp monster..

    New in plastic bag 9-e aka reaper blank 30-60lb $180 Gp 90 monster 30-80 Ce 900 Delmar 40-60 Gp 80 monster sold Cx76 invictus sold Uc 711 m sold
  225. P

    Southern California Want to buy Penn Torque 25NLD2

    Hello guys, I am looking for Penn Torque 25NLD2 reel. New or Used. If you have one for sale or know anyone who is selling it please let me know! Thanks!
  226. Penn Reel paired with a Fenwick Pacifistik Supreme

    Southern California Penn Reel paired with a Fenwick Pacifistik Supreme

    This is a mint Fenwick Pacificstik Supreme rod, PS870C 7' 15-40 lb line, paired with a New Penn Squall 20 LW Reel. Whether you are targeting large catfish or yellowtail and dorado, this combo will more than do the job. Fenwick and Penn are two of the most reliable and dynamic names, in...
  227. Penn Squall20LW paired with a Fenwick Pacificstik Supreme

    Southern California Penn Squall20LW paired with a Fenwick Pacificstik Supreme

    This is a mint Fenwick Pacificstik Supreme rod, PS870C 7' 15-40 lb line, paired with a New Penn Squall 20 LW Reel. Whether you are targeting large catfish or yellowtail and dorado, this combo will more than do the job. Fenwick and Penn are two of the most reliable and dynamic names, in...
  228. Penn Reel paired with a Sabre Rod

    Southern California Penn Reel paired with a Sabre Rod

    Arguably the best deep sea reels and rods ever made. Sabre rods have a long proven track record of being amazing in all types of fishing. Whether you are after mega catfish or chasing a 100 lb. Tuna, these spinning rods and reels will perform under the most dynamic of conditions. This is a new...
  229. Reels and travel rod

    Other US Reels and travel rod

    I have a Penn Fathom 15 NIB for sale-$175. Daiwa BG5000. Used on one 8 day trip, professionally serviced after, and stored. Spooled with 375yd 50# power pro. $75 Okuma Nomad travel rod NT-S-703M-MH -$75. -SOLD Items located in Montana, buyers pay shipping.
  230. P

    Southern California WTB Penn Torque25n TRQ25NLD2

    Looking for a Torque25N 2 speed lever drage reel! Please reply or msg me if you have one for sale.
  231. D

    Southern California Fathom 15 Xtra Narrow Lever Drag 2 Speed Left Hand

    I am looking to buy a fathom 15 xnld2LH , i will settle for a right handed version but definitely prefer the left hand retrieve. i am offering $250 but would listen to counter offers. i can pick up in orange county or san diego ASAP
  232. kbray001

    Southern California Wtb Penn Fathom 40nld2

    Hey, Looking for a penn fathom 40nld2. Preferably filled to the top with white 80lb spectra. Have cash in hand. Let me know what you got. Thanks, Kirk
  233. Levelartist

    Post your SPJ set up and tell us a bit about it.

    This is my heavier set up Penn Fathom 15XNLD w/ Battalion BATSPJII450C68MH. I mostly use it for super deep dropping also is used for pelagic fishing. When I need to get the big boys out of structure this set up works like a charm. If fishing for tunas and yellows that are metering at specific...
  234. Seeker 530 #15-40 9ft

    Southern California Seeker 530 #15-40 9ft

    Have a Custom wrapped Seeker 530 cream color. #15-40 9ft long with Alps XXNLG guides, x-tube deckhand handle. Great #25 to #30 bait stick or light Jigstick.
  235. Calstar Rods Santa Barbara Harbor

    Southern California Calstar Rods Santa Barbara Harbor

    LOST/STOLEN : Left 2 fishing rod reel combos at the Santa Barbara harbor launch ramp. Leaning up against the coin boat wash next to small convenient store / sb sailing center. PICS BELOW. REWARD$$$$$$$ 1. CALSTAR - Black and purple wrap, silver eyelets, Reel: silver okuma reel...
  236. Penn fathom 30LD2 & Phenix Axis 720 XH 30-80#

    Southern California Penn fathom 30LD2 & Phenix Axis 720 XH 30-80#

    Great condition. Just had a fresh top shot of 40# mono backed with 60# braid. Text Jason @ 858-735-6167 $425 obo.
  237. Slow pitch jigging setup

    Southern California Slow pitch jigging setup

    Penn fathom 10xnld and maxel platinum spj rod , willing to split but would prefer to sell as combo for 325
  238. penn spinning reel and varmac 10-30lb spinning rod

    Southern California penn spinning reel and varmac 10-30lb spinning rod

    selling an excellent spinning combo i no longer use penn fierce ii 6000 and a varmac 1piece 10-30lb rod 7’ , this setup is in excellent condition $100
  239. J

    Southern California Penn Fathom 2 Speed Lever Drag 40N

    Like new condition. Filled with 80# spectra with a fresh 60# top shot. Text Jason @ 858-735-6167 for pics. Asking $175
  240. J

    Southern California Avet Pro EX 30/2 Two Speed Reel

    Pictures coming soon. Serviced in 2019 at Ken's custom and has only been fished once since. Has 130lb hollow braid with a brand new 100lb spliced mono top shot. Reel is silver and in great condition. I will include a Graftech Rail Rod - GRR78XXXH for another $100. Text Jason @ 858-735-6167
  241. Wildman

    Southern California *Deleted Post

    Deleted Post
  242. Tranx 500 HG w/clamp

    Southern California Tranx 500 HG w/clamp

    Tranx 500HG - see condition in pictures - 80lb J-braid - Aluminum clamp - Squidco reel cover - no box $450 or trade for a TN40 Narrow Pick up in Elsinore or ship on your dime Paypal, Venmo, Zelle
  243. K

    Southern California SOLD

  244. Senko888

    Southern California WTB visx16s mk-16iisea

    Looking for a used or new penn visx16 silver/makaira 16 sea. Would also consider a rod to pair. Gearing up last minute is always tough, reaching out here before i pick one up at the landing. Will be heading to SD for memorial day weekend. Thanks!
  245. titan05

    Southern California It's a Penn Party

    Just for giggles and give some love to Penn.....I'll be adding more I'm sure but these were visable ;) Paypal F&F or buyer pays the fees but I stand behind anything I sell so no need for the fee thing Shipping in Cali is 8.00 or less - USPS Priority with tracking Text 858-722-7865 for pictures...
  246. Kencor Rod 820 7ft #40-60

    Southern California Kencor Rod 820 7ft #40-60

    Newly wrapped Virgin blank, never fished Kencor rod. Great #40-60 rod 7ft. Deckhand wrapped with x-tube handle. $175 OBO.
  247. titan05

    Southern California Lotz of Reels

    Got some reels that I know I won't be using....all of them are ready to fish Most have clamps and some don't.....freespool and drags are good to go....reels are clean Shipping avail on buyers dime....8.00 in Cali usps Paypal friends or buyer does the fee thing and as always if you don't like the...
  248. Calstar Big Tuna Killers Rods

    Southern California Calstar Big Tuna Killers Rods

    I haveTwo Calstar Tuna rods for sale, just wrapped. Never fished. $175 each or both $325 1. T6455XH: 5 1/2 ft rated #50-100 line weight, purple and white wrap, pac bay aluminium reel seat, extra heavy guides. $175 2. T655TSS: 5 1/2 ft rated #60-130 line weight, green, dark green and white wrap...
  249. PRICE REDUCED: PENN FATHOMii 30 Star Drag - 175

    Southern California PRICE REDUCED: PENN FATHOMii 30 Star Drag - 175

    Selling my Penn Fathom ii Star Drag 30 High Speed. Used it on a couple trips and it is an awesome reel. My hands are a bit small for this reel though, so I am selling it and will stick with my tesoro 10. Reel comes with box and clamp and is spooled with 40lb mono and backed with 65lb daiwa...
  250. AVET SX 6/4 G2 - 200

    Southern California AVET SX 6/4 G2 - 200

    Selling my G2 SX 2 speed. Recently serviced at Ken's Custom Reels ($40) and not fished since, in perfect operating condition and excellent cosmetic condition as well. Thinking I will go with a small star drag for my 15 to 25 lb live bait setups so selling this lever drag to make room. Reel comes...
  251. Penn/UC TUNA Combo

    Southern California Penn/UC TUNA Combo

    I have a big Tuna gear combo for sale Penn 20 VISX(Silver) has 600 yards of White Izor 100lb Spectra, and a United Composites Invictus 7’6 Raild Rod rated 100-150. Both are brand new, wanted to use this year but have other plans! SELLING AS A COMBO ONLY. Price is $1000 for both Pick up in San...
  252. Penn Fathom 60LD2 100lb braid

    Penn Fathom 60LD2 100lb braid

    Nice budget Tuna reel spooled with 100lb solid braid about 480 yards with roo. For a short top shot. I can ither ship to you or I can meet up in SD Friday 4/30 as I will be getting on the Pacifica. $290 shipped $280 meet up in SAN Diego on Friday (4pm-6pm)
  253. Penn 40NLDHS

    Penn 40NLDHS

    Penn 40NLDHS Used once. 10/10 mechanical and appearance. 60 lb hollow with 75 yds of 50 lb mono.
  254. akachalupa


    Recently picked up a Fathom ii 30 (high speed, 6 x 1) and would like to trade it for a Fathom ii 25N star drag (of similar condition) in case any one is interested. Reel has been used 1 time and is in perfect condition. Let me know, thanks.
  255. Penn multi tool

    Penn multi tool

    Looking for a penn multi tool. Let me know if you have one laying around. Found one. Thank you.
  256. F

    WTB Okuma Cavalla 5NII or Penn Fathom 15XNLD2

    Need a slow pitch reel, let me know your asking price! Located in Placentia
  257. Penn Slammer 3

    Other US Penn Slammer 3

    Barely used Penn Slammer 3 7500, loading with #80. The reel is in perfect condition.
  258. Conolon bait stick, #30 rod 8ft9in

    Conolon bait stick, #30 rod 8ft9in

    Conolon bait stick, #30 rod 8ft9in. Black on black wrap on guides with cork tape handle. Will trade for penn fathom 40Nld2.
  259. Yoyo special Truline 5x Rod

    Yoyo special Truline 5x Rod

    Perfect #40 / 50 Yellowtail Yoyo Special. 6ft 4in Truline 5x with Alps guides wrapped black on black. Cork tape handle. Will trade for penn fathom 2 speed 40N
  260. For sale or trade for jigging narrow reel.

    For sale or trade for jigging narrow reel.

    Located in San Diego. Preferably looking to trade my Calcutta 400D paired with Phenix inshore rod for a conventional jigging reel. Condition is 8.9/10 mechanically 10/10, Will add cash on top if needed. Anyone interested message me to meet up or text pictures. Price of combo is $$365$$.. NO...
  261. Wildman


  262. Penn Torque 15XNLD2 & 30LD2

    Penn Torque 15XNLD2 & 30LD2

    Asking $525obo. Located in NC SD and would prefer to meet in person but can ship on your dime. PM is best.
  263. Jason Bauer

    Brand New in box Penn TRQ15XNLD2 (silver)

    HI, I have a brand new in box silver Penn Torque 15xnld 2 speed. Will sell for $500 cash, price is firm. I'm in North County San Diego. You can pick it up or I will ship on your dime, text me and let me know. Jason (760) 840-1461
  264. Mr. SALTY

    Lexa 300 win $130

    $130 Double paddle win spooled with 30lb nomads braid and a 7.1 gear ratio.
  265. Wildman

    Or sale Penn Fathom 12 Star Drag NIB

    Looking to trade for Lever Drag: Penn Fathom 10, 12 or 15 or other Brand similar size lever drag reel *or* 400-size baitcaster Daiwa Lexa, Okuma Komodo, Penn (Other)? *or* Shimano 300 size baitcaster *or* Swimbait Rod (7-8' 10/15/20/25# rating) *or* C a s h --> $1 6 5
  266. E

    Penn 505 tanked out

    picked up this Penn 505 w/ Accurate sideplates, Tib 99 frame & spool, Accurate wiffle ball handle, SS 5:1 gear set, gear sleeve, dog, yoke, and eccentric jack. Late last year, fished it once to check it out, reel is very nice. Free spool is great, cast great. Already have a nice set up in the...
  267. Chadmo

    Fathom30LD2 - $200

    $200 - firm Can ship on your dime Located in San Diego 65lb JBraid Comes with original box, paperwork & accessories Used only for one season. Always rinsed with freshwater after a trip
  268. Wildman

    Prices Reduced Accurate Tern 400x and ProGear V42 and 545

    M O R E P H O T O S on later posts ***VIDEOS uploaded on February 20 Post*** Accurate Tern 400X (High Speed, Re-built by Accurate/New Serial #/Essentially a new reel- Best price online new is $309.95 plus tax $295 $285 $275 ProGear 545 w/Power Handle - $175 $170 ProGear V42 N.I.B. -...
  269. Wildman

    Looking for Levelwinds , Baitcasters , Swimbait Rods

    I'm looking for RH Levelwinds, like the Penn Fathom 15LW / Shimano Tekota 500 / Daiwa Saltist 20LW I'm also looking for RH low-profile bait casters in the 200 or 300 size , preferably Saltwater models I HAVE, FOR TRADE, RH: Penn Fathom 12 - New In Box Daiwa Luna 253 - paddle handle and Power...
  270. Edwin Salgado

    Reels!! Tranx 500PG fathom 40NLD2 hybrid20

    shimano tranx 500PG lightly used spooled almost all the way with #65 izor very little boat rash (SOLD) Penn Fathom 40NLD2 went on 1 trip no fish caught (pretty much new) little over 500yds of #80 izor ($100+ Value) (SOLD) Maxel hybrid 20 used but not abused! Little guy was used for shallow...
  271. ThunderMudder

    Penn 320 GTi’s and 320LD’s $60-75 ea REDUCED!

    (2) Penn 320 GTi in very good condition and just off being serviced by myself inside and out, comes with reel clamp. $75ea >> reduced $60ea (2) Penn 320 LD (lever drag), in very good condition and just off servicing (same as above), comes with reel clamp. $85ea>> reduced $75ea ***i’ll be in...
  272. H

    Penn 940 Levelmatic Reel

    Hey! Have a Penn 940 Levelmatic Reel just spooled with 12lbs mono for sale for $40. Reel works great! Will ship on your dime. Reach me at 626-674-3692 for faster response. Thanks for looking!
  273. FeelinYellow

    Penn Special Senator 113HL 4/0 (USA MADE)

    Hey guys I’m selling my Penn Senator 113hl (4/0) made in USA version. It is in good working order. Hardly used. Took it out as a loaner to newbies while ago and that was pretty much it. Has some line on it from while ago but it will need to be replaced. $50 takes it. tight lines
  274. tarantula_tamer

    Reels: Penn, Avet, Accurate, Daiwa

    Used Reels. All in working order, some with more boat rash than others. Accurate Boss Magnum 870 Narrow $150 Green 50lb spectra backing Avet HXJ 2- Speed $250 80lb spectra backing 50lb mono top Daiwa Saltist B&G 50 $100 (No clicker) 50lb mono Penn Senator 113h 4/0 special $125 Tiburon...
  275. Vg323

    New United Composites RGP 80 MEGA 20-50 $380

    Brand new mega rgp SOLD Still Available : also selling brand new factory wrapped United composites Reaper for $400 Daiwa proteus wn 80mh $190
  276. 99Phishing

    Penn International VISX 16(2 speed)

    Hello fellow BDers, For Sale is a lightly used Penn International VISX 16. Used once, taken out and rinsed with fresh water afterwards. Price is firm at $480, Located in Buena Park Comes with everything in box.
  277. Rightkind86

    Penn VISX 30 FS

    Selling my VISX 30. Great shape and barely used. Has the typical scratches from cattle boats. Hard to keep big reels next to each other without them touching. Has 500 something yards I believe of Diawa 150lb color change line which is great for flat fall fishing those big bluefin. I believe I...
  278. Jordan Lynn

    PENN Fathom 200 & 300 Low Profile reel review from San Clemente Island

    Me and a few friends headed to SCI the other day to test out these new Fathom reels. I was on the 200 and Tee was on the 300. We had them paired on a couple iRods and absolutely slayed them out there. Here's the video if you'd like to check it out.
  279. Vg323

    United composites REAPER & Daiwa Proteus wn 80 MHF

    Both rods are brand new. $400 for the Reaper $190 for the daiwa proteus FIRM ON THE PRICE pick up and cash only.
  280. sulla

    * SOLD * Tiburon N533NK $90

    I have a Tiburon narrow kit ( silver frame black spool ) for 500 and 400 Newell series.
  281. Eman1001

    Penn Squall 50 or 60ld

    Looking for a used Squall 50 or 60LD or comparable sized reel. Thanks in advance, Broke College Student
  282. Vg323

    Daiwa Saltist BG 30H black and gold sd

    $165 cash and pick up only. Clean reel with 50lb braid $300 if you take the 20H and the 30H Ignore: daiwa,shimano,penn,lexa,saltiga,calstar,phenix,avet,seeker,United composites
  283. D

    *pending* Penn Fth 400 Low Profile Left Handed Filled with 50lb Nomad design

    Literally just purchased this reel brand new 4 days ago, filled it with 200 yards of 50lb nomad design braid and then booked a trip on a boat where this will be severely outclassed to fish with. Im looking to sell for 300 , i have 335 + tax invested into it and this reel is unfished. the low...
  284. D

    thread accidentally double posted, ignore

    Literally just purchased this reel brand new 4 days ago, filled it with 200 yards of 50lb nomad design braid and then booked a trip on a boat where this will be severely outclassed to fish with. Im looking to sell for 300 , i have 335 + tax invested into it and this reel is unfished. the low...
  285. Vg323

    Daiwa Lexa 400 HS-P old version

    Reel spooled with 50lb braid and 30lb topshot mono. Minor scratches on the reel. Works perfect ready to fish. Comes with extra paddle handle. Pick up only. $185 firm
  286. Vg323

    Daiwa Saltist 20H BG

    Excellent condition reel. Minor scratches works really well. With 50lb braid. $150 firm pick up only
  287. Vg323

    Daiwa Proteus WN 8’MHF new version

    Selling brand new with tags and wrap Daiwa Proteus WN 8’ MHF new model. $200 firm. Pick up only Thank you
  288. AukaiB

    WTB 4 or 5 series newell, also looking for broadbill kit for Penn 113

    Aloha looking for a 4 or 5 series newell, can be any size and speed. Also looking for a newell broadbill kit for a penn 113 if not the whole reel with kit. lmk what you guys have TIA
  289. The Reel Grind

    Visx20 penn international

    Penn international 20 visx filled with spectra. $500 ready to kill at cortez
  290. The Reel Grind

    Penn torque 15ld2 gold

    Filled with 50 spectra small top shot of 25 pound mono $375
  291. Alex Koen

    Penn Fathom 40NLD2 Lever Drag - Brand New

    Anybody has an interest? It's brand new. I decided to go with another reel and have no use for this one. $250. Thanks!
  292. akachalupa

    AVET HX 5/2 - 300

    Selling this HX 5/2. Have not needed to use this reel and trying to put some money together. I upgraded to a raptor version and never take it out anymore. Reel is spooled with 80lb j braid topped with 50lb mono. I had it serviced at the end of last season and not used it since. Cosmetically and...
  293. akachalupa

    AVET MXL 6/4 - 215

    Selling this MXL 6/4. Have not needed to use this reel and trying to put some money together. This reel has defeated several decent fish for me but I upgraded to a raptor version and never take it out anymore. Reel is spooled with 65lb izorline braid topped with 25lb mono. I had it serviced at...
  294. akachalupa

    AVET SXJ Single Speed - 145 SOLD

    Selling this SXJ I bought for no reason. Already have an SX 6/4. Have not needed to use this reel and trying to put some money together. Reel has been used 2 times and is spooled with 40lb braid. Comes with box. Pretty much brand new. Let me know if interested. Not looking for trades right now...
  295. Anello

    Garage Cleanout - Penn/Calstar/Cousins/Shimano/Seeker etc. for Sale

    Hi All, I'm cleaning out the garage and figured I'd see if I can find any of these new homes. Cash or venmo. Pick up or meeting somewhere preferred in San Diego area. If you are very new and try to get over on me, or are a scammer, I'll find you. So, serious offers only. As you can tell...
  296. DJsLoPpY

    REDUCED Torque 40 NLD2

  297. O

    Penn International V 30VSW $375

  298. Chadmo

    Penn Fathom II 25N SDP 4:8:1 $190

    $180 - Located in Chula Vista Filled 2/3 w/65# Blue Daiwa JBraid Grand x8 Has 40# Izor XXX Mono Top Shot Has only been on 3 boat trips Comes with everything pictured, original box, manual & paperwork, rod clamp & hardware. Reel was always rinsed with fresh water after each trip & re lubed...
  299. ricmlopez


    “CLASSIC BAJA” - GREAT SHAPE $135 Shipping is $25 or pick up in WHITTIER 90602 🍀OG SABRE & PENN SENATOR 4/0🍀 💥SABRE STROKER SC660H 💥6 FEET 30-60 GLASS ROD, CARSON, CA 💥PENN 4/0 with Narrow KIT 💥PERFECT FOR YOYO, DROPPER LOOP, Ready to pull Fish! Overall good shape - some Regular rash And...
  300. S

    Penn Carnage II Boat Rod(50-200 lb braid)

    Penn Carnage II - CARBWII80200C66 80-200 LB braid One boat ride, never used 10/10. 6”6 in length Great 50-80 lb stick (bait, yoyo or vertical jig, or heavy bottom) Purchased July 10, 2020 for $225 Asking $175 or best offer
  301. TylerH

    Help with vintage St. Croix

    I recently used my inherited St. Croix for the first time to fish for coho. It worked well but the metal ferrule connecting the two halves of the handle kept wanting to twist around or loosen while I was jigging or even just cranking the reel fast. Are there any tricks or modifications to...
  302. Numoto93

    Okuma Alijos AJ12

    I have a okuma alijos12 for sale only used once. Good reel just decided to go another route. It’s loaded with 65lb j braid and comes with original box and clamp. Located in San Jose,CA but can ship on your dime using PayPal goods and services for payment. Looking for $400
  303. Caseymcv

    Battle 8000 mate

    Looking for a rod to match with my Penn Battle II 8000....
  304. dillionare

    WTB Penn Fathom II Star Drag 25NSD

    Looking for a Penn Fathom II 25NSD. Prefer the Second Generation and in almost new condition please. Let me know what you have. Located in the Huntington Beach area Thanks in advance.
  305. Sardine_matt


    I have a penn fathom 25N spooled with 65lb spectra and about 100 yards of 40lb mono. It also has aftermarket 4:8:1 gears. I still do have the original gears in hand. Used it a few times and is still in good condition. Looking to get around 145 for it pm me with offers.
  306. T

    Custom all aluminum penn 115...HLW!!!!

    So I am thinking of creating something wild I may be willing to share with the community that is if I get some help! I am planning on trying to recreate the accuframes and accuplates for the penn 115h. But the cnc company I am talking to said if I had a base they could strech the frame and spool...
  307. gotwakesvl

    Penn International 50VISW!!

    New International 50VISW for sale. Got it in a trade from a buddy I helped with divorce paperwork. Unfortunately, it's a little too big for anything I am going to be fishing for this year, so it needs to go to a good home. Reel hasn't been used and is in pristine condition. Not sure what the...
  308. 99Phishing

    BNIB Penn International VISX 16 Gold

    Hello all, I have for sale a Brand New In Box Penn International VISX 16. Box is still taped up and unopened. INT16VISX - MSRP $579.95 PRICE $500 FIRM or trade for silver INTVISX16/INTVISX20
  309. M

    Custom Seeker Pinhead BHPH89

    newer pinhead blank made with leftover green S glass. rolled at OC factory. Really hard blank to find since they don’t make it anymore. Open to trade Green S glass pinhead br89 custom wrapped, or Sale price $400 Model: PH-BH89-8'9" Length: 8'9" Line Rating: 20-50 lb Penn, accurate, cal star...
  310. V

    Lefty Fathom 40 2spd

    Hi My buddy is looking for a lefty Penn fathom 40 2spd. Please let me know if you have one for sale. Thank you
  311. M

    Shimano Tallus set up

    Selling my shimano Tallus 7ft rod paired with a Penn Fathom 30 2 speed reel For $380. Both the reel and rod were only used 2x the reel has some scuffs from rubbing on the boat but basically new. The reel comes with 80lb braid and topped with 60lb mono. If interested text or call Omar @ 7608057703
  312. Cdistro89

    Upgraded Accuplates/ Tiburon Senator and Jigmaster

    Both pieces are in unreal shape, smooth, and ready to fish. -Jigmaster with Accuplates side plates and Tiburon frame. -Penn Senator 113h with Accuplates side plates and Tiburon frame. Both have upgraded drags Not really sure how to price these. Was told I could probably make more if i took em...
  313. D

    WTB Spinfisher VI 2500 and 8500LL

    Hey yall, hoping to snag the newer spinfisher, one size for the surf (2500 with or without Live liner) and one size for the bigger, deeper surf (8500 With Live liner). Let me know whats floating our there, looking for some street deals :D. New or close to new condition are preferred. Also...
  314. MrMartilyo

    To Cal Sheets or not to Cal Sheets? Penn Torque 30LD2

    That is the question. Not sure if it will be worth it to send my torque in to Cal or not? Gonna fish 40/50 and 60 in a pinch. Heard nothing but awesome words from others regarding Cal. Input would be highly appreciated.
  315. ColinSD

    Offshore Rock pile/Coronado Islands 4/23

    Took my Triumph 195CC out yesterday Thursday 4/23 to the rock pile and Coronado islands. Weather was great and ocean was super calm but had some decent 2-3+ swells. Went to the rock pile first. Caught a barracuda on a red yo yo iron. Couldn’t get anything else to bite. Water temp was 56-57...
  316. Sammy108

    SB creamsicle Ulua, Penn Torque 25 Gold

    The rod is freshly wrapped with fuji k guides in an acid wrap. Reel is in good shape and perfectly functional has 80lb spectra on it currently. Combo- $650 Rod- $450 Reel- $300 Text me at 808-639-4191 for pictures
  317. David Speer

    fathom 25 trade or sale

    Selling a fathom 25n spooled full with 65 in really good condition Want 175$ or TRADE for a pink avet. or send other trade offers Pm me for pictures
  318. DJsLoPpY

    Penn Torque TRQ25 Star Drag

  319. M

    My Penn Reel Wont Let Line Go

    I recently bought a Penn Pursuit III 6000 reel and I was fishing off a pier with it a few days ago, I was fishing a dropshot rig with a 1oz sinker and it was casting perfectly but I'm pretty sure the line wasn’t sinking all the way to the bottom. Does any one know what the problem is and how I...
  320. M

    My Penn reel wont let the line go

    I recently bought a Penn Pursuit III 6000 reel and I was fishing off a pier with it a few days ago, I was fishing a dropshot rig with a 1oz sinker and it was casting perfectly but I'm pretty sure the line wasn’t sinking all the way to the bottom. Does any one know what the problem is and how I...
  321. C

    Fathom 30LD2! Excellent condition!

    Goodmorning all! I am selling my penn fathom two speed , 30LD2, excellent for most big game offshore, and was only used twice ! 240$ OBO!!!!
  322. Taro870

    New Penn Fathom 25N Star Drag Fishing Reel With New Line (65lb J Braid)

    I have too much gear I am not using: Brand new, unused. Original packaging with all accessories. Comes spooled with 300 yards of fresh 65lb white J Braid line. $200 firm. Two available. Cash, paypal friends & family, and venmo accepted. Will Ship! Local Pickup okay!
  323. MrMartilyo

    3x Factory Phenix Rods - Black Diamond ISA - PSW 906L, PSW 907ML, PSW 908MH

    I have a set of factory wrapped Phenix rods. All rods are 9 footers. I am the original owner of all these rods. They have served me very well and I am looking for a good home for these puppies. PSW 906L - Black Diamond Inshore Assassin Series 9’ 8-25lb Fast Alps guides and Fuji reel seat 8.5/10...
  324. sulla

    Calstar GF 765m

    I have a factory GF765M in good condition (has initials and tuna sticker added). I’m Looking to trade for a GF 700H, 700XH, 765L or something else comparable in Seeker, UC, Rainbow or Phenix? Basically looking for a yo-yo stick for #50 maybe #60
  325. sulla

    P322 Newell

    Clean p322 with silver tib frame $210
  326. sulla

    Newell P322 with Tib frame

    Super clean p322 with silver tib frame.
  327. DJsLoPpY

    Penn Slammer III and Carnage 2 boat rod

  328. sulla

    Newell G series 338

    Really nice G338 with tiburon frame and purple handle. Recently serviced and ready to fish! $180
  329. sulla

    NEWELL P series 338

    Clean reel, works perfectly with fresh carbon fiber drags. Always cleaned and serviced regularly. $180
  330. Salty_puss

    New Avet 2-speed EX 50/2

    Brand new, never used Avet EX 50 in original box 2-speed Right Handed - Silver This reel is NOT a blem model. Bought brand new over the summer for a spare Bluefin/frozen flyer reel but never ended up using it. Has sat in the box all summer and I no longer need. Go catch a cow Bluefin or a deep...
  331. sulla

    Daiwa Saltiga 40

    Original Daiwa Saltiga 40. 100% mechanically perfectly smooth but shows a little boat rash. See photos. $290 ( if you want shipped attritional $10 ).
  332. C

    Two Reel and Rod Combos For Sale

    I have one Penn and one Shimano TLD15 with rods for sale. Great for bass and yellowtail. Very clean and ready to use. Will make a great Christmas gift. $200 for both
  333. C

    2 Rods And Reels

    I have 2 rods and reels for sale. I'd prefer to sell them both in one transaction. They are both great for anything from bass to yellowtail. $200 for both
  334. D

    Penn Spinfisher VI Warranty from Ebay?

    Hello all. I am hoping this reaches the Penn rep himself "Penn". I purchased a spinfisher vi 8500Live liner model from an Australian tackle seller. fishingonline4. They have over 10K great reviews and seem like an honest reliable seller. I received my spinfisher reel and when i opened it and...
  335. F.I.S.H.Y


    BD'ers Being relatively new to the hobby, I've had times when reading threads for information that I couldn't understand some of the terms used. So I decided what if I started an encyclopedia sort of thread so that everyone can refer to when their not understanding what someone is saying, I...
  336. akachalupa

    AVET LX 6/3 G1 PRICE DROP - 165

    Selling my 2 speed LX. Never use it. I have accumulated lot of AVETs and Makairas and I never use this reel. Someone should. It has 300 yards of 65 lb spectra and topped with 40 lb mono. It has been on lots of trips with me and killed a lot of fish. Cosmetic is 7/10 and 10/10 mechanical...
  337. luv2phish

    Shimano Talica 2 speeds - 8ii,10ii,12ii,16ii

    I have 1 of each: My loss is your gain Talica 8Ii and Talica 10ii SOLD Talica 12ii and Talica 16ii I paid $589.00 each with tax. Cheapest Online is $496 with tax an shipping. Selling for $ 490/ each Spent over $2200 for all 4 reels Save some cash and buy 2 remaining reels for $980.00...
  338. noahg727

    30 or 30w 2 speed

    Looking for a 30 or 30w 2 speed reel. Want to get my nephew started land base shark fishing and figured a 30 was a good Christmas gift for him Cosmetics isn’t as important as functionality. Looking to spend around 100$. Must be willing to ship and PayPal gift Thanks Noah
  339. akachalupa

    Avet HXW Raptor - Silver - 400 no braid / 500 w braid

    Avet HXW Raptor - Silver Brought on 1 boat ride and never pulled on a fish. No boat rash. Perfect condition. Loaded with 640 yards of 100lb 8x J Braid and an 80lb top shot of izorline smoke. Comes with clamp, tools and box. Asking 500. If you don't want the braid and would like to spool it...
  340. akachalupa


    Pretty much brand new Gold PENN International 16 VISX for sale. Been on one boat ride as a large paperweight. No boat rash though. 80lb izorline smoke top shot with 100lb spectra backing. Never pulled on a fish. Comes with box, clamp, all boxed goodies from factory and reel cover from...
  341. R

    Price Drop NEW Daiwa Seagate 35H

    Never used, in box with clamp and all other accessories. This was a gift and I have decided to stick with the Seagate 20s and 30s. Local central San Diego pick up. Price lowered to $90 cash
  342. F.I.S.H.Y

    Penn Battle II 6000 and California Classic

    Penn Battle II 8000 in Great condition sounds a little grindy when you spin it though 8/10 Asking $80 Callifornia Classic 2708S 8' 15-30 in Great condition a couple of scratches 9/10 asking $130 $200 takes the combo! Also accepting trades
  343. coweyes

    Penn Torque Star Drag 30 Gold. $330

    I have an almost new Penn Torque Star 30 in gold color. Filled to the top with Suffix 832 green braid, 50#. The braid is almost 550 yard total to the top for this reel. I bought it brand new in June this year but only used once in August. Serviced my self after August trip. You can still see the...
  344. akachalupa

    PRICE REDUCED, Avet MXJ MC Single Speed

    AVET MXJ MC Single Speed never been fished or seen a boat ride. Asking 150. Not looking to do any shipping. Local F2F only please. In North County SD or somewhere near Sorrento Valley. Thanks
  345. coastalwerks

    NIB Penn Fathom 12SD

    Used once Penn Slammer III 5500 no line and have box, original owner. I have the 6500 and decided to sell the 5500 - SOLD TO TOMMY!!! NIB Penn Fathom 12SD: $SOLD$ Can can ship for additional $10 insured. PayPal preferred or cash. PM if interested.
  346. ckcadavona

    *prices lowered*7-8ft Calstar, Graftech, & Penn rods

    All rods are very good, ready to fish condition w/ few minor scuffs. Proven rods that have caught multiple tuna. No shipping Trades- 7'-8' ready to fish rods that can handle 50-60, 60-80, 80-100, no roller guides...670H, 6470H, 700H etc. Graftech 25-40 8' $100 sold Very fast action can fish...
  347. ckcadavona

    Penn Fathom

    Penn Fathom 25 LD 2, 450 yards Izor solid 50#, some minor rash, very good condition, ready to fish, includes everything pictured $220 **SOLD** Trades 7-8ft rods 610H, 670H, 6470H, 6480H, or similar action complete fishable blanks
  348. fran_deli

    PENN VISX 20 (Silver)

    Reel is in excellent shape. Been on a handful of trips but never caught anything on it. Comes with 100 lb Izor braid with a topshot of 50 yds of 100 lb Izor blue mono. Comes with reel seat clamp. Located in San Diego. Asking $500 Fran
  349. P

    Shimano Baitrunner / Penn Powerstick Combo

  350. DJsLoPpY

    Phenix PHD 700X3H and Fathom 60LD2

    Ive got a excellent condition Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid PHD 700X3H (60-130lb) rod with a brand spanking new Penn Fathom 60LD2 up for grabs. This is a serious budget friendly whopper stopper. Rod was purchased from another BDer. Scratches around reel clamp area. Rest of rod is fresh, not a...
  351. bradda_brandon

    PENN VISX 12 gold $380

    selling a used but not abused VISX 12 gold. I replaced the stock handle with the larger handle that comes with the 20-50 sized internationals. Comes loaded with NEW 550yds of Berkley prospec 80lbs spectra. I will trade for a mak15T with some cash on my end $380 takes it! **LOCAL PICKUP/MEETUP...
  352. coweyes

    Penn Torque 30 Star Drag for Penn Torque 25n Lever Drag

    I have a nearly new Penn Torque 30 Star Drag in gold color, bought it new this May and only been on 1 boat ride but didn't use it. Filled with 50# Suffix 832 braid in green color all the way to the brim, approximately 500 plus yards. Looking to trade for a similar condition Penn torque 25N Lever...
  353. M

    My Tiagra 80w or International 80stw 2 speeds for a Makaira 80w

    Hey guys, I’m looking to trade my Tiagra 80w or my International 80stw for a Gold Makaira 80w. Both were just professionally serviced last season and have just been sitting in the closet. They’re both 2 speeds, in great condition and mechanically work perfectly. If you have a pair of Makaira...
  354. P


  355. papacito

    Torque 40NLD2 Gold

    BNIB Penn Torque 40NLD2 in gold. $525 Will also trade for new Shimano Tranx 500HG Located in north county San Diego Thanks.
  356. Asael

    Shimano tyrnos 30ii looks and works brand new

    Shimano tyrnos 30ii 2 speed reel in crazy good condition has 60lb mono on it has original clamp and box along with the little screwdriver which came with it.. OPEN TO TRADE!!
  357. J

    Tiburon 12

    Well I have this Tiburon 12 with 80lb braid on a ugly stick all roller rod. Who wants it? It's in 9/10 condition and is truly an awesome reel! It has an automatic 2 speed system and is very cool. I am asking $500 (now $435 shipped) but will consider offers and trades!
  358. Moor_fish

    Please delete

    Roddy gator tail model BH65HC 6'6" 20 - 50 lb Used it as a yo yo rod. Caught plenty of yellows on it. $55 obo Roddy Penn Daiwa Diawa Shimano Cousins Phenix Tuna Yellowfin Bluefin Yellowtail Seeker Offshore charter Okuma Avet Accurate
  359. creech

    Seeker 6490 8 foot, okuma classic 7, Penn Power Stick

    Seeker 6490 deckhand cut down to 8 foot, new rope wrap installed. 20-50lb. 190 obo okuma 701ml 7 foot deckhand classic 15-30. 50 obo Penn Power Stick 20-50 hypalon 6 foot 6. 50 obo.
  360. DJsLoPpY

    Penn Slammer III 9500

    Excellent, clean condition. Ready to fish. Would work geat as a tuna popper, live bait setup, shark killer, or for anyone who wants that "Whopper Stopper." This is it. 60# max dura drag, double anti-reverse, IPX6 water resistant, all metal. I upgraded the the line roller guide from a cheap...
  361. Steel Seeker 40

    Fathom 2nd gen gear swap

    So what is the likelihood that the 4.8 gear in the new Fathom series 25N star drag will be an easy swap on my older model?
  362. Bizzidy

    Bent rod tip eye guide and thoughts how it can affect fighting a monster.

    Hey guys and gals, I’ve been collecting a few rods to use on a quick 1.5 day trip out of Seaforth in SD. I’ve ordered a few rods on Amazon but twice in a row the tip eye guide has been smashed from poor packaging/shipping. I picked up a Penn Carnage 2 30-80 lb rod, 7’ boat casting rod and it...
  363. C

    Newell p332f clicker

    Hello BD, last night I turned on the clicked on my newell to strip off some line and the clicker just broke. It seems like the screw securing the button from the inside is still inside the reel as I can hear it rattling. The clicker button can be pulled out of the side plate with alarming ease...
  364. M

    Looking for Calstar 800H and others

    Looking for a Calstar GFGR-800h or GFGR-800xh or GFGR-875H. Will buy or trade gear. Shoot me a message and we can talk
  365. E man

    Penn Torque 40NLD2 & Okuma Makaira 10II

    Hey everyone. Clearing some things out that I wont be using. 1) NIB Penn TRQ40NLD2 - SOLD to tresbien 2) Great condition Okuma Makaira 10II in gunmetal. Comes with box and whatever it came with. Loaded with 65lb PP - SOLD I’m located in North Hollywood. Local pick up or I can ship it at your...
  366. Taro870

    Looking for left-handed Penn Fathom 15N Lever Drag & 25N Star Drag

    Hello! I am in the market for the following reels: 1) Penn Fathom 15N Lever Drag (Left Handed) 2) Penn Fathom 25N Star Drag (Left Handed) Thank you!
  367. KennFisher63

    Penn International 50VSW

    4 x Penn International Two Speed 50VSW Spooled with 24kg line & Rods. As New, only used a few times. All 4 x Rods and reels for sell. $850 for each.
  368. Moor_fish

    Please delete

    Okuma Metaloid 5N 2 speed paired with a Phenix Abyss rod. Reel is new only been on one boat ride 10/10 with 80lb seaguar threadlock braid and clamp. Rod is 8/10 tip recently repaired at squidco. Looking for $300 obo.
  369. Tyler Doan


    moved to different post
  370. jmoore1989

    PRICE DROP - Used Rods & Reels For Sale - Avet, Penn, Shimano, Johnny Morris, Ugly Stick

    Getting rid of my extras that i don't use Avet mxl 6/4 mc 2 Speed With 50lb Braid - $250 (will trade for Fathom Lever Drag - SOLD Shimano Terez 7'8" 50-100lb Extra Heavy Medium Fast - $175 Penn Battle 5000 50lb Braid - $40 Shakespeare Ugly Stick 6' 80-130lb - $30 Penn Slammer III 8500 60lb...
  371. SDLOCAL

    Calstar GFDH 100JC MAG

  372. Mario62692

    Big Fish? Penn Fathom 30 Star Drag

    How big of a fish do you guys think I can catch using a Penn Fathom 30 Star Drag with the 4.8:1 gear ratio? Reel is filled with 65lb Spectra and 50lb Izorline mono topshot.
  373. jackpotjoe


    Bluefin special nice rod and reel combo ready to land a big one. Loaded with 600yds new powerpro 65lb.yellow.$300 firm on price. Call joe in San Diego, Carmel valley. 8587356644
  374. William Clinton

    Penn Fathom Setup.

    So a few days ago amazon had a deal of the day on penn fathom 2 speeds. I already had a 25nld2 that I got as my first reel for schoolies. Its on a okuma Cedros 6.6 Ma with 40 lb spectra and mono top shot. I got the 30NLD2 and the 60NLD2 Was looking at Okuma PCH Rods. Should I do a 65 lb and 100...
  375. M

    Penn International II 50tw with penn mariner 50lb-130lb rod excellent cond

    Reel is in 9.5/10 cosmetic condition no rash. Mechanically its 10/10. Rod is 9.5/10 cosmetic and 10/10 structural. Both barely used. Even still has non faded original barcode. Reel has 50lb mono 1 season old. I will remove if requested. $335 + 30 shipping east coast +50 west coast.
  376. RobRoyl

    New Penn fathom 30 2 speed with braid on Phenix axis hax 780 30-80

    I was given this set up brand new. Took on a boat once and never used it. I have another set up very similar and this one has been sitting. $400 takes it all, I will sell separately.
  377. Josh_11

    Calstar grafighter 9’ trade for 10’

    I have a calstar grafighter GFDH-900m 20-40lb It’s in very good condition I would like to trade for a 10’ jigstick let me know what you have thanks! Located in San Diego
  378. Woodeneye

    Calstar WC-660HRS-RT 30-80lb Troll Rod

    For Sale: Calstar WC-660HRS-RT 30-80lb Good condition. Excellent inexpensive troll rod just in time for Tuna season. $125 OBO. Thanks for looking.
  379. GarytheCPA

    getting rid of some reels - Newell, Avet, & Penn Costa Mesa

    Too much gear & getting rid of some reels first. All are lightly used. The Newell's were given to me new a couple years ago by a friend who ran a tackle department. Threw a little surface iron with them, but they never really caught on with me. I don't think these Penn coffee grinders were ever...
  380. deadpinniped

    Tranx 500 and fathom 40 star drag

    Thinning out the reels that never get used. I have a Penn Star Drag 40 (with reel clamp not shown) and a Tranx 500hg with tiburon clamp. Looking for $old for the Tranx with the clamp and $150 for the Fathom. Both function perfectly and have not been on many trips. They do have boat rash.
  381. Woodeneye

    (2) Shimano TLD30 2 Speed

    For sale Shimano TLD30 2 speed reel. Reel is in great shape, I have two for sale $175 each or both for $300. Upgrading my trolling reels and don’t need these anymore. Lightly used. One spooled with 60lb Izor Blue end of last season and not a fish on it, the other has old line and hasn’t been...
  382. coastalwerks

    Penn Torque 30 LD2

    NIB Penn Torque 30LD2 RETRIEVE RATE: 41/21 WEIGHT: 21.50 REEL SIZE: 30 REEL HANDLE POSITION: Right BRAKING SYSTEM: Mechanical DRAG TYPE: Lever Drag DRAG MATERIAL: Dura Drag COLOR: Gold ANTI-REVERSE FEATURE: Multi-Stop Selling for $465 PayPal FnF preferred or local pick up Rancho...
  383. S

    Penn 12t Freespool

    Im working on a 12T for a buddy to try and not have to send it to someone to get serviced. It’s lost freespool and no matter how the reel is set you never gain freespool. With the lever backed all the way down you can still reel line.... not much power, if any at all, but you still reel in line...
  384. E

    Penn 113 4/0 Senator with Tiburon topples Narrow kit and AccuFrame Narrow kit

    I have a couple Penn 4/0 Senator one with Tiburon topples Narrow kit and one with an AccuFrame Narrow kit that i am looking to sell. The Tiburon is spooled with about 300 yards of 80# JB hollow core. I am in so Cal Can ship or meet up. 4/0 Senator with Tiburon $120 4/0 Senator with...
  385. Moor_fish

    Avet Combo

    Hello I'm selling an Avet SX (Blue) with an Okuma MXR bait rod. Reel was checked by Squidco Saturday 4/27 and is in perfect working condition. Has some boat rash. Spooled with 65 lb white Daiwa J braid. Please see rod for ratings. Perfect for patty Yellows and small tunas as well as local...
  386. jigglejiggs done, please delete.....

    I have a once used Shimano Tranx 400pg with 265yards of 65# Fins 40G, and 2 handles (gomexus power handle and stock handle that was never used), box, paperwork included. Looking to trade for a fathom 40nld2 with or without line, with or without box and paperwork. In person trade please. Thanks!
  387. V

    Penn fathom 25n start drag

    Looking for a penn fathom 25n star drag. Thx!
  388. _Mako_My_Day_

    Extra Reels looking for New Home

    Hey y’all! I’m clearing out tackle I’m just not using anymore and hoping to get it into hands that will get some use out of it. I have: 2 Penn Jigmasters 1 Daiwa Sealine 50 All are in fine working order with solid drag and freespool. Penn’s are $30.00 a piece and Daiwa is $50.00
  389. AdamGman


    This is an older model Penn reel that came out around the time of Shimano TLD ( I think) It has virtually never been put to use ( drag was never engaged on a fish ) I only took it out once and skunked. Comes spooled with around 400 yards of 80# braid,hollow core, cost me about $100 to spool...
  390. _Mako_My_Day_

    Penn 4/0 Senator and Penn Mariner Combo

    I’m clearing out tackle I don’t really use anymore and wanted to pass this set up along to someone else. It’s put a lot of fish on the board for me and still has a ton of life left in it. The reel: Penn Senator in great shape just needs line The rod: Penn Mariner: 5’5” 30-80lb line functions...
  391. Genensd


  392. BigBruin52

    Penn Fathom FTH60LD2 Reel, like new!

    Penn Fathom FTH60LD2 Reel w/100# Xtreme Braid / 80# Mono is Top shot, Cover, Clamp, Box. $230 obo, Took on one boat ride, never used it. No low ballers!
  393. Tuna-Tic

    Halibut Rod, Electra Mate and Penn Reel

    Older setup. Seen some work. Not used for at least 7 years. Not serviced recently but has been in the past. It works fine. I would like $250 for this setup. It comes with a Penn Senator 114H 6/0 reel and a 6' Penn Special rod. I opened up the electra and lubed it. Reel and pole has some pitting.
  394. Steven1883

    New Daiwa Saltist 30H

    New. Comes with box and clamp. Spooled with 60lb J-braid. $225. Txt. 562 294 6089
  395. T

    Seeker Inshore Pro Casting Rod - MGC Spinning

    Seeker ISP 708-7T 12-20lb. 7foot, Cory Sanden casting rod. Hand selected at Seeker, spined w/straight guides. I've likely used this twice. Excellent condition only a few hypalon Mark's. $130 Seeker MGC series (Military Grade composite) STL 7015-7'S. 12 (15) 20 lb. Unused, Beautiful shiny gray...
  396. J

    Rods n reels F/S

    Hey all, Have some rods n reels up for grabs. The inventory: 1)Vintage Penn Senator 9/0 star drag w/ clicker, spooled with heavy braid. Rod: Davis big game full roller Length: 1.75M Action: 100# Condition: fully operational and ready to fish but could use a little cleaning. Qty: 2 2)Okuma...
  397. M

    Penn IK39 Kite Rod Unused (3’3”)

    Kite rod is brand new. Selling locally in Santa Ana for $40.
  398. Jbananas556

    Spinners-Catalina, Certate, Spheros, Torque

    Need to thin the herd to finance some new gear and other things. Listing some very fine reels. I am the original owner of all listed except the Torque. All reels shipped insured via USPS, PP only. First up is a brand new inbox(opened for pictures), JDM 2016 Daiwa Catalina 4k straight from...
  399. F

    PENN TRQ40 or TRQ30 or TRQ25N -Star Conv. (*Prefer Black* but Gold is ok)

    Please post your pictures, your price (with any fees paypal and shipping to Hawaii).
  400. Sherrita

    Penn 114H 6/0 - $200

    Penn 114H 6/0 With Special 6/0 Senator Made in USA For a faster response, please contact me via a Phone Call at (619)223-8574 or by email at [email protected] I'm located in Point Loma, CA
  401. Sherrita

    Penn Jigmaster 500 - $125

    Penn Jigmaster 500 with Accuframe and extra spool For a faster response, please contact me via a Phone Call at (619)223-8574 or by email at [email protected] I'm located in Point Loma, CA
  402. Sherrita

    Penn 550SS - $50

    Penn 550SS Awesome reel for the bay fishing in the kelp for smaller species fish. Great for 15lb -20lb Mono to catch many fish in the kelp or smaller grade yellowtail/pelagic species. For a faster response, please contact me via a Phone Call at (619)223-8574 or by email at [email protected]
  403. R

    80 or 130

    looking for used 80 or 130. Penn, shimano, Makaira, avet. Looking for reel only. No rod.
  404. Corndog

    PHENIX PSW760ML lightly used SOLD

    Rod is PSW 760ML I believe. 7'6" 10 to 30lb rated. Rod is in good condition. Havent used it much since I mostly long range when I hit the ocean. Message me here or text to 970 four two zero 199eight Jason

    UC/Penn Combo Trade for 12'-16' Aluminum Boat with 4 Stroke

    I have a brand new factory wrapped United Composites 76 Viper rod and brand new Penn International VISXS 20 loaded with 100 lb solid Izor braid. Both rod and reel have never been used. Id be willing to trade for a clean running 12'-16' (deep V hull preferred) aluminum boat with trailer and 4...
  406. Alaska2Baja

    PENN International II / 30SW

    Penn 2-Speed 30SW in very good condition $285 OBO Has been to Cal's for freespool and blueprint Looking for a new home
  407. E man

    NIB Penn VISXS 12 Silver

    SOLD... thanks BD!
  408. daveski

    Used Rods; Calstar, Phenix, Drift Socks, misc

    Used Rods for sale Calstar trolling Rods available Calstar GFGR 765 40-80 $200 Calstar GFGR 765 40-100 $200 Calstar GFGR 700 XLS 10-25 $150 Calstar GFGR 700 ML 20-40 $150 Calstar GFGR 700 XL 10-25 $150 *SOLD* Calstar GFGR 700 M 20-50 $150 *SOLD* Phenix Black Diamond PSW-S Spinning Rod 760 H...
  409. U

    Penn Squall 25N for sale

    I have Penn Squall 25N for sale. Spooled with 50lb braid (cca 250 yds). Fished one season (5 trips). Bought in June 2018. Works perfectly, no scratches. Ideal for bottom fishing, fly lining, yoyo, surface irons, pretty much everything besides big BFT. 6:1 ratio. New ones go for $150, my price...
  410. RiggingSoCal

    Fishing Rod Rack Storage Opinions

    Hi Bders, so my buddy and I have been making and selling our Custom Made Fishing Racks to many Southern California fisherman We’re preparing to sell these racks at Fred...
  411. R

    Penn 50w(x2)

    Looking to sell 2 Penn 50w. 1. Brand New. Penn Squall 50VSW. Just spooled with 130lb TufLine XP. Has around 1000yds. Only ran out once. 2. Penn 50VSW. Just spooled with 130lb TufLine XP. Has 930yds on it. Line hasn’t seen water. Excellent shark reels and in excellent condition. $800+...
  412. Mle

    Penn Conflict II Reels for sale size 2500, 4000, 500 new

    Selling Penn Conflict II Reels, bought and never used, went with a different reel for my boat. I have sizes 2500, 4000, 5000, and 6000LC 2500 - $80 4000 - $100 5000 - $120 6000LC - $180
  413. E man

    NIB Penn Fathom FTH25NLD2 & FTH40NLD2

  414. nachofish

    30's! Tiagra, PENN, Avets

    Looking to buy 30's Must be in great condition Any upgrades a plus Cash in hand
  415. C

    Penn 25N Star Drag

    Penn 25N Star Drag W/ about 400 yards of white 50lb power pro Good condition not much boat rash Recently serviced 7142539412 text me located in huntington beach
  416. Eman1001

    Penn Fathom vs Squall Comparison

    Hi all, I'm looking at both the Penn Fathom and Squall and can't decide; I like the line capacity and price point. I'll be fishing the surf for threshers and soupfin mostly. Maybe YT on charters too. From what I've read I'm leaning towards the fathom. Any suggestions? I'm specifically...
  417. Efishient

    penn fathom 30 ld 2 speed

    If you are trying to get rid of yours lmk
  418. Josa1


    12/18/2018..Price Drop to $270.00 with local pickup but will ship on your $.\ josa1 Have for sale a Penn International 16S 2-Speed reel. Reel is in excellent, just fully serviced, mechanical condition and is in excellent cosmetic condition with a very little amount of boat rash (please see...
  419. dEDGE

    Penn International II 30S (priced to sell)

    Very good condition, 8/10. Used exclusively as a trolling reel and dropper loop rig at the Lupe so very low mileage but honestly, it spent most of its time sitting in the rod racks. Currently spooled with 80# Spectra with 60# blue Izorline topshot. Comes complete with box, bag, oil, tools and...
  420. C

    Good rod to pair with a Penn Fathom 25N?

    Hey guys, so I am new to saltwater fishing and picked up a Penn Fathom 2 speed lever drag in 25N, I was just hoping for good rod suggestions (length, power, etc.) in the $200-$250 range. I’m hoping to make this a flexible set up in which I could go after yellowtail as well as be able to handle...
  421. Chrislarson757

    PENN Torque 25 Black Stardrag

    $350 OBO - No low ballers Hardly used has a few scratches but was just serviced in the spring at Dana. No box. Clamp included. Spooled with 65lb PP and top shot of 40 (I think). Prefer local pickup in San Diego. 757-472-5o34 Text me for more pictures if needed.
  422. ricmlopez

    Tuna Fishing Gear

    In Whittier, 90602 Up for grabs is some affordable tuna gear! 1. Seeker Hercules Series Rod - SHS 60H-6 40-80 lb rod. Perfect solid rod 6 foot, 40-60 lb test rod that’s lightweight for those mid grade tuna. $200. Retail was $400. Triple wrapped with titanium guides. Good condition, just add a...
  423. Fishtech1

    Penn Downriggers & extras

    2 - 835 long boom with 400 ft of tuffline and Cannon plugs 3 - 800 with long booms 1 - 620 manual 2 - 600 manual 2- boxes of assorted gear boxes, booms, boards, wiring, swivel bases 1500.00
  424. Photoxic

    Daiwa Saltiga LD30 2 Speed

  425. R

    Penn International II 50s for sale/trade

    Penn International II 50s in great condition spooled with 130lb braid. Bought for tuna season and didn't use it. $375.00
  426. fish~n~time

    Penn International 30vsw 2 speed in very good condition

    I have a lightly used Penn International 30VSW 2 speed in very good condition for sale.. It was used maybe 4-5 times and has only a few small scratches. It works and looks like new.. Asking 400.00 or would consider trade for a Avet HW, HWJ 5/2 2 Speed.
  427. Battle Skiff

    Penn international 16

    Brand new in box PENN International VIS Gold Two-Speed Lever Drag Reel. Reel will cost you $600+ is a store. Comes with reel clamp, and penn reel tool everything brand new. $525. O.B.O
  428. Bite1

    BNIB Fathom 40ld2 $200

    Price Reduced 200 firm / buyer picks up. Brand new. Located in West LA and I work downtown 626-838-3349 or PM
  429. M

    Penn Fathom 12 FTH12 Star Drag (NIB)

    Selling a new Penn Fathom 12 star drag that I only took it out of the box to check it out. I realized its not going to fit my needs. It still has the original tags on it and comes with original box, paperwork, & accessories. Located in Massachusetts and price is $145. I accept Paypal. Not...
  430. O

    Baja Special & Daiwa Saltiga

    Fall cleaning. Need to clear out my New Penn Baja Special. I put line on at the Longfin 2 weeks ago and forgot. Got left behind in the truck. It has never been on a boat. $225 OBO. Saltiga 40 Star drag with 65# Izor white spectra. This is the original 1st generation classic. Very good used...
  431. dEDGE

    Penn International 975cs (priced to sell)

    Very good condition 8/10, only used a handful of times. Great casting reel, single speed, perfect for throwing the jig at kelp paddy Yellowtail or big plastics at fat, grumpy Calicos. Comes complete with bag, tools, reel clamp, oil, owner's manual and box. Pick up in Torrance preferred or will...
  432. M4ttt0

    Mak SEA 30 VS Penn 30 VISX

    Guys, I want to get a 30 for these big VFT and to take with me on future long-range trips. With all of the options out there I didn't see anyone have a thread on why everyone likes each one. If you could give me your input that would be great. Thanks ahead of time.
  433. R

    Truline LM9, D8, MH, 36

    I have four trulines for sale. Green MH, one piece 8'-1 1/2"- 30-40# -SOLD Green 36, one piece 8'-1 1/2" - 30-40# - $400 Carmel D8, one piece 8'-4" - 30-40# - SOLD Cobra Red LM9, 8'-10" one piece - 20-30#, wrapped by Bob's Sporting Goods with MNSG guides - SOLD
  434. JakeFromStateFarm

    Win a PENN International 12 VI Reel!

    @PENN is giving away an International VI Reel! A BIG opportunity for a lucky angler. Don't miss out on this opportunity! Enter Here
  435. Yammo

    Attaching a reel to a deckhand grip?

    So I just bought a Okuma PCH Custom as a Jigstick and got it in deckhand grip and planning on pairing it with my Fathom 30 star drag. Question I had is do I need to do anything to prepare the rod before clamping on the reel with the factory clamp that comes with the reel? The rod came with an...
  436. njoyflyfishing

    Penn Baja Special 113HN NIB $210

    Hi BD'ers, I am selling a Penn Baja Special 113HN NIB with 300yds 80lb braid and topshot of 50lb. I bought this a few years ago, but have never used it. I actually have too many reels in this class. Would be happy to find a new home for it with someone that wants to rip some lips. $210, prefer...
  437. R

    Shimao TLD 30

    I have three reels for sale. BNIB Accurate Boss Extreme BX2-400 RED Limited Edition (Rare) - sold Shimano TLD-30 2-speed in excellent condition - $150 Penn Baja Special w/ box and papers - sold Let me know if you are interested. [/ATTACH=full]958751[/ATTACH]
  438. Elsa

    Shimano Talica 20II FS

    For Sale Shimano Talica 20II Great condition! Includes: Like new 300 yards of 100lb. Izor topped with 200 yards of Izor Hollow, clamp set, and cover. Mechanically 10/10 Cosmetic 9.5/10 $500...FIRM...Cash Only...Can meet in South Bay or South Gate Has gone on three boat rides and caught...
  439. C

    12T Topless frame, Penn 4/0 Narrow Frame

    I’m looking to buy some fishing reel parts: 1) Penn International 12T Topless Frame. I am willing to trade my very good condition factory frame plus cash or just buy it straight up. 2) Penn 113 Narrow Topless Frame and Spool. Please pm me what you have! Thank you, Adam
  440. kongrotc

    rod wrapper - hand or power

    Thank you Rocky It is great deal!!!
  441. L

    Penn spinning pole

    "Carnage" 6ft spinning pole for sale. Rated 80-200 lb braid. Mint condition, no boat rash. Asking $125.00. No low ballers. Contact 858-864-eight one one nine.
  442. Buttchaser

    BNIB Penn Int 30 visxs

    Penn International 20 Visxs Penn Int 30 Visxs $600 No Trades Meet up within 20 miles in LA or San Fernando Valley John
  443. Ed K.

    Avet MXL 5.8 Lever Drag Single Speed.

    Avet MXL 5.8 Lever Drag Single Speed $180.00 Good Condition, Last One! Text 626-664-2983
  444. Ed K.

    Avet MXL 5.8 Lever Drag Single Speed

    Avet MXL 5.8 Lever Drag Single Speed $180.00 Good Condition, Last One! Text 626-664-2983
  445. Ed K.

    Avet HXJ 5/2 MC Raptor Two Speed

    Avet HXJ 5/2 MC Raptor Two-Speed professionally loaded with apx. 600 yards of Izorline 65# solid spectra. $410.00 Like New in box! Used 1x
  446. RiggingSoCal

    Penn Fathom 25N Star

    Looking for a star drag 25N in good to new condition. Preferably without line but with is fine too. Pm me what you have with your asking price. Thanks. Prefer local pick up. I live in Glendale CA. Weekdays in Pomona Ca.
  447. E man

    *REDUCED* NIB Penn Torque & Pro Gear V32

    SOLD!!! Thanks BD!
  448. Fishinjunkie

    Accurate Valiant BV300

    I have a like new Accurate Valiant BV300. Comes with box and filled with 30lb PP braid. Asking $290 OBO. I'm open to trade as well. Let me know what you got.
  449. Collin_789

    Jig stick calstar / seeker

    Looking for a calstar 90j, 900H 100 etc. seeker ulua 9ft or 10ft, please let me know what you got, (looking for factory rods only)
  450. bradda_brandon


    Bought it from a fellow BD’er and I decided to go a different route. Loaded with NEW 65# izor. I’m asking $300. Please call or text Christian @ (760)216-7898
  451. bradda_brandon

    New calstar WC 90j & Penn fathom 15 IIspd

  452. Fishinjunkie

    Accurate Valiant BV300 Price Drop!!!

    I have a like new Accurate Valiant BV300 spooled with 30lb pp spectra. Comes with box. I'm open to trade for Trinidad 16a, Tranx 500 series, UC Centaur blank or complete rod. Price drop to $300 for this beautiful reel.
  453. hbmike11

    Penn Torque 15 - 2 speed lever drag

    Penn Torque 15 - 2 speed, excellent condition, used 3 times, super low low gear, compact, loaded with 50lb spectra. Asking $395. Located in Irvine/Newport Beach. Trades I would entertain +/- cash - Super Seeker 1X3, Calstar rail rods, shimano talicas.
  454. aventuSD

    (3) Penn Torque 25 star drag BRAND NEW

    Ive got 2 Penn Torque 25 star drag reels that are brand new in their boxes.Normally go for well over $400. Asking $300 each I am willing to ship if you pay for it. Thanks guys.
  455. DODGERS27

    Penn 535 like new

    I have a like new penn 535 graphite frame reel comes with clamp Pm me ur number for pics $60 pick up in santa ana
  456. Rodolflow

    WTS Penn Squall 40LD with 65lb braid

    Hey everyone! Looking to sell or TRADE this Penn Squall with 65lb 8strand braid with a 30lb topshot. I can't see any scratches and been used only 3 times. Looking for 100 pickup in SFV on the weekends and Santa Monica on the weekday ALSO, looking to trade for a Shimano torium or any saltwater...
  457. V

    Penn fathom 25n star drag!

    hi bd If you have one please PM me. Thank you!
  458. J

    $300 Penn fathom 40nld2

    Brand new never touched a rod. Spooled with 500yards of 100lbs PowerPro maxcuatro and 80lbs top of Pline.
  459. RiggingSoCal

    Penn Spinfisher V 7500

    Has some boat rash but is in perfect Mechanical working condition. Always rinsed down with fresh water at the end of the days fishing. The 7500 size penns and up have the backup dog antireverse making them great for heavy application. They’re 130$ + Tax brand new on amazon. Asking $90 Text...
  460. Joe birch

    525 mag and silver saltist

    Looking for 525 mag reels and daiwa silver 20h 30h.
  461. bradda_brandon


    I have a Black torque 30 loaded with 80lbs powerpro. It is in amazing condition mechanically and physically. I am asking $350. I also have a Talica 12II laoded with 80lbs white powerpro. In amazing condition mechanically and physically. I am asking $450. LOCAL PICKUP ONLY NO SHIPPING! Call or...
  462. timb

    Seeker Mexico Series, and Calstar rods

    For Sale: super clean and cared for, lightly used bait rods... SOLD Seeker Mexico Series M870-7' 15 (25) 40 LB. (wrapped 11-03) SOLD Seeker Mexico Series M270-7' 12 (20) 30 LB. (wrapped 05-04) SOLD Seeker Mexico Series M270-8' CT 12 (20) 30 LB. (wrapped 04-04) CALSTAR WCDH 270-8C 12-30...
  463. V

    Sold penn fathom25nld

  464. Mario62692

    Penn Torque 30 Star Drag Black

    Reel is in great condition. No scratches on it. Used once on a rockfishing trip. Reel has the 4.8:1 gears in. Also included is the 6.0:1 gears. Reel also has 65lb Izor spectra filled to the top. Comes with clamp and screws. Selling to get a Makaira 2 speed. Asking $340 OBO. Located in Baldwin...
  465. SoCalEddy

    Penn Fathom 15 Star BNIB

    Brand New In Box PENN Fathom Star Drag 15 Never Used or Lined Price : 170 Would prefer cash in local meet up I’m in Santa Ana, CA I travel to Lake Elsinore occasionally But if we do decide to ship it will be at your cost and we can do the FF PayPal
  466. MAG0121

    Penn Senator 113H w Tiburon Frame, drag, handle upgrades

    Clean Penn Senator 113H 4/0 with upgrades: Tiburon full frame, pro gear handle, drags, etc. Great freespool, well maintained. $140 obo. Shipping included.
  467. V

    Fathom 2spd help!

    hi bd’er I broke down my reel to service bearings. Are you suppose to oil or grease your bearings?
  468. ricmlopez

    $180 Mint Penn Fathom 30 RH 2DSpeed

    Located in Whittier. $200 Mint Penn Fanthom 30 LD 2 Speed. 400 yds of 50lb Depth Finder Braid ($50 in line). Shipping is $12 insured. USPS priority mail. With box and clamp Text Ric 562-980-6301
  469. Josa1


    3/15/2018 Price Drop to 345.00. Have for sale a near new Penn International 50 SW two speed reel. Reel is in perfect, just serviced, condition. During service the spool and side plate bearings were cleaned and repacked. The Cal’s grease lubricated carbontex drag operates very smoothly, the...
  470. Mario62692

    Penn Torque 40ld2

    Reel has never been used. Comes with with box, clamp, and screws. Reel is also filled with 80lb Berkley Pro Spec, filled by the folks over at Bob Sands Tackle. Asking price is $430 or best offer. Located in Baldwin Park, CA, 91706.
  471. voodoo

    PRO Power Winder for Fishing Reel Line in Near New Condition

    Near new hardly used Pro Power Winder for fishing reel line. PRO brand commercial quality winder Has all parts, 2 speeds, forward and reverse, line counter, anodized aluminum finish, speed control pedal, A great deal at $600.00 (reel not included) New Pro Power winder retails for $1999.00 CASH...
  472. S

    Fenwick Pacificstik 1655 XHC on Fathom 40NLD2

    Hello All -- my uncle gave me a vintage Fenwick Pacificstik 1655 XHC, 5'6", 30lb--80lb mono rating. I was thinking of pairing it with my Penn Fathom 40NLD2, which has 80lb braid to either 50lb or 60lb mono topshot, and using it for panga fishing in Mexico. Any thoughts on this set-up...
  473. Jack Yac

    Left hand calcutta and left hand penn combo

    1. Left hand Calcutta 401D 8/10 cosmetically 10/10 mechanically 2. Penn squall 25LWLH with penn carnage rod 7/10 cosmetically 10/10 mechanically Calcutta 200 OBO Penn combo 115 OBO
  474. Weberied556

    REDUCED Seeker pinhead 7’ 30-60 135$

    1-PENN US senator 113N. Brand new out the box. Never taken on a boat or seen water, it was mounted on the pinhead. SOLD 4- Seeker pin head 7’ 30-60 factory wrapped. Cork is a little separated from the reel that used to sit on it. You can see the blank between cork wraps. Pulls like a great 50...
  475. Craig Rappaport

    Penn Spinfisher V 6500 Spinning Reel With 80# MaxQuattro

    Perfect for throwing large poppers. This Penn Spinfisher V 6500 has 30# max drag, live line mechanism, and is loaded with 250 plus yards of 80lb MaxQuattro Braid that cost over $50 alone. Selling for $120. Pristine!
  476. E man

    NIB Pro Gear V52 & Penn Fathom

    I have a brand new blue Pro Gear V52. SOLD Also have a brand new Penn Fathom FTH40 star drag. $140 I'll try to get pictures up but they're new in box and never been spooled. I can meet anywhere in the San Fernando Valley. Thanks!
  477. Mario62692

    WTB Penn Torque 30 Star Drag

    Please pm me if you have a Torque 30 Star Drag you are willing to sell. Have cash ready to go. Thanks. Mario G.
  478. Mario62692

    SOLD Penn Torque 12 Star Drag Black

    Reel is in mint condition. Brought on one boat ride but was not used. Reel comes with over 200 yards of 40lb Izorline Spectra. Reel also comes with box, clamp, tool, and case . Asking price for reel is $260.
  479. FishyNicky

    Old unknown reel

    I found this old reel that I believe to be my great grandfather's which would date it sometime pre 1945ish. I haven't been able to find any information on it here or elsewhere and I'm curious as to what it is and what it was used for. Its a small levelwind reel with solid bakelite side plates...
  480. V

    Penn fathom 30 star drag sold

    great condition! Good drag and good line capacity. Fun reel and can be used to fish anything. Comes with clamp. $120 Text 714two6two707nine
  481. ron2381

    fishing buddies marina del rey redondo santa monica

    looking for fishing buddies in these locations to hit local piers or the venice rocks or if u have a boat at one of these harbours i got gas/bait money got my own gear also got a lobster net if u want to go roach huntin
  482. R

    FS: Vintage Newell P322F

    I have a early 80's Newell P322F for sale. Comes with box and Papers. SOLD Let me know if you are interested. Thanks,
  483. BuddhaProof

    WTS Penn Fathom 30ld2 Price reduced...

    FS Mainly looking to sell but open to trades Penn Fathom 30LD2 10/10 Mechanically 9/10 Cosmetically- $190 - Negotiable Spooled with New 65# Power Pro Spectra backing and ~ 100yd 40# Izor Mono Some Scratches on 2 speed shift button but that is replaceable PM me for Questions
  484. Chris Pereira

    Spinfisher 6500ll vs 8500ll

    Im seeking a gear recommendation for my upcoming 2.5 day trip. I would like to take a popper/lure setup so I purchased a spinfisher 8500LL and paired it with a Ugly Stik Tiger 20-50lb (I'm still considered the Jigging Elite 50-100lb) as a budget setup. <$200 The 8500ll feels big and heavy and...
  485. Ncfishslayer

    Wtb Penn Senator 6/0 114 Frame

    I am looking for an alum frame for a 6/0 penn senator with black side plates. Interested in old accu frame or Tiburon. Or in black marlin conversion. Ty
  486. V

    Wtb penn fathom 40 2spd

    please pm me if you have one for sale. Thx
  487. HavasuSun

    Penn Fathom 60LD 2 Speed for a Kite Reel?

    Does anyone have any experience using a Penn Fathom 60LD 2 speed for trolling/kite fishing? The specs look good for the purpose but was curious if it would hold up to a long run by a 200lb blue fin. The specs show it holds 700+ yards of 100lb braid and has 40lbs of drag. Pretty impressive for...
  488. titan05

    For Sale- Daiwa Sealine SHA and Daiwa Saltist Reels- All Reduced

    Hey All Just doing some mid summer cleaning..... I think all these prices are fair and my gear is always clean and if it isn't I say it....don't be shy ....Got a offer.....Bring it......I don't bite ;) Okuma Catalina 25 cs - no clamp - clean - good drag - 50.00 Okuma Catalina 55N - clamp -...
  489. reeltease

    NEW reels coming out

    Once again ICAST 2017 had a lot of new things in store for the fishing enthusiast. Attached are some of the newest reels about to hit the market.
  490. noahg727

    Wanted: 80tw or 80stw

    Looking for an 80tw or 80stw for LBSF. Must be willing to ship.
  491. jeffzou

    FS: Penn Senator 113HL $110

    This reel is super clean and filled up to the brim with fresh 40ln PLine...Reel was serviced by Ken's in Oceanside and has not seen the water since...Really a fantastic reel for SOCAL....I am in Laguna Niguel...Not interested in shipping this or any trades. $125.00 Thanks for looking, happy to...
  492. E man

    F/S NIB Penn Fathom

    Brand new Penn Fathom FTH40. Pick up in North Hollywood or I can meet anywhere in the San Fernando Valley. Price is $140
  493. Jarrr

    WTS: Shimano, Lamiglas, Penn..Needs to go!

    Penn Fathom 30 star drag Used once, no clamp Sold Penn Conflict 6000 Like new except a little scratch where it connects to the reel seat $70 Shimano Curado 201i Like new Sold Lamiglas X-11 8' 1-8oz 15-45lbs Used, tip replaced Sold ***Trying to get rid of some gear to make room for other...
  494. Torsk

    Rods and Reels for Sale

    Rods and reels for local P/U in Santa Monica only. All reels that state spectra have at least $50 worth of line on them which equates to $120 reel actually costing $70. Thanks to everyone who has helped me to move this gear, lots of happy faces. ;-) Shimano Tekota 800...
  495. S

    Penn international 6

    Going thru the garage and came across this. Does anyone know how much it's worth? Thanks!
  496. Jigslinger

    Rods and a couple of reels for sale

  497. Tower Todd

    Pair of Seeker Kids rod/ reel combos

    I have a pair of custom wrapped Seeker Kids rids for sale with Penn 310 GTI reels. They are 71" overall length and the butt have been cut down to fit kids better and are 9.5" long. One rod has a nice green and gold wrap near the butt and the other a gold and purple. Both rods have a purple...
  498. Jarrr

    WTS: Phenix, Lamiglas, Penn

    Phenix PSW 760h 25-60 Brand new $220 Lamiglas X11 LX80HBC 15-40 Used. Tip was replaced $50 Penn Conflict 6000 Excellent condition $100 ***All prices are firm.
  499. G

    Penn Jigmaster Repair & Pricing?

    Hi - Does anyone have a feel for the pricing to do a tear down and clean-up on a couple of old jigmaster 500s? I have a couple of them that i picked up at a garage sale - probably 70's / 80's vintage - they seem to be in good working order - but i'd like to have them broken down, cleaned up...
  500. bus kid

    Calstar,Shimano and Penn

    Cleaning out the garage. Located near the intersection of 605 and 405 freeways in Los Alamitos Ca Calstar 270-8 custom wrapped Deckhand with Shimano Torium 20 about 50 yards of 40 mono on top of 200 yards of Jerry brown 65# braid.reel cover included $150. Penn Senator 114H filled to the...
  501. HavasuSun

    What is the best old Penn International 30 Model

    I am thinking of adding some older Penn International 30 size reels to my boat for general trolling. eBay seems to have them for sale regularly for decent prices. I have a couple of questions that I was hoping to get help with.... Is there certain models/years that are better then others...
  502. SD32J

    Penn DELETE

    Penn with upgraded Tiburon frame and clamp and 7' Rod -50$ Bass Pro baitcaster and rod -30$ Can text for more pics Pick up in San Diego . Text 619-261-7163
  503. Delbrugge4


    Im looking to buy a penn baja special. Not the new senator remake but the original.
  504. Wildman

    I am Looking for an Okuma Makaira 20 or 16 II Sea

    To buy - OR - for a trade, I have: REELS: NIB Mak 10ii Sea, pristine John Bakers, collectors' Newells, collectors' Penns including 180MS in box w/papers and TRQ 100 N.I.B., Penn Baja Special and TRQ 200, Newells, ProGears, Others RODS: Phenix B.D. Hybrid 760XXH Factory, Super Seekers - Custom...
  505. 222

    Tiburon SST 7530 Limited Edition

    FS Tiburon SST 7530 Limited Edition number 128 mint condition with box, tool kit, reel bag, specifications, and manual. Not a scratch. I won't ever use it because it's so nice. I have a gold one that I use $450. 5.9:1 2.8:1 automatic two speed reel SMART SHIFT, lever drag reel. Will accept...
  506. S

    Shimano Terez 6'6" $200

    SOLD !!
  507. M

    Penn Warfare (help)

    Hey everybody, I'm a bit novice with fishing but, know my way around spinning reels. I just recently purchased a Penn Warfare which is a level-wind reel and I'm not so familiarized with loading line onto these types of reels. Looked up some videos on how to properly load line and I followed...
  508. Andriy Proshchenko

    Reels for sale - Penn Torque 12, Fathom 25N, Newell 332, Avet MXL, Daiwa Saltist, Shimano, Okuma

    Reels for sale, these are duplicate setups that I have sitting around. All reels are either brand new or 9/10 condition, putting 9 just because these were used several times. Couple of them have tiny marks but no major boat rash on any reel. 1. Penn Torque 12 black - full of 40lb Daiwa jbraid...
  509. ricmlopez

    Penn International 965 Baitcaster

    Made in US. Solid reel filled up with Jerry Brown braid 50 lb test. Small rashes, normal use. Will ship, located in Whittier, 90602. $175.00 text ric 562 980 6301
  510. R

    Penn International 50SW Two Speed

    I have a Penn International 50 SW two speed in really clean condition for SOLD. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks,
  511. E man

    FS - Penn Fathom 40

  512. Kyle farmer

    Penn Fathom 25n

    Reel is in GOOD condition $160 Call/text to 714-872-0546 Located in Cypress, CA near Knott's Berry Farm
  513. SantaCruzLunkerz

    Tackle Suggestions

    Going on my first overnight trip out of san diego next month and wanted some advise on set ups to bring. For reels I have an abu Garcia revo toro s 60, penn fathom 15, penn fathom 25nld 2 speed. For rods I have a UC RUC711H and a Rainshadow RCLB 80M. I usually always fish the revo toro s on the...
  514. Got2Phish

    Penn International II 12T

    Letting go a Penn International II 12T Reel, 2-speed with an Accurate Gold Handle and Gold Aluminum reel clamp. Very small scratches, very good condition. Good Free Spool at 20# Drag. Price: SOLD Thanks Gary
  515. pactwa24

    Penn fathom, seeker pinhead.

    Penn fathom 12- brand new in box with 250yards of 15 mono. $200 obo Seeker pinhead- 7' 15-30 rod is used only a few times, very clean. $100 obo
  516. socal538

    Avet reels and Seeker rods

    Selling some of my fishing gear. All used but taken care of well. If interested in anything send me a message I'll get back to you as soon as possible. I do not ship. Local sale only. Avet Mxj 5.8 filled w/50 Spectra $160 Avet Mxl 5.8 half w/50 Spectra $175 Avet Mxl 6/4 2 speed filled w/65...
  517. dockboybraden

    Torque 25n up for trade

    Up for trade is my torque 25n black and gold like new condition full of 65lb pro spec white. Looking to trade for a tn16 or tn20 in decent condition. Or willing to trade will some $$$ for talica 12 two speed. Direct message please
  518. E man

    F/S or F/T NIB Penn Fathom

  519. Bernhard

    SOLD: Penn Squall SQL30LW in box

    Selling a Penn Squall 30 Levelwind - bought it in November 2015 (receipt for warranty will be provided) and only used it once. It's a great reel and as you can see in the pics it looks brand new. Spooled with #25 Izorline mono. Comes with box, manual, reel clamp, tool - just like out of the...
  520. SccfoChef

    WTS Shimano Terez 9ft $160, WTB Talica 12ii and Penn fathom 25n 2s

    Selling Shimano Terez 9ft 30-60 Good condtion $160 looking to buy talica 12ii and a penn fathom 25n 2 speed.
  521. P

    Spinfisher 6500LL secondary drag is too firm. Can anything be done.

    Bought a couple 6500's last year as I have had good success with my new Fathoms and was looking to upgrade from older baitrunners. With last years great fishing here in So Cal they proved to be workhorses and up to the task handling some large tuna (65#+) without a blink. When fly-lining macs...
  522. O

    WTS: Penn Internation Torque TRQ100X

    I have an unused Penn International Torque TRQ100X. There are a couple of light surface scratches and a couple of tiny fleabites but otherwise excellent condition. It comes with clamp kit, manual, registration card, box and reel. $300 cash ftf. No trades. Shipping extra. Specs: Mono: 450/12#...
  523. Hoopnet


    Hey Guys! I'm selling my mint/like new condition Penn Senator 113L2 (*LEFT Handed*), made in USA. I purchased the reel brand new few months ago as a "new old stock" from a local tackle shop. Took it on 2 skiff rides and trolled it once. Reel was rinsed off with fresh water very well after both...