offshore fishing trip

  1. reefhunter11

    Offshore Offshore Bluefin VIDEO

    Hey everyone, here is our newest Steady Drift video. These past two months have been really fun offshore. We heard some rumors that there were Bluefin close to home so we decided to give it a shot. We fought this Bluefin for about three hours and we were 10 miles off the beach of Malibu. We...
  2. Super Strike

    Fishing on the Louisiana Gulf Coast with Super Strike Charters!

    The weather out in Venice, LA has been inconsistent, but the fishing is still great on our days out when the weather is in our favor. Our Red Snapper bite is on fire. The bigger snapper are mostly caught on live Menhadden and Herring. Sometimes they will come off of dead bait as well. Most...
  3. JakeFromStateFarm

    Bloodydecks Sponsored Extended 1.5 Day Trip

    Hey BD'ers we're running a sponsored trip on @Tomahawk Sportfishing June 5th-7th! We will be fishing offshore targeting tuna and yellowtail. The price of the ticket includes all your meals, bunks and Mexican fishing permits. No passport required. $395 If you haven't been on a trip with...
  4. S

    Short Billed Spearfish?

    Was not totally sure on this one since I've never seen one in person. I figured I'd get an answer here. Caught near San Clemente Canyon, water was 72 clear and hit an orange on 4th wake troll.
  5. LGHT

    Tribute 2.5 day sponsored by Pelagic Labor Day trip $700

    I've fished this trip every year for the last 4 years and we always do really good. Great group of guys who usually come back every year. This trip sold old last November to give you an idea of how popular it's gotten over the years. Pelagic really steps up with this trip and I usually walk...