1. Wahoo Chains/ 5" Pakula

    Southern California Wahoo Chains/ 5" Pakula

    2 Wahoo chains, deep water, will crush it! 50 Pakula, schold yellowfin candy! $10-$50 Lake Forest, CA
  2. Pragmaticlemur

    2021 Pelagic Tuna Challenge San Diego Coming Fast!

    Good afternoon and Happy Hump Day Fellow BD Enthusiasts! My name is James. I am your average 40 year old married husband with 2 kids. I am an area manager and cover San Diego as my territory. I fish once per week. Lately its been mostly off shore out of Dana Point hitting Kelp Paddies...
  3. Eial Sauer

    Thoughts on a SS6480XH-8' (40-60) with a Accurate BV2-600 and 80 lb braid

    So I'm thinking of getting this setup, let me know what you guys think. Other Super seeker rod recommendations or even other brands, etc. I saw that the Bv2-600 could hold about 425yds of 80lb so I thought that would suit it pretty well. Yes, the rod is 40-60lb but I saw someone else on BD using...
  4. Okuma Andros A-5IIa 2 speed reel Mint

    Southern California Okuma Andros A-5IIa 2 speed reel Mint

    Okuma Andros A-5IIa 2 Speed Reel- Mint Like New Perfect Condition in box 10/10 both mechanically cosmetically Spooled 3/4 with 60lb Spectra and room for mono topshot. Great 30-50# reel. Perfect at 40#. Livebait or Jigging Compact but enough power and line capacity to pull tunas upto 60-80lb. no...
  5. Axel at Buena Vista

    Fishing was at its very best/East Cape Buena Vista

    Nobody was disappointed – even a tiny bit – as fishing was at its very best whether inshore, offshore or from the beach. Air temps ranged from the low 80s to low 90s. A small storm we experienced was very good for the fish. After the storm, the water cooled off a few degrees, dropping from 85...
  6. Greenteal

    Offshore Makos

    Anyone out there see or hook any makos lately? Seems like we’re seeing less every year up here.
  7. jtj0026

    Southern California REMOVE

  8. D

    Sunday 5/16 Full Day on The San Diego

    Hey BD, I'll be riding on the San Diego this Sunday 5/16. In light of the recent reports of BFT on the full day boat, I figure a few BD'rs might be on the same trip Anyone planning to be on board? Let me know, and lets have a beer. Also related, has anyone been out the last few days? Would...
  9. C

    Need a Rod to pair with Avet LX Raptor

    I’ve never really gone after big Bluefin before and I want a rod that is capable of landing a 100+ Bluefin. I’d be pairing the rod up with an Avet LX raptor, so what size rod would I want to pair with the reel so that I’m capable of landing a triple digit fish? So far I’ve thought about pairing...
  10. Assorted hooks, lures and line-ONE PRICE FOR ALL-SD

    Assorted hooks, lures and line-ONE PRICE FOR ALL-SD

    (20) 4/0 Eagle Claw Trokar Offset Circle hooks (13) 5/0 Eagle Claw Trokar Offset Circle hooks (14) 5/0 Mustad Demon Perfect Circle hooks (8) 7/0 Eagle Claw Trokar Offset Circle hooks (15) 7/0 SS no brand black nickel hooks (25) 8/0 SS no brand black nickel hooks (25) size 2 dbl sleeves...
  11. B


    PM for more detai
  12. B

    2017 Center Console Sportsman Island Reef 19

    Offered for sale is a clean title 2017 Sportsman Boats Island Reef 19 Center Console. This boat is powered by a Yamaha F115 with only 180 hours and extended warranty good til 2023. The boat sits on an aluminum trailer. Equipped with an onboard charger. The boat is a complete fiberglass...
  13. D

    Center Console 19ft Sportsman Island Reef 19

    Offered for sale is a clean title one owner 2018 Sportsman Boats Island Reef 19. This boat is powered by a Yamaha F115 with low hours and regular maintenance. The boat sits on 2018 EZ Loader aluminum trailer with a set of new tires. The boat for the entirety of it's life has been garage kept...
  14. jcsportfishing

    Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report - JC Sportfishing October 17TH, 2020

    Jc’s Sportfishing Weekly Fish Report. As the Admiral Seas It Fishing Report: 10/11/20 to 10/17/20 Stop by our Office for up to Date Fishing Report Marlin Are slowly moving down from Mag Bay as the water temperatures cool. The boat has been catching Stripes Marlin up at Los Arcos, Golden Gate...
  15. GusGusGoesBig

    2006 PURSUIT 3070 OFFSHORE EXPRESS - Only one on West Coast!!!

    Excellent shape 2006 Pursuit 3070 OS Express w/ twin Yamaha F250TXR outboards. Arguably the cleanest Pursuit 3070 OS Express on the market, this one has been meticulously and professionally maintained. Always covered and stored on a trailer away from the salt air, she is washed w/ soap and fresh...
  16. B

    Phenix Axis HAX820XH 8'2" 30-80lbs Rod

    Used but in great condition Axis HX820XH 8'2" rod, 30-80lbs. Probably only fished it twice and overall good rod. Just have 2 many so thinning the herd to make room for my slow jigging rods. $175
  17. jcsportfishing

    Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report - JC Sportfishing August 30th, 2020

    Jc’s Sportfishing Weekly Fish Report. As the Admiral Seas It Fishing Report: 8/23/20 to 8/30/20 Our Office will remain closed due the Covid-19 Until October of this year. What a year… The fishing was starting to really pick up last week, past 3 days we have a couple of tropical storms come...
  18. Alex Cohen

    No Longer Interested.

    Not available.
  19. C

    Fathom 30LD2! Excellent condition!

    Goodmorning all! I am selling my penn fathom two speed , 30LD2, excellent for most big game offshore, and was only used twice ! 240$ OBO!!!!
  20. R

    Moeller Bait Tank/Livewell 20-22 gallons

    Round Moeller bait tank. I believe its 20-22 gallons. Purchased and it is too big from my boat. Includes some hoses and a rule 500gph pump. 60 obo.....sold
  21. Turnersd

    21' cuddy cabin

    Selling my 1981 Glasply 2100. Just got a bigger boat so time to let her go. We took this mainly offshore for Pelagics as well as to Catalina island for fishing or camping. It gets at worst 3 MPG and has a 50 gallon fuel cell. New 3.0 mercruiser TKS in 2013 and just swapped in a remand long...
  22. Alex Cohen

    2-speed Reel

  23. Hoeyfashoey

    Off shore angler 8ft power stick/shimano socorro sw8000

    Hi bd. For sale is a socorro sw8000 spooled with 65lb power pro and an off shore angler (bass pro shops brand of rods) 8 ft power stick that is a two piece and rated 12-20 lb. condition Tbh is slightly beat up for both the rod and reel in my opinion, since this was my only outfit for 3 years of...
  24. S

    Phoenix axis rod 7'2 rated 40-100

    Basically brand new only took on 2 trips. Phoenix axis 7'2 40-100 5623942366 $185 obo
  25. G


    Both used and in solid condition. Terez TZCW80H Waxingwing 8ft Casting $190 Teramar TMCX80HB $120 Pics will be posted sent upon request.
  26. S

    Shimano Talica 16

    Talica 16 two speed basically brand new. Took on 2 trips and got skunked those 2 trips. 65 braid to 40lb fluoro top shot. Zero boat rash brand new condition. 5623942366
  27. D

    My Trinidad 30A for your tranx 500

    Exactly what the ad says. I can meet anywhere local. It is spooled with 80lb braid and 60 lb mono I believe.
  28. Mike Darby

    Offshore 8.15 - 9 Mile and 302

    Sorry for a bit of a late report. Got out to the 9 Mile around 9:30 and started trolling with an X-Rap 20 and two blue feathers off the back. Made a big loop around the west side of the bank and got a double hookup on decent size bonito on the north end of the 9. X-Rap goes off and feather right...
  29. Salty_Phoenician87

    Central Florida Gulf Coast Kayaking Offshore?

    Hey all, so I just moved out here from Phoenix, AZ last August, and over years of trips I've taken out here I've done plenty of inshore fishing with old friends. I know I really need a boat with an engine to get some serious offshore fishing done, but while I'm finishing up my bachelor's degree...
  30. King of the Rogue

    Klamath / Valco Bayrunner Baja

    Interested to see what is available out there in the19-23 ft range. Preferably w/out power and not full of holes from electrolysis. If it needs a re-deck that's okay if the rest is in good shape.
  31. Franklin Warner

    Tons of PENN Reels and Rods for Sale

    LEVELWINDS - PERFECT FOR ROCKFISHING UPDATED SOLD ITEMS - REDUCED!!! Make me an offer. Also willing to trade for a kill bag 24x60 or 30x60 or even other fishing gear Located in Imperial Beach - No shipping - No Holds - Selling to Upgrade My Gear If you need additional pictures I can send them...
  32. D

    2006 Pursuit 345 Drummond Sportfish Twin 300hp Yamaha’s

    2006 Pursuit 345 Drummond Sportfish Repowered in 2018 with 300hp Yamaha’s only 40.8 and 38.7 hours comes with factory warranty until 5/31/2021. Two New 17” Garmin 8617 plotters with GRID remote input device. All soft goods inside replaced. Fusion 2 zone 8 speaker stereo with 2 subs. New...
  33. Levi Santana

    High Tide vs Low Tide

    Hi there! I just got a new kayak, and I want to take it out. I’ve been a purely shore-based angler my whole life, so this is all new to me. My schedule is tight so I want to optimize my fishing time. My question is: what effect does tide have on fishing when you’re offshore? Also, does tide have...
  34. Levi Santana

    Conventional Reel Recommendations

    Hello everyone! I am looking for a conventional/baitcasting reel that I can use for offshore kayak fishing. My budgets is $100, maybe $125. The main species I fish for are yellowtail, kelp bass, rockfish, halibut, and sometimes lingcod. I don’t plan on using super heavy sinkers or jigs (maximum...
  35. Franklin Warner

    Moving to back to the BEST Coast - OFFSHORE FISHING HELP

    Being a military family we are never in one place for too long and it makes it hard to master the fishing grounds. We are originally from Cali but haven't been into offshore fishing until now. I've been fishing the East Coast (actually the Chesapeake Bay with one pending offshore trip out of...
  36. J

    Splash bars and chains

    3x splash bars one is green/black, one is pink tiger, and one is blue/white. All rigged wtih 9in floating squid, 5in birds, and 10in machine stinger. 75 each • 2 misc Daisy chains, one is pink tiger with 10in stinger, one if green/black with 7in purple tiger machine stinger. $25 each Will take...
  37. Ricky@Outpost Charters

    9/21 Loreto

    It was a stormy week in Loreto with high winds. We got out Friday 9/21 and started our trip out checking on the bottom fishing, it was a slow bite and a strong current. Caught a decent pargo then decided to move offshore. Heading offshore the water was still a little rough from the previous...
  38. Mike Darby

    9 Mile and Point Loma 8.25

    Got out to the South 9 just above the border at 9:00am. Started a fast troll with a feather and XRAP-20. Crossed the bank and zig-zagged across the east side til about the 178. Plenty of birds but none of them working anything. Plenty of boats too but no one seemed to be catching. No paddies at...
  39. Mike Darby

    Nados and 425 Surprise 8.10

    Got down the the islands around 10:30am. Hit a paddy on the way down but no one was home except for a sea lion. Started slow trolling two XRAP-15's around the north island. Hooked up on something first pass around Pukey Point but the dawgs got to it. Ended up getting spanked up and down the...
  40. NonProphet

    Offshore Late report 8/4 Nados to 371 - bag of YFT + 1 Dodo

    Quick report to add to the action around the 371 on Saturday. Got out of MB at 5am heading between the 101 and 425 to look for paddies and fish seen the day before on fishdope. Flew by the weather side of the north island and not a kelp in sight. Got level with the south island and headed...
  41. S

    26 + Panga

    Hola, in corpus TX seeking panga. Original plan was a 30 ft panga and a flats boat.... open to suggestions on offshore ability of 22 and inshore ability of 26 panga. One boat, one trailer, possibly 1 engine would be cool. Used panga prices are pretty steep. Going to sell my boats and buy or...
  42. S

    Buy or trade for panga

    hola, in corpus seeking panga. Original plan was a 30 ft panga and a flats boat.... open to suggestions on offshore ability of 22 and inshore ability of 26 panga. One boat, one trailer, possibly 1 engine would be cool. Used panga prices are pretty steep. Going to sell my boats and buy or trade...

    Condor 1.5 Day - 6.16.18

    We took our boys out Father's day Weekend with my buddy Aaron from Lake Tahoe. There were 6 of us in our party, with 4 boys 16 to 20 years old. We left the docks at 7:00 pm. Stopped by the bait receiver for some health Sardines and we were on our way. My first time on this boat. It is...
  44. Smellsfishy21'

    1986 24’ skipjack 10,500

    Don’t want to sell. But bought Hanna 2 years ago and only have used her 6 times. Wife keeps saying our family is to young for a boat right now. I guess... She’s a 1986 24’ flybridge with a enclosed top. I love this set up. I got caught out in a pretty rainy, good swell day and stayed dry up...
  45. F. Issac

    Please delete post. No longer for sale.

    LIKE NEW!!! MSRP was $140 + tax Offshore Angler Offshore Extreme 8 foot fishing rod. 20-40# rod that is very well taken care of. Works awesome for rockfishing also. Has plenty of backbone to land almost anything. Make a reasonable offer. Rod description: Revolutionary Type II Slit Carbon...


    Hey everyone this is a 2 day charter that I've been putting together for the last 15 years and I have some open spots for sale. Please PM me if you are interested or have questions. HERE ARE THE DETAILS : BOAT: "OUTERLIMITS" - out of Seaforth Landing in San Diego (across fwy from Sea World)...
  47. R

    2002 Bounty 30' Pilothouse

    General Description: Want a boat you can fish the sound with? A boat you can take salmon or tuna fishing off the coast? A boat you can load up and spend the weekend on the water? Then look no further this 2002 Bounty 30’ can take you where you want to go. It has a 10’ beam and is powered by...
  48. 3AmigosSportfishing

    Custom Flying Fish Lures

    1. Single Flyer Unrigged $10 2. Single Flyer Rigged $15 3. Flyer with Machine Stinger $35 4. Cuatro Flyer Chain $60 ***Stingers are detachable so you can swap out if you choose*** Flyers are available in Blue, Chartreuse and Red in 8”. We also offer a 6” model in an Chameleon Purple/Blue...
  49. 909MARIO

    14x40 Fraser Gyro Binoculars

    Fraser Volpe M25 Gyro Stabilized Binoculars . These are the Military/ Law Enforcement version. Same as Mariners 14x40 but have a reticle and the gyro is activated by squeezing the housing. Check out the link below to learn more about them. Used them for a few seasons. Work great. includes...
  50. Brqndqn

    Gamakatsu value pack livebait hooks

    Gamakatsu livebait value pack 25 quantity Amazing livebait hooks Size 1 Size 1/0 Size 2/0 Perfect for tuna and livelining $15 each Retails $25 and up
  51. RiggingSoCal

    Where else can we find private charter Captains or fisherman with Boats?

    hey guys, just wondering where else we’d be able to find private charter captains or fisherman with boats who are looking to get more heads on board other than the private trip planning forum? My information Name: Patrick Meserkhani Location: Glendale Ca Availability: Free all week from...
  52. 18marlin


  53. chaser5539

    WTB 30-45 Gallon Fiberglass Bait Tank

    For Grady-White 208 Adventure. (Centered in Cockpit)
  54. B

    Maui Offshore Feb2018...

    Will be in Maui - North West near Lahaina Harbor - mid late Feb Been through some sites and posts but not seeing anything recent - How has the fishing been offshore ??
  55. C

    Offshore Bottom Fishing Venice, FL

    Went out of Venice again (before the crappy weather) since it has been treating me so well. Well it didn't disappoint as usual! Went 50-100 yards from the beach right out of the jetties and loaded up the live well with pinfish and grouper candy on a sabiki rig. Then we battened down the hatches...
  56. S

    Offshore Spetember Week 3 Finalist for BoatUS Fish Report Contest

    BoatUS Week 3 Favorite Fish Report The YFT bite in SoCal has been on fire this last week! Anglers have been able to get out and catch these guys in their back yard which made it tough to choose between all the reports that we're posted. But, anyone can appreciate a slay day... Congrats to...
  57. S

    Offshore September Week 2 Finalist Announced for BoatUS Contest

    Week 2 of September is a wrap! Congrats to BD member @Zika for being this weeks finalist in the BoatUS Favorite Forum Contest! We don't condone ditching school, but if you are going to ditch school it better be because you're bonding over BENDOS and Bluefin! Great photos, had a smile on...
  58. Dizzole

    Offshore Bait Tank 45 gallon

    20-1/2" deep 24" wide 31-1/2" tall comes with lid / cut board $600 pick up in Long Beach (562) 400 - 2516 Taylor
  59. S

    Offshore August Week 1- BoatUS Favorite Fishing Report Winner is...

    BoatUS Week 1 Favorite Fish Report-AUGUST This weekend we saw lots of Salmon, Albacore and Dorado flooding the forums and this anglers report stood out for a couple reasons. We saw awesome reports coming in but Bloodydecker @shickster and his Dad headed out and brought some quality yellows...
  60. The Reel Grind

    wtb thru hull fiberglass bait tank 40 gallons

    let me know if have one
  61. The Dominator

    Dominator headed out on OVERNIGHT TRIP 6/9 & 6/10

    The Dominator is headed out on TWO Overnight Trips this weekend. Friday 6/9 and Saturday 6/10. There are still seats available. We'll be fishing offshore for Tuna and Yellowtail. Both Overnight trips are 28 passanger loads. Over night trips run $210 per person. Mexican permits are included...
  62. M

    Phenix PSW909H Deck Hand Black Diamond

    Selling Phenix PSW909H Deck Hand Black Diamond Casting Offshore Rod. (9', 25-60 LB rating) Excellent jig stick for the yellows and perfect for the schoolie tuna. --> Got some new gear so I'm thinning the herd. Asking $220 OBO. (Keep...
  63. G

    Blackman 20 Center Console

    Sold! .... Here's the details: Great fishing boat Blackman 20 Center Console w/ Volvo Penta 3.0 4Cyl and SX Outdrive Comes with duel axel trailer in good condition - Rebuilt by Blackman in 2000 (have paperwork, receipts, etc) Deck taken up and replaced with new; glassed on both sides...
  64. P

    In La Ribera 4/25 to 5/1, any panga captains to recommend?

    Staying just south of the jetty, anybody know of pangeros to recommend with contact info to go offshore? We have all our own flyfishing, spin, and jigging gear, also a small inshore skiff. Is there bait available at the jetty/ harbor? Thanks for the help!
  65. Zancudo Lodge

    Fishing Report (20 February – 2 March 2017)

    As we approach the end of February there has been very noticeable improvement offshore with more Sailfish showing up between 10 and 15 miles from the Matapalo Point. The bite has been a bit sporadic on a few days but our captains are very persistent, searching the seemingly endless ocean for...
  66. jeff schones

    WTB 45-50 gal fiberglass bait tank

    let me know thx jeff 714-478-3393 offshore, pacific edge, blue water
  67. Diegoluv

    Grady White 255 Sailfish repowered with Yamaha 4 Strokes <1000 hours

    I have a 25ft Grady White that the wife says I have to get rid of. It's an older boat but maintained meticulously. It has a 9'6" beam which is the biggest you tow. It was repowered in 2003 with dual Yamaha F200TXR 4 Stroke outboard engines. Both engines have 890 + or - 5 hours. Comes with a...
  68. NailedIT

    Big Salt Live Well

    i have a Big Salt Live Well for sale includes lid cup holder add on, light. Inlet outlet and light are all underneath. I'm pretty firm at $700. Retails over $1k. I'll try to post photos. The tank is grey.
  69. CaptJO

    Ocean Master 31 2006 Center Console Boat

    Ocean Master 31 2006 Legendary Center Console original owner with twin 250hp Evinrude Etecs. Low Hrs, 10.5 beam, Ray Marine E120 Multi display with GPS Plotter, DS300 Sounder, 48 Mile Radar, Raymarine VHF, LED two color Spreader lights. Live well, fish & bait boxes, Top Gun Outriggers stand up...
  70. chef gabe

    Offshore Tuna Hunt--11/9

    Decided to run offshore in hopes of a last shot at some tuna. Finished the day inshore hunting for halibut. Here's the breakdown for each. Offshore: Left Dana point with some nice dines and headed in slick conditions to the 279-209-277. Epic weather. Only saw 2 boats all day and zero radio...
  71. Turnersd

    Offshore Out of oceanside

    My dad and I lauched out of oceanside on 10-22 and got to the 209 at sunrise, calm and sunny seas. Trolled north east towards the chlorophyll break. Found a few paddys with good marks of tuna but couldn't get them to come up, had something hit our baits must have been small yellowtail. Decided...
  72. Britt

    offshore inshore fishing seat needed will pay expenses

    I currently only have a bay boat and wish to get offshore for tuna or inshore salmon bottom halibut fishing. Willing to travel ca or or. thanks
  73. GunghoSD

    Offshore Insane foamer action

    we found ourselves drifting into a huge foamer, and then the school engulfed us, the chove ran for cover under our boat and the tuna followed, NO we did not run the boil over, 80-200lbrs hitting the boat and almost jumping in....pretty cool day.
  74. Inland Boat Center

    2011 Defiance 290 Guadalupe Pilot House / WACC

    2011 Defiance 290 Guadalupe Pilot House/WACC, Equipped With 2011 Twin Honda 225's Four Stroke Outboards, 450Hp. Includes (2) Outriggers (Precision), (2) 3-Blade SS Props, Am/Fm CD Player, Bait Tank-60 Gal, Dual 10 Amp Battery Charger, Depth Sounder, Dual Batteries And Switch, Fuel Injection...
  75. weekday hooker

    2013 Dusky 17'

    2013 Incredible Eco fishing machine ! All hand laid glass,Built by legendary boat builders at {DUSKY MARINE} Dania beach Florida Built to specs for optimum west coast off shore fishing ! This skiff is the only one on the west coast it's amazing Aluminum trailer /with fold away tongue Easy slide...