1. R

    Okuma Californian 6000 - can you switch handles from left to right?

    Hello BD Was hoping if you could help me with this. I just purchased an Okuma Californian with bait feeder and I am learning to use it and really enjoying the reel. I'd like to switch the handle to the other side to accommodate my stronger hand. I've saw a log of videos online and switched...
  2. akachalupa

    SOLD OKUMA PCH 801XH Conventional Rod Like New - 150

    Selling my 8 foot Okuma PCH Custom Rod. It is rated for 30 to 60 lb test and it is a beast of a rod. I fished it primarily for live bait and 40lb test line but I think you could fish it at 50lb. Let me know if you are interested. Rod is in like new condition. I bought it new from Turners for...
  3. akachalupa

    SOLD Graftech Offshore Rods (Medium and XH) - 110 ea or 200 for both

    Selling my backup offshore rods. Rods are in great condition and have not seen much action. Selling the medium (rated 30-40) and extra heavy (rated 50-60). These rods are workhorse style pieces and will last a long time. 110 each or 200 for both. Let me know if interested. I am not looking to do...
  4. akachalupa

    SOLD AVET HX 5/2 - 300

    Selling this HX 5/2. Have not needed to use this reel and trying to put some money together. I upgraded to a raptor version and never take it out anymore. Reel is spooled with 80lb j braid topped with 50lb mono. I had it serviced at the end of last season and not used it since. Cosmetically and...
  5. akachalupa

    SOLD AVET MXL 6/4 - 215

    Selling this MXL 6/4. Have not needed to use this reel and trying to put some money together. This reel has defeated several decent fish for me but I upgraded to a raptor version and never take it out anymore. Reel is spooled with 65lb izorline braid topped with 25lb mono. I had it serviced at...
  6. akachalupa

    SOLD AVET SXJ Single Speed - 145 SOLD

    Selling this SXJ I bought for no reason. Already have an SX 6/4. Have not needed to use this reel and trying to put some money together. Reel has been used 2 times and is spooled with 40lb braid. Comes with box. Pretty much brand new. Let me know if interested. Not looking for trades right now...
  7. noahfex

    SOLD LB Seeker 6485, Teramar 80MH $55, Lexa/Komodo 400 Tiburon clamp $40

    Seeker BSC 6485 - 8.5ft 15-40lb - Long Beach factory wrap, Tuna cord handle, shrink wrap reel seat padding. Good condition, clean guides, some scratches on the clear coat. Great local jig and bait rod. SOLD Shimano Teramar - TMC-X80MH - Definitely used, but still works great. Heavier swimbait...
  8. Localangler

    Want to buy Okuma Nomad roller bag

    Hey what’s up guys, looking to buy a nomad roller bag. Let me know what you have! Near La area in So Cal.
  9. coastalwerks

    SOLD Light Surf and Inshore Spinning Rods, Daiwa BG

    Hello BD, need to make room on my rod rack and selling a few items to make way. 1) Okuma 8’6” MH SST: Sold 2) Daiwa BG 2500: Sold 3) Okuma 7’6” M SST: Sold 4) Daiwa Back Bay 7’6” BB76XHS: Sold All gear in excellent condition, just don’t have time to use them. located in North County San...
  10. C

    For Sale Gold Okuma Makaira 10 2 speed Reel $375.00

    Near mint Gold Okuma Makaira 10 2 speed. Used twice. No fish caught. Fresh 50/60lb braid. Comes with box and tools. Can be upgraded to SEA. Sticker glue will come off. Used to identify mono lb. $375.00
  11. Numoto93

    For Sale Okuma Alijos AJ12

    I have a okuma alijos12 for sale only used once. Good reel just decided to go another route. It’s loaded with 65lb j braid and comes with original box and clamp. Located in San Jose,CA but can ship on your dime using PayPal goods and services for payment. Looking for $400
  12. T

    SOLD Brand new Okuma cavalla 12nii (290$)

    Selling a Brand new Reel Okuma Cavalla 12nii 2 speed.
  13. Swampchicken

    Self Servicing the Komodo Reels

    Love my Komodo reels. A lot of tuna and yellowtail Have come over the rail on these dudes. here is a little article I put together on servicing your Komodo reels. I did this during early quarantine, but now that the season is in semi-full swing, always good to keep up on maintenance...
  14. ty-y-ler

    SOLD Okuma SCTi 861XH, Californian TriHelix, Lexa 400 LEFTY

    Thinning the herd a bit: Okuma SCTi 861XH 8’6” 20-40lb - Great Calico and light jig rod. EVA on the butt is a little messed but nothing serious - $old Californian TriHelix 809H 25-60lb - Used 5 or 6 times. Still in excellent shape - $old Daiwa Lexa HD 400XSLP - Comes with 65lb JBraid. Light...
  15. K

    For Sale Okuma Makaira rod 7'

    Located in San Diego, miramar area. Local pickup preferred. Okuma Makaira rod: $130 Used for one trip. Almost new condition 7' (25-40lb) ALPS reel seat and guides Gimbal butt
  16. ems_yakker

    SOLD Avet MXJ 6/4 G2 Silver

    Avet MXJ 6/4 G2 Silver, reel has 65 lb Power Pro. Reel is 9/10 cosmetic and 10/10 mechanical. $300
  17. Alex Cohen

    For Sale Okuma Makaira 16II-SEa TBS

    Makaira 16II SEa 10 year anniversary blue camp edition. Brand new $600 shipped or local pick-up. Not interested in trading. Thank you!
  18. ldizzle910

    For Sale Okuma metaloid 5ii 65lb braid

    Selling and Okuma metaloid 5ii. Excellent condition about 90% of spool filled with 65lb braid. Mech 10/10 cos 9.5/10. $SOLD
  19. Alex Cohen

    SOLD No Longer Interested.

    Not available.
  20. S-christian93

    WTB shadow stalker

    looking for an okuma shadow stalker..show me what you got
  21. Alex Cohen

    SOLD Mak16

    No longer available.
  22. F

    WTB Searching for Okuma Komodo KDR 364

    Searching for a Komodo KDR 364. If you have any for sale, please shoot me a text. 513-512-9533 thanks!!
  23. chicho64

    SOLD Komodo ss 463

    Selling brand new never use komodo ss KDS-463 selling for $220
  24. Jer55ky

    Wanted - Okuma Makaira 15t silver

    Interested in the Makaira 15t. Prefer the silver as that will match the Mak 20 I already have. I live in Long Beach, Ca text me 562-505-9731 thanks.
  25. Swampchicken

    Cabin Fever? How about self servicing your reels

    Here is a quick video I put together on self servicing my Komodo SS reels. We all know (hope) that this deal will end in a couple of months. Now that we are all quarantined at home and getting antsy, we can all only clean the garage so many times. After walking out there several times and...
  26. H

    For Sale Okuma Makaira 15II-Sea for sale! With Braided line.

    I bought a Makaira last year, only used to troll for 15 minutes. Got no use for it anymore, looking to sell for $475 OBO. Will also ship. The reels comes with all tools and accessories. Also comes with 130lb rainbow braided line. 6263905006 if you have any questions. Thank you
  27. S

    Tiny lever drags

    I am looking for the absolute smallest lever drag.... seen the Andros 5NS, Valiant 300, Avet SXJ, Siegler SGN, some others and some Chinese knockoffs. The valiant is a bit pricey. But not completely opposed to it. I have multiple SXJ’s and just wanted something new and smaller. If that even...
  28. RideMX4life21

    SOLD New Avet 2-speed EX 50/2

    Brand new, never used Avet EX 50 in original box 2-speed Right Handed - Silver This reel is NOT a blem model. Bought brand new over the summer for a spare Bluefin/frozen flyer reel but never ended up using it. Has sat in the box all summer and I no longer need. Go catch a cow Bluefin or a deep...
  29. Alex Cohen

    For Sale Makaira SEA 15T Gun Metal - Brand New

    Bought more than I needed. Brand new still in the box. $520 shipped! Local pick up in Socal.
  30. B

    Okuma Classic Pro GLT & Rods

    Anyone have any experience fishing with the Okuma GLT downrigger rods in Puget Sound?
  31. Josh.eck

    SOLD Seeker rods and okuma reel

    I have 3 seeker rods and one okuma reel to sell! great rods and reel at a great price! Condition is brand new on both super seeker rod and okuma reel, okuma reel has never seen salt water. Super seeker rod are brand new purchased them back in September! Pricing: super seeker 6480XH: $350...
  32. Josh.eck

    SOLD Seeker rods and okuma reel for sale

    I got 3 rods and 1 reel for sale! rod list: Super seeker 6480XH: $400 retail price $450 Super seeker 270H: $350 retail $400 Black steel 6490 and okuma combo $350 I used both super seeker rods ONCE The okuma reel never seen salt water (won it in a raffle and have no use for it) I used the...
  33. F.I.S.H.Y


    BD'ers Being relatively new to the hobby at 13 yrs old, I've had times when reading threads for information that I couldn't understand some of the terms used. So I decided what if I started an encyclopedia sort of thread so that everyone can refer to when their not understanding what someone is...
  34. akachalupa

    SOLD AVET LX 6/3 G1 PRICE DROP - 165

    Selling my 2 speed LX. Never use it. I have accumulated lot of AVETs and Makairas and I never use this reel. Someone should. It has 300 yards of 65 lb spectra and topped with 40 lb mono. It has been on lots of trips with me and killed a lot of fish. Cosmetic is 7/10 and 10/10 mechanical...
  35. akachalupa

    SOLD Okuma Makaira 15II SEA - PRICE DROP - 295

    Selling my 15MAK Sea. Been on a few boat rides, 8/10 cosmetic but 10/10 mechanical. Perfect mechanical specimen. MSRP is 499.99. Spooled with 375 yards 60lb spectra and topped with 60 yrds of new 50lbs izorline smoke. I used this for 50 / 60 lb bait set up and the drag is very smooth. Comes...
  36. Jordan Lynn

    PB Bass at Lake Balboa on cheap Okuma Stratus VI

    Hey guys, I was browsing the forum and saw this Okuma thread. Just wanted to drop off this video of my first fishing tournament/toy drive I competed in last Saturday at Lake Balboa. I caught two new PB bass on my $40 little Okuma spinning reel I bought from Dick's Sporting Good. Not a bad little...
  37. Espinoza569

    SOLD Okuma Catalina

    This reel is in very good condition. Just spooled with with fresh 50# mono from Squidco. Recently serviced. Very well taken care of. Similar size/shape/capacity of Baja Special. $50 obo
  38. noahg727

    WTB 30 or 30w 2 speed

    Looking for a 30 or 30w 2 speed reel. Want to get my nephew started land base shark fishing and figured a 30 was a good Christmas gift for him Cosmetics isn’t as important as functionality. Looking to spend around 100$. Must be willing to ship and PayPal gift Thanks Noah
  39. C

    For Sale Okuma Makaira 15ii SEA/8ii

    Looking at selling my Okuma Makaira 15ii SEA or my Okuma Makira 8ii gold for $350.00. The Makaira 15ii has some scratches and the 8ii is in mint condition with box, paperwork, and all tools. Both reels have fresh line. Also interested in trading for a 3-6hp 4 stroke outboard. Pics up later...
  40. akachalupa

    SOLD Avet HXW Raptor - Silver - 400 no braid / 500 w braid

    Avet HXW Raptor - Silver Brought on 1 boat ride and never pulled on a fish. No boat rash. Perfect condition. Loaded with 640 yards of 100lb 8x J Braid and an 80lb top shot of izorline smoke. Comes with clamp, tools and box. Asking 500. If you don't want the braid and would like to spool it...
  41. S

    Okuma Cedros sweet spot

    I picked up a newer Cedros 'A' 6'6" XH jigging rod. I like the feel but I wonder what kind of backbone it really has. What leaders should it really be best fished at. The 65-200# braid rating is pretty worthless as far as giving information. I had a JX first gen on it for yo-yo and backup bait...
  42. SccfoChef


    Sold Thank you BD
  43. SaltwatrSammons

    WTB WANTED: Blue Okuma Makaira 2speed

    Hello fellow anglers, My name is Alex, I am an orange county fisherman and I have a 60-80lb blue tuna rod that I am looking to pair with a Blue Makaira. Please feel free to reach out to me directly at 949.445.0831 [email protected] Thank you and I look forward to potentially speaking...
  44. noahg727

    WTB Looking for a Mak 80w

    Interesting in a mak 80w. Anyone have one for sale or seen one listed anywhere? Looking to spend around 550$. I’m on the east coast so would you’d need to ship it..we could do PayPal friends and family. thanks Noah
  45. E

    SOLD Okuma Makaira 10, Daiwa Lexa HD400HS-P, Pro Gear V42

    I have a couple reels I’m selling to free up some money. All reels are in excellent condition and can be picked up in North Hollywood or can meet anywhere in the SFV if it’s on my way. 1. Silver Okuma Makaira 10 - includes clamp, box & cover. Filled with 65lb braid. SOLD 2. Daiwa Lexa...
  46. TheArcher

    Okuma or Fenwick?

    Hello everyone. I need your help with choosing a crankbait rod, I planning a 3-day trip to Saint Germain and saw a Kevin VanDan video where he's using his tour series rod (fiberglass and graphite blend) He describes all the pros and cons. So, I thought about buying a new one for me. Are here any...
  47. Matthew G

    For Sale Shimano Scorpion DC 101HG JDM Baitcasting Reel

    Shimano Scorpion Dc 101HG JDM baitcasting reel. Very good reel. pretty much brand new, Used once very lightly in fresh water for about 30 min. Full of 30lb dark green braid. Left hand reel. 10/10 cosmetically 10/10 internal Comes with Winn Grips to put on handles for extra comfort. Located in...
  48. MatFish

    For Sale Okuma Makaira 50 silver and Calstar GF760XH Kite setup

    Have a basically brand new set up for flying the kites and fighting those cow bluefin right now. Rod is brand new never used or seen water Reel has been taken out one time but never seen action. Spooled with 130 Izor hollow to the top asking $580 for reel and $400 for the rod I’ll do a special...
  49. Brian Ortega

    For Sale all sorts of great gear for new home! reduced prices

    mint condition makairas that did a trip or two. no fish. all Makairas were purchased early 2019, new spectra on all. box and all, always in reel covers phenix rods. will not be able to do multi day trips anymore due to baby coming so letting go of my heavier gear. inquire for pics or will post...
  50. Jigster_Josh11

    TRADE Built Newell reel trade for lever drag

    I have a P series (best one) 338f Newell that I would like to trade for a lever drag preferably a 40lb reel. Has upgraded tiburon frame, carbontex drags, aluminum spool. This reel is great for someone learning to throw surface irons. Works perfect with great free spool. I have cash on my side...
  51. akachalupa

    SOLD PRICE REDUCED, Avet MXJ MC Single Speed

    AVET MXJ MC Single Speed never been fished or seen a boat ride. Asking 150. Not looking to do any shipping. Local F2F only please. In North County SD or somewhere near Sorrento Valley. Thanks
  52. MikeyLikesIt

    SOLD Makaira 30II SEa $375

    Time to thin out the tackle closet......... I bought this NEW. It's been on quite a few trips, caught a couple big fish and many small ones. It's loaded with 130# spectra. Works like a champ! Check the photos, it has some small scratches and a couple of nicks.......because it has been...
  53. Alex Cohen

    SOLD Fishing Reels - Left-Handed

    Hey guys, I have a bunch of lefty reels I've used once or twice and no longer need. I'm pursuing a different type of fishery and these reels will not work for that application. Some of these reels are practically brand new. If you are located in Socal, local pick up can be arranged, otherwise I...
  54. Alex Cohen

    SOLD Fishing Reels For Sale - LEFTY

    Hey guys, I have a bunch of lefty reels I've used once or twice and no longer need. I'm pursuing a different type of fishery and these reels will not work for that application. Some of these reels are practically brand new. If you are located in Socal, local pick up can be arranged, otherwise I...
  55. Moor_fish

    SOLD Sold please delete

    Californian Tri Helix 9ft H 30-60 Lb jig stick (phenix blank) Hasn't been used in a while. No issues with guides. Ready to slay some tuna, yellowtail and calicos. Perfect for surface iron, coltsnippers, stick baits and poppers.
  56. Fishermans Landing Tackle

    65% Off Sct Inshore Series Rods @ Tackle Day

    Okuma is a vendor at Tackle day! They will be on hand to answer questions and show you their latest reel and rod lineup. They are also putting one of their best rods on sale! The Deals: SCT Southern California rod series Reg. 199.95 Sale $69.95 (65% Off, Limited Supply!) Check out all Okuma...
  57. J

    SOLD Teramar 80M for $80

    Shimano Teramar 80M (old brown model) sold Both are deckhand model. Can meet in OC and LA.
  58. toadstoadsonly

    For Sale Okuma Makaira 30II SEA Special Edition

    I bought this reel new a month ago and it has been on 3 trips with me and in great condition. Comes with box, clamp, and reel cover. Mak 30 Sea II Speed Special Editon -Silver Loaded to the top with 130 Power Pro Local Pickup in Huntington Beach Preferred First Come First Served $500 OBO
  59. Josh.eck

    For Sale Seeker rods/ phenix rods/ okuma reel

    I’m parting ways with some of my equipment. Most of these rods have only been used twice. Purchased them back in October of 2019. Hit me up for more details (949) 547-7780 Seeker black steel 6490 rated 25-50lb: $230 Seeker black steel 6480 rated 20-40lb: $200 Seeker black steel 670 rated...
  60. M

    TRADE My Tiagra 80w or International 80stw 2 speeds for a Makaira 80w

    Hey guys, I’m looking to trade my Tiagra 80w or my International 80stw for a Gold Makaira 80w. Both were just professionally serviced last season and have just been sitting in the closet. They’re both 2 speeds, in great condition and mechanically work perfectly. If you have a pair of Makaira...
  61. K

    For Sale All sold for now

    Meet up ONLY in Hacienda Heights. No shipping. No trades. REELS: ACCESSORIES: RODS: Thank you.
  62. Jbananas556

    SOLD Okuma Makaira 10000L

    Selling a brand new Okuma Makaira Super Spinner in 10k size. Alan Hawks current highest rated reel. Had this on pre-order for a long time and it finally came in. Reel is a beast, smooth yet forged SS gears, forged and machined body, fully sealed, etc. This is in left hand retrieve. Hate to sell...
  63. Jigster_Josh11

    WTB Calstar GG 90j

    Let know what you got!
  64. C

    TRADE Trade Mak 15 SEA for Trini or Talica

    Looking to trade my Makaira 15 SEA for a Trinidad 16-20 ( Silver Version) or Talica 10+. Will post pics soon. Spooled with 85lb braid and fresh 50lb mono topshot Located in Long Beach 480-283-3149.
  65. jigglejiggs

    SOLD Sold

    All items BRAND NEW IN BOX WITH TAGS: ***NO TRADES*** ****EXTENDED PRICE REDUCTION**** Makaira 20II SEa ( New Gunmetal 2019 model) NEW PRICE: $450 ***I will offer the braid for $10 as an option to the reel purchaser*** Okuma PCH-C-741XXXH 80-130# $225> $200 Fins depth meter braid 100#...
  66. SD32J

    SOLD she gone123

  67. Matthew G

    For Sale Shimano Curado 200K, $130, full with 50lb blue spuperslick pp braid

    $130 firm CASH ONLY 949-402-1001 Im selling my great condition Shimano Curado 200K. 9/10 exterior 8/10 interior The reel was washed off every time after use and drag was backed off when not in use. reel was serviced when needed. Free spool is still great. The reel comes full with 50lb blue...
  68. Moor_fish

    SOLD Please delete

    13 Fishing Omen Black $45 obo Model: OBC273H Length: 7'3" Power: H Lure: 3/8 - 1 1/2 oz. Line: 14-25 Action: Fast
  69. Moor_fish

    SOLD Please delete

    Roddy gator tail model BH65HC 6'6" 20 - 50 lb Used it as a yo yo rod. Caught plenty of yellows on it. $55 obo Roddy Penn Daiwa Diawa Shimano Cousins Phenix Tuna Yellowfin Bluefin Yellowtail Seeker Offshore charter Okuma Avet Accurate
  70. creech

    For Sale Seeker 6490 8 foot, okuma classic 7, Penn Power Stick

    Seeker 6490 deckhand cut down to 8 foot, new rope wrap installed. 20-50lb. 190 obo okuma 701ml 7 foot deckhand classic 15-30. 50 obo Penn Power Stick 20-50 hypalon 6 foot 6. 50 obo.
  71. Swampchicken

    Spinnerbaits for Sporties

    Had a great time in MB throwing a variety of baits for spotties, but had an epic fifteen minutes throwing the spinner bait.
  72. E

    SOLD Penn Torque 40NLD2 & Okuma Makaira 10II

    Hey everyone. Clearing some things out that I wont be using. 1) NIB Penn TRQ40NLD2 - SOLD to tresbien 2) Great condition Okuma Makaira 10II in gunmetal. Comes with box and whatever it came with. Loaded with 65lb PP - SOLD I’m located in North Hollywood. Local pick up or I can ship it at your...
  73. G

    SOLD Okuma Komodo 471ss and Phenix Black Diamond 869h

    Okuma Komodo kds 471ss with Phenix Black Diamond 869h with tiberon clamp. Great for throwing the popper on smaller grade yellowfin or a calico swim bait rod. Casts a mile. A great rod and reel combo. $300
  74. G

    For Sale $350 Phenix 869h black diamond and okuma komodo 364ss

    Phenix PSW869H 20 to 50 pound black diamond rod paired with a Okuma komodo 364 ss with tiberon clamp $350 Text 760 271 8745
  75. K

    WTB Okuma PCH-C-761XH

    I am looking for an Okuma PCH Custom 7’6” XH in good to new condition. I am able to meet somewhere between El Monte and Hacienda Heights or down to Tustin on the weekends. Thank you.
  76. C

    SOLD Okuma Titus 15ii for sale

    Looking to sell my Gold Okuma Titus 15ii reel . It's in good condition and spooled with 60lb braid I believe. Open to trades. Preferably a rod. Sell for 60 dollars. 480-283-3149.
  77. KennFisher63

    For Sale Sage Flight 790

    Sage Flight 790 - 4 piece rod as new complete with Rod & Reel tube 1 x Sage 2250 Reel with FL7WF Line and Backing plus 1 x Okuma SLV 7/8 Reel with FL8WF Line and Backing. Price - $200. Text: +19377566529
  78. Woller

    For Sale Okuma Makaira Spinning Reel 20000

    I have a brand new in box, Okuma Makaira Spinning Reel 20000LS. I bought it to use as my popper reel for cow tuna, but i wont have time to get out this year for them. I have never put line on it, it’s still new in the box. $675
  79. P

    SOLD New Okuma Makaira MK-30II Gold Reel, new without box. $425

    Selling a new Okuma Makaira MK-30II Gold reel, purchased for a LR trip but ended up not going and never used the reel. Reel is brand new, never been used, comes as pictured without the box. I don't have the warranty card, but the reel was never registered, so you can still register the reel...
  80. Moor_fish

    SOLD Please delete

    Okuma Metaloid 5N 2 speed paired with a Phenix Abyss rod. Reel is new only been on one boat ride 10/10 with 80lb seaguar threadlock braid and clamp. Rod is 8/10 tip recently repaired at squidco. Looking for $300 obo.
  81. E

    For Sale delete please

    Combined with another post
  82. Swampchicken

    New Cavalla Lever Drag From Okuma

    Hi all, I see a lot of questions about the Andros and Metaloid reels and whether they are going away. Yes, as Mike posted below, they are all going away. That said, there will be two new replacements for both series. These reels have some great new internal upgrades, components etc., over...
  83. Surg

    Team Fandango goes north. Channel Islands.

    Since the WSB fishing has been going off at the Channel Islands team Fandango opted to do an exploratory trip to check it out. After picking up great finbait in redondo Steve, Brian and son Michael, Marlow and son Kevin, Kevin #2, DJ, and myself were off to Jankovich to fuel up. Before making...
  84. P

    SOLD Makaira 30II-SEa (Gunmetel) - Lowered

    Getting rid of some reels that I don't use. Makaira 30II-SEa with clamp. No box or papers. Reel is new. Sold
  85. Moor_fish

    SOLD Lexa 400 combo

    Lexa 400 7:1 used twice. Filled with 60lb white Seaguar threadlock braid paired with a 9 ft Californian Calico rod XH 15-40 rod. 200 for the combo firm. 150 for the Lexa and 80 for the Californian seperately. Awesome calico setup but can handle any pelagic up to 60 lbs. Throws the iron a mile...
  86. grenade760

    SOLD Seeker black steel-Cjb80h

    I have a freshly wrapped un cut Cjb80h. 8’6” 30-80#. Cord wrapped with Fuji guides. 225$
  87. V

    WTB Okuma andros 5,12,16

    hi Bd Looking for a 5(not 5n), 12, or 16 andros. Please msg me if you have something you want to sell. Thanks
  88. William Clinton

    Penn Fathom Setup.

    So a few days ago amazon had a deal of the day on penn fathom 2 speeds. I already had a 25nld2 that I got as my first reel for schoolies. Its on a okuma Cedros 6.6 Ma with 40 lb spectra and mono top shot. I got the 30NLD2 and the 60NLD2 Was looking at Okuma PCH Rods. Should I do a 65 lb and 100...
  89. Z

    For Sale Okuma PCH Custom Railrod 741XXH

  90. Surg

    Memorial Weekend BFT report, fishing on Sardinera.

    I hope everyone had a happy Memorial weekend. BFT fishing was tough this past weekend for everyone with plenty of fish in the zone but they seem focussed on red crab. Ali had me come down south to add a few things on the SeaVee 340Z with triple Evinrude 300’s, and I got to tag along with the...
  91. Jigster_Josh11

    TRADE Calstar grafighter 9’ trade for 10’

    I have a calstar grafighter GFDH-900m 20-40lb It’s in very good condition I would like to trade for a 10’ jigstick let me know what you have thanks! Located in San Diego
  92. Woodeneye

    SOLD Calstar WC-660HRS-RT 30-80lb Troll Rod

    For Sale: Calstar WC-660HRS-RT 30-80lb Good condition. Excellent inexpensive troll rod just in time for Tuna season. $125 OBO. Thanks for looking.
  93. Z

    For Sale Okuma PCH Custom Railrod

    For sale is a Okuma PCH Custom 741XXH heavy duty conventional fishing rod. This is a Railrod made for large fish, specifically Bluefin Tuna. Line rating is 60-100 pounds and is made for fishing the rail. The top grip is 18 inches long giving you optimal room for fishing the rail which is the...
  94. M

    For Sale Okuma Makaira 50W II x 2 Great Condition! PRICE DROP

    I am selling a pair of lightly used Okuma Makaira 50W II that are in great cosmetic and mechanical condition. Located in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, but will ship. Price drop from $950 to $925 for both and I will include shipping at that price now.
  95. R

    Okuma Caenan vs Citrix-A LP CI-273a

    Hello, everyone! I'm looking to buy a new reel and i found the Shimano Caenan(for $70) and the Okuma Citrix-A LP CI-273a(for $60). So I wonder which one I should buy? I'm pretty new to fishing and don't know a lot about equipment and stuff so i would really love some insight as to why to get...
  96. bradda_brandon

    SOLD Okuma Mak 20sea

    Selling a rather new Mak 20sea that I fished 1 time since I bought it. Perfect both mechanically and physically. Loaded with 700yds of 135 Berkeley hollow braid. Comes with box along with the goodies. Looking to get $470. For the fastest response text me: 7605392748. **LOCAL PICKUP/MEETUP ONLY**
  97. RiggingSoCal

    SOLD Like New Okuma Shadow Stalker 8ft Heavy $90

    Excellent condition Went out on one boat ride Retail for $119 + tax Excellent for for throwing irons Pair with a tranx or Lexa for an awesome casting combo SOLD Text 818-590-8355
  98. Javon

    Andros A series 12N

    Hey guys! Looking into getting an Andros 12NSiia for Yo-yo\Dropper on a Calstar GG 6480 for 50#. Love the narrow and the magnets. Any thoughts on this? I know they had some issues in the past years, has the gear problem been resolved or should I just look to get an Avet or Accurate? Thanks...
  99. Moor_fish

    SOLD Avet Combo

    Hello I'm selling an Avet SX (Blue) with an Okuma MXR bait rod. Reel was checked by Squidco Saturday 4/27 and is in perfect working condition. Has some boat rash. Spooled with 65 lb white Daiwa J braid. Please see rod for ratings. Perfect for patty Yellows and small tunas as well as local...
  100. For Play

    For Sale NEW Okuma 4D High Speed Spinning Reel Makaira MK-30000LS W/Spectra

    Brand NEW (NOT REFURBISHED) Okuma 4D Left Handed High Speed Spinning Reel Makaira MK-30000LS Loaded with 600 yards of white spectra. Condition is Brand New in Box. Left handed retrieve is common for right handed anglers! Pick up in Cardiff, San Diego $679.00 New in Box! (loaded with 600 yards...
  101. Efishient

    Recommended Clamp for Komodo 471P

    I have had this reel for a little over a year now, and I love how smooth and strong this reel is. I usually use it for throwing heavy plastics, but now I want to throw some iron with it. I want to mount it to my Calstar 90j or my seeker pinhead D8, but I am not sure what kind of clamp to get...
  102. Alex Cohen

    SOLD Okuma Makara SEa20 Silver

    $520 shipped to your door.
  103. J

    SOLD Okuma makaira 50wsea

    I have a Brand New okuma makaira 50w sea in silver. It has about 500yards of 100# hollow core braid on it. Also included is a reel cover, the reel has original tags etc and has never been fished!! $580 shipped to your door.
  104. V

    SOLD 8’ foot deckhand rod 20-40

    Rated for 20-40# 8’ footer. Okuma sct-c801h. Deckhand good condition sold fountain valley/Huntington beach
  105. Alex Cohen

    SOLD Brand New Okuma Makaira SEA20 - Silver

    Brand new still in the box and never used. $520 includes shipping to your destination.
  106. MarkColeman

    Bottom fishing report...Westport

    Fishing for Lingcod and Rockfish has been very good on days that we have been able to get out. This is typical of spring-time bottom fishing on the Washington coast...great fishing but you have to work around the weather. We love offering bottom fishing charters out of Westport because we...
  107. For Play

    SOLD REDUCED! NEW Okuma 4D Left Handed High Speed Spinning Reel Makaira MK-30000LS W/Spectra

    SOLD! Brand NEW Okuma 4D Left Handed High Speed Spinning Reel Makaira MK-30000LS Loaded with Spectra. Condition is Brand New in Box. Left handed retrieve is common for right handed anglers! Pick up in Cardiff, San Diego $699.00 New in Box! $750.00 (loaded with spectra) MSRP is $899 (w/o...
  108. Moor_fish

    SOLD New Okuma Rod

    Okuma Shadow stalker never used. Could be used for both fresh and salt. Comes with lifetime warranty. Please see pics for rod dimensions. $75
  109. R

    WTB 80 or 130

    looking for used 80 or 130. Penn, shimano, Makaira, avet. Looking for reel only. No rod.
  110. Whiskey Line

    Cow BFT Reel Recommendations

    Hey all. I have a rod being built right now for BFT, and I'm in need of a solid reel. I'm running it off of a private boat, and will be flying a kite off of it and dropping flat falls in the dark. I have been going back and fourth between Penn International visx 50, Shimano Talica TAC 50, or...
  111. Corndog

    For Sale PHENIX PSW760ML lightly used SOLD

    Rod is PSW 760ML I believe. 7'6" 10 to 30lb rated. Rod is in good condition. Havent used it much since I mostly long range when I hit the ocean. Message me here or text to 970 four two zero 199eight Jason
  112. J27LA

    SOLD Okuma Cedros CSD10

    I'm selling my Okuma Cedros CDS10S star drag reel. This reel is in excellent condition. Loaded with about 200 yards of 30# Toro Tamer braid. No trades. $190 obo. Contact my via PM or text me at 3235708184. I'm located in Bellflower, Ca.
  113. SMYLEE

    WTB 5' Okuma rod

    any laying around out there? I'd love to pick one up. It can be either the pursuit or the convector version. It's the 5' 15-40lb black and purple rod. I'm in need of a new panga rod. And my last 5' pursuit. Lasted forever and landed giant fish. The 15-40lb rod handled plenty of all pelagics and...
  114. Baja Belk

    For Sale Shimano Calcutta / Okuma rod combo

    Excellent condition Shimano Calcutta 400 with box, paperwork, and reel tool. 8.5/10 cosmetically (very minimal boat rash), and 10/10 mechanically (recently serviced). Spooled with 30# Spiderline stealth braid. Rod: Okuma Shadowstalker swimbait rod, 7’ heavy. 15-30#. Practically new (used one...
  115. M

    Phenix Redeye Travel Rod for Mazatlán

    Im looking to pick up an all-around travel rod to boat fish with 20-50# and one to also surf fish with 12-25#ish. Phenix has a couple in there Redeye line; however I can’t find many reviews on them. I love my other phenix rods; so I hope this will be the same. Does anyone have any experience or...
  116. sna2rwl

    SOLD Okuma Mak20 SEA

    Looking to buy Makaira 20 SEA if anyone has one for sale.
  117. Swampchicken

    New Okuma Cold Water SS Low Profile Line Counter

    The brand new Okuma Cold Water SS Low Profile Line Counter has officially been released. They made their first splash up at the Puyallup Sportsman's Show up in Puyallup Washington this week. They will slowly be getting out to retailers around the country. Maybe not super relevant down here in...
  118. JakeFromStateFarm

    Okuma Introduces The New Komodo SS 200- It Could Be Yours!

    Okuma has introduced a brand new baitcasting reel, the Komodo SS 200 and it could be yours today! One lucky angler will win one of the first Komodo SS 200's! Check out the link to enter and to learn more about the new baitcasting reel! - TO ENTER CLICK HERE
  119. clubhunter

    SOLD PRICE Drop Talica 16ii and Lexa Reel for sale

    Shimano Talica 16ii filled with #80 spectra. Comes with box and only used one 6 day trip. PRICE DROP $415 shipped Daiwa Lexa-HD 400xs-p. This reel is brand new and has a cork puppy added. It can be easily taken off if not needed. Comes with box and paperwork. No line and never used. PRICE...
  120. D

    Land based shark fishing help

    I was thinking of getting an okuma solterra 2 speed lever drag 50w for some sharking. I will be fishing from the shore. I need opinions on whether this is a good reel or should I go with avet. Also no clue on what rod to pair either conventional reel with from the shore, thanks.
  121. sasabune

    SOLD BNIB Okuma Cortez CZ-10CSA Reel

    Selling a brand new Okuma Cortez CZ-10CSa reel. I just bought this reel for myself for Christmas, but think its too big for my rod. Might switch to a baitcaster instead. Selling for $100 cash, cash app, venmo, or paypal. Prefer to meet in person, but will ship to anywhere on the west coast if...
  122. nmthree

    SOLD MAK SEa 16 & 20 Gunmetal

    $450 Mak 16 SEa Gunmetal with 475 yards of Izorline 100# HC $500 MAK 20 SEa Gunmetal with 750 yards of Izorline 100# HC Prices are firm, pick up in Glendale area, if you are interested in details please text at 310-871-5853. Reels are in excellent shape 10/10 Mechanically, 9/10 cosmetic...
  123. ems_yakker

    WTB Okuma PCH 8' 20-50

    Looking to buy an Okuma PCH 801H in good condition. I have the 801XH now look for H. (714) 713-3521
  124. V

    WTB Phenix Axis Or Okuma pch rail rod #80-100

    hi Bd Looking for a rod to fish 80-100#. Phenix or Okuma pch rail rod is preferred.
  125. Swampchicken

    Okuma Helios SX Baitcast Reel - Inside Look

    Hello all, Just put together a little video with a quick look at the new Helios SX Baitcast reel. Some great upgrades over the current Helios including a new handle design with a longer throw, disengaging spool shaft, and new internal breaking system. Hope this answers a few of the questions...
  126. Yella1

    Makaira Rod for Jig Stick??

    Okay, I know that there are exactly One Zillion opinions about this topic (Jig Sticks) in general. However, I have a specific question about a specific rod, and I need your opinions/input about it. Hoping my BD friends can lend some opinions. I have a Shimano Torium 30 that I want to use as...
  127. Swampchicken

    What Inspires You Video winner trip.

    Just put together a little video from the fishing over the last couple of days. We ran a What Inspires You video contest for Okuma with the grand prize being a fishing trip here in SoCal. Our winner was Lori Carnahan and we took her out for some fun fishing locally and out at San Clemente island...
  128. Moor_fish

    SOLD Daiwa Saltist 35 Calstar combo

    Daiwa Saltist 35 with box and 60 lb Seagar Threadlock Hollowbread backing. I took the 50 ft mono top shot off. Cosmetic 9/10 (some boat rash) mechanical 10/10. (Used 3 times) Calstar is the WCDH-69OJ. 9ft rod 20-40 rating. Ready to go for all different types of saltwater fishing. Can use it to...
  129. bruce l.

    SOLD Rod Reel Combo

    -- Sold. Thank You! --
  130. G

    SOLD Calstar GFGR-765L, Jig Stick 90J-C, Okuma Cedros CJ-65S Combo, Penn Tuna Stick

    Prices are firm - low ball offers will be ignored. Pictures will be added soon: good condition: Calstar GFGR-765L - 6'5" - 30-80lb boat rod with normal Fuji guides. Factory wrapped - well used but solid condition - $150 Penn Tuna Stick - 3960 HRCSS - 6' - 50-100lb standup/trolling rod with...
  131. Battle Skiff

    For Sale Penn international 16

    Brand new in box PENN International VIS Gold Two-Speed Lever Drag Reel. Reel will cost you $600+ is a store. Comes with reel clamp, and penn reel tool everything brand new. $525. O.B.O
  132. Jason Luy

    For Sale Fishing Reel Lot - Shimano, Daiwa, Avet, Okuma

    1. TALICA 10ii - USED 50lb J-Braid w/ Box and Clamp - $390 2. AVET SX 5:3:1 w/ Clamp - $110 3. DAIWA SALTIST 25 w/ Clamp - $160 4. OKUMA CEDROS 10s Lightly USED - $200 5. SHIMANO TORIUM 20 - $120 Recently Serviced by Shimano in irvine w/ Clamp (dog chewed on rubber handle) 6. Daiwa Z30 -...
  133. Swampchicken

    Jigging for Walleye on the Columbia River

    Had an opportunity to attend a media event called Fish Camp up on the Columbia River fishing both the Oregon and Washington sides. Our plan was to fish for big Chinook Salmon leading into the event, but upon my arrival, I found out that the river was shut down to Salmon fishing a couple days...
  134. M4ttt0

    Mak SEA 30 VS Penn 30 VISX

    Guys, I want to get a 30 for these big VFT and to take with me on future long-range trips. With all of the options out there I didn't see anyone have a thread on why everyone likes each one. If you could give me your input that would be great. Thanks ahead of time.
  135. RiggingSoCal

    For Sale Okuma Makaira 9ft jigstick 30-60

    In good shape. 30-60 lb 9ft X rap in good shape. Deckhand style Great for throwing surface iron Will post pictures tomorrow night. If interested text me at1 (818) 590-8355 Asking $100
  136. Yammo

    Attaching a reel to a deckhand grip?

    So I just bought a Okuma PCH Custom as a Jigstick and got it in deckhand grip and planning on pairing it with my Fathom 30 star drag. Question I had is do I need to do anything to prepare the rod before clamping on the reel with the factory clamp that comes with the reel? The rod came with an...
  137. michelle

    Make a Video For a Chance to Win an Awesome Trip from Okuma

    Here's How to enter: 1) Sit down in front of your phone's camera, GoPro, or DSLR and let us know what it is that gets you out on the water. 2) Your video should be HD Quality, have clear audio and be between 1 and 3 minutes in length. You can make your video as cool as you want with fishing...
  138. Swampchicken

    Excel 3 Day Report Aug 2018

    Just got back from the Okuma Excel 3 Day trip on Friday. Fishing was tough and the boat stuck it out to try to get the big fish. With reports of lots of small fish down the coast, Capt Mike decided to go big and headed to Clemente. One passenger hooked one on the popper on a foamer on the way...
  139. Swampchicken

    Barramundi Fishing Inn Florida

    Had a really good time fishing with Osceola Outback Adventures in Florida fishing for Barramundi. The only place in the Western and Northern hemisphere that you can fish these hard fighting fish. Yes, it’s a Barramundi Farm, but these dudes fight hard and are a lot of fun. Here is my full...
  140. Ed K.

    SOLD Avet MXL 5.8 Lever Drag Single Speed.

    Avet MXL 5.8 Lever Drag Single Speed $180.00 Good Condition, Last One! Text 626-664-2983
  141. Ed K.

    SOLD Avet MXL 5.8 Lever Drag Single Speed

    Avet MXL 5.8 Lever Drag Single Speed $180.00 Good Condition, Last One! Text 626-664-2983
  142. Ed K.

    SOLD Avet HXJ 5/2 MC Raptor Two Speed

    Avet HXJ 5/2 MC Raptor Two-Speed professionally loaded with apx. 600 yards of Izorline 65# solid spectra. $410.00 Like New in box! Used 1x
  143. Fishinjunkie

    SOLD Accurate Valiant BV300

    I have a like new Accurate Valiant BV300. Comes with box and filled with 30lb PP braid. Asking $290 OBO. I'm open to trade as well. Let me know what you got.
  144. Wildman

    For Sale ProGear V42; Newells; Daiwa Luna 253

    17 reels, 5 rods sold - and met a lot of cool BD'ers -since original post of this thread--> Thank you, BD! (Almost all of these reels and rods were bought from BD-ers.) >ProGear V42 - Blue - New in Box (More photos posted September 22-23) - $200 > Newell S-235 - $120 (photos in later post) >...
  145. A

    Any word on the release date for the Tesoro 5s??

    Really need a smaller star drag reel for some summer fishing. Want the Tesoro 5 to match with my Tesoro 12s which I love already. PLease tell me its about to come out pre ICAST?!
  146. Tuggernuts

    SOLD Okuma Cruz popping rod

    i ordered an Okuma Cruz popping rod and received it today. It is perfect, never been used, but I ordered the MH and I’m thinking I want the H model instead. I paid about 155 for it. I plan on just returning it and getting the H model. If someone wants to make me an reasonable offer around...
  147. SDLOCAL

    For Sale High end fishing rods! Take a look! *San Diego

    For Sale: - Phenix PSW 700M Black Diamond 15-40 lb *Like new* $300 OBO - Seeker Black Steele Graphite G6470T 30-50 lb *Like new* $180 **SOLD** - Shimano Terez TZC-70H-A *Used* $150 OBO - Shimano Terez TZC-70XH-PW *Used* $150 OBO - Okuma Convector BGC-C-501M-1 "Panga Stick" 5' tall *Like new* $75...
  148. A

    $200 Okuma Credit to Spend, Need some advice

    Hi Everyone, This is my first post. I had purchased the Okuma Nomad Travel Surf Rod 10' 4 piece rod Heavy Power and it broke after getting snagged on the bottom doing some offshore salt water fishing in Mexico. Okuma has agreed to provide a ~$200 exchange for another one of their products...
  149. Bean Outdoors

    Okuma Products - Free Shipping!

    We are a dealer for Okuma Products and can get any of their products! We are in the process of adding their products to our website. If you have questions or want to check pricing feel free to contact us by pm or calling 336.564.2400 or email [email protected] Don't forget to ask about BD...
  150. Fishinjunkie

    For Sale Phenix Black Diamond PSW909XH (25-60lb)

    I have a like new Phenix Black Diamond PSW909XH rated 25-50lb. This is my backup rod so it's practically new. Cosmetically 9.9/10. Asking $230 local pick no shipping. Excellent rod for jigs and live bait!
  151. Chris Pereira

    Makaira 16 Vs 20

    Looking for advise on the purchase of either the Mak 16 or 20 for an upcoming 4.5 day trip and possibly a 7 day trip in the near future. I will be mounting it on a Rainshadow RCJB84XXH (50-100). The 16ii will hold 600 yards of 80lb and the 20ii around 800 yards of 100lb. The heaviest setup I...
  152. Swampchicken

    Fishing with Tennessee River Monsters for giant Striped Bass

    Had the chance to get out withe the guys from Tennessee River Monsters this past weekend to chase GIANT striped bass. The fishing turned out to be fantastic with a new PB coming in at 42lbs for myself. It was such a blast. If you are looking for a great adventure, be sure to look them up...
  153. Mario62692

    All Makaira 10 Users

    Just got myself my very own Makaira 10. What are everyone's best catches using this reel? Also what lb test line were you using?
  154. Mario62692

    Calling all Makaira 10 Users

    Just got myself a new Makaira 10. What are everyone's best catches using this reel? Also what lb test line were you using.
  155. Swampchicken

    El Salto Blog Post

    Hello all, Here is a blog post I just posted from our trip down to El Salto last year with Shea and Todd. We had an epic trip, and thru the Savage Gear Suicide Duck every morning, for some pretty incredible topwater action. Here is the full blog post and report...
  156. Swampchicken

    Steelhead Fishing with Cameron Black

    Had a pretty fun trip fishing with Cameron Black of Fishing Addicts Northwest a couple weeks back. Fishing wasn't wide open, but it was a blast none the less. Here is my blog post of the trip. http://daveysworld.com/steelhead-fishing-the-pnw/
  157. K

    Titus T30II Tips

    I was fortunate enough to have a reel gifted to me. Yes, it's old school compared to aluminum frames, but still packing 48# of drag at max. Other than that I don't know much about this reel. I need some advice from the Okuma guys. I'd like to use it, just not sure what to target with it. Should...
  158. Yella1

    PCH for Surface Irons? Opinions wanted!

    Just received my new Torium 30. I need to pair it with a longer rod for throwing iron at larger Yellowtail and Medium/Large Tuna. I'm a big fan of the PCH line and I'm wondering of anyone has used the 9' model for throwing iron. Seems like it would be awesome. Please let me know if you have...
  159. A

    New Out of Box Makaira 10 noise

    Got my new Silver Mak 10 sea in the mail from Charkbait last week. Notice a clicking noise when turning handle at 2 points of the travel (per turn) in high speed and once in slow. Followed Alan Tani dissection and I think the noise is comming from the Anti reverse pawls slightly rubbing the...
  160. SD32J


    BNIB Blue Mak 30. I paid about 630$ for the reel after tax.... Paid 140$ to fill it FULL of 130# Hollow Ace. In San Diego unless you paypall me and pay for shipping. 619-261-7163 Selling 620$ With the braid. (Im loosing out on about 140$, My loss your gain) Will only trade for a BNIB Mak 20...
  161. shooter21

    SOLD Makaira's/ Talica's

    Prices lowered 1. Bnib Mak 30sea gunmetal SOLD 2. Mak 16sea sea gunmetal 100# j braid I trip no fish SOLD 3. Bnib Talica 20ii filled w/100# j braid SOLD 4. Talica 12ii filled w/80# pp $60 handle included $425 All reels have boxes, tools, clamps, paperwork Maks have reel covers. Includes...
  162. SD32J

    80# Reel Comparison

    To fish 80# for tuna which would y'all rather have a Makaira 16, or a Tallica 16 ii? I have a Tallica and was thinking about going with the Makaira instead. I have some larger reels for 100# and 130# just want to know Tallica 16ii or Makaira 16?
  163. BrentlyDunivant

    Okuma Coronado Baitfeeder Drag Problem

    I have had the pre-2018 Coronado with Baitfeeder CD80 for a couple years and I have caught yellowtail, thresher, etc on this reel. It has been great, but the baitfeeder drag is now not very loose. When I dial the drag to as open as possible, there is still too much drag, so I am hoping it is...
  164. Ziad Amr

    IMPORTANT... Reels For Slow Jigging

    Guys i ne s your help for choosing affordable great slow jogging reel , i was thinking of okuma andros or any of the avets , can i know your recommendations and your reviews about those 2 reels or if you have better options ? Thank you :)
  165. noahg727

    Wanted: Mk50w or SA50w

    Looking for a okuma makaira 50w or a fin nor santiago 50w. Must be willing to ship and PayPal gift.
  166. Vanilla_Gorilla95

    WTS - Phenix Black Diamond 808MH - 33% Off Retail

    Up for sale is a perfect condition Phenix Black Diamond 808MH rod equipped with the Fuji TCS Trigger reel seat. Phenix is known in the industry for their outstanding guarantee on their products. The manufacturer model specifications are as follows: Black Diamond – Casting A new generation of...
  167. The Bushman

    Wanted... Black Makaira's SEA

    Looking to add some Black Okuma Makaira SEa's to the long range arsenal. Since they don't make them anymore in black, I thought I'd check here. Looking for 16, 20, 30 or 50/50w. Can pay top $ or I can trade and build you a custom rod. Just send me a pm. thanks Ken
  168. Jack Yac

    WTB left hand Avet SX & Okuma Metaloid

    Looking for avet SX left hand either 1 speed or 2 speed. also looking to purchase okuma metaloid either 5 sizes is aright Let me know! PM me please
  169. RequiemSCfisher

    like new Okuma Makaira 130ii

    I am selling my Okuma Makaira 130ii. it was used a few times but spent most of the last season unused. reel is 9.5/10 cosmetic with a small blemish on the speed changer(in photo) 10/10 mechanical. reel has 1000yds 200# seagaur hollow core braid that never hit the water. it comes with the...
  170. buddha jeff

    WTB: Left Handed Saltwater Baitcasters and Spinning Reels San Diego Area

    Looking for left handed baitcasters or spinning reels for yt and calico bass. No Lexas please. Maybe Lexa HDs, Curado 301E, Shimano Saragosa, etc. San Diego area.
  171. XBDEE

    Great customer service

    I'm a die hard Shimano guy but do fish certain reels from Okuma and Penn. Don't post much but had to let everyone know about the great customer service I received yesterday dealing with Ron at okuma. Had a lil issue with my mak 10 and decided to drop it off yesterday. Ron took it in told me...
  172. Big Nasty

    "Redneck Rodeo" 7-Day Aboard the Royal Star

    "Redneck Rodeo" Charter | 7-Day Royal Star Guadalupe Island - September 2016
  173. Hairtrigger

    SHIMANO Freshwater RODS FOR SALE ***USED***

    Up For Sale are Many Different Types of Shimano Rods. Most Rods have Very Little Use. All Guides and Handles are in good working order. All of these Shimano Rods have a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Please Feel Free to Call if you need any additional pictures or if you have any questions...
  174. Greencalico96

    Swimbait rods and reels.

    1 Okuma Komodo 350 paddle handle. Used less than 5 times. $160 1 Shimano Curado 200e7. Green and gold version. Perfect condition with 40lb braid. $140 2 Abu Garcia Revo Toro NaCl. These are the blue and black models. Both have the paddle handle. $160 each 1 Diawa Lexa 300, full spool of 65lb...
  175. michelle

    Okuma Andros 12SIIa Reel & SCT Boat Rod Giveaway

    Okuma is giving away an AWESOME rod & reel combo! The Prizes: -Andros 12SIIa Series Reel -SCT Boat Rod How to Enter: 1. Show us a pic of you fishing with Okuma Gear! 2. If you don't have Okuma Gear you can Enter HERE 3. Let us know you entered on this thread Visit: www.OkumaFishing.com
  176. MarkColeman

    14 day Tuna/Wahoo trip on the Intrepid...bring on the Mak's

    Day 15 and back on land! After the first 2 days of travel we pulled into Alijos Rocks and threw out the trollers but no one was home so we kept steaming south for Clarion. Another 2 days later and we arrived at sunrise and spent the next 5 days taking lessons from massive yellowfin tuna, shark...
  177. Wildman

    I am Looking for an Okuma Makaira 20 or 16 II Sea

    To buy - OR - for a trade, I have: REELS: NIB Mak 10ii Sea, pristine John Bakers, collectors' Newells, collectors' Penns including 180MS in box w/papers and TRQ 100 N.I.B., Penn Baja Special and TRQ 200, Newells, ProGears, Others RODS: Phenix B.D. Hybrid 760XXH Factory, Super Seekers - Custom...
  178. buddha jeff

    Truth SG Reel Blue Left Handed with braid $200 San Diego Area Lowered to $180

    Only used a few times and in perfect condition. San Diego area only for pickup. May ship also. Lowered price to 180 if picked up in San Diego.
  179. Endurance

    Tiburon SST 7530 Limited Edition

    FS Tiburon SST 7530 Limited Edition number 128 mint condition with box, tool kit, reel bag, specifications, and manual. Not a scratch. I won't ever use it because it's so nice. I have a gold one that I use $450. 5.9:1 2.8:1 automatic two speed reel SMART SHIFT, lever drag reel. Will accept...
  180. slayrider

    10/29 LJ Better Luck than Good

    We fished 64-67 degree water for (4) white fish, (1) sheephead, (1) bonito and (1) 25-pound YT caught on a flylined mini mack in 90 feet of water at the ¾. Our fish today were caught using the Komodo & Metaloid Reels on Shadow Stalker & SCT Inshore Rods.
  181. slayrider

    SD 10/1

    Saturday, around midday, out on the NW Corner we caught a 25 pound halibut in 127 feet of 69 degree water on a butt hooked lizard fish. The bottom fish were biting for us on the edge of the structure, easily identified by the lobster pot buoys. Today we were fishing the Komodo Lowprofile...
  182. slayrider

    San Diego 9/17

    The water temperate this Saturday was 64-65 degrees. Conditions were flat calm. We caught a mixed limit of Rock & White Fish, Sheephead, Calico & Johnny Bass. We caught our fish today on the KOMODO Lowprofile Baitcast Reel KDR-273V. 20-poud braid with a 10-pound mono leader.
  183. slayrider

    San Diego 9/10/16

    At around 9AM the water surface temp was 71 degrees. We caught (2) rock fish in 80-feet of water and left them biting to catch (2) 15-pound class yellowtails in 60-feet of water. We left them biting because that was all the fish I had room for on the deck of my kayak. Caught all my fish on the...
  184. Nomadfisher626

    Thumbs up Okuma

    My trusty reel has been my surfishing setup in Key West for BonetHead sharks and snapper and flounder and redfish in Virginia beach. The workhorse of a reel the Trio 55S went down with a broken reel knob. Walked into the Ontario, CA warehouse with my Boy after his haircut asked how much for a...
  185. S

    Shimano Terez 6'6" $200

    SOLD !!
  186. slayrider

    SCI 9/2

    We did not catch any tuna but the bass, bonito and YT were stupid wide open. Caught all my fish on the okuma ANDROS A-5NS Reel on a Heavy 8’ MAKAIRA rod with 50 lb braid to 20 lb floro leader & ANDROS 2-SPEED Reel on a SCT ALBACORE ROD with 65 lb braid to 40 lb floro leader.
  187. johndtuttle

    Okuma Komodo SS 471P: First Look

    OK, another post giving a preview of another "new" reel introduced at ICAST 2016 and just coming into stock now at a fisho store near you etc. This is the Okuma Komodo SS a "400" sized LP baitcaster that uses an all stainless steel gear train and makes ~30 lbs of drag. I put "new" in...
  188. Pursut joe

    Lingcod personal best monster

    Fishing out of Albion rock fishing and lingcod we did very well with good buddies of mine Dan/ Brian/Ian limited 12 lingcod My monster weight 33 pounds in about 90 feet of water just south of Noye river on a 9 inch Halloween big hammer swim bait I was Okuma Metaloid worked awesome on...
  189. Andriy Proshchenko

    Reels for sale - Penn Torque 12, Fathom 25N, Newell 332, Avet MXL, Daiwa Saltist, Shimano, Okuma

    Reels for sale, these are duplicate setups that I have sitting around. All reels are either brand new or 9/10 condition, putting 9 just because these were used several times. Couple of them have tiny marks but no major boat rash on any reel. 1. Penn Torque 12 black - full of 40lb Daiwa jbraid...
  190. Andriy Proshchenko

    Rods for sale - OTI, Calstar, Seeker, Shimano

    Rods for sale, all in really nice condition, no scratches or rust, these are duplicate setups that I have sitting around. 1. OTI Ocean Extreme 40-60 popping rod - taken on one 1,5 day trip, no fish caught on it, comes with padded storage bag -SOLD 2. Seeker Black Steel G970-7 20(25)30 - made...
  191. R

    Penn International 50SW Two Speed

    I have a Penn International 50 SW two speed in really clean condition for SOLD. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks,
  192. skipjackrobert

    Selling 2 Newells, 332 and 220-PRICE LOWERED

    Price lowered... The 220 is: 125.00 plus shipping The 332 is: 145.00 plus shipping Please note no games guys and just serious buyers. Please call me on my cell phone if you are serious and prices are fair and FIRM....714-471-5766 PS NO LATE NIGHT CALLS OR TEXTS..Call/texts until 10 PM...
  193. Pursut joe

    Salmon and whale watching out the gate

    Launch the boat at six-ish at Fort Baker spotted first whale directly underneath the bridge by the time we got to point Bonita we saw 10 different whales bait all over the place Started trolling right at slide ranch after an hour Steve and my buddy caught his very first king salmon ever nice...
  194. slayrider

    7/4/16 Montaña de Oro State Park

    We were invited to a 4th of July camp and fish in the Montaña de Oro State Park by our good friend Louis Ciminieri. This was our 1st time rock fishing Central California and really did not know what to expect. But we caught fish from shore out to 1 mile. Many of the local kayak fisherman do not...
  195. joezee1986


    Brand new in box opened for pictures SILVER color. 3.2:1 high 1.0:1 low gear. Has all tags. $550 o.b.o.
  196. Little Wing

    Okuma Makaira 15 SEa and 30 SEa

    Time to sell a few Gunmetal Maks that I've got. Both serviced regularly by Okuma. Local pickup in Newport Beach or around Orange County preferred. Shipping available on buyer's dime. Gunmetal Mak 30 SEa - $450 - loaded with approximately 650 yards of hollow Izor 135. Cosmetically around 9/10, a...
  197. Nick Cervantes

    WTB Okuma Makaira 16IIsea or Talica 20II

    Looking for a Okuma Makaira 16II sea. Black or silver. or Talica 20II,. Excellent condition or BNIB. Let me know what you have. Nick 714 488 5474
  198. jock

    Okuma Shadow Stalker

  199. kiwifisher

    Fishing Great Barrier Island with Okuma and Smart Marine

    Headed to Great Barrier Is to chase some snapper, hapuka (groper) and yellow tail kingfish. Here's the report from day 1.
  200. Jarrr

    Rods and Reels for sale! Phenix Shimano St. Croix..

    Doing a little cleaning and have some stuff I want to let go. Priced individually or take everything for $500. Prices firm. Let me know if interested! pm text email. I'll post pictures later today when i get a chance Rods: 2 Phenix M1 Inshore rods- 7'3" MH 15-35 ($140 each) St. Croix Bass Mojo...
  201. justsaymoh

    Okuma Andros 12IIa (new with Hollow Ace)

    *NEW* Okuma Andros 12IIa (with Hollow Ace) Price: $359 (firm, no trades) Condition: New (only opened box to spool with line) Includes: 500 yd. 80b PowerPro Hollow Ace, box, clamp, etc. Retrieve: Right Mono Capacity: 560/20 (0.42), 420/25 (0.48), 320/30 (0.55) Drag: Strike: 27, Full: 34 Gear...